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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I have been reading stories for a while now and thought it fair to post a bit of my story.After giving birth to my baby and breastfeeding for 10 months my body was ruined, saggy breast with absolutely no volume , lots of fat deposit in my abdominal area that was not responding neither to... READ MORE

I started thinking about getting breast augmentation about 6 years ago. I have always had small breast; however, I was never insecure about them. I weighed my options and decided to take a leap of faith. I wish the decision was a no-brainer but for me with several situations going on that would... READ MORE

I've been thinking about getting my breasts done for 10+ years & finally just went ahead with getting them done in October. My only regret is not doing this sooner. I chose the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic because of reviews & my experience at the consultation. The nurses and staff in... READ MORE

Seriously though, I want to be able to be able to buy a bra that fits. A 34AA leaves an inch gap at the top where shirts gather. I can't wear many dresses, tanks, and swim suits because I can't go without a bra (1: because the outfit is made for boobs, 2: I've breast fed and we all know what... READ MORE

In over a month il be flying to Thailand to get a BA and tiny bit of lipo with Dr Verawatt. Im really excited and can't wait to get this done but also a bit nervous about the pain. I have emailed the surgeon and sent photos he has suggested anywhere from 300-400cc round and under the muscle. I... READ MORE

Hi, my ba will be on the 20/11/2015 and i still not sure between 360cc o 375cc . my stats is 5"6f 128lbs and 34a flat dress size small 10 i went for my pre op appoitment and my surgeon give me 360cc to try and it was ok for me but when i do my reserch on this web i hear too many comments that... READ MORE

I have always been self conscious of my smaller chest but since I had nicely shaped, perky breasts I just went with it while they were still cute. I have stayed thin and athletic all throughout my 20's, but over the past few years I feel like I have lost volume and perkiness. I always just wore... READ MORE

I'm a 32/34 AA and I'm going for C! Honestly I barely have any breast tissues. I'm really nervous about tomorrow's surgery. I have never had any major surgery in my whole life so I don't know how much I can tolerate the pain. I hate the idea of taking pain pills so I'm gonna try not to but I... READ MORE

Day 1 after procedure and I feel sore, really swollen and tight - like someone is sat on my chest - but was it worth it.... 110%.. i love them.. I had had 3 consultations with Bupa - Mya - and Transform before making my choice, all were really good but I felt the surgeon I chose Mr Mounir from... READ MORE

I am skinny weighed only 95 pounds with a one year old baby. I has stopped breast-feeding. I had a consultation by visiting lots of cosmetic surgery centers in Korean Town and Beverly Hills, California. My friend recommended Dr. Ho female surgeon to me, but I choose Dr. Peter Lee who is an... READ MORE

I aways had small breast. It wasn't until after I breastfed my youngest and got in very good shape that my small but perky boobies started to sag. That's when I finally had "that" conversation with my husband. I was surprised that he was so supportive. I guess after being married for 15 years, I... READ MORE

I am 5'6 140 pounds, larger bottom and hips so i wanted to balance it out with a heavy top! So we went with 600cc, high profile, round. The surgery was done through my armpits. Bruising is already going down and i am able to actually move my arms more, before i felt so contracted and stiff.... READ MORE

I had a Brest Agumentation done by Dr Miami 2 months ago. It was worth it. He is VERY caring and wants the patient to be satisfied. (He received a Compassionate Doctor award.) He never rushes you and listens to you and is very down-to-earth. I have heard him say more than once that doing plastic... READ MORE

Ive always wanted bigger boobs. And after 3 kids I feel like a deserve them! Iam scheduled on 2-11-2016 for surgery. Dr recommends lift and implants. I really dont want the lift talked to him about it and seems like I can get away with out one. But if I dont like the results I will consider... READ MORE

I'm staring to get nervous about my BA scheduled for January, so I decided to make a profile to get myself through and to help others like so many people on this website have for me. Stats: 5'5" 128 lbs 35" around breasts, 29" around rib cage, 26.5" around waist, and 36" around fullest part of... READ MORE

I have always had large breast. I was a size A in 5th grade, size C by 8th & have spent the rest of my life with anything from D-E. I like my breast, but had several friends getting implants so I went for a free consult. No, my breast are bad but after nursing two children and age they sag,... READ MORE

When I decided to get these procedures done all I know was I don't want to look fake when all is said and done. Dr Tactuk was great when I met him in person for the first time and he ask what as I looking for and my reply was I don't want to look fake just fix me I have been working out for 10... READ MORE

I had my 1st consultation yesterday. I have a fibroadenoma cyst in my left breast maybe the size of a unshelled walnut. Most of the time I don't even notice it, it's usually a day or two before my period that my breasts swell a bit then the fibroadenoma is tender and hurts. I've gotten an... READ MORE

I was 34A and just hated my breasts.. I was always hiding them when swimming and never wore low necked clothes. I always wanted to have boobs, just boobs! Not something big but something that looks like breasts. Since I am petite and not a fan of big breasts I chose pretty small implants. My... READ MORE

I've always wanted a BA ever since I was a tween. My friends were all blessed with breasts and we would joke around and have "boob transfers" by touching boobs in hopes of having positive energy suddenly give me large breasts. Lol. TEN years later I finally decided to go through with it. The... READ MORE

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