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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.  LEARN MORE ›

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Hi everyone. I'm freaking out...feel very weird (afraid and excited in same time). After long research finally I will have two beautiful ladies, can't wait to see the outcome! I decide to go with size 450 cc high profile (my height is 5'8" & band size 30"). What concerns me the most is... READ MORE

Breast augmentation is something I've always wanted..... As a 47 year old female and mother of 2 teenagers, my wants and needs are often put in the back burner. However, I finally made the leap and my surgery is complete! Couldn't be happier with the results. I am only 9 days out and back at... READ MORE

Okay, because this cite helped me so much I am going to share my journey as well. I am 21 years old and I have always lacked in the boob department. I am so self conscious in bathing suits ect. I hate shopping for tops because nothing looks good on my tiny chest. I know it is time and I am... READ MORE

Hola , estoy muy contenta , ya falta poco para mi Cirugía. Ya tengo mi boleto de avion comprado y mi madre esperandome con ancias , casi no puedo dormir pensando en ese dia , si kieren saber algo pueden preguntarme con confianza estare escribiendo mas adelante mi ... READ MORE

I am 5'7 160lbs mother of 2 and my BA is 3 days away, I am SOOOOO nervous!! I've never had surgery before or anything like this so I am very unsure of what to expect. I have many friends who have done it and all of them say it's a piece of cake and blah blah but I am freaking out and like... READ MORE

Scheduled BA with Dr. Tholen! Super excited and went in for my second sizing! I started out wanting 375 but now I want 500cc mod plus or HP. We have another consult scheduled to see what my frame can take. I want mod plus but all the doctors on RS that look at my pics say I might have to go HP!... READ MORE

Hello everyone! Getting my BA done in 1 month and 1 day! Feeling super excited now but.... After scheduling my surgery date, I began feeling nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing. I've wanted to have this procedure done for at least 10+ years, but finally going through with it was... READ MORE

First, I should give you guys some stats to give you a better idea of what to envision on yourselves! I'm 23 years old. 5' 9" 120 lbs With a petite waist but broader shoulders. Although my shoulders are broad, my chest wall is narrow. My goal was to go from my 32A to a full C or a small D... READ MORE

Hi lovelies, So I'll try and keep my first post sweet and short. As many of you, I have wanted a ba for absolutely ages. I actually went to my first consultation 4 years ago but decided to wait until we have had kids. So now at 25, being a proud mummy of 2 handsome little boys (we are not... READ MORE

I have finally made the leap into feeling more like a woman. From the age of 12 I have been a 30A. During both of my pregnancies I had a solid B. During breastfeeding I had a solid C. Now im completely flat chested. Im I'm looking at getting 275 to 300cc. Im not sure if I want saline or silicone... READ MORE

I finally got a breast augmentation after years of wanting one. I am 22 years old. I was previously a 30B. I am now a 30DD or 32DD. Dr. Gonce was so helpful and amazing!!! My left breast has 325 cc and right has 345cc. Right is having some trouble dropping which may need to be fixed with surgery... READ MORE

I've wanted bigger breasts from as far back as I can remember. I was always very petite as a teen and even as I was approaching young adulthood I never really filled out in the typical areas that most women fill out in. I consider myself to be very fit and I lift weights on a regular basis to... READ MORE

I officially booked and payed for my consultation with dr.martin jugenburg. My consultation is booked for June 6. I have had a pervious consultation with this doctor years ago when I was only thinking about the procedure. I remember liking the way 325-375 cc looked on my frame , but I was about... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have a consultation June 1st for my implants and I'm not 100% sure what I want. Originally I wanted saline teardrop but after being on here I'm not sure teardrop is right for my body type. Any suggestions from anyone? Also I do not want to go huge with my size I just want to... READ MORE

I'm 43 years old and have wanted to enlarge my breasts since puberty. I always had tiny breasts and really didn't even need a bra for many years. Pregnancies and breastfeeding enlarged them a little bit, but I had to pad my nursing bras to make them even fit. I weaned my youngest 9 years ago. 3... READ MORE

We are currently stationed in Fort Bragg and so far I have consulted with two other PS before meeting Dr. Zoellner. To give you some details, I've consulted with Dr. Richard Cummings in Kingston and Dr. Stoeckel in Cary. Dr. Cummings- known as the boob doctor. I learned from another wife who... READ MORE

I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind I was proud of. 32DD. Then I had kids, and ballooned up to a F-cup at one point.... but once I stopped breastfeeding, I was left with much less boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still an 'ample bosom' but I feel like I have no fullness at the... READ MORE

<> New boobs! I am a single woman who have had much confidence in general except for my breast. I knew that if I had more volume on the breast, I would be able to achieve body of my dream. I have always been quite slender and wanted to natural volume that would match my confident attitude.... READ MORE

I am have been considering implants more and more lately but I don't know what to do. Some days I like my boobs but most days I hate them! I feel like they are disproportionate to my body. If I were skinnier they would feel on right me, or if they were bigger with the size I am now. I also wish... READ MORE

After years of wanting this procedure, tomorrow I am getting my breast augmentation. I am 5'7" and about 112 pounds. I am currently a 32A and looking to become a small C cup; I would like bigger boobs, not big boobs. Due to this, I have decided on 300cc moderate profile saline implants... READ MORE

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