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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I cannot begin to describe how much I LOVE this doctor, and even more so the staff! I know it's weird to say that, but Dr J is so busy, (which is why he's so great at his art) so it's up to the staff to make you feel reassured, satisfied, safe, and most importantly, happy. The women are so... READ MORE

I've always had small boobs. I'd stuff my bra in 4th grade because a few of the early bloomers in my class already had boobs. So I think I've always admired a nice set of boobs! I am still learning all about the procedure, types of implants, healing time, etc. I am 100% sure I'm going to get... READ MORE

Like many people on this website, I have found reading other people’s reviews invaluable during this process. Therefore I figure I should return the favour and document my story too. Firstly, a bit about me: Age: 24 Height: 5’6’’ Weight: 9 stone / 126 lbs / 57kg (give or take a few... READ MORE

I'm finally starting on my journey and have a consultation booked with dr Plovier of beclinic , will be having the procedure in Brussels. How do I even decide what size as type I will need! In a 34a-b and want to be a large c to d and natural looking . I don't want it to be obvious I have a boob... READ MORE

Since I was 18 after having my first child I wanted a Breast Augmentation. However I could not afford it back then. I had my second child at 23 and third at 25. I am now 27. With my last child My boobs actually got up to a full B sadly once my milk dissapeared so did my boobs. :( I am very... READ MORE

I am so pleased with the results!! I am an Asian, turning 50 next year. 5'3" with weight of 105 pounds. I used to 34A or small B bra, and always wished I had slightly bigger breasts. I wasn't really giving it a serious thought until last July when we had vacation in Cabo Lucas Mexico. I tried... READ MORE

I had my BA done on 11/24/15. This week makes 3 weeks post op, and I feel better and stronger each day. I went to work 6 days post op. Looking back, I should have taken off another day or two. I didn't realize how much standing and walking , pushing and pulling my job requires. That first... READ MORE

11/30/15 - Consultation w/ Dr. Yates The consultation consisted of: body scanning, photos, measurements, sizers, computer simulation, discussion. Based on my build and expectations, Dr. Yates recommended ~350cc, smooth, round silicone gel implants. My breast augmentation computer simulation... READ MORE

After nursing, I noticed a change in my breasts, they were not as beautiful and perky. This greatly effected my confidence so I started researching doctors. I interviewed surgeons from North to South, Florida searching for the right one. I was referred to Michael Salzhauer and fell in love. It... READ MORE

Hello everyone, as you can see from the title I'm not only flat chested, but I have inverted nipples AND a beign tumor (fibrodonema?) I'm like the ultimate fail haha. I'm determined to have my augmentation around mid March after finally saving for a year..currently I'm waiting on Karina to... READ MORE

I hope to achieve a natural looking full dd cup. My breats always made me feel insecure however, I managed to accept my asymmetry and love my self. Then pregnancy taught me a valubale lesson ... what goes up must come down, my breasts went through a transfomation. Breastfeeding was great, I... READ MORE

I already paid everything. Just waiting on the date. Extremely nervous! On my consultation we considered 360cc and 420cc. 360 is definitely too small for what I want. But all my friends tell me they're scared 420 is too big for my slender size. But I've been thinking and I'm leaning towards that... READ MORE

Ready to make it happen I have talked about having breast surgery for years and today I'm closer than I have every been before! Hoping to do it by the end of the year or first of 2016...I'm excited and scared at the same time. I have done more than enough research so would say it's... READ MORE

So I've finally done it! I've paid the full amount for my boob job to be performed on 26 February with Dr Ullens and Clinic Beaucare in Belgium! After an absolutely horrific consultation with MYA, (for which I'm still getting DAILY sales calls AFTER I told them I don't want to proceed!!!!) I... READ MORE

Hello RS, I have been lurking for a little while now while I selected a surgeon. That search ended earlier this week when I selected Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery in Fort Worth, TX. I post my story to encourage other African American women to do the same. I researched for over a year and... READ MORE

Before I decided to go with Dr Sal I researched for months and months for a surgeon that I thought would work best for me. After a friend told me about him on Instagram i immediately started following him , all his before/afters which are all amazing ! This man is truly a master of his craft.... READ MORE

After 5 years of hating my deflated Ballons I have decided to bite the bullett and get a ba! After allot of deliberation between 270 and 300 I have decide to go with my ps advice and go for 300 he thinks would fit my breasts better (the width Is 14cm) and slope down better from my bony chest!... READ MORE

My motivation to make my breast fuller and self-esteem higher, Pros recovery time was easier than what imagine 6 days I was able to move more but always making sure to take care of myself. Cons 3 first days after surgery make sure to take all your medication or else pain level will be 6-9. ... READ MORE

Stats: 5’10” 140 lbs 32C/34B BDW: 15cm I am 54 years old and always wanted larger boobs. When I was a teenager and summer came around I thought, ‘next year I’ll have boobs.’ When summer of 1978 came around I realized I wasn’t going to have big boobs, but I was happy with my... READ MORE

I might have gone a little big, but I don't really mind. My breasts were perfect for implants, symmetrical and plenty of skin. I can't tell if I have a slight capsular contraction 7 months later (one is slightly higher, but soft and malleable) or if the pocket needed a bit more dissection. ... READ MORE

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