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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi girls, I'm going with anatomical polyurethane "furry Brazilians" under the muscle. Had 2 consultations and decided on Dr Mario Zambelli in Rijeka, Croatia. I have a slight asymmetry that he fill fix by making a small crescent incision above my right breast. My Dr recommends either 275cc or... READ MORE

Hi realself. I'm here basically to share my breast augmentation story. I'm still looking for a surgeon. I'm looking to get my augmentation by the end of Feb. EARLY MARCH. I'm so excited to start this journey. If any one has surgeons they can send my way. Recommend by self experience. I'm... READ MORE

Hey Everyone! So I have been researching and reading all of your posts for months and I'm finally doing it! I'm 5'7", 120 lbs, size 36A (barely). Only breastfed my first child for about 3 days. My kids are 16, 13 and 12. I'm divorced. My boyfriend of 1.5 yrs is going to drive me there and... READ MORE

Before I did my surgeryi was not happy with my breast at all but now I'm so happy ???? I honesty believe Dr Desai is a miracle worker I would definitely recommend him 100% my only regret is that I did not done it sooner I'm so so happy with my result and I can't wait to go back believe me he is... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I am currently A32/ 5"3 112lbs ---- trying to decide between 400cc or 425cc. My procedure date is on Feb 18th and I am needing some advice on if 400cc/425cc is too big for my size. My surgeon said that 425cc would if my body, but he said to not go any bigger than that. Any... READ MORE

Hi a am new to this site . I am a 32 years of age female /mother . i have always been small and was always curious of having bigger breast. I decided now would be a great time for me to get it done . I have a consultation in November . Having done a lot of research on this particular dr . I... READ MORE

I'm a 30 year old flight attendant with previously AA cup size, I've always wanted Brest augmentation since the age of 19 when i knew my breast weren't gonna grow any further. Anyway I'm based in the Middle East and initially wanted to do my surgery in Thailand but change my mind last minute and... READ MORE

I'm 19 and undergoing a big decision in my life! I know how people feel about surgery in people who are young however this is something I've wanted for a while. I've never been really self conscious with clothes on because bras can do magic. But I just want that extra self confidence with... READ MORE

I had thought of having breast implants on and off for about 10 yrs. After breastfeeding 3 children they were left looking pretty empty. I didn't want to go huge but wanted instead to even out my frame and not look all bony on my chest. I had 2 consultations and weighed up weather to go the... READ MORE

Hello! I've always been small chested but it never seemed to bother me. I always wore very padded bras to give the appearance of a chest and joked to friends about my eventual boob job. Then life happened! Marriage and babies and after breastfeeding both boys for the first year of there life, I... READ MORE

So I live in San Diego and I'm on the hunt for the perfect surgeon. So far no luck. I've only been to two consultations but I'm not feeling satisfied yet. One place I went to didn't let me try on sizes said it was unnecessary. Another I met with a consultation person not a surgeon. Neither... READ MORE

Debated for over 5 years, finally decided to have breast aug. done and so glad I did!! I am currently 6 days post-op, I feel great and my breasts are looking beautiful!! I nursed all three of my children and was left with sagging, deflated looking, barely A cup breasts. I am 5'8" and around... READ MORE

I was a 32AA before surgery. I am Asian and very petite. My surgeon recommended for me Mentor high profile, tall height (model 333) in 290cc or 330cc. Trying on the sizers in his office, 330cc seemed huge! But he told me he would bring both implants in to the operating room, and try them... READ MORE

RealSelf has helped me a ton during my journey so it would only be right to share my story and experience with this supportive community. In particular, I found that there aren't too many profiles on tuberous breasts so perhaps mine will help someone along the way. MY STORY! Ever since I went... READ MORE

I'm a bra size 34-36AA and have always wanted nice breasts since I was in highschool but sadly they never grew. I waited to have kids to stretch out my skin a bit more which was apparently a good idea because my Dr is able to put in a bigger implant. I am also getting my axillary liposuctioned... READ MORE

Hi all, I'm new to the site and was nervous about posting this but thought it would be great to get support during this exciting/nerve wracking journey! I have only scheduled a BA consultation so far but I am pretty certain I will be going ahead with the surgery. Just this year I get really... READ MORE

Omg so where should I start...I was so flat chested and so depressed for so long and after meeting doctor Desai I was like omg he is the best doctor for me. He told me what to expect he told me what he thinks was best for me and he was 100% right I was a 34A and I'm now a 34D and I can also fit... READ MORE

Have booked a BA through Cosmeditour Gold Coast and I'm incredibly excited/nervous! I love to play sport and workout, and I'm SO sick of being flat chested during the sports season! I am about a 12b, and fluctuate between a small C in summer and an A during the sports season. Looking at... READ MORE

Hello ladies, My name is Zuzana and I have been spending my last couple of weeks reading your stories and trying to get as much information as possible before my upcoming surgery. Although I live in Australia and lived here for the past 10 years, my surgery is booked in Slovakia where I am... READ MORE

I have wanted boobs ever since I was 13, it took me 20 years to make this decision. All I want is to look and feel like a real woman, I no longer want to feel ashamed or insecure when I'm naked especially with a man. So I'm hoping for a full B small C, as natural looking as possible. A couple... READ MORE

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