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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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300 cc, High Profile Smooth Round Silicone, A or B Pre-op - Loma Linda, CA

When I was younger, I thought BAs were for vain, shallow women. (It's easy to be pious about body images when you have pert, shapely breasts.) Then two things happened: 1) Two years of breast-feeding; 2) My best friend (who wore a 32AA) had a BA. I realized that I shouldn't look down on anyone... READ MORE

24 Years Old . 36A to 36D I Love my New Boobies

I was contemplating on getting my boobs done for years . Finally I just made the choice to do what makes me happy . I wanted to feel more like a women . And now I feel more sexier than ever before . The first day I went for consultation I got to choose my size it was so fun trying on different... READ MORE

Three Kinds Mommy Make Over- Breast Implant and Fat Grafting, Tear Drop 260cc , 280cc

I have always been flat chested and it wasn’t full A. When I 25, I got my first baby and gained a bit of weight but not on breast. After having second and third children my boob shapes started to changed and I realized that it looks saggy and uneven. Mostly my upper side of breasts were f... READ MORE

The Best Breast Experience Ever!

I love everything! From the appointment making email conversations, the initial visit, the Dr Interrogation since I had a million questions to today when I'm 2 months post op! Dr. K took the time to go over details with me. I have a condition called Pectus excavatum and I had plenty of concerns... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever - Shreveport, LA

Hello everyone, my name is Jody. Im 24 years old I am 5'0 & weigh about 100 pounds. & have two beautiful children, ages 4 years old & 9 months. I am currently in college, going for Radiology enough about that.. I have always had small breast & always wanted to have BA all the... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids Just Small Boobs. Always Wanted Them a Bit Bigger - South Africa

My surgery went well, I had 325cc hp placed under the muscle . I was a size 32a/b bra before surgery . Haven't tried on a new bra yet as I'm only on day 3 . The pain after surgery is awful ! O my because I struggled to get up as. Sit down myself . However day 3 seems to be a bit better and can... READ MORE

19y/0, Currently 34A Going for 295cc Implants! (Natrelle 410) - Montreal, QC

I've been wanting implants since I was 14, my breast stopped developing and I could tell that genetically I'll forever stay flat chested (like my mom). I barely fit my 34A and honestly I only wear bras so I don't look like a 12 year old boy. I've been blessed with a nice ass, but boobs are... READ MORE

31, 5'10, 135 Lb, Athletic, 34B Pre-op

I'm pressed for time right now, but I wanted to post something real quick because I have found this site to be SO extremely helpful. I am scheduled to get breast implants on July 18th, and I could not be more excited! I'm currently a 34B and my goal is to be a full C/small D. I haven't found... READ MORE

30 Y/O, 2 Kids, started 32A, added 400CC HP Mentor!!

I am currently a 32A, scheduled in a couple months to have 375cc high profile silicone implants taking me up to a 32C. I am so incredibly excited, yet more nervous about the recovery and pain. I've never had surgery. I don't have any before pics to upload for right now, but will later! Does... READ MORE

27yrs, 1child, 32a 410cc under muscle

I'm feeling so anxious! My consultation was months ago, I was really happy with the surgeon and so overwhelmed that I was finally getting the opp iv always wanted. We decided on 475cc under the muscle and the overall outcome of a natural D cup! My opp we booked in for 15th June but was... READ MORE

He is he best

My surgery was February 25 2015, i was in vacation in Miami, coming from Spain. I knew in miami are amazing surgerys doctor so i found Vanity Cosmetic Surgery and the nurse introduce me James Mcadoo. I was a little nervous but i thought lets do it. I had a droppy breast and he put it to me a... READ MORE

I am a little over 3 weeks post opp and I got 415cc saline filled high profile.

My left breast seems to be dropping perfectly and my right one is still sitting a bit high, the bottom of my right breast is absolutely so hard, feels as if there is no implant there, the nipple on this side is also pointing down excessive. Doc keeps saying lol is okay. PLEASEE HELP, I NEED... READ MORE

Finally Getting This Done! - Fairhope, AL

I've always wanted a fuller chest, and after I had my first daughter I expected to over night grow breast lol. Instead they blew up huge and then fell down. Over the past 3 years I have had 3 babies so life has been crazy. My body has been through a lot and changed so much and I really want to... READ MORE

Best Doctor for Breast Augmentation hands down

As a exotic dancer, I see MANY boob jobs. Good ones and plenty of bad. For several years, anytime I worked with someone who had a great outcome from their surgery, I always asked who they went to as well as all the details about their experience. Every time I met someone with a great result,... READ MORE

385cc duo plane inspira high profile silicone implants

Began this journey with the hopes of doing a BA to fix the issues of deflated boobies as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. A small lift to center the areola was suggested but I refused as it wouldn't make a substantial difference. I am okay with a bit of asymmetry. Dr. Greenwald was the... READ MORE

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone you can all call me MJ I have already had my breast augmentation done 2 weeks ago, but now i have decided to share a few of my stories from the beginning because I found that RealSelf has helped me in my decision aswell :) I had a friend who did a Breast Augmentation a few years ago,... READ MORE

28 yo 5'5" 100lbs 339/304 moderate plus silicone

I am going for my surgery on Monday. I have chosen silicone under the muscle implants. My problem is... I keep changing my mind on the profile! I'm stuck between moderate plus and high. My PS originally suggest 350/375 high to give me the volume without going to wide. He said high will be great... READ MORE

450 Cc HP age 32 , 5'6" 135lbs

Initially wanted 500cc, I'm 5'6" 135lbs was a 34B. My surgeon said 500 cc was large for my frame. My surgeon is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. I felt he understood my concerns and the look I was going for so I trusted him. He instructed me to focus less on the cc's and more on the... READ MORE

26yo 3 Kids Deflated Breasts from Feeding - Thailand, TH

As a teen my breasts were so perky and a nice size at C. After having my first baby at 16 they went to a DD and two children later are now a deflated b :( I would just love to have them at a D and full again. I will keep everyone updated through out as I'm still about 7 weeks away! Any tips on... READ MORE

27 Yo, 2 Kiddos, 5'2", 115 Lbs, 300 Cc Saline Smooth Mod Plus - Sioux Falls, SD

As most women my size here, I have always wanted breasts. I wanted to share my story because of the smaller size I wet with, and also because of my career. I work in manual labor, male dominated field and I am also a service member. Just because I work like a man doesn't mean I should also LOOK... READ MORE

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