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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello RS, I have been lurking for a little while now while I selected a surgeon. That search ended earlier this week when I selected Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, TX. I post my story to encourage other African American women to do the same. I researched for over a year and... READ MORE

Before I decided to go with Dr Sal I researched for months and months for a surgeon that I thought would work best for me. After a friend told me about him on Instagram i immediately started following him , all his before/afters which are all amazing ! This man is truly a master of his craft.... READ MORE

After 5 years of hating my deflated Ballons I have decided to bite the bullett and get a ba! After allot of deliberation between 270 and 300 I have decide to go with my ps advice and go for 300 he thinks would fit my breasts better (the width Is 14cm) and slope down better from my bony chest!... READ MORE

My motivation to make my breast fuller and self-esteem higher, Pros recovery time was easier than what imagine 6 days I was able to move more but always making sure to take care of myself. Cons 3 first days after surgery make sure to take all your medication or else pain level will be 6-9. ... READ MORE

Stats: 5’10” 140 lbs 32C/34B BDW: 15cm I am 54 years old and always wanted larger boobs. When I was a teenager and summer came around I thought, ‘next year I’ll have boobs.’ When summer of 1978 came around I realized I wasn’t going to have big boobs, but I was happy with my... READ MORE

I might have gone a little big, but I don't really mind. My breasts were perfect for implants, symmetrical and plenty of skin. I can't tell if I have a slight capsular contraction 7 months later (one is slightly higher, but soft and malleable) or if the pocket needed a bit more dissection. ... READ MORE

Hey everyone have wanted to have a breast augmentation since I was on my teens as mother nature seemed to forget to bring mine along. In 2010 I have my daughter and fed for 1 year which took its toll as I went from an A cup to a double D and once feeding finished my boobs deflated and I have... READ MORE

Shall I put this review in the words of my gay on-stage nightly "husband" who said, "I think I'm straight now. All I do is look at them the whole number." lol Seriously I couldn't be happier with what I affectionately call "Our boobs" (Dr. Hardesty's and mine). I wish I had done this ten years... READ MORE

Very excited and also equally scared to finally be getting new boobs. I have not been a fan of my reflection for as long as I can remember... I have always battled with my weight and been teased about my size and the way I look by both strangers and people I love... so I made a change and lost 6... READ MORE

Ok ladies, have any of you done twilight surgery? It is where your still awake during surgery and the dr. uses local anesthetic. I got to be honest, I am afraid I will feel the procedure. I need people to answer this question please.... I and 5ft 6inches and weight 125 and I am 34 years old. I... READ MORE

Hi ladies, these forums and pictures helped me so much on the run up to my surgery I thought it only right to join the club and try help others with theknowledge of my experience. I'm a petite and sporty 5ft3 32A and have always felt like I have a child like appearance. I can honestly say I've... READ MORE

So, I am super excited about my procedure. I went to a few doctors some bad, good and great. Like everyone, what size should I get. I want just the right size. Any advice out there? It's funny how you can just pick a size but I just don't know, one doctor said 340, another 420, another 500...... READ MORE

This site was very helpful to me in making decisions about my surgery and helping me feel more comfortable about the procedure so I wanted to contribute with my experience to help others. My breasts have always been small and uneven with the nipples out of proportion to the amount of breast... READ MORE

12th of february im going to do my breast operation. Ive always been a small chested girl and now i finally got to do this. Ive been to consultation in september 2015 and now decided to get this thru. I am so nervous and i am desperately looking for some advice and experience from other people... READ MORE

I had a TT almost exactly a year ago and now that I'm more 'myself' again the issues with my boobs have resurfaced. I'm not entirely sure I've dealt fully with this emotionally but I've made the decision to get back the boobs I used to have which were a 12DD/34DD. I had a lift about 8 years ago... READ MORE

Starting my blog a little bit late, but here is a quick catchup on my story... I have always been so self conscious about my breasts because I learned that I have tuberous breasts. I never felt confident in my own skin and I knew I wanted to have a BA for a long time now. Finally, I feel that I... READ MORE

Hi girls! This website has been so helpful for me throughout my journey, and I would love to be able to help even one person throughout theirs as well. It can be scary, especially if you don't have too many people who are completely supportive of your decision. I have a 2nd consultation with Dr.... READ MORE

So a few months ago I went to a surgeon asking for a breast lift and implants and for whatever reason he talked me into breast lift and fat injection. Relief me that I will get the fullness I want from that. It was pure b.s. I was so disappointed. So I went to a different surgeon and got him to... READ MORE

It took me six months to feel ready to write this... partly, because it took me a while to process the experience. I compare it to having my first baby. I had always wanted to have him, but had very unrealistic expectations so the difficult parts threw me off (scarring, recovery time, finished... READ MORE

Hello Realself community! I'm getting round silicone breast implants on December 30th and I couldn't be more excited! Here are my stats: Height: 5'6 Weight: 117lbs (114 to 118lbs usually) cc's: originally 385cc but i'm going smaller to around 330cc Under the muscle A cup or smaller to... READ MORE

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