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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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My Story 34. No Kids. 5'10". 145lbs. 34B Wanting a D - Vacaville, CA

First and only consultation was today. Going in to it I knew it would be. Based on all the reviews, I was already sold! Dr. Klink actually surpassed my expectations. He oozes experience, is very friendly and professional. I left his office feeling well informed and secure! Though, between all... READ MORE

22 Years old - 420cc gummy teardrop to 560cc Natrelle inspira hp - Montreal, QC

Hi everyone :) I am 21 years old, no kids, 5 feet 4 and 120 pounds. It's been at least 5 years since I wanted to get a breast augmentation and I started considering it more seriously about 2 years ago. I went in for a consultation in Montreal and I decided to go with the teardrop gummy bear... READ MORE

41, 110lbs, 5'1"- Fit Mom, 250cc Moderate Profile Round Under

I have always had nice small boobs. After breastfeeding 2 children, I've been left with empty flaps and stretched out nipples. I never thought I would actually get implants, but I have paid the deposit and I'm only a few days away from surgery. I've been to the office twice and so far I'm just... READ MORE

25-35, Never Had Kids, Barrel-chested and Looking for Breasts That Fit my Frame - Beverly Hills, CA

According to victoria's secret, I have a D cup, but I also have an extremely wide ribcage and frame (thanks, Irish genes best meant for plowing fields), and would love my breasts to actually match my oversized barrel chest, if nothing else so I can stop exclusively wearing those Victoria's... READ MORE

27y/o 5'7" 105lb, 1 child, 371cc submuscular silicone gel

I am 27 years old, about 5'7" and 105lb. I have been naturally skinny my whole life, and teased mercilessly for it forever. My mom, grandmas and aunts all had full boobs as I was growing up and to me, becoming a woman meant getting boobs. A late bloomer, what boobs I did get (32-34A, i can... READ MORE

34A Before with 390cc Nagor Implants

All I did for the weeks coming up to my surgery was google reviews and photos so I'm going to try and be as helpful as I can! I'm not the best at writing so bare with me! I had come across Aurora clinics online as all their reviews were amazing, I ended up going with Dr Fallahdar at The Private... READ MORE

28 Yrs, 5'5", 114 Lbs, A - D - Lees Summit, MO

My goal is to go for smooth, round, HP, Submuscular, Still deciding between Silicone and Saline, crease insicion the fuller the better. I want as much information as possible, risks, outcomes, realistic goals. I want to be completely satisfied and excited for my out come and an easy recovery...... READ MORE

Treating my Self! Breast Fed 5kids. Lost 85 Pounds Boobs Are Saggy! - Delaware

I am a mother of five who breast all of my children! The destroyed my boobs! I wanted to have a breast lift but my doc said I really didn't have anything to lift! From losing weight I lost breast mass! I lost 85 pounds! I than decided on a breast augmentation! I had a tummy tuck two years ago... READ MORE

29 Year Old | 2 Kids | 32aa + 300cc Saline Unders - Fayetteville, NC

Hi! I'm scheduled for surgery on February 22nd. I'm 5'9" & 120lbs, very lean & lift fairly heavy 6-7 days a week. I have always been pretty flat chested but nursing my second daughter for over a year really sucked everything out of me lol. I'm very anxious and excited for this and... READ MORE

28 yo 5'5" 100lbs 339/304 moderate plus silicone

I am going for my surgery on Monday. I have chosen silicone under the muscle implants. My problem is... I keep changing my mind on the profile! I'm stuck between moderate plus and high. My PS originally suggest 350/375 high to give me the volume without going to wide. He said high will be great... READ MORE

43 Years, 67kg. 172 Cm, 1 Child...Breast Implants - Sydney AU

I have always had small breasts and wished to have bigger ones. Thought it was was impossible to achieve for a betty long time until recently. My work colleague had hers done, which is when i realized it is possible. I contacted Dr Dona's office and arranged a consultation date. It was happening... READ MORE

39 Y/o 5'6" 110 32A/B Planning for 400-450 Round Silicone Under - Northwest, IN

My PS comes highly recommended and I think he's pretty conservative. I showed him my wish pics and he kinda shook his head and said he could get close. So, I'm hoping for good size natural looking breasts that aren't too big for my frame. I've lived in padded bras my who life and I'm so excited... READ MORE

600 Cc Hp Silicone Implants over the Muscle

I didn't Have a lift done because I scar badly. Considering I had no lift, my result are pretty darn nice! Currently still recovery but this procedure was absolutely worth having. I had a pleasant experience with the doctor and his staff. The rice sure itself took maybe 30 mins. I was in at 7am... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, Breastfed Two Children, 400-450 Cc UHP, Under

Hey everyone! Why is this place so addicting?? I am having my procedure just a couple weeks from now. I'm so excited and anxious. Here's more about me: 27 years old Nursed two (beautiful) children 5'7 117ish lbs 34 A/ 32 B Hoping for a full C to small D After showing my doctor what I looked... READ MORE

24 Year Old - No Kids - 325cc - Silicone - Under Muscle - Vancouver, BC

I had my surgery on February 21st 2017. I am 24 years old. Weigh 55kg , 5ft 6 inches I was a 34A before but could barely fill out my bra. I have never disliked small boobs but I always disliked the shape of my boobs as I had a slight tuberosity to them. My areoles always seemed to big and... READ MORE

BA Day 1 - home from surgery!

Hi girls so far my recovery is going OK! The doctor said it went perfectly and I am very happy with everything, but I am definitely sore and had to take the pain medication. When everything wore off the boobs arms ribs back and chest were heavy and they burned a little bit so the medication... READ MORE

300 cc, High Profile Smooth Round Silicone, A or B Pre-op - Loma Linda, CA

When I was younger, I thought BAs were for vain, shallow women. (It's easy to be pious about body images when you have pert, shapely breasts.) Then two things happened: 1) Two years of breast-feeding; 2) My best friend (who wore a 32AA) had a BA. I realized that I shouldn't look down on anyone... READ MORE

20 Y/o, 5'6, 135 Lbs, 520cc High Profile Cohesive Implants - Spokane, WA

So after many months of lurking through this website enviously, I have finally decided that it's my turn! I went to a consultation yesterday with Dr. Chad Wheeler. Their whole office was great and made me feel super welcome. They did my measurements, talked about what I'm looking for, and I... READ MORE

Athletic 36 Yo, 3 Kids, 270cc Saline - Edina, MN

I started looking at RealSelf review about 6 months ago and was having a hard time finding people who had a similar build as me and still wanted smaller implants. I've always been pretty flat chested with exception to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm 5'3" and about 138lbs. Before surgery I was... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mom of 2

I still can't believe it actually happen! After wanting a BA for the last 10 years I finally did it. I'm 5'5 140 lbs athletic built. I got my BA done today on the day of a snow storm lol. I got 450cc high profile under muscle. Lots of pressure and painful to take deep breaths. 1st Post up is... READ MORE

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