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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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32 Years Old. No Kids, 5.3ft, 57kg - Vancouver, BC

Hello everyone, this website give me lots of help during my research on BA, since I m going to have one soon, I would like to do little help for others too :) I went to Dr. for my first consultation already, talked about options for me, and decided on incision: Crease ,under muscle, round smooth... READ MORE

375 cc moderate plus profile SILICONE**

My PS suggests to go 350-375cc silicone moderate plus profile under the muscle. I need advice on which one to choose, I'm quite small: 5'1 101 lbs petite framed but i have a nice amount of breast tissue considering my size. I want 350cc only bc i think 375 will look to big on me, but i don't... READ MORE

24 Year Old, No Kids, BA South Africa

So I decided to get started on my review I have 2 appointments in March with different plastic surgeons to get different opinions. I am currently a 38 A/Small B and would like to be 38C/Small D. i have attached pictures of wish boobs ????. As i am a bigger girl I feel that bigger breasts will... READ MORE

BA Experience : Small Breasted, 3 Kids, 171lbs 5"6, Pear Frame, 565 Hp Gummy Bear Round, Dual Plane Ba - Utah

In short, went in day of surgery, got stuck 8 times b/c I was dehydrated b/c you cannot drink (let alone eat) anything from 12am onward through til your surgery. Mine was scheduled for 1pm. I also live in a very dry place so I usually drink water through the night. Less water equals harder to... READ MORE

29yrs Old, 5'2, 95lb 9-10 BWD - Abilene, TX

So I had a consult a little over a month ago, I'm very happy with my doctor and confident that everything will turn out great. So far we decided on 325cc's UHP. I'm trying to decide if I want to go slightly bigger but I'll just have to ask more question at my next appointment. Since my consult... READ MORE

26 Years old , Fairly Active, 30AA to 295cc Silicone (Allergan) - Toronto, ON

Little about me: Background: Vietnamese Height: 5" Weight: 100lbs Current bra size: 30A Surgical date: August 2nd 2016 Submuscular, 275cc silicone, moderate profile I went for my first consultation with an office in Toronto. I consulted with the nurse first then the doctor came in afterwards.... READ MORE

25 Y/o Dancer, 36B/C to 36D/DD with 500cc & 525cc Silicone, Soft, Under-the-muscle Via Areolar Incision

I'm an exotic dancer ("stripper") who has been in the industry for almost 8 years, slowly realizing that I will likely spend my career employed in this field one way or another. I'm one of the few who still does not have augmented breasts, mostly because my natural breasts are just fine. However... READ MORE

450/485 mod high profile/ round/ cohesive gel

28 years old 5'4" 105 lb 32A I've never had boobs, even while pregnant and nursing. So many people say "you don't need boobs".. "you're perfect" .. Ect.. But I don't think they really understand the no boob struggle. Of course I look just fine in regular clothes wearing a Victoria's Secret... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, 5"6, 125lbs, Slim/athletic Build, 32A, Finally Doing It!

After 29 years in training bras, it's time I treat myself to a long-awaited breast augmentation! Growing up thin and flat-chested wasn't easy as a teenager, and still isn't easy as an adult. Now that I'm approaching my 30's, it's time I feel less like a teenager and more like a... READ MORE

28 YRS old getting saline implants

The doctor I have choice is Dr. Matt Goldschmidt iv seen his work through a show called rovers mourning glory and after my consultation with him and seeing how perfessional and kind he was, I felt like he was the doctor for me. So I booked my apt the same day as my consultation. I've always been... READ MORE

43 Y/o with 4 Kids Never Breastfed - Yellow Springs, OH

I just had my initial consultation for breast augmentation with Dr. Rigano in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He may be the nicest person I have ever met! His demeanor makes you feel completely comfortable and since he's been doing this for over 25 years he ends of answering questions you didn't even... READ MORE

Petite Build, 39, 5' 3", 115 lbs. 375cc/400cc silicone round Mod + Unders :- ) Beverly Hills, CA

Hi ladies! Just a little background..I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 19 yrs, have 3 beautiful babies, ages 8, 11 and 18. (She may be a legal adult, but she's still my baby! : ) I have always wanted boobies, especially since I realized they weren't coming. Being lean &... READ MORE

Boob Job

I went to Birmingham to have my breasts don't bigger with Dr Ali Mehboob. He is amazing and I feel amazing now. So worth it. I have always wanted bigger boobs. After I had my two children I went with the finance option to have mine done. I travelled 3 hours for a 2 consultations and then the... READ MORE

37 Years Old No Kids 330cc Im Thinking I Should of Gone Bigger - Belgium, BE

Boyfriends, have made me mainly insecure always putting me down about my boy figure. maybe that why i think they are not big enough now.. I listened to the surgeon. and agreed 330cc under breast Muscle, I have a supermodel frame but bigger on bottom, i wanted to go 350cc because they seem right... READ MORE

36 Yrs, Breastfeed 2 Boys, Brisbane, Australia - Brisbane, AU

This is something I've wanted for a very long time, but always put it of because I felt bad for sending so much money on me. My boys are now 11 and 9 and my husband said not to worry about the cost as I should put myself first for a change. So here I go its all booked for the 8th November 2016.... READ MORE

450cc Saline High Profile Breast Augmentation - Birmingham, AL

So I'm finally getting my breast implants! As most of us I wanted a breast augmentation since I was younger--- for I am very unfortunate in the boob department. After several years of research I decided on Dr Hedden in Alabama. Besides his affordable prices, I have not seen one negative review... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of One - Coral Gables, FL

I've paid my deposit & booked my appointment with Dr.Krau @ CG I'm very nervous & excited I have wanted boobs forever & above were my awesome breast feeding boobies that are now almost nonexistent I'm thinking 300-400 cc saline under arm has anyone out there had this surgery done... READ MORE

33, Mother of 2, 32A, 125lbs, 5'5", Saline Round 450-500cc, Hoping for a C/D Cup - Fort Wayne, IN

Since I hit "puberty", I've been waiting on my boobs to come I'm 33 and still not much has happened. When my milk came in after my kids, my boobs were "huge"...C's. I loved them and prayed they'd never go away. Unfortunately they deflated and left me with an...okay boob. Honestly I... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation

Hello, I'm new to this. I've been reviewing stories/experiences and I'm beyond excited! I'm considering a breast augmentation and just wanted to know if anyone was within my body range. Would love some advice. I'm 5 ft, 100lbs, 29 years old, and have 3 kids. I'm a 32AA. I'm considering 425cc.... READ MORE

34 Y/o Mom of 3 Always Hated Breast

I have been uphappy with my breast since I was a teen. My chest was always too broad for them to be so small and I never filled my clothes out the way I wanted. I started researching breast augmentation 10 years ago and finally had my surgery 3 days ago and so far I'm very happy! I expected... READ MORE

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