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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.
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I have booked my ba with dr Carmona in Cancun Mexico for June 3,2016. I am very nervous and excited. I am a bbw and am 46 years old. I've wanted this since I was a teenager and can finally do it. I've been larger all my life and I'm comfortable with my size with the exception of my breasts which... READ MORE

I have been thinking of getting a breast Aug for awhile now but it wasn't something that I dwelled on, it was actually kind of a spur of the moment thing to where I thought, "you know what! I'm sick of this and I'm going to do something about it!!" And a month later I had my consult and set my... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 and 100 lbs. I'm currently around a 34A-32B range, and I'm hoping to be a D cup after all is said and done. So I'm actually just 2 weeks away from the big day, which I originally thought wouldn't happen until years from now, but it worked out to do it this year, and I ended up finding... READ MORE

So I'm 18 and lucky enough to have the money to do something I have wanted to do for a while. I've always had considerably small breast and now I'm hoping for big, full, perky boobies!! I really want to be on the larger side, so I would like to do 650 CC's under the muscle round mod+ but I don't... READ MORE

I live in Switzerland,a few days ago I traveled to Malaga to meet the doctor in person as the confidence between the doctor and patient is crucial for me.I have already had 3consultations about breast augmentation+Lipo legs(with swiss doctor,german doctor and in Dubai with american doctor)but... READ MORE

I have been debating on this for a long time and finally pulled the trigger so to speak. After losing weight and having kids my breasts deflated. So I had my consult today to boost them back up. Thanks to decent nipple placement I only have to add the volume back instead of doing a lift too.... READ MORE

Hi everyone! So I am 25 years old and though I've never been particularly insecure about my small breasts, I just don't like them and don't feel like a woman. I want to feel powerful, sexy and curvy. Not spend the rest of my life wearing a double push up bra to fill out things!! My current... READ MORE

Well like many women in this community that want a breast enlargement, we want our itty bitties to be no longer so small. I can't believe I am finally going to do this. I wish I had the money when I was younger. I feel like my breasts are a good shape but they are just little. I'm finally... READ MORE

I was an overweight teenager (165-170 lbs), and at the time, just about the only part of my body that I liked were my breasts. As I got older, I began lifting weights and working out, and my overall body image and self-confidence improved drastically. However, with weight loss and passing years,... READ MORE

Hey! Everyone's reviews have been so extremely helpful to me that I couldn't help but pay it forward and hopefully help others on their journey! So today marks 100 days until my surgery date! 28th of July! At the start of the year I booked in for consultations with three different surgeons.... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation done two years ago April 8th. I am happy with size however I feel like they sit very low and I have hardly any projection or upper pole. Is there any way I can have sutures put in to have them sit higher? I have 580cc cohesive gel moderate profile implants. The doctor... READ MORE

I had changed my eating and exercising habits and ended up losing the majority of my breast tissue. I decided after a year to get implants. I have 450cc high profile silicone implants. I love them! I chose Dr. Gowda because my mother had a tummy tuck and liposuction done by him roughly 3 years... READ MORE

Super excited for my implants. Always wanted them thought I would give puberty a chance first at 26 y/o not much has changed. I've worked in plastic surgery for a little over 3 yrs now I am comfortable with most things since I am aware. Of course everyone is different. Counting down the days.... READ MORE

So I had a consultation with Jonathan j staiano. Comes highly recommended. Worked now for 18years an now private. Specialist in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Have my date but still worrying about size. I really want my pre pregnancy boobies back. I was a happy size DD. My... READ MORE

So... I wrote a big text but somehow it disappeared so I gonna be more direct now. I had an appointment with a doctor last month and he said he would go just until 215cc. I complained and he said 245cc, that this would bring me a "good B cup". I decided to search another opinion because I... READ MORE

Hello! I can't believe my pre-op is in 2 weeks, and my procedure is 4 weeks away, time is flying! I'll start off by saying I LOVED nursing, and it's nothing I would ever take back, but my boobs now look nothing like they used to and I have been struggling majorly with it, it affects alot in my... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I have finally decided to write a review on my experience this far, I have been stalking this site for like 6 months now lol. Well I always knew I wanted a boob job ever since I hit puberty and realized I was never ever going to get any. Always buying padded bras and swimsuits and... READ MORE

I've never been endowed with my breasts, and giving birth to my princesses I noticed some sagging in the area. At that moment everything was fine until I started in the gym. I started with high weights and noticed a drastic change in my chest area leaving me my very defined pecs and with... READ MORE

Hi everyone, ive been on realself for a while now before my surgery reading everybodies stories and it has helped a lot to answer questions so i thought i would post mine. I've wanted my boobs done since I was about 16 and I finally found the confidence after my sister had hers done and got... READ MORE

Well after 5 years of thinking about this I have finally decided to go for it and do something for me. I have never really had much in the way if boobs but I have lost most of my volume in the past 2 years. Had several consultations with mr offer and feel very safe in his hands. As I want a more... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,446-$6,500 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 5,941 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more