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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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20 Yrs Old, 5'1, 120lbs, No Kids - Miami, FL

I am over the moon excited for my breast augmentation but am also extremely nervous about going under anesthesia! I am currently a SMALL B and deciding whether to do 300ccs or 350ccs. I'm leaning toward 350ccs because everything I've heard and read says go bigger!! Also unsure if Id prefer my ps... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 5'8 (172cm), Looking at Either 315cc or 380cc Under Muscle Textured Teardrop (Anatomical) Implants - London, GB

Firstly, the price I've quoted is in GBP (£5530 inclusive of meds, surgeon and hospital fees, post op etc) - I haven't bothered to convert to USD. All booked in for October 31st - 7 weeks away EEEK! This website has been so so helpful and enlightening in the past few months, but I found that ... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 32A, Wanting a Small C Cup - Reno, NV

I am 33 yrs old, 5'3" tall and 112 pounds. I have had 2 consultants and I am super excited. I have tried on multiple sizes and would really like about 300cc. I was told tof go under the muscle due to the lack of tissue in my breasts. I am a little nervous bout the size. I want to uhp but is... READ MORE

27 Year Old 5 9" 2 Kids 350 High Profile Smooth Round - Tampa, FL

I had a b cup before my kids. DD when nursing. C cup with slack and slight Nipple droop after I stopped nursing. I like my young B cup and my nursing DDs. I still recommend nursing as it's great for the baby and pregnancy weight loss post. There was a lot more pain then I expected. I felt a bit... READ MORE

20 Year Old Flat Chested College Student - Jackson, MI

I have always been a very athletic girl since the age of 8 till current date. I started gymnastics when I was 8 years old and did it for 5 years. In the mix of these 5 years, my body was growing and developing, everything but my breast that is. Once I stopped doing gymnastics, I immediately... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Results 20 Years Later

I had a submuscular transaxillary augmentation 20 years ago with smooth saline filled implants. At the time, I wanted to be proportional with my wider hips, was self conscious of my flat chest, and wanted to be more attractive. I wished I had not done this now. I want them out but cannot afford... READ MORE

33yr Old, 1 Child. 32aa Hopefully Going to B Cup - Worcester, GB

So due to get surgery in three weeks. 200cc teardrop overs as I do a lot of weight work. Been back and forth over decision and still have major worries like: will you feel the implant due to my lack of breast tissue (currently a AA cup) , worried about them not looking right and complications... READ MORE

26 Years Old Breastfed 2 Kids Getting 400 Cc Silicone Implants - Burnsville, MN

My appointment is scheduled in 4 days and I'm freaking out. I am 26 years old 5'6" 115 lbs and breastfed my two children. I went from a bigger c small d to an a cup a cup i basically deflated and I'm looking to get my body back well my boobs back. I chose 400 cc silicone hp under the muscle. I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Was a HUGE, EXPENSIVE Mistake! - La Jolla, CA

As you can tell by the procedure date shown, it's been 15+ years since my augmentation. If you're considering augmentation with ANY doctor, please read my reviews and read the many reviews on Breast Implant Removal on this site. Don't rely solely on the reviews of women who have only had their... READ MORE

37 Mother of Three Kids, I Weigh 108lbs, Nursed, BA 12 Years Ago So Going for Revision and From a C to a Full D - Evansville, IN

I had my procedure done several years ago and because of nursing I feel like my boobs have lost their fullness even with the breast implants. My goal is to be a full D. I just had hernia and diastasis recti surgery a month ago using mesh. Still recovering. So I guess I'm needing advice on which... READ MORE

4 Days Post Op - Wilmington, DE

4 days post op and I'm still feeling down about my size...I've seen many other reviews from people that also got 400cc silicone unders and their size looks much bigger than mine...hopefully it just takes time for the size to increase ....I hate to think I spent that much money to look the same... READ MORE

25 Yr Old, 150lbs, 5'10" - Salem, OR

Dr. Neaman helped me decide on a 550cc silicone implant. I am a tall girl with an athletic build. The 550cc helps to even out my figure, especially my broad shoulders. I am looking forward to having this surgery. Dr. Neaman and his staff have all been so nice, knowledgeable and genuinely want... READ MORE

Breast Implants, and Liposculpture - Colombia

I just suddenly decided it was time I get my 15 year old back. I had a nice shape but after having my daughter 11 years ago, my tummy was a little loose and although Dr. Florez said he wouldn't recommend me breast implants because they look nice and I don't need surgery in that area. I really... READ MORE

21 5ft 5 150lbs 32b Before 745 Cc Silicone Implants -Nuffield bournemouth, GB

3 days and counting! I have always wanted a bigger boobs for as long as I can remember, after losing a lot of weight last year, I went from a uk size 20 to size 10 through diet and exercise, it left me with rather deflated unhappy looking boobs. After lots of investigation decided on Mr Ian... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old, 5'6" and 116 Lbs, Very Flat Chested - Coral Gables, FL

A little backstory ~ I have been obsessed with boobs since I was about 4 years old and have wanted them since hitting puberty around 12-13. I soon realized that I am the only woman in my family to NOT have a large chest (mom and all my aunts are C+). I don't wear padded bras because I can't... READ MORE

41 Yrs, 5'3.5", 120 Lbs, 4 Kids, 345 Hp Silicone Under Muscle. I Have a Secret for You! - Saint George, UT

I am 3 days post op. I was a droopy small 34c cup before surgery. Went with 345 silicone high profile implants under the muscle and in the breast fold. Dr Peterson, his office staff, and the surgical center were awesome to work with. My other two consults did not compare. Ladies, I am a... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, 5'2", 135 Lbs, Mom of 3 Going from A Cup to C Cup with 375cc (filled to 400) Saline Under the Muscle - Fort Wayne, IN

I've always been small chested. Always wore padded bras early on and through high school, even when I played sports because I was embarrassed by my flat chest. (Because I'm not wearing a sports bra that's only going to make them look smaller) When I got pregnant, I was looking forward to finally... READ MORE

25 years old, Gummy Bear Implants MF Natrelle 410 (255cc)

Hi girls. I'm 25 years old from Italy and I'm getting my breast augmentation in one month. I'm so excited! I've always wanted bigger boobs since ten years ago. I'm very athletic and ex swimmer so I have very broad chest and big shoulder this is why I don't like my proportion! My stats are:... READ MORE

38 Y.o 1 Child with Hx of Significant Weight Lost - Wynnewood, PA

My body has experienced significant changes in weight with my heaviest weight of 300lbs at age 21. Since that time, I have drop to my lowest adult weight of 175 and went back up to 240. For the past several years my weight has remained between 215 and 225 consistently. I've always had rather... READ MORE

Boobie diaries of me

I watched on manswers that breast implants sink. Has any body noticed their implants making it difficult to swim? Or just hold them down a little? I am 5'7", 135lbs and am a 34a pre-op. I am thinking I want saline implants because I like the safety factor of knowing when they're ruptured. I... READ MORE

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