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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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37years Old, 34A, 133lbs, 5'4, 2 Kids 1 Breast Fed 535 Cc Silicone High Profile Under Muscle - Munster, IN

I I've been wanting to do this FOREVER! But with kids and everything, I put it off. I've always been small, barely filling a 34A. When I breast fed my 2nd child I got to a B but then when I lost the baby weight, and stopped breastfeeding they deflated back down to barely an A????. In August I... READ MORE

36, 3 Young Kids, 5'8, 137lbs-deflated Boobs, Pear Shaped, "Twilight Sleep" - Milwaukee, WI

Thank you all for sharing your stories -you have helped me immensely. Hopefully my journey helps someone. I have always been smaller chested with a larger lower body, and I had fully accepted that I would never have a nice, full bust. However, after breastfeeding and pregnancy, I was left with... READ MORE

19 Year Old, 100 Lbs, 371cc - Houston, TX

I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on here and signed up for a consultation and I couldn't be happier that I did it! The staff was really sweet, Lindsey was so amazing, she works with you. I came in a second time to re-try on implants and she helped me feel good about the size I want-... READ MORE

43 Y/o with 4 Kids Never Breastfed - Yellow Springs, OH

I just had my initial consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Rigano in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He may be the nicest person I have ever met! His demeanor makes you feel completely comfortable and since he's been doing this for over 25 years he ends of answering questions you didn't even... READ MORE

36 Yrs Old, Nursed 2 Babies, Deflated Breasts, 275 Mod+ Profile, Under Muscle - Newport Beach, CA

I'm writing this review because RealSelf has been such a resource for me and I hope my experience can help someone considering a BA. I never thought in a million years that I would have a breast augmentation, but after nursing two babies, nature took it's course and I no longer felt comfortable... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'4, 120lbs, 300cc Saline - Albuquerque, NM

Hello! I am naturally a 32A, so I'm starting off with nearly no boobies. It's been inevitable, due to genetics so I have always known I was going to get a breast augmentation sooner or later. I had my consultation with Dr. Chen and we decided on a full B to small C. In short we'll be going with... READ MORE

23 Year Old 320cc UHP - Tucson, AZ

Being 5' and 93 lbs I was always mistaken for being younger than I am. At first I was hesitant to have UHP put in because I heard from everyone that they will look completely fake and be huge round balls sitting on your chest. I am on POD 3 and they look natural to me and I am sure will become... READ MORE

Much Needed Breast Augmentation - Newport News, VA

Everything with my procedure went better than expected. I had a wonderful experience, pain level was low and only lasted two days! I went from a 36B to a 36DD with 450cc under the muscle silicone gel implants!! My only regret was not doing this sooner!! Do not wait, call Dr. Z immediantly, this... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mom of Three, Deflated Chest Hoping to Go to Small C, 5' 5" 118 Lb - Arlington, VA

I have breastfed three kids and am hoping to go from a 32 b to a smallish c. Doc recommended silicone under the muscle. I am going in Thursday for sizing and final pre-op. Hoping for a very natural look, likely 300 ccs or less. I am very athletic/bony chested and I fear the Tori Spelling boobed... READ MORE

Nervous - Bella Vista, AU

I had my initial consultation back in May 2016 and I am having my surgery next month. I'm totally happy and comfortable with my decision to have this procedure. Dr Dona has been referred to me by a couple of friends and I trust him. I'm just a little nervous about the end result and worried... READ MORE

33yo Mother of 3. 5'5" 130lb Athletic Build - Powell, OH

After nursing 3 kids & a bad staph infection in my breasts they were left less than deflated. The are uneven & lumped w/ so much extra skin. I am ready to feel comfortable in a swim suit & not worrying if ppl can see my pad inserts if I wear a a neck. I work hard for my body &... READ MORE

32 Y.o | Breastfed 2 Kids | Need Some Fullness Back in my Life! - United Kingdom, GB

I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind I was proud of. 32DD. Then I had kids, and ballooned up to a F-cup at one point.... but once I stopped breastfeeding, I was left with much less boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still an 'ample bosom' but I feel like I have no fullness at the... READ MORE

27 Year Old, No Kids, 34A Having 240cc Nagor Impleo Moderate Profile, over the Muscle - London, GB

Ahhh 4 days! I wanted to do a review on here as I've found it so helpful, especially for finding girls with smaller implants. I am booked in for 240cc subglandular implants on Tuesday 4th October. I'm excited and nervous, and paid for the procedure yesterday so no going back! I'm a 34a now and... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 1kid, 415cc Hp - Langley, BC

Hey ladies This site was tremendously helpful so I'm giving back. First off I had a child at 17 with zero boobs, I was not even a Acup when I got pregnant. Everyone in my family has about a Ccup, I just was not fully developed at that time. So through pregnancy my body was forced to grow, I... READ MORE

39 Year Old, 5'4" 180lbs, Pear Shaped Mother of Three Looking for Proportion - Baton Rouge, LA

I've stalked this site for months now and it's been a very helpful tool. I've always wanted larger breasts to offset my larger bottom area. I've always been two to three sizes smaller up top, even at my smallest weight. So as an early 40th bday gift to myself, I elected to have Breast... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 178 Pounds, 5'7, Breastfed 2 Kids, " the Girls " Need Some Attention... - Chattanooga, TN

Before kids I wore a size C. During breastfeeding I wore a size E (which I absolutely LOVED). Now I have deflated B's. I made a consultation appointment for June 17th! I am excited, but nervous! Trying to have an idea of what I want when I go in... Silicone or saline? How long do I have to go... READ MORE

30 Y/o, No Kids, 5'10, 130lbs, 800cc Silicone Hp Unders - Miami, FL

Surgery scheduled for October 3 with Dr McAdoo at Seduction Aventura, FL. I'm nervous. Pre-op 32A. Getting 700cc or 750cc silicone hp mentor unders. Incision thru nipple. As the days go by I'm having anxiety about losing my little boobs. I like them. But I know I want bigger to complete my look... READ MORE

26 Years Old, Petite Frame from A+ to C Moderate plus - Castle Hill, AU

I've been wanting big boobs since I was in high school. Ever since I started working and financially independent I stared researching for breast augmentation. I hesitated a lot whether if I should have boobs job as I was prepared for the worst and I've read some really bad stories about BA gone... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 5'2, 110 Lbs, 450ccs Silicone, Lost Weight and Want Bigger Boobs Again - Orange, CT

When I was in high school I was about 30 lbs heavier, bigger boobs and I was a lot happier with them. Once i lost weight I experienced some unevenness and at my smallest my breasts seem tiny on my frame and I've researched for about a year maybe two now and Dr. Restifo was the best I've found... READ MORE

29 yr old going from 32A cup to a 32C cup

Hi everyone, I want to start with thanking everyone for sharing their stories here. It has helped me with so many questions I've had about breast augmentation. I'll start with a little bit about myself: I am 5'3 ft tall, weight 110 lbs and currently a 32A cup but won't fully fill a 32A bra if... READ MORE

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