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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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Wanting bigger boobs

I have been wanting this surgery forever now it seems and i am finally the age where i am able to get silicone. I am wanting to go from this small A cup to a full C or small D. The problem is I have white silverish stretch marks from my pregnancy. I have a small frame and a flatish stomach but... READ MORE

32 Years Old Breastfed 425cc and 445cc mentor classic moderate profile (textured)

Height: 4'11 Weight: 116 Age: 32 Kids: 3 Surgery date is 6/14/2016 I am super excited and scared!! Mostly scared because my PS suggested I should get 500cc due to my measurements and tissue. I feel like 500cc might be too big, but I was told to awkward go by what your doctor suggests.. scared!!... READ MORE

34 D!!!

Hi guys I am very excited to get my breast implants BUT I still didn't choose between saline or silicone. Either one would be placed under the muscle. Saline is great for patients with decent amount of breast tissue and saline are 2k cheaper!!! I am a size 34 a and tried on 350 cc silicone. I... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 2 Kids, Nursed for 3 Years - BA 560cc HP or 620cc EHP Nagor Impleo - United Kingdom

Hi everyone. I'm new and have been reading all of your stories, so figured it was time to upload my own. Scarily I'm including a picture of my current boobs. Just looking at this makes me so sad. I'm 6ft tall and have a long torso. I was convinced that I needed an uplift, but have been for a... READ MORE

25yrs Old, 130#, Athletic, 425-450 HP Silicone

Hello Realself! I'm going to a BA in the next couple months and decided to track my journey. Others have influenced me, so I don't mind taking the time to tell my story. I had my first consultation with Dr. Castro, Tampa, FL a couple days ago and cannot decide between 425cc and 450cc. I KNOW... READ MORE

Best Doctor & Staff! Love the Results! (Photos)

I'm so glad I went to Dr. Feldman! His offices are private and very accommodating. The entire staff there is super nice and are always prepared for you once you walk in the door. If you submit online pictures of yourself you'll get a free consultation and the doctor will also have insight on... READ MORE

B to Full C Motiva Round Silk Surface Plus 350cc with Q Technology (Chip)

I've always wanted bigger breast since I can remember, especially right after high school. I'm in my early 30's now, no kids and I figured you only live once, go for it. I work out a lot and my breast are the only thing I can't train to get bigger of course so I decided to make it happen finally... READ MORE

42 2/Kids, Petite 5'1/117lbs Breast Augmentation 600cc Mentor HP Smooth Round Saline Before/After Pictures 11 wks postop

I am really nervous about doing this, but this is something that I have wanted my whole life -- the surgery part scares me. I have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, but I don't want my fears to hold me back in life. I had 2 surgeries when I was kid, they used general anesthesia, and I... READ MORE

24 Years Old |5ft 5"| Petite | 275cc Gummy Bear Implants, Sub-muscular - Birmingham, England

After years of being visually compared to a 12-year-old boy I have decided that implants are the way to go! After my consultation I'll be honest I was a little bit deflated. My surgeon first advised a 255cc, round Motiva implant, saying that this would take me to a b-cup and I was a tad... READ MORE

13 Months Post-op! Motiva Ergonomix 320cc Silicone Implants, Subfascial - Finland, FI

Hello everyone and greetings from Finland! I had my breast augmentation nine days ago and wanted to share my experience with you. I am 31 years old for a few days still and I weigh 53 kilos (116 lbs) and measure 156 cm (5'1") in height. I have breastfed one child for two years, but my breasts... READ MORE

20 Years Old 1 Child, Breastfed, 5'3 115-120 Lbs - Lethbridge, AB

Hi! So I made an appointment for a consult in April and my app is November 2nd I can't wait! I'm a 34b or so... Do not like my boobs nothing about them. I've been wanting a breast aug for years now. I've done a lot of research and cannot wait to do this!! My surgeon is dr hasell in Lethbridge.... READ MORE

Deflated 32D. in 40's, 5'9", 130lb, no kids - New York (300cc hp unders)

I'm a f/t teacher on tight budget. I really want to get implants & Id rather spend decent $ so as to avoid trauma & revisions! 1) Ive consulted w/3 doctors & will keep consulting w/more as Im referred. 2 of them have been incredible so far & I truly trust them! Amazing at what they do &... READ MORE

34 Yrs, Breastfed 2 Babies, 6'1, 70kg, Wanting Big and Natural Appearance.

I've been hot and cold on the idea of a BA for all of my adult life. I tend to swing between wanting to get the done and being totally freaked out by the idea of altering my natural body. I've tried creams, tantric massage techniques and every herb in the book only to be bitterly disappointed to... READ MORE

31 Y/O- 5ft 4'- 130lbs- 400cc- 1child

I am beyond satisfied with my results. After breastfeeding I was determined to get this procedure done, luckily for me I didn't have to do much research. I know 4 people who had amazing results with Dr.Furnas & Dr.Canales those are really the best recommendations you could get. The staff... READ MORE

21 Years Old, 5'0, ~100 lbs, 32 A Looking to Be 32 C-D - San Antonio, TX

I've had two consultations so far. The first doctor ( Dr. Ferguson) was super nice and attentive and answer questions I didn't even know I had. His nurses were so sweet and the office was very nice. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that he refused to do an off label silicone procedure... READ MORE

Tall, Athletic 32 Y/o Mommy of 1, 5'10" 150lbs- Finally Getting Boobs - Houston, TX

My story starts the same as most of you ladies....have always wanted boobs since like....8th grade. Waited for them to grow in high school...No Show. College; early 20s.....No Show. Pregnancy.... nada. During breastfeeding I swelled to a small C. Not bad but when baby boy took the milk, the... READ MORE

28 Y.o. Asian, Petite

I can't believe it's going to be so soon! I'm freaking out about size and profiles right now. I know I'm going to do around 300 cc but not sure about surgeon says for my size I should go above 300 cc if I wanted to go with moderate profile. We're leaning towards 325 cc HP. But I... READ MORE

29 Year Old, Breast Augmentation

After losing almost 130lbs I was referred to Dr. Peterson for a consultation for potential tummy tuck. I opted to wait on the excess skin as it is improving; however, even while previously heavy, my breasts were never large but instead very underdeveloped. Very. I've always been flat-chested... READ MORE

31 years old, 109#, breastfed 4 babies, small A now, hoping for full D... 350-400cc silicon under, borderline in need of a lift

I have met with 4 board certified plastic surgeons. First one told me full lift with implants, 2nd told me no lift needed, 3 told me crescent lift, 4th told me borderline needing a lift- if I don't get one nipples will sit a little low, if I do get one it would be ideal but still optional.... READ MORE

5'2", 138 small frame 365 cc under muscle

I've had this surgery scheduled for nearly five months, and I've kind of been waiting for something to at five days out, it's looking like everything will go as planned, so I'm just now starting to get very excited! I'm just shy of 5'2", around 140lbs and have three children, all... READ MORE

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