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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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39 Years Old 325cc Siliocone Implants - Dallas, TX

I was initially a B size. 114 lbs so I decided to 325 Silicone. I didnt want it to be crazy noticeable. Still swollen but getting better.. Still doesn't not look the way I want but I think I made the right decision. One week post op and I feel much better. It is a long process that require a... READ MORE

30 Year Old Mom of 2 Little Ones - Torrance, CA

I'm a very active stay at home mom of a 4 year old and a 1 year old. Im also a licensed hairdresser, and I still do some of my clients from home. I had beautiful perky full C small D breast before having my children, after nursing them both for about a year, I was left with saggy A sized breast... READ MORE

450cc Silicone Submuscular - Las Vegas, NV

I'll probably keep updating this, since it's only 2+ weeks post-op. But, wanted to give props to my surgeon, and also share the (boring to most) stages of my recovery somewhere. I had a simultaneous scar revision on my abdomen, which may be visible in some of the pictures. Although I did not... READ MORE

24 YO. No Kids. 34a 240cc Implants. Liverpool, GB

I am about to have my breast enlargement surgery in The New Birkdale Clinic in Liverpool. I have been to a consultantation and a pre op and have been advised by my surgeon Dr De Gado that 240cc implants will be best for My frame as I'm only 5ft 3" and of slim build, I don't have much breast... READ MORE

30 Years Old, No kids, 5ft5in, 140 lbs...545HP-Saint Louis, MO

Hello Everyone! I am a 30 year old woman ready for change! I always considered myself flat chested (32B) and felt self conscious about this. I am 5ft5in and 140lbs. I had my consult on 7/14 with Dr. Prada and I was amazed at my potential! He is a very kind and patient man who took his time and... READ MORE

One Week to Go. Really Scared - Manchester, GB

One week to go till my boob job. Currently 30 a/b. 47 years old size 8. Having 365cc teardrop under muscle negra implants to be an approx D cup. Really scared about everything the anaesthetic, the after pain everything. Presume everyone goes through this. I just want it over and done with now ..... READ MORE

20 Y/o, 5'6, 135 Lbs, 520cc High Profile Cohesive Implants - Spokane, WA

So after many months of lurking through this website enviously, I have finally decided that it's my turn! I went to a consultation yesterday with Dr. Chad Wheeler. Their whole office was great and made me feel super welcome. They did my measurements, talked about what I'm looking for, and I... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old 32A Not Sure if 275cc or 300cc, 5'2 & Athletic w/ Booty, Not Wanting to Look Shorter or Too Kardashian - Tucson, AZ

I am so confused about the implant size and profile, also my surgery must be in june. Already went to two surgeons appointments and the first one recommended me to go between 275 and 300 cc (which he told me that 300cc would be great) and the other surgeon told me that 330cc and ultra high... READ MORE

Boobies - Manitoba, MB

I have always wanted bigger breasts as I have always had issues properly filling out cute shirts and bikinis. I am a tall girl and have always felt like my breasts did not fit my body. I finally decided to begin my journey to larger boobies lol. After lots of research I chose to have my breast... READ MORE

32A 31 Years Old 1 Child 5'4 56kilos - United Kingdom

After considering this surgery for a huge amount of time. I'm lucky enough that it is now happening 6th October 2016. I really need advice and help to put my mind at rest. Current 34a ish recommended under muscle 315cc PU teardrop implants. Anyone had anything similar? And "teardrop" is a... READ MORE

19 Saline Implanra

Every woman in my flat has been extremely flat chested. My mother has had a breast augmentation with Dr. Price and I knew I would want one at some point too. Little did I know with the help of Care Credit I could afford it now. I am 100% in love with my new boobs and couldn't have asked for a... READ MORE

23 Yo,5'1", 110 Llbs, 255cc, No Kids - Baltimore, MD

Always wanted boobs, but they never grew in. Was a 32A looking to become a 32C and to have them look as natural as possible. Decided on tear drop, gummy bear implants to ensure this would be the outcome. After researching on this site, I thought I wanted 275-300ccs, leaving the decision to my... READ MORE

37 Yrs, 2 Kids, Very Happy!!!

I am very happy with my results from Dr. Chu's work. I got better results than i expected. As you can see, I started off with very small, extremely uneven breasts. I hardly had the confidence in myself to show my breasts to anyone. I didn't realize though, just how uneven they were until... READ MORE

21 Y/o,5'3, 140lbs. Getting 400 Cc HP Silicone Gel - Atlanta, GA

Hey!! I cannot believe I'm finally posting on here much less actually having the surgery!! I'm getting 400cc HP silicone gel unders and I'm set to have my surgery on December 13th with Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta. I've wanted this surgery ever since I was a little girl and just can't believe it's... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids, Gummy Bear Implants 420cc Hp - Montreal, QC

Hi everyone :) I am 21 years old, no kids, 5 feet 4 and 120 pounds. It's been at least 5 years since I wanted to get a breast augmentation and I started considering it more seriously about 2 years ago. I went in for a consultation in Montreal and I decided to go with the teardrop gummy bear... READ MORE

After 15 Years of Thinking I Am Getting Myself a Treat ;) but Do I Want Too Big? - Quebec, QC

Entrepreneur, DO, and mom of two adorable teenagers, my breast need no lift but are deflated to a small size. width 12.5. I want a bigger size and nice cleavage. Surgeon suggested 425CC cohesif gel HP infra pectoral ( dual). I am a bit scared that with my profession it looks too big. any... READ MORE

3 Pregnancies and 6 Kids. Boobs Needed Help!

I have had three pregnancies and six kids (singleton, twins and carried triplets for some friends as a surrogate) and although I have never breastfed, my breasts were def not full anymore. I decided on 500cc, high profile, silicone implants. And luckily I didn't need a lift! It's been 10 months... READ MORE

25 Years Old Had Twins Want 600cc Boobs and Lipo and Fat Trans to Butt

Hello girls well first of all my name is marisa i am going with dr.tonypham from san jose My procedure date is oct 17 2016 I am at a 34b boobs i am 5'2 weight 140 I was thinking and really want your opininon i want 600cc silicone boob implants And lipo belly and back and fat transfer to butt... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Review - Beverly Hills, CA

Surgery is a big decision, one that is not without risks. As a physician myself, I know that better than anyone. So when I decided to pursue breast augmentation surgery, I knew exactly what type of surgeon I was looking for. After my 1 hour consultation with Dr. Rahban, I was sold! I think I... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, 34A/B

I have been reading and researching on RealSelf for a year or so and once I made the decision to go ahead with my BA, I figured I should share my story as well. It will be a great way to keep track of my progress also! I am 25 years old, 5'7" and right about 150 pounds. I have always been a... READ MORE

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