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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I was always ok being small chested but when I was pregnant I experienced having big breasts and loved it. When I was done having kids I researched B.A. for years and when the new cohesive gel implants came out I decided to do it. With a little persuasion (2 yrs) I talked my husband into it. I... READ MORE

My initial thoughts were a natural look with anatomical silicone implants. I have a small 34B cup and a loss of volume from my 2 year old twins. Now that I have spent more time looking at people's pre and post op pics I have found some of the round ones look quite nice and natural when placed... READ MORE

I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind I was proud of. 32DD. Then I had kids, and ballooned up to a F-cup at one point.... but once I stopped breastfeeding, I was left with much less boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still an 'ample bosom' but I feel like I have no fullness at the... READ MORE

I have always been a very athletic girl since the age of 8 till current date. I started gymnastics when I was 8 years old and did it for 5 years. In the mix of these 5 years, my body was growing and developing, everything but my breast that is. Once I stopped doing gymnastics, I immediately... READ MORE

I am a 35 yo mother of two. I have thought about getting a BA for years but it was really nothing more than a thought. After having two kids I looked pretty good. I was thin and breast were a large B cup and pretty perky. After turning 25 I began to put on weight and of course my boobs grew. So... READ MORE

After nursing 3 kids & a bad staph infection in my breasts they were left less than deflated. The are uneven & lumped w/ so much extra skin. I am ready to feel comfortable in a swim suit & not worrying if ppl can see my pad inserts if I wear a a neck. I work hard for my body &... READ MORE

I have 4 kids , 3 of them in the last 6 years ,all BF for 15+ months . After working out the deflation got worse . I was recommended to a wonderful doctor went ahead and had a consultation . He said I had deflation and sagging but not bad enough to need a lift . I asked for a D to DD . I was a... READ MORE

Currently I'm 4 days post op. I'll start from Consultation day. Consultation with Dr. Bryson went well. Dawn his patient coordinator is caring and personable. Dr. Bryson went over photos with me. I liked how the 450 to 500cc's looked so he will decide in surgery which one looks best without me... READ MORE

Hi, this site has been a great source of info for all of us contemplating/undergoing operation like Breast Augmentation so the least I can do to give back to the community is share my experience. First of all, I like myself and how I am and I even am ok with my tiny totally asymmetric breasts... READ MORE

Booked my date - Sept 9th. After nursing two babies, I lost almost all of my breast volume, leaving me saggy and deflated. Pre-kids I wore a 32C and was as big as 32DD while nursing. I'm currently a 32A with one dr measuring me at a AA. I'm looking to get implants to restore volume and go back... READ MORE

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager and never really developed breasts. I am a small A cup and my goals are you have a natural looking C. I don't want to be too large since I am only 5'3" and petite. During my consultation I was able to try on sizers and few what my... READ MORE

Well to start off I've been wanting this done since I was about 15 (very serious). All my girlfriends got boobies and mine never came in. I use to watch Dr. 90210 and watch sooo many breast aug. episodes and just dream about the day! So I had my first son and about a year after having him, I... READ MORE

I had my BA yesterday and went with a modest 300cc SSF on left and 375cc SRF on right because I have an indent on chest cavity. The doctor seems to know his stuff and was very kind. The staff were amazing and answered lol my questions. I had 3 sizes to choose from and decided to go with middle... READ MORE

My PS suggests to go 350-375cc silicone moderate plus profile under the muscle. I need advice on which one to choose, I'm quite small: 5'1 101 lbs petite framed but i have a nice amount of breast tissue considering my size. I want 350cc only bc i think 375 will look to big on me, but i don't... READ MORE

Alright guys..... I believe I found the doctor I want to do my surgery. His name is Dr. Ary Krau. He is the guy and I definitely want him to give me them boobs I want. Now the only thing that I'm having trouble with...... is deciding if I should go to Coral Gables (as he also works there) or... READ MORE

So, I won't say my age just because I'm afraid that someone who I know will find out that this is my body. Um, I'm young, a student and part time worker. At the age of... 19 I started to realize my body wasn't something that I actually liked. My breasts are a desirable size but my areola is... READ MORE

19 yrs old. Athletic build. 5'6 105lbs. I'd like to go from 32AA to a D but I'm not sure if the 365ccs will do it. I tried on the implants in the office but the doctor completely rushed me and kept giving me two different ones and as soon as I said I liked on he was done with my consultation. He... READ MORE

While I was researching this procedure I did a lot of googling and came across this site. I have read a bit of everything, even some very sad and scary ex-plant stories as well as some sad implant stories. Not going to lie, it definitely turned me off wanting to get implants for a while that's... READ MORE

Hi girls , I have a consultation date for the 15 of August can't wait !!! I'm a 34B and sometimes C , I would love to be a 34DD after surgery , Im thinking a 400cc to 450 cc dual plan silicone , I'm not sure of the profile , moderate or hight . I want to have the natural look ;-) with a nice... READ MORE

I'm getting ready for my surgery. I went to three consultations at three different doctors and chose Dr Franklin Richards because I was most impressed by his process, his staff, and the facility. He measured me at the consultation and based on the width of my chest and breast area, he said... READ MORE

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