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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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25 Yr Old, 400cc Under Muscle Gel

I always thought implants were a hit and miss and I at first thought negatively about them until I actually decided to get them. I am definitely fitting larger bras I've always seemed to dream of and that's a nice change. I don't need to wear push ups anymore and I feel so much more confident. I... READ MORE

52 Years Young and Why Not !

A Breast procedure has been on my bucket list for probably x 2 decades lol you could say I thought long and hard about this. After a few consults and a lot of contemplating I chose the surgeon of choice which was Dr Dona :) . Once you have been to one consult you pretty much now what to... READ MORE

30 Y.o. with 1 Very Active Toddler, 5'9, 135 Pounds, 485 Cc - Toronto, ON

Incredibly excited, but a bit nervous for my breast augmentation surgery on Oct 31 with Dr. Lista. My consultation was back in September. I chose 485 CC (highest of the recommended), high profile round silicone implants. The surgery is just one week way. I've arranged my mom to help with my... READ MORE

5'0 100lbs No Kids 400cc Silicone Under Muscle - Oklahoma City, OK

I'm very petite and athletic and I wanted to get a boob job so I would be more proportioned with the rest of my body. Being an avid gym goer all the boob that I had was lost to the gym. I was worried that 400cc might be too big for my body but I feel I chose the perfect size for my body type... READ MORE

Looking Forward to Surgery Next Week. 20yrs old, 5'5" currently 34b, going with 390cc silicone implants

So just had my pre op, going to go with about 390 cc. Currently 5'5", 133Ibs, 34B. Hoping to get to a large C, perhaps small D. Here are some before pics. This will be pretty much the last pics of my boobs ever like this then on to new ones (: posting before pics now and once I get surgery will... READ MORE

Implants Without Lift for Already Large Breasts

I had insecurities with my breasts after having and breastfeeding 4 children. Now 27 with 4 under 9 yrs old I decided it was time for me to feel better about myself. I didn't want a lift as the scars wouldn't be worth it for me, I wanted my boobs to look good naked and not have scars. Thank... READ MORE

34yo, 4'11.5", 115lbs. 450cc HP unders - Vancouver, BC

Current stats: 33yo, 4'11.5", 115lbs, 34A Before kids, I’ve always had small boobs. I was so happy I had big boobs when I breastfed both my kids. They deflated so bad after though, I couldn’t even fill an A cup. My daughter is now 13yo and my son is 7yo and don’t have plans on having more kids.... READ MORE

24 Year Old, 5'2'' 115lbs, 32A to C, 385cc Full Profile Silicone Implant - Palo Alto, CA

Hello ladies! I'm writing this review to keep track of my progress and hopefully it will be helpful for some of you! I learned a lot from RealSelf members and doctors and so I also want to share this experience with you guys as well :) I scheduled consultations with two plastic surgeons. The... READ MORE

450 Cc HP age 32 , 5'6" 135lbs

Initially wanted 500cc, I'm 5'6" 135lbs was a 34B. My surgeon said 500 cc was large for my frame. My surgeon is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. I felt he understood my concerns and the look I was going for so I trusted him. He instructed me to focus less on the cc's and more on the... READ MORE

35 Year Old African American 5"4 125 Lbs. 450 Cc's

I had my initial consultation in November of 2016. After research and other consultations, I decided to move forward with Dr. Anthony Nakamura. Pre-op is scheduled for today and surgery is scheduled for June 30th. I'm borderline when it's comes to needing a lift. However, I decided not to get... READ MORE

300 cc, High Profile Smooth Round Silicone, A or B Pre-op - Loma Linda, CA

When I was younger, I thought BAs were for vain, shallow women. (It's easy to be pious about body images when you have pert, shapely breasts.) Then two things happened: 1) Two years of breast-feeding; 2) My best friend (who wore a 32AA) had a BA. I realized that I shouldn't look down on anyone... READ MORE

23 Y/o 5'0 140lbs 450cc mod plus under silicone - Tennessee

So my surgery is scheduled for about a month and a half out (04/25/17). My pre-op visit is in 4 weeks and that is when we'll talk about/decide on what cc I'm gonna go with and what profile. At my consultation I tried on 375cc and 400cc sizers. The 375 definitely looked too small. I know I want... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Booked! 32 A/b, 325cc hp sub-glandular

I have finally booked in my breast augmentation procedure in 4 weeks time, I've had all my pre op done and I'm good to go! I currently wear a 32a/b and I'm hoping for a D cup. My surgeon only gave me the option of 275cc moderate profile or 325cc high profile so I've chosen the 325cc as my... READ MORE

38 Yo 5"4, 160 Lbs - El Paso, TX

I am in love with my new breasts. I interviewed three surgeons and liked them all. I chose dr agullo because he could do the surgery at a convenient time. I was a 36B but couldn't really fill the bra. I wanted a more natural look. I started by comparing silicone unders 350 ml vs 450 ml. I... READ MORE

26 year old, no kids, 5'4" 125lbs small A to small C

Hello! First of all, thank you to all of the wonderful and brave people who have shared their stories, feelings and photos on RealSelf! It has given me the courage to do that same. I am 26 years old, no kids yet (someday)! I am 5'4" and weigh around 125 (depending on the day, haha). I am an A... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 2 Year Old Son, Breastfed. 5'7 155lbs. Pre-op 34a

I've known I wanted to get my boobs done since I was 18, after I realized they were done growing, haha. I wanted to have a kid first before doing it, so I waited and saved up my money. After my first consultation I was so excited, I paid my down payment that day. I tried on sizers and I loved... READ MORE

Motiva Round full for 5'0, 88 lbs

So surgery is booked for FRIDAY! I can't believe it's only 4 days away now. At this point I can't tell if I'm more excited or nervous. I have to say that I trust my surgeon completely, he has been very thorough and amazing so far, going above and beyond by answering all my queries himself, even... READ MORE

21 Years Old, No Kids. 180 Lb, 34C to 34DD 375cc Moderate Profile

When I told people I was getting a boob job everyone was saying 'oh you have boobs you don't need one!'. I know this. I know it's not essential. However it's something I've always wanted and always felt passionate about. I was a 34C and I hoped for a rounder breast taking me to a 34DD/E. My... READ MORE

5'7" (1.70 m) 125 lb (57 kg) 225cc/200cc Mentor round implants high profile subglandurar, 26 years old

I chose my doctor based on references of other people who've had the procedure done with him. He's a doctor who has a preference for smaller implants and more natural results, which I thought would be a nice fit for me since I also want a natural result. So I had my second consultation... READ MORE

Three Kinds Mommy Make Over- Breast Implant and Fat Grafting, Tear Drop 260cc , 280cc

I have always been flat chested and it wasn’t full A. When I 25, I got my first baby and gained a bit of weight but not on breast. After having second and third children my boob shapes started to changed and I realized that it looks saggy and uneven. Mostly my upper side of breasts were f... READ MORE

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