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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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143lbs. 5'9" Not sure my "after" cup size, but I'd say they'll be a large C. Maybe a D depending on the brand. I've had a really great experience so far. I'm on day 3 post-op. My goal was to be a D or even DD. I wanted to look like Katy Perry. In my pre-op discussion with my doctor though, he... READ MORE

Firstly, the price I've quoted is in GBP (£5530 inclusive of meds, surgeon and hospital fees, post op etc) - I haven't bothered to convert to USD. All booked in for October 31st - 7 weeks away EEEK! This website has been so so helpful and enlightening in the past few months, but I found that ... READ MORE

I'm 30 yrs old & I've wanted a boob job since I was 15 yrs old. I was finally financially in a position to do so this year. I'm currently 3 weeks post op as of April 19th & I LOVE having actual breasts!! I don't regret one second of it. It was tough the first couple days but by day 4 I... READ MORE

I think this letter, the second one I have written to my doctor, describes my experience best: Dear Dr. *****, I have passed the one-year-anniversary of my surgery and I have been composing this letter for about 10 months. The physical pain and the emotional distress I have been through since... READ MORE

So I have wanted to do this for years now, I have always felt insecure about my breasts. I've been doing my research on PS in my area. 2015 will be the year I go through with it but I wanted to start my journey a few days earlier. My main concern is the anesthesia and not waking up :( I guess... READ MORE

I am currently post op day 5 and extremely pleased with my experience. I wanted to post some pics and info to help others on their journey. I found this webpage very helpful when I was doing my research. I am post 2 kids, both of which I nursed for approx 1 year each. Please message me or... READ MORE

I can't begin to describe the way this man has changed my life. I always had cute, small (very small) perky boobs that I would stuff into Victoria's Secret Bombshell push up bras to make them look bigger. I never hated my boobs, but I never felt comfortable in a bathing suit.. let alone naked. A... READ MORE

I have wanted a BA since age 20 (being a 30AA is no fun in anyone's eyes) but finances never allowed it until now. I started properly researching for my consultant about 2.5yrs ago and after asking friends for recommendations I was given Mrs Kats name:) I spent months and months researching and... READ MORE

I had gotten a breast reduction back in 2008, my natural size were 38DD and got them reduce to a 34C , now that I can't have no more kids I wanted to get a breast augmentation. Because my breast weren't a Full C-cup. So lots of people recommend me to Dr. Peter Butler, I ended up getting 450cc... READ MORE

I always said I'd wait till after having children to have a breast augmentation but when I joined the gym I lost a lot of weight and lost confidence in the chest area as I went from a 36C to a 34B. my surgeon has advised me to have 350cc, round, textured, high profile implants submuscular... READ MORE

My breasts used to be a perky perfect 10DD before kids, then with weight fluctuation and breastfeeding (got to a large 12E+) there was nothing left but deflated saggy breasts (30 years old now). We decided on just implants without the lift to get the desired result as I was borderline needing a... READ MORE

I'm worried I might need revision surgery and would like opinions. Why is one higher than the other. It's not super obvious but in pictures it is.. cleavage looks imbalanced to me and too far apart.. I was basically AA before the boobs so I'm def happy I have tits but not 100% pleased.. Could... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for Monday morning. June 6th at 6:30am. I'm nervous, but more relaxed today than yesterday. I'm getting 400cc Saline unders. Right now I'm lucky if I fill out a 34A. Good news is no sagging so no need for a lift. I'm nervous for a couple of different reasons, one is being put... READ MORE

Hey guys, I recently got my BA about a month ago and I am starting to feel that I really should have gone bigger. I was debating between 385cc or 400cc. I ended up choosing 385cc but now wish that I went bigger. It is still healing so the lower bottom of the breast still feels stiff. Other than... READ MORE

My breasts were deflated from a combination or nursing (years ago) and losing weight. I went from a 34 C to a 32 A/B with very little substance. After meeting with Dr Chen, we decided on a 400cc silicone under the muscle implant. I ended up at a 32DDD and they look awesome. Totally worth... READ MORE

Been wanting to get a breast augmentation from before I had a child. I had a B cup in high school, but it wasn't well proportioned with my body. After having my son my breasts developed mild sagging which pushed me to want a ba even more so. Here I am finally doing it! So excited/nervous :D I am... READ MORE

I decided to get a breast augmentation because I exercise and run a lot, and that leaves me with hardly anything on my chest. I want to be able to stay active and fit without looking that a little boy. I chose ultra high profile because I didn't want them to be too wide for my body. The only con... READ MORE

I am 44 years old with 2 children both breastfed. I am currently a small b and want to go to a d cup. I have had my consultation with surgeon and have been offered three sizes high profile under the muscle 310, 340 or 375. I am struggling chosing between the 340 and 375. I don't want to end up a... READ MORE

Hi! I've always wanted fuller breasts and it's happening! I'm so worried about a lot of things yet so excited. I want to make sure I get the right size so I don't have to redo this procedure. I've decided to give my surgeon a range of sizes by my wish pics. It would be 450cc-500cc. I'm getting... READ MORE

Hi guys I need some help, so I'm getting my BA done in September and have decided to go with 355cc! My surgeon told me this will take me do a 10D and just wanted to know if there is any petite 5'2 girls with the same size implants out there that could show me before and afters of your procedures... READ MORE

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