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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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23 . No kids . 5'6 . 140lbs . Currently a 32AA

I've been thinking about getting a BA as long as I can remember . One of my breasts is a lot different then the other when it comes to overall size and even nipple . I went to a plastic surgeon and didn't have the best experience when it came to feeling comfortable with sizing of the implants .... READ MORE

28, 32 A/B, 125 Lbs, 5'7", No Kids, mentor anatomic 330cc

My body has been the same size and shape since about 15. I like it, I am comfortable with it. But I have always wanted a bigger chest and can afford to do it now.. so I'm doing it for me. I have really only told my close friends so far. I don't mind if others find out, just seems like an odd... READ MORE

28 y.o, 5'4", 105lbs

I researched all the doctors in Atlantic Canada and Dr. Bendor-Samuel has positive reviews and good results. I had a consultation with him and he was very straight forward and told me what I can and can't expect. I appreciated how direct he was because I can be a little wishy-washy with... READ MORE

Doctor with great experience and knowledge

Two years ago I had 2 surgeries: breast augmentation and fat cells transfer from stomach to my face. Doctor Robert Dryden did Amazing work! He takes care of his patients since the first appointment. He prepared me well before surgery. I got a booklet with instructions on what i should and... READ MORE

Run to Dr Mabourakh's!

I'm 5 days post op and could not be happier with my results. From the first look I was elated. I entrusted Dr. M to help me choose the correct size implant and profile. He did a beyond amazing job. They are perfectly size and placed. He really knows what's he's doing. Don't wait to book a... READ MORE

25y.o. 5'10 Tall Athletic Silicone 500cc Subfascial 32B - 32DD

It's been almost 6 months since I underwent breast augmentation. I had no problems with choosing a ps, I just felt that Dr.Rosenblum was the right one for me. Biggest concerns before the surgery: - implant placement (I'm athletic so I didn't really want any weirdness going on when my pectoralis... READ MORE


Motivation: I've always been very small (short and thin), and I relied on pushup bras to give the illusion of having breast. After doing extensive research and following Dr. Jugenburg on Snapchat, I decided to go through with breast augmentation. Pros: The entire team! They were very... READ MORE

Best surgery experience I've ever had!

The initial consultation was great I was very comfortable with their staff the girls are always beautiful and bubbly and fun to be around. Dr. Nguyen is fabulous and does AMAZING BOOB JOBS! I am in love READ MORE

40, Athletic, 5'11", 146lbs, No Kids, Size A Hoping for C - Bay Area, CA

I want boobies. Gave myself to 40 to love my body. Now I want boobies, to fill up t shirts, swimsuits, bodysuit tops, lingerie, etc. Met with Dr Behmand and I knew he was the one. Ashley was pretty amazing as well as she helped me try on sizers - it was like hanging out with a fun and... READ MORE

375cc moderate plus silicone implants 5'6" 125lbs A cup to a C cup

I teach yoga and crossfit at a high school and want boobs that look great while not getting in the way. I've breastfed three babies/toddlers. Debating between 350/400cc and moderate and high profile implants. Most likely silicone implants. Current stats: Small 32A cup. 14 breast width. Hoping to... READ MORE

5'0 100lbs No Kids 400cc Silicone Under Muscle - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm very petite and athletic and I wanted to get a boob job so I would be more proportioned with the rest of my body. Being an avid gym goer all the boob that I had was lost to the gym. I was worried that 400cc might be too big for my body but I feel I chose the perfect size for my body type... READ MORE

20 Year Old AA Cup 400cc Silicon HP

I have very small boobs, probably AA cup but i can fit A cup push up bras (which is all i wear now). I had my consultation with Dr Szalay on the 14th of August and was very happy and we decided to go with the 400cc silicon HP implants under the muscle. I am booking the surgery for the 17th of... READ MORE

Couldn't ask for a better doctor

If you want to trust anyone to get a breast augmentation I would highly recommend Dr. Barrett. I got mine done about 4 1/2 months ago and I couldn't be happier. I was very concerned and had so many questions because I have never gone under for surgery before. Him, his wife Rosalyn and his staff... READ MORE

Healthcare Hero

I use the word "healthcare" because you receive so much more than a nip tuck from this surgeon and his staff. To me plastic surgery is a very personal choice. It is an interesting relationship between your expectations and their skill-set. Dr. Giles and his professional staff make me feel cared... READ MORE

The best Doc in Perth! 275cc BA

To describe how amazing my experience with Dr Guy Watts was in words is extremely hard. From the moment i met Dr Watts, I knew he was the doctor for me. After seeing several, he was the only one who made me feel completely comfortable with the procedure. He listened carefully to everything i... READ MORE

27 Yr Old Female I'm 5'5 and Weight About 130lbs

This experience was amazing. Finding The location and getting in right away didn't take long at all! Dr. Krau was wondering and knows what he is doing! The first 3 days out of surgery I was definitely sore and my mom helped take care of me. I would recommend having sumone there just in case as... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'6 108lbs Small Frame 425cc HP Silicone implants!!!

Hello everyone! I've been stalking the hell out of this site for years and am finally getting my breast augmentation. I love my body the way it is but have always loved the look of big boobs small frame. I live in MN but am traveling to Miami for my procedure. My doc is Dr. Ary Krau at CG... READ MORE

45 Yrs Old, Mum of 2, Want Fullness Back - Roundhay, GB

Hi all. I've wanted bigger boobs most of my adult life. As a teenager and in my early 20's I measured a 34A. I remember getting measured in M&S in the days before the private cubicle and being so embarrassed when the assistant measuring me practically announced my tiny size to what felt like... READ MORE

22 Woman Ready to Get Fine :)

Hello everyone I finally found my doctor ! After 5 years doing ALL my research I'm going with Dr Grawe in getting butt implants I'm not sure which quote I'm going with but I just paid for my Consultation + my surgery date . I want 660ccs but I may have to down size to 548cc which is the... READ MORE

Amazing from the start

Absolutely fantastic, I was nervous at the start when I decided to get a boob job. After speaking to a few different places and feeling like I was being pushed into something for sales I spoke to medbelle and ended up meeting Mr Akhtar. I told him what it was I wanted which was fullness after... READ MORE

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