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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.  LEARN MORE ›

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I had a hard time finding reviews and photos for over the muscle augmentations so I thought I would post my experience. I did find a great gallery at The site states for each one whether it was over or under the muscle. I had originally planned to go under the muscle but because of... READ MORE

Dr. Pousti is the most intelligent plastic surgeon that can make your dreams come true with his unique sense to visualize the best looking you. You are reading this blog right now to find a plastic surgeon that will enhance and create the most beautiful person you are. You don’t need to r... READ MORE

I'm 35 years old and after having a baby my already small breast had lost most of their fullness. I had 2 inverted nipples before breast feeding which never bothered me, but after one popped out and the other stayed in. I HATED the fact they were asymmetrical. Most of the time I avoided looking... READ MORE

Hi, I'm currently a 34a hoping to get 400ccs which hopefully gives me a full c small d. I'm a mother of 2 boys ages 7 and 4 :). I had my consultation yesterday and I'm happy with my dr. I've wanted breast implants since I was 17 and finally decided to go ahead with it. I think it's about time... READ MORE

I have finally did it! I thought I would share my experience for an idea if you are my weight and height. I could not find too much of my extremely tiny size on here. I picked 430cc Saline HPs under the muscle and incision under the breast. First night PO I couldn't sleep much I was very... READ MORE

I recently had a consultation, and am debating between 339cc moderate profile and 330cc low profile (both cohesive gel). I am 5'6", 140lbs, a size 4 dress size, and have a wider rib cage. Up until today I had been wearing a 36B bra but was fitted at Victoria Secret to be a 32C (I have heard... READ MORE

I had my consultation on July 1, 2016. I'm 115 lbs and my current bra size is a 32A. I have been wanting my breasts done since I was younger. However, I was told that after I had children they would come. Funny thing is they did and once I stopped producing milk they left lol. My doctor... READ MORE

I am one week post-op from my breast augmentation with Dr. Mabourakh and I have nothing but the best things to say about him! Everything from the consultation to surgery to the after-care follow up has been so smooth and easy. Some backstory: I breastfed two children. My pregnancy/nursing... READ MORE

I've been wanting boobs since I can remember. I wish I would have tried to get them sooner but I was always waiting for a more financially appropriate time. I've generally run between a 36a or 36b, 36a being the most recent. I've lost weight and gotten into better shape over the last few years... READ MORE

Hi ladies : ) So I've been on this site for a whileeee and have found it so information & helpful - thank you to all the ladies that have put in such effort to share their experience :) I have recently scheduled a BA and figured, since all the other reviews on here with pictures and... READ MORE

Was a 36 B, I'm 5 ft. 8 & 139 lbs. I have wide hips and a butt and I'm really narrow up top which made me feel like I had a pear shape. I had 2 kids back to back &breastfeeding I was left with nothing. When my milk came in I was a full C, I loved the way I looked & inspired me to... READ MORE

I absolutely love my results from my breast augmentation! I definitely recommend Dr. Chen! He is very friendly, and professional! I went to a couple different consultations here in the area and I chose Dr. Chen because he was so informative and professional! Being professional is a must! Other... READ MORE

I've been wanting to fill out a bra nicely since who knows when... then it finally happened after having my first sweet baby boy but sadly the inflated breasts (I've never been bigger than a B cup) disappeared when I finished breastfeeding and continued to look more and more sad after each of my... READ MORE

So my story. I am 33 with 2 kids, height 5'11" weight around 9st (give or take a few pounds) current bra size is about 32aa ???? I live in Manchester England. I have wanted this procedure since my teens. I have always been flat chested and it has caused many insecurities, everything from clothes... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for Monday morning. June 6th at 6:30am. I'm nervous, but more relaxed today than yesterday. I'm getting 400cc Saline unders. Right now I'm lucky if I fill out a 34A. Good news is no sagging so no need for a lift. I'm nervous for a couple of different reasons, one is being put... READ MORE

I just went to my 2nd breast augmentation consultation with a different surgeon than from my 1st and I'm happy to say I think I've found the doctor most suitable for me! He was VERY informative - - much more informative than the last doctor I had seen. Actually, I didn't even get to meet the... READ MORE

All my life, I have been less than bountiful in the breast area. I am finally doing this for myself. My surgery date is on my 48th birthday, May 18. I am one week away and cannot wait. So excited. I know I'm headed for some discomfort but I've had 2 C-Sections and barely used narcs. I'm... READ MORE

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Hovsepian from the beginning to the end. He gave me exactly what I wanted while still giving his honest opinion. I was nervous about the procedure but he made me feel very comfortable. I absolutely love my new breasts. I would highly recommend! Both him and... READ MORE

This website has helped me so much throughout my whole surgery process, so I figured I'd give back:) I'm currently 5 days post-op, but I'll try to sum up my experience. A little about me: -20 yrs old -130 lbs -5'5 -Not quite sure my size before since VS is always extra generous. But I was... READ MORE

After having a child, gaining and losing weight and a love for weight training, my body was left showing the usual signs. I had very deflated breasts and excess tummy skin (to be continued with a later surgery.....). I had been following Dr Michael Miroshnik on Facebook and Instagram for a... READ MORE

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