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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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35 Years Old, 3 Kids (Breastfed), 450cc Moderate Plus No Lift

I've been thinking about having a breast augmentation after I had my last baby. Breast feeding my three babies took a toll and left me with nothing but deflated, flat, saggy boobs. I've went to a couple consultations with other Plastic Surgeons in the Portland area and Dr. Connall was the first... READ MORE

Early 30's, 5'8 145 Lbs, 2 Kids Breastfed, 34A to small 34D, 330 Silicone Subfascial

Hi all! I've never had much of a bust, except when I was breastfeeding. After two kids, my chest was half the A cup it was originally. My husband says they are fine and did not want me to get a boob job, but I was suffering emotionally for how I feel about myself and after many night of crying... READ MORE

My Boob Journey

I had my consultation with Dr. Fata a little over 2 years ago. I had plenty of questions and concerns. Implant size and recovery were at the top of my list. Dr. Fata answered all of my questions. I was 5'3, 135 lbs and size 34A. After having 2 children and breastfeeding, I have a little... READ MORE

35 Year Old African American 5"4 125 Lbs. 450 Cc's

I had my initial consultation in November of 2016. After research and other consultations, I decided to move forward with Dr. Anthony Nakamura. Pre-op is scheduled for today and surgery is scheduled for June 30th. I'm borderline when it's comes to needing a lift. However, I decided not to get... READ MORE

Petite Build, 39, 5' 3", 115 lbs. 375cc/400cc silicone round Mod + Unders :- ) Beverly Hills, CA

Hi ladies! Just a little background..I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 19 yrs, have 3 beautiful babies, ages 8, 11 and 18. (She may be a legal adult, but she's still my baby! : ) I have always wanted boobies, especially since I realized they weren't coming. Being lean &... READ MORE

39 Yo, 5'3" 113lb; Ideal Implant Submuscular 320 & 340cc (Planned)

I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to document my experience. I chose my PS based on others reviews and how comfortable I was in his office. My experience has been quite different I think than others I've read about. I went in knowing that I wanted the Ideal implant, submuscular... READ MORE

23 No Kids 400cc High Profile over the Muscle - Modesto, CA

Hi everyone! I decided to share my journey since reading so many others on here has helped me so much! So a little background, I am 23 and have been wanting an augmentation since I was 16. I waited it out hoping they would grow or that me wanting them was a phase but after 7 years I am deciding... READ MORE

28 Years Old Mother Of an 18month Old. Only Weigh 6 and Half Stone And Wear Size 6 Uk Clothes.

Hey Everyone I'm New On Here So Not Sure What To Write.... I Ad My Surgery On Friday 13th Jan 2017.... I Ad A 265cc High Profile Implant Under The Muscle. I Wanted To Be A Small D Cup To DD But I'm Now 2 Days Post Op & I Can Already Tell I'm Smaller Than I Wanted To Be. I Know I'm Tiny and... READ MORE

26years Old 142lbs High Pre BA 34B Profile 425Cc/475cc Under the Muscle Smooth Round - Beverly Hills, CA

Hope my review will achieve with what your looking for.. Ive wanted big breast when i was younger but i never realy been lucky to be endowed. I was dating this guy at the time who hated fake breast and since dating a person like him BA was out of the question plus i saw too many obvious girls... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Rapid Recovery - Panama City, FL

I would like at least 300 cc's. I had a consultation a few months ago and finally decided to have the procedure done. I'm pretty excited n I'm glad that I found out about this app. I would like at least 300 cc's. I had a consultation a few months ago and finally decided to have the procedure... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Flat-chested, No Kids- 250cc HP - Tulsa, OK

Hey guys! All the females in my family are flat chested, with the exception of my sister who has a bit of breast tissue. Growing up, I always wanted to have boobs. I pretty much have been researching getting breast implants thoroughly since I was 14. If there is a medical research paper out... READ MORE

26 Year Old Having Breast Implants in Belgium

Can't wait to have my breast augmentation in April so excited, going from a 32A/B to a DD/E with Dr Plovier at BeClinic in Belgium anyone else gone form this size what size implants did you have? Looking for any advice and information? I have been for a consultation in Harley street with him and... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'6 108lbs Small Frame Getting Hp Silicone Breast Implants

Hello everyone! I've been stalking the hell out of this site for years and am finally getting my breast augmentation. I love my body the way it is but have always loved the look of big boobs small frame. I live in MN but am traveling to Miami for my procedure. My doc is Dr. Ary Krau at CG... READ MORE

5'1" 110 Lbs 11 BWD 450cc HP Silicone - Symmastia/Tenting at 3 months PO. Repair using strattice

Decided to start my review since I find that reviews here have been helping me tremendously. I thought I should try to help out others as well as get some guidance/support since I need all the help and info I can get. First some much needed stats :) Age: 37 Band/Cup Size : 30A (might update... READ MORE

32 ear-old Single Mom Who All Has Always Had my Boobs Could Probably Fit in a Training Bra Will Just Say That :( Winnipeg, MB

I hope that they look real I don't want to look like ground balls I want to have some nice cleavage and Raceside move but I do once about 450 to 500 mL I figure if you going to go for it go for my first thought was to go from my AA to big B. But then realize I'm going to pay $8000 I want them to... READ MORE

295 Cc HP, Petite, 105 Lbs, 30A, No Kids - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi ladies! So because everyone's reviews have been very helpful, I will also be sharing my story. I'm 105 lbs, 30A, no kids, 10.5-11 breast diameter, 27 years old. I have selected 295 hp and my surgery is just a couple hours away. June 14, 2017 @ 8:30AM. I was told to place a patch behind my... READ MORE

400cc HP Silicone

Very happy and wondering why I waited so long! Can not wait for my final results :) I finally feel that I look how I always wanted and thought I should look. If you have been researching or considering breast augmentation seriously for over a year do yourself a favor and don't wait 15 years... READ MORE

32 Yrs, 170lbs, Size A Tuberous Breast getting 445cc implants with Axillary Breast Tail Removal - Chicago, IL

This is my year! I'm sick of the breast I have and am starting my search for a surgeon. The information however, is overwhelming. I know for a fact the axillary breast tail has got to go! No matter how much weight I lose its always there causing pain. Which is why I rarely wear a bra. I have... READ MORE

21 Yrs Old 385/415cc HP Sientra Textured

I never do reviews but Dr. Spies was amazing!! Also this site was so helpful when I was researching and I hope this helps some of you out! Ended up going with Sientra HP Textured implants under the muscle. 385cc in the left and 415cc in the right. I didn't realize there was such a difference in... READ MORE

375cc 32y/o 2 kids 5'1 / 115lbs

I am so excited to get my new boobies!! I will update more about it later after my pre-op with Dr. Baum on 4/25/17 My surgery was originally on 5/8/17 but I had to changed the date because i just started at my new job and they didn't approved my days off, I'm glad that when I called Dr.Baum's... READ MORE

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