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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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45 Yrs Old, Mum of 2, Want Fullness Back - Roundhay, GB

Hi all. I've wanted bigger boobs most of my adult life. As a teenager and in my early 20's I measured a 34A. I remember getting measured in M&S in the days before the private cubicle and being so embarrassed when the assistant measuring me practically announced my tiny size to what felt like... READ MORE

22 Woman Ready to Get Fine :)

Hello everyone I finally found my doctor ! After 5 years doing ALL my research I'm going with Dr Grawe in getting butt implants I'm not sure which quote I'm going with but I just paid for my Consultation + my surgery date . I want 660ccs but I may have to down size to 548cc which is the... READ MORE

Amazing from the start

Absolutely fantastic, I was nervous at the start when I decided to get a boob job. After speaking to a few different places and feeling like I was being pushed into something for sales I spoke to medbelle and ended up meeting Mr Akhtar. I told him what it was I wanted which was fullness after... READ MORE

19 Years Old, 350 Cc over the Muscle Circumareolar Incision, Silicone - Boca Raton, FL

Just got my procedure done this morning! Used this website tons so figured I'd make my own account. My situation was a little different, so I figured I could help more girls like me. I had constrictedand little breast tissue and a-symmetry. The best procedure for the natural looking and not... READ MORE

560cc Natrella Inspira smooth round. 5'6, 31, no kids

I have wanted breast implants for at least 10 years! I've researched every detail from doctors to implant manufufactures and sizes, down to what to wear the day of surgery and what meals to have prepared ahead of time. Much of my research has been done on RealSelf, so now it's my turn to share... READ MORE

23, 5'3" 120 lbs 520cc Silicone Unders

A little about me: I am 23 years old, 130lbs, 5'3" and a mother of a two year old! I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. My surgery is in about a week. I'm still debating between 480 and 520cc silicone under the muscle implants. My PS said the 480 are perfect for my frame but... READ MORE

Need Boobs

Hey so I've been wanting to get a boobs since I was in the 6th grade and everyone started getting boobs except for me ????. I have a 6 year old and I breastfed any boobs I did have are just gone. I'm a 32/34 A. I haven't rhought much of what surgeon I would like to go to. I've just been looking... READ MORE

34yrs. 5'6" 145 Lbs. 2 Kids. PreOp 36B/C. Getting 550CC or More

So excited for my surgery, which is August 18th. I'm 34, have 2 kids that are 9 and 10 years old. I've wanted bigger breasts as long as I can remember. As I approached 35 I realized just how much I wanted it, I feel like all I do is look at before and after pictures. Left the consultation... READ MORE

34 Mom of 2, 5'8", 139lbs, anchor lift and 550cc HP

Hi! I'm 34, 5'8", 139lbs, athletic build and a mom of 2 beautiful babies that aren't such babies anymore! I've wanted to get my boobs done for the past 8 years ever since I had my son so this year I decided to go for a consultation for my birthday!! There I was told that I would need a breast... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 5'8, 145 Pounds, No Kids, 375cc Mod Plus Profile Unders

Just like most of y'all on here, I've wanted breast implants for years! Well, today was the big day and so far I'm very happy with the results! I was a 32A before, although my cycle is about to come on so I'm much fuller than I normally am in the before pictures. I was been torn between 350cc... READ MORE

Nothing but perfection

Dr Natalie Ngan is amazing, I had 400cc smooth silicone implants placed under the muscle and they look perfect and very natural. I couldn't be happier with my surgeon and the team of lovely ladies that helped with my breast augmentation. READ MORE

1 Day Prior to Surgery Vs 3 Months

Of course Dr.Tag did his thing!! My experience was listed under his page! Please review. They have dropped so nicely and still have a long way to go. I'm super excited! Again no pain , I did have a little sharp pain from my right incision site . He said it would go away in a few weeks and it did!!! READ MORE

300 cc HP Breast Implants

I'm a 22 year old female: 5 ft, 97 lbs and have a rib cage with of 28. I've been flat chested my whole life and never wore bras because I simply didn't need one. For 7 years, I dreamt of getting breast implants. Every single day. I dreamt of having big, fake looking boobs (which - I know sounds... READ MORE

41 Year Old Mom of 3 - 450-500 cc unders

I had a consultation and I really like the dr. Although I was in prepared. I did not ask a lot of questions. We talked about size and placement. I'm 5 foot 8 inches and about 130 lbs. I decided to go with 500cc silicone over the muscle. My boyfriend and I talked and decided to over would be... READ MORE

24 Yrs Old, 5'6" 115 Lb, 400 Cc UHP - Draper, UT

I decided to get a breast augmentation because I exercise and run a lot, and that leaves me with hardly anything on my chest. I want to be able to stay active and fit without looking that a little boy. I chose ultra high profile because I didn't want them to be too wide for my body. The only con... READ MORE

Different Breast or is There a Problem?

7 months ago I had breast augmentation surgery. My left breast received a crescent lift so the nipple would be even with the right breast. All seemed fine until July (6 months post surgery). I noticed that me left breast is sitting higher than my right breast. I also noticed some hardness on the... READ MORE

32 Years Old Breastfed 425cc and 445cc mentor classic moderate profile (textured)

Height: 4'11 Weight: 116 Age: 32 Kids: 3 Surgery date is 6/14/2016 I am super excited and scared!! Mostly scared because my PS suggested I should get 500cc due to my measurements and tissue. I feel like 500cc might be too big, but I was told to awkward go by what your doctor suggests.. scared!!... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 5'2, 95lb 9-10 BWD - Abilene, TX

So I had a consult a little over a month ago, I'm very happy with my doctor and confident that everything will turn out great. So far we decided on 325cc's UHP. I'm trying to decide if I want to go slightly bigger but I'll just have to ask more question at my next appointment. Since my consult... READ MORE

Finally got them girls -400cc high profile silicone gel

Went to 2 surgeons consults and decided Dr. Bloom was the right choice. He was friendly, informative and had exceptional bed side manner. He also picked up on the fact that I didn't have breast pocket (because I had hardly any breast tissue) that the implant may slip down over the next few... READ MORE

27 5'7 133lbs 32c/34b (Victoria's Secret) Getting 375cc HP Silicone - Grand Rapids, MI

Had my cosultation so far. Dr Aitken made me feel good about the procedure. I felt like it went really fast though. I picked 350cc and she is putting in 375cc because I am going sub-pectoral. Will update as my date gets closer. I may go back in to try on the sizers again. I have plenty of time... READ MORE

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