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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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26, 2 Kids & Ready to Feel Confident Again! - Sugar Land, TX

I've never been "blessed in the chest" but After having two kids they really went to nothing. My boobs are deflated and I feel unpretty. I'm so ready to have this procedure and feel confident again! I met with several different doctors but once I finally found 'The dr' I scheduled the surgery... READ MORE

35 Year Old Mother of 3, 32A, Desiring a Full B Cup - Kennewick, WA

My consultation with Dr. Fleming isn't until January 5, but I can't seem to stay off this website. It's been incredibly useful in my research. I have read so many good reviews on Dr. Fleming, and with all of his experience I'm really hoping I feel comfortable using him. I breastfed three... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Breast Fed 2 Kids, 34 B Cup in Most Bras - Lethbridge, AB

Just made my consultation apt! I know it's not much of a review but I'm super excited :) I've always had small boobs and never really noticed but after children they are flat and gross looking. I have a hard time being intimate with my hubby or in bathing suits around friends. Excited to see... READ MORE

28 Years Old ,3 Kids Breast Fed 2 ,5'5 64kg - London, GB

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for so long , And after breastfeeding my last child for 1.5 years I've decided to get my boobies back . I'm currently a 34 empty b wanting to be an E cup as I'm quite bottom heavy my measurements are 34,29,42 I had a consultation back in Nov with the... READ MORE

25yr Old, Mom of 2! 5'7, 136lbs. BA, HP 500cc Silicon.

Hi guys! So I went to my first consultation about a month ago and scheduled my BA for 03/30/17. I'm so excited. This is something I planned on doing for what feels like forever now. After breast feeding my youngest my breast were never same again. They look and feel "deflated". There's no volume... READ MORE

39yrs Old 5,5 9/1/2 Kids 34b - London, GB

Had my consultation with dr m belverdere..but not happy with I wanted i spk to him and ask him for 400cc instead..i dont want to be wishin later that i didnt..booked in for april 2017.. i would love some advice ladies..i have no complaints he was very proffesional... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 3 Children, 36a 5'7 130lb 15cm Bwd 600hp So Scared - Nuffield, GB

So I'm new to this iv stalked this site for so long and it just makes my head go into meltdown as iv read so much! I have wanted a ba since I was young when everyone developed and I didn't ... I have breastfed for 16 months to! ???? I'm currently booked in to see my surgeon on the 22nd ... as I... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 32A, Wanting a Small C Cup - Reno, NV

I am 33 yrs old, 5'3" tall and 112 pounds. I have had 2 consultants and I am super excited. I have tried on multiple sizes and would really like about 300cc. I was told tof go under the muscle due to the lack of tissue in my breasts. I am a little nervous bout the size. I want to uhp but is... READ MORE

26yrs 103lbs 5'4" Submuscular Periareolar Mentor Memory Gel Classic Smooth Round Silicone 445(L)405(R)

Hi! Figured I could make my first post :) I have a consultation on Monday 13th for a boob job. From my research I'm planning submuscular, silicone, possible high profile, 350-375?, and either periareola or inframmamary incision. Of course it all depends on what suits my body and what to Dr says... READ MORE

20 Yrs Old, 5'1, 139lbs, 1 Baby, Gummy Bear Teardrop Implants

So before I got pregnant I had really nice perky breasts (they weren't big but not small either) I was a 36c! But then I got pregnant & my boobs changed SO much, they went up to a 34D.. I freaking loved them so much!!!! Didn't even have to wear bras! & after my baby was born I only... READ MORE

32, 2 Boys, Nervous and Excited to Finally Look Like a Woman! - Edmonton, AB

I am super super nervous about getting the surgery. I have never had a chest, but after having my second son I think I have even less! I know I want it done, but I'm scared they will be too big! I had a consult with Dr. Chong in Edmonton. Any other ladies that can share their experience with him... READ MORE

27, 1 Child, Breastfed, Deflated, Hoping to Regain Confidence - Taylor, MI

I went to consultation knowing that I did in fact want a breast augmentation. I've wanted one for years. It took me a while to save up for it. I'm 27, mommy of one, and breastfed for a year. I never had much boobs to start with. All throughout middle school and high school I was called "pancake... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'6 115lbs Wanting Breast Augmentation - Saint Louis, MO

Since I was 18 after having my first child I wanted a Breast Augmentation. However I could not afford it back then. I had my second child at 23 and third at 25. I am now 27. With my last child My boobs actually got up to a full B sadly once my milk dissapeared so did my boobs. :( I am very... READ MORE

41YO, 2 kids, 5'9", 155lbs, 700cc HP Cohesive Gel Natrelle

He seemed to specialize in larger implants like mine and always seems to have amazing 'half-off' specials every year. I loved his gallery of work and his price. He's not extremely warm and friendly, per say, (all business) but he's a good surgeon and for the price, I couldn't pass him up. How... READ MORE

Biplanar Breast Augmentation-Saline

I'm 44 y.o mother of 4, breastfeeding is good for them but bad on breast. I'm 5'3 1/2" I would like to have full perky breast. I'm deciding weather to do either 500 or 550cc Saline Implants. I don't want to go too big that they make me look funny, but I also want them to be big enough to give... READ MORE

34 2 Kids 32 Almost A - Duluth, MN

Looking to get natural looking implants in the C cup range. Thinking gummy bears right now. Have been flat chested my whole life. Have difficulty wearing clothes cut for a woman including swim suit tops, dresses and even bras. I always have the huge ridge where the padding begins. I'm super... READ MORE

BA - 26 y/o, 5'10", 145lbs, AA cup going with 275 cc

I first started researching into BA procedure at 17 and went to my first consult at 19. Thankfully, I couldn’t afford it at the time and didn't go ahead with the surgery. What a blessing in disguise! Looking back I wouldn't have been psychologically ready for the procedure at that age. My m... READ MORE

21 Y/o,5'3, 140lbs. Getting 400 Cc HP Silicone Gel - Atlanta, GA

Hey!! I cannot believe I'm finally posting on here much less actually having the surgery!! I'm getting 400cc HP silicone gel unders and I'm set to have my surgery on December 13th with Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta. I've wanted this surgery ever since I was a little girl and just can't believe it's... READ MORE

26 Years Old ,5"6" 119lb Two Kids. Breast Augmentation Tubular Breast - Medellín, CO

Traveling to Medellin Colombia for breast augmentation (tubular breast) hoping for a full C possibly D. I'm currently a 32B looking for a round silicone implant high profile under the muscle possible size between 400cc and 425cc's not sure if that's proportional to my body waiting for the... READ MORE

21yo 320cc B-lite Anatomic High Profile Breast Implants w/ Fat grafting

Since I can remember, I’ve had my mind set on having this surgery because I have a bit of a complex about the size of my boobs which is why I have worn bras with extreme padding to make my chest size fit my wider physique. I really feel that my boobs aren’t proportional to the rest of my bod... READ MORE

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