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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I've wanted to get my boobs done since I was in highschool. Now that I have the money to get them done, I have been doing my research. I've gone to two consultations to compare what the doctors opinion would be. I'm excited to see the outcome after the procedure! I am planning on getting the... READ MORE

During my consultation, the nurse told me I had tuberous breasts which was something I have always disliked about myself. They were small and hard fitting into bras. Now I'm a 10DD with a massive confidence boost and now I feel in propotion. Dr. Theo also paid a lot of attention to detail so my... READ MORE

So I finally decided to do this. I haven't been dreaming about it for years or wanting it since i was little. I've always loved my body for what it is in it's natural state. I liked the look pre babies, throughout pregnancies, and post babies. So just recently I started this journey and now it... READ MORE

I've wanted to get a BA since before I can remember. I even told my husband on our first date, that if for some bizarre reason we get married and have children I will be getting my boobs done after children. To my surprise I didn't scare him off and we have completed our beautiful family with... READ MORE

Hi everybody I have been thinking about breast surgery for a number of years and have recently over the last few months visited 3 different hospitals, spire, transform and 52 alderly road. I have chosen to go with Richard Johnson at 52 alderly and am booked in for surgery on 26th Jan next year... READ MORE

I hope to have more volume in my breasts .. I am a small 34b now and a size 10, height is 5 foot 2". I weight just under 9 stone. I am hoping for a c /d cup.. not massive, but they need to look natural and propionate to my frame. I have been advised to have 270- 300 cc overs. My concerns are... READ MORE

6 days away from my BA in Mississauga with Dr Lista. I live about three a Hours away from the clinic so I am staying with a friend for my first week post op Any tips to do before hand and to have on hand? My current bra size is 34B and am hoping that 345cc is enough for a nice full breast ... READ MORE

So to start at the beginning.. Throughout school my friends developed boobs and I never seemed to.. My mum is similar in size to me but has is a size 32FF, my sister who is 15 years old is already a 32E. I wear very padded 32B bras and can make the illusion of having something there, but as soon... READ MORE

Reading all your reviews, Ladies, encouraged me to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences too. I'm pretty much flat with no bra or push up, and could never go out with out wearing one. Plus, when u can hardly fill a bikini, it's a little less fun :( and I'd love to be able to wear a sexy... READ MORE

I've wanted them as long as I realized my real ones stopped growing lol and its finally happening I'm beyond exited. I'm 4'11 and 135lb I've gained a little weight so I'm determined to loose it but as soon as i do the little boobs I have now will be the first thing to go I'm a 34b and will be... READ MORE

I've wanted a BA since I was 18. I have always been insecure about my breasts and am ready to finally have this procedure! I l, like many women have gone back and forth on size and struggled with being able to picture what the final result will look like. I don't want them to be too big but I... READ MORE

Hi guys. just starting this journey. Had my son June 2015 & want to finally start the process of getting the boobies done. I've wanted to get them done since high school but just as I was seriously interviewing doctors last year surprise, surprise- I found out I was expecting. I've always had a... READ MORE

Hello, I just had my pre op two days ago and I still feel very unsure about the size. I started out feeling good with 325CC and finally moved up to 360. Does anybody have advice being very unsure? I've contacted the dr several times about being unsure and he seems almost annoyed. I'm slightly... READ MORE

I did a breast augmentation for the first time in December 2013, but decided to get another one done with Dr. Greenberg in March 2014 (3 months after my previous surgery) because they were too small. He did a good job but they were way too small and I had a big gap between my breasts after the... READ MORE

So far, everyone has been delightful and informative throughout this process. My pre-op is today, so I will update more later. But I guess my main issue has been deciding which size I'd like to go 325-350cc. So, with some research, I made homemade rice sizers and have been wearing them on and... READ MORE

Hi girls, I'm going with anatomical polyurethane "furry Brazilians" under the muscle. Had 2 consultations and decided on Dr Mario Zambelli in Rijeka, Croatia. I have a slight asymmetry that he fill fix by making a small crescent incision above my right breast. My Dr recommends either 275cc or... READ MORE

Hi realself. I'm here basically to share my breast augmentation story. I'm still looking for a surgeon. I'm looking to get my augmentation by the end of Feb. EARLY MARCH. I'm so excited to start this journey. If any one has surgeons they can send my way. Recommend by self experience. I'm... READ MORE

Before I did my surgeryi was not happy with my breast at all but now I'm so happy ???? I honesty believe Dr Desai is a miracle worker I would definitely recommend him 100% my only regret is that I did not done it sooner I'm so so happy with my result and I can't wait to go back believe me he is... READ MORE

Hi a am new to this site . I am a 32 years of age female /mother . i have always been small and was always curious of having bigger breast. I decided now would be a great time for me to get it done . I have a consultation in November . Having done a lot of research on this particular dr . I... READ MORE

I'm a 30 year old flight attendant with previously AA cup size, I've always wanted Brest augmentation since the age of 19 when i knew my breast weren't gonna grow any further. Anyway I'm based in the Middle East and initially wanted to do my surgery in Thailand but change my mind last minute and... READ MORE

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