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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.  LEARN MORE ›

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I've stalked this site for months now and it's been a very helpful tool. I've always wanted larger breasts to offset my larger bottom area. I've always been two to three sizes smaller up top, even at my smallest weight. So as an early 40th bday gift to myself, I elected to have Breast... READ MORE

I have always had a small chest and always wanted implants but breastfeeding was important to me. So I waited till I had all three of my kids and made the decision to have a breast augmention. After careful research I made the decision that dr feng chong would be my surgeon. I am only 8 days... READ MORE

I started weight training & bodybuilding 3 years ago & lost a significant amount of fat. I gained more confidence in myself, but noticed that my breasts were the first to go. I was tired of having small breasts (even my boyfriend's pecs were bigger) so I felt that getting a BA would make... READ MORE

First of all, this site has been amazing. As a very private person not wanting to advertise my desire to get an augmentation, I appreciate the anonymity yet transparency found here. I've always had a slight, petite frame and been self conscious about my breasts. I gained a lot of weight with... READ MORE

I'm currently a 34A and am looking to get a C. I'm not too sure on the cc's I should get though. I don't want to get them too small because I constantly hear people say they wish they'd gone bigger but at the same time I don't want to go too big. I've decided on the textured teardrop implant... READ MORE

Hi real selfers, I am a petite mother of 4 breastfed children between 16 and 3. I always say that I am still waiting for puberty and for boobs! I wear an A cup bra but it is just so I don't have a nip slip incident! I have always admired boobs. And have thought about implants in The past but... READ MORE

Well...this is weird for me. But I feel badly reading others profiles, even commenting, and not having anything up myself. I guess I can otherwise stay private...right? I am 37, 5'8" tall and 155 pounds. I'm fairly strong in build, I guess. I had my son when I was pretty young and I breast fed.... READ MORE

Hey everyone, I'm new here but have been looking for a while...I want to do something about my tummy and breasts but have heard so many options. ..I thought this would be an efficient way to get more info. I'll play some pics... right now, I've heard of a mini tuck, a full one and fast... READ MORE

I've found these reviews (testimonials really) quite interesting, so I wanted to add my voice if it can help someone else! I'm less than a month out from my BA and cannot wait. I have a similar story as other petite, athletic woman - my breasts grew a little bit when I was 15, and I kept hoping... READ MORE

Dr Garrett Harper did my B.A. in Charlotte today. It was scheduled at 12:30pm and I'm already home, in bed and I ate some soup. Was told that I had minimum bleeding if any at all. I know they're still swollen, but I love them already. We had previously discussed about 550cc, which I worried... READ MORE

Hoping everything goes great, but more importantly hoping the recovery process is short, quick, and easy. Hoping the scars fade to a minimum and i get all feeling back and look fantastic! One thing i wish Dr. Lee would do is provide a 3d visual by taking your picture and digitally enhancing your... READ MORE

Before I came to Dr. Champanera I had a few consultations with different Dr.'s and when I came into his clinic and met him, I knew that he was going to be my Dr. I was a bit nervous because I never had any type of surgery but Dr. Champanera was so assuring and he put all my fears to rest. I... READ MORE

So far, I have been very pleased with my pre-op appointment and consultations. I have been debating on the right size, but my doctor has been amazing about talking me through my options very clearly. I am currently a 34A, 130 pounds, and 5' 7". After my second consultation with my doctor I... READ MORE

Right now I am a 34dd after having a baby, they have started sagging considerably. Dr. Broadway and I have chosen Naturelle 410cc FX sub muscular implants to lift my breast and create fullness while keeping a natural appearance. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm very nervous that I won't like the... READ MORE

I expect a fuller bust, natural looking, eventually I do want children so I'm hoping I could breast feed. I met with Dr. Ary Krau today, with the secretary I discussed cc's between 200-450cc's. She brought a 50cc, 250cc and 350cc I tried on the combo 250cc + 50cc, 350cc, 350cc +50cc determined... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I'm finally beginning my journey of getting the big girl boobs I've always wanted and I'm so excited. Now my consultation isn't even until August 30th but I really want to start documenting everything for you just because I know your stories have helped me out so much so I wanted to... READ MORE

Hey ladies!! So I'm 21 going to be 22 in August. Getting my boobs done july 3! (Poor timing since its summer and the day before 4th of July) but it was the best time for me job wise since im a nanny and the family is taking a vacation for two weeks! Any other nannies out there? Or mommies too I... READ MORE

Tomorrow is the Day of my BA and I am super excited and a little nervous. Im scheduled to arrive at the Hospital at 6:30 AM. Surgery is to start at 8:30AM. So before 12'oclock Noon I will have some JUGS!! I have been wanting bigger breast for a while now. I think that the boob envy finally got... READ MORE

Before my BA stats: 32B, no fullness and needed more cleavage. I'm around 110-115 lbs and 5'5. Very thin and little breast tissue. After BA stats: 350 CC, moderate profile plus, peri-areolar, 32 D or 32 DD (depends what department store). Weight has not changed. I was 25 years old and my body... READ MORE

I am 32 and have always had body imagine issues and hate looking at myself in tbe mirror. I have lost weight and I have 3 wonderful children, 2 of whice I did breast feed, never watched my diet with the first 2 which I regret. Now they sag and are just "boring". I had a trainer for 6 months and... READ MORE

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