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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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Operation Day - London, GB

I had my operation this morning, have been in and out of sleep as I had to be put back to sleep due to blood and swelling. Woke up very hungry, felt a bit sick. Feels very tight, I had 455cc under muscle, have been told the pain will be worse tomorrow and day 3. I have slept most of the day... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation La belle Forme Glasgow

I have been researching whether to get my breasts done here in the UK or travel to Thailand. Of course Thailand comes out on top and it's nearly half the price. I've requested a quote and sent my pictures to both destination beauty and medi makeover. I have been given a quote from destination... READ MORE

Mommy's Makeover After Breastfeeding 3 Boys! - Toronto, ON

Well I'm less than a week away and the nerves are starting to kick in! I've been pouring over reviews and photos on this site and am so thankful I stumbled upon it! I've never had a large chest...36B but that's mostly because I'm wide across. Now after breastfeeding 3 baby boys I've got saggy... READ MORE

30 Years Old 5'3 110lbs, No Kids Allergan Natrelle Style 20 (High Profile) 500cc Silicone.......LOVING THEM!!! - Sugar Land, TX

Been on this site every chance I get for the last several months and now its finally my turn to add my story. Probably should have been updating PRE but oh well I will start here and provide a recap later. I am currently 5 days post op and so glad I finally did it! Wish I would have done it... READ MORE

33, No Children, 5'7, 66kgs, Curvy with Slight Assymetry, 355cc Overs - New Auckland, AU

Goal is to even out the sisters and be a full C cup. I have been recommended to go with overs - I have breast tissue available and want a natural look. I am ati unsure on size. I initially went for the 355cc Motiva Mod profile. 315cc L and 355cc R to balance out. But I have since tried the... READ MORE

30 Yr Old ,375cc HP from b to large c/small d

I want to make sure i go big enough but not too big! right now we said 339cc silicone under muscle, moderate profile. im going back march 17th for another consultation and to set a date. i have always had B or smaller when i had my kids inwas a full C i miss that lol. but im having tough time... READ MORE

24 Years Old - No Kids - 5'2" - 120lbs - Small B Cup

I joined this site for research purposes... and found Dr. Feldman. I scheduled my consultation June 17th and loved how it went. Dr. Feldman asked me what I was hoping to get out of the consult and I said info - he gave me so much background info about implants - the history, the risk, the... READ MORE

21 Years Old 430cc HP Saline Implants

Had my consultation which was $100, Dr. Fegurgur explained everything I needed to know. It's a small clinic and they don't do sizers. I'm nervous because It's my first surgery ever but I trust that it will go smoothly. I've known that I've wanted 400cc since the beggining but I am hoping that my... READ MORE

31yrs Old, 2 Kids, 5'2", 345cc - Lubbock, TX

I saw Dr Schmid in Lubbock, Texas for my procedure. I breastfed both of my kids for a year, had only the required amount of weight gain with both. My before kids cup size was 34C, during nursing 34 DD, now very deflated 32B. I''m 5'2" 115lbs. Dr. Schmid and his team choose 345CC high profile... READ MORE

26 y/o 450CC HP Natrelle Allergen Submuscular

Hi Ladies, I have been wanting breast implants since highschool and now I am 26 years old and finally take the steps to get my new set of girls. Like most mothers, during nursing periods our boobs are engorged, full, and great. The aftermath of breastfeeding takes a toll on your boobies. So... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Finally Getting Dream Breasts! - Mississauga, ON

One week before my surgery with Dr. Frank Lista. Had several consultations with him over the past three years chose him because I had a friend and several clients go to him and had amazing results! I only waited so long due to finances however I'm finally booked and ready to go! I chose 500... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, 95lbs, 5'3", 350cc Saline,high profile

I am a petite girl trying to archieve a mature/ sexy look. Ive always been upset about how young I look and having no boobs dont help at all. This is something i wanted for year and i finally made the decesion to go through it. I hope my experience will help other ladies with the same frame as... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids - Lipo, BBL & Breast Implants

Hi ladies, As we all know when traveling abroad we do a hell lot of researches on doctors ! After researching different doctors I decided to go with Dr. Emmanuel Mallol. His staff has been very attentive and informative when it comes to my questions ! I made my deposit, I have my date set !... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 2 Kids, 34A, 360gr, 105lbs, Must Needed Breast Implant - Westmount, QC

After breastfeeding twice, my breasts shrunk from a C to an A. I wasn't too sure if I should go for breast implants because I'm not embarrassed or a ashamed by my tiny breasts. However, when I met with Dr Lee, I instantly changed my mind, I was absolutely convinced it was the right thing to do... READ MORE

46 year old, 5"5, 126 pound with 3 children.

My surgery is coming up soon and I'm very nervous but excited. I started working out in January nothing major just a couple days a week to firm up.. I lost 10 pounds and now my breast have turned into loose hanging skin. After much debate and guilt for spending so much money on myself I've... READ MORE

31yo, 2 Kids, 34 A, 4'11 Maybe 400cc Silicone Under the Muscle

I am so excited and anxious at the same time, my surgery date is on may 25th I've been wanting to do it for along time and it's finally happening and I just can't wait, well I'm very short and debating if I should do 400cc I do want them big but with my body frame I don't know if it's gonna be... READ MORE

A Real 32aaa 5'5 110lbs 19 years old

Unlike a lot of people who say they are a 32aaa etc and have no boobs, I really did have no boobs. There is literally no bra in this world that would fit me and being fed up of never being able to buy beautiful dresses or even vest tops without them gaping open I decided to elect for breast... READ MORE

25 yr old 375 ULTRA HIGH PROFILE

Hello, I am a 25 year old mother of a 3 year old. I have always wanted a BA, and breast feeding my daughter for 6 months didn't help their shape at all! I have always been a very SMALL A cup, like barley filled it and there were gaps in the bra and now it's a deflated A. I've lived in push up... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 32A, Wanting a Small C Cup - Reno, NV

I am 33 yrs old, 5'3" tall and 112 pounds. I have had 2 consultants and I am super excited. I have tried on multiple sizes and would really like about 300cc. I was told tof go under the muscle due to the lack of tissue in my breasts. I am a little nervous bout the size. I want to uhp but is... READ MORE

1 month after Breast Augmentation - My Experience

Hi Everyone! I am now 6 days after op and it is so worth it. I thought pain was going to be much worse! First 3 days were the worst, its was more like someone is sitting on your chest and feeling the skin stretching. There might be some heavy breathing to and my tummy was really bloated. I am... READ MORE

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