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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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21 Yrs, 5ft 5", 109lbs, 265cc Motiva Round Demi, Hoping for a Natural-looking Result!

I firstly want to say thank you to everyone who has shared reviews and stories, as they have helped me so much! So I am now so exited to share my own: I am just over 1 week away from my BA booked for 9th July 2017. I am so exited. After realising I would unfortunately never grow boobs, I've... READ MORE

Looking Forward to a BA This Year!

Hey ladies. I am looking to get a BA this year with possible periaerola lift which only includes the areola to be reduced and moved up. I don't really need them moved up. I just need them reduced in size. I am looking to get this sx with Dr Krau in Miami. I have seen such great work on RS and IG... READ MORE

37, 6 Kids, AA to B/C Hopefully, 5'6", 122lbs, Ideal Implants

I have my first consult tomorrow with the only surgeon in the area who does Ideal Implants. I'm so excited! I've ALWAYS been small and have had boob envy since the 6th grade. And after 10 years of nursing, the girls are just pitiful. I've been thinking about this for awhile, but pretty much... READ MORE

43 Years Old, Breastfeed for 3 Years, Size B - Miami, FL

I am 5'6" tall, 148 lb, and I hate wearing bra, after breasfeeding my daughter for 3 years my breast got soggy and small, after my surgery I feel comfident and sexy. My breast now are full and no need for bra!!. And I went back to work in 7 days, recuperation time was fast, nurse line answer all... READ MORE

42, Newly Divorced, Kids Are Moved Out. Time to Worry About Myself!

Been small all my life, after kids they were bigger (mostly because of weight gain) A few years ago I lost about 30 lbs. Pretty sure most of it was in my boobs! I am hoping to go from my shrunken B's to a nice full D! My wish list is long and varys a lot. I don't think I will be disappointed as... READ MORE

31yo W/ 2kids Breast Augmentation with Lipo to Lower Ab and Flanks

I've wanted my boobs done since high school it's been a long time coming but I'm so anxious and nervous my friends and family are literally sick of hearing me go on and on about having this done I'm so happy! After having two kids one 13 and one 5 my boobs have been left completely deflated and... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 5'3- 120 Lbs, 400/375 HP Silicone Sub-muscular

Since my surgery date is quickly sneaking up on me, I figured I might as well start documenting my journey. I can't tell you how freaking excited I am to finally have BOOBS! I've been contemplating this decision for many years and now I am thankfully fortunate enough to proceed with it. I'm... READ MORE

200cc, under muscle silicone, hoping for a very conservative look!

Like the other women on this website, I am writing in hopes of helping those who are considering implants on the smaller side of the spectrum. I started with barely anything, just a minimal breast crease and tissue. Never got sized for a bra because I figured what's the point, so mainly just... READ MORE

29 Yo, 5'9 145 Lbs, 2 Kids, 500cc HP Round Mentor Silicone - San Antonio, TX

I have never had big boobs, and then what I did have... my kids sucked the life out of! In 17 days im going to have 500cc HP silicone implants under the muscle. Very excited, but I did a Q & A on this website, and of course talked to my dr... but i wanted side boob and high cleavage. But... READ MORE

26 Sick of Padded Bras! 360cc Moderate Overs

I have found this website so helpful so thought I'd write my own story! I have my op booked for august with Dr Richards at the Private Clinic I have had no books since I was 16, I wear super padded bras everyday of my life so most people actually think I have good sized boobs! I have become so... READ MORE

32yr Old Mother of 3. Going for 650cc HP Saline Implants Under the Muscle - Atlanta, GA

Mother of 3. Ages 15, 9 & 1. No more kids. I lose a lot of weight in between having kids. Heaviest 278lbs Smallest 158lbs Current weight 185lbs. I breastfed my last 2 kids so my boobs are very deflated. I used to be a full D/DD now I'm a deflated 34C if that. I'm 5'11" athletic top curvy... READ MORE

32 Years Young, 4"10, 120lbs. mother of 3 finally Getting Some Boobs!!!!!

I am so excited finally after all these years getting my boobs done!!!! I have a consultation tomorrow at Doctors Plastic Surgery office in Long Island city. I am so happy!!!! Okay so I am a 32 aaa barely filling in an A cup bra at Vicky Secret. My desired cup size would be a small c. Please... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 34 B Cup Planning to Become a Full D!

Excited for a long overdue breast augmentation- doing it for me and me alone! I'm going to be using Dr. Michael Ciaravino in Houston. I went to him on recommendation 4 years ago but decided to hold off. I've got a consultation for the 29th of September confirmed with my procedure to happen... READ MORE

My breast implant journey with 415cc Natrelle Inspira smooth round responsive silicone high/full profile (PHOTO)

I've lost approximately 90 pounds over a period of 6 years. I was a DD for much of my life and decreased to a C after weight loss. I had a breast lift only in 2009 which gave me good result. I gained 12 pounds and then lost 25 resulting in a current B cup. I am a little over 5'5" and 138 pounds... READ MORE

21 Year Old , Current Size 32 B/C Hoping for D/DD - London, GB

I am really nervous ! I haven't told anyone about this operation about from my boyfriend and I want to keep it that way haha. Hoping I won't come out like a porn star so everyone notices. I am going to be doing my BA at Harley Medical in London in just over two weeks ! Will post pics soon of... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids and a Husband of 16 Years!

OMG!!!! It's finally my turn!!! I have been on RealSelf reading and researching for years... I am finally up next! July 31st is my surgery date! It's crazy how much helpful information is on here. I love how you can ask questions and see real transformations. Okay, here is a little bit about... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old 385/415cc HP Sientra Textured

I never do reviews but Dr. Spies was amazing!! Also this site was so helpful when I was researching and I hope this helps some of you out! Ended up going with Sientra HP Textured implants under the muscle. 385cc in the left and 415cc in the right. I didn't realize there was such a difference in... READ MORE

21 Y.o / 5'3 120 Lbs/ 485 cc

My breast augmentation journey was nothing short of a dream come true. I'm a dancer and this was an investment for me and I wouldn't have done anything differently. From the moment I decided to go through with it, I knew exactly who I wanted to do my surgery with. I've seen Dr. Khorsandi's work... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Dr. Shaw Scottsdale

I am a longtime patient of Dr. Shaw's. My first experience with his practice was for a breast augmentation (BA) in July 2002. Dr. Shaw makes the incisionin your armpit, so there isn't a noticeable scar. I had a small scar on my armpit for about 12 months post op; however the scar has since... READ MORE

37years Old, 34A, 133lbs, 5'4, 2 Kids 1 Breast Fed 535 Cc Silicone High Profile Under Muscle - Munster, IN

I I've been wanting to do this FOREVER! But with kids and everything, I put it off. I've always been small, barely filling a 34A. When I breast fed my 2nd child I got to a B but then when I lost the baby weight, and stopped breastfeeding they deflated back down to barely an A????. In August I... READ MORE

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