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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.
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After 7 years, I finally got my boobs done!! Ever since I was a young teen, I've always hated the way my boobs looked. I felt that they were abnormal and that no one else had the same shape breast as me. They had little to no breast tissue through the upper pole and my areloas were large, so to... READ MORE

I visited Dr. Ary Krau at CG Cosmetic center in Coral Gables, FL. I must say that my experience with Dr. Krau made me oversee the shortcomings of the office. He answered all of my questions and concerns without rushing and took his time making sure he knew my expectations for the outcome of my... READ MORE

Hello everyone! I'm 22 years old, I have no kids. I am about 5"2' and weigh about 120lbs. I'm pretty bottom heavy; ex gymnast and cheerleader legs. I have been wanting a BA ever since I graduated high school! So now I have the time and money, I am doing it. Looking on this site makes me so... READ MORE

So I have wanted to do this for years now, I have always felt insecure about my breasts. I've been doing my research on PS in my area. 2015 will be the year I go through with it but I wanted to start my journey a few days earlier. My main concern is the anesthesia and not waking up :( I guess... READ MORE

I have been wanting breast augmentation for years. Finally I do it. It isn't bad as some people describe. Yes I have some discomfort and I'm taking meds so I sleep alot. I workout daily and I'm healthy so my post op isn't too bad. I got 525 cc saline and moderate plus profile. I can't wait to... READ MORE

Recently turned 50 and I’ve decided to get BA. I’ve always been small up top, currently I’m a small 34B, 5” 6.5”, 136 lbs, size 7/8, small on the top not only breasts but bone structure too. My Doctor commented how he can see my breast bones when I asked him about creating cleavage. I’m a lit... READ MORE

Writing my first review! I am 24 years old with one child. Breastfed for a year and now I'm flat, deflated and borderline lift. My husband is very supportive so I'm thrilled that my day is coming! Did 2 consults and chose the second surgeon. Discussed my goals and after trying on implants... READ MORE

Hello, I have scheduled my BA surgery for 3/11/2016 in Beverly Hills. I actually met the doctor through this site after he responded to many of my questions. I feel like I have overwhelmed myself with all the research. I have decided on 350cc, my doctor did not want to do anymore that that. But... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a consultation June 1st for my implants and I'm not 100% sure what I want. Originally I wanted saline teardrop but after being on here I'm not sure teardrop is right for my body type. Any suggestions from anyone? Also I do not want to go huge with my size I just want to... READ MORE

Hi. I'm using this site to document my BA journey and to keep a kind of diary of my thoughts. Also hoping that somebody else benefits from my writing about the whole experience. :) So, stats: I'm currently around 120lbs (8 stone 8), 163cm (5"4), moderately active with no kids. The few bras I... READ MORE

Hello, RS, I have been ready so many stories since early December when I had my consultation. I hope I am getting BA with lipo on a few areas. My PS did my tummy tuck a few years back and did an amazing job so I trust in her to give the greatest results yet again. I am beyond excited to get... READ MORE

I am an A cup and my goal is for a full C my Dr. and I agreed on 375cc. So far my experience with my surgeon pre op has been great, they've made me feel very comfortable. My surgery is in 10 days. With all of the research I've done and photos I've looked at nothing has prepared me for the... READ MORE

I wanted more round, full breast after nursing our little one for 18 months. After choosing my Doc we decided 440cc Moderate profile, Cohesive Gel was best for me. I was so scared this was going to be too big by other people's opinions but Dr. Wong assured me I wouldn't look out of proportion.... READ MORE

Hello I'm new here .. Scheduled to have surgery 5/12/16! Excited & nervous :0 If you are first time undecided of size, please listen to your doctor. I'm going for what he recommended me 440cc. Hope to get more info here regarding recovery. I will be posting more pics , final results ! Stay... READ MORE

I've always wanted a BA ever since I was a tween. My friends were all blessed with breasts and we would joke around and have "boob transfers" by touching boobs in hopes of having positive energy suddenly give me large breasts. Lol. TEN years later I finally decided to go through with it. The... READ MORE

Hi , Iam looking to have a nice small D cup, I am 5'3 and 144 pounds, please Iam not sure if I choose the right size for me help help ,my dr recommend to have 450 cc, I really like to know if anybody can help me to decide or give me an idea what size can be, thank u so much I appreciate any... READ MORE

Hi All! I am two weeks away from my breast augmentation with Dr. Larson at Buckhead plastic surgery in Atlanta. I have one child who is two years old. I only breast fed for a month but I still lost the firmness I once had. I am currently a 32b and we have agreed on 450cc high profile implants... READ MORE

So I had a consultation with Jonathan j staiano. Comes highly recommended. Worked now for 18years an now private. Specialist in breast augmentation and breast reconstruction. Have my date but still worrying about size. I really want my pre pregnancy boobies back. I was a happy size DD. My... READ MORE

I'm very excited and can't wait until my surgery day. I have a small a cup. I want a small D cup or large c cup. Had my consultation already. I'm just waiting to do my pre op to decide on want I want.. I have a small frame weighing at 108lbs. I'm going with silicone. I will update on my next... READ MORE

Hello ! Here's my story. I wanted implants since I was 19. I started feeling like I NEEDED them when I was 21. Even with a healthy appetite, fat mostly just went to my legs evenly distributed including slight cankles. I was pretty flat chested - smaller than a 32b or 34 nearly a. Over the years... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,600-$6,400 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 6,104 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more