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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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37 Yrs 290cc Round Silicone Unders - Liverpool, GB

I have always had small boobs except when breastfeeding my 2 kids. I was an A cup then went upto a C cup during bf. My kids seemed to suck out what volume I had and my boobs were left sad and empty with stretched out nipples. I had considered Ba for years but only got the nerve recently! Am now... READ MORE

27, 250cc and 300cc textured round silicone, Moderate profile.

Never considered getting a boob job until i started to lose weight, even though I didn't lose that much, it seems that the "girls" went away first! I went from a 34B to a 36A (EU 75C to 80B). My boobs are left deflated and it looks like I breastfed a couple of kids.. they are also a little... READ MORE

38 Yrs. Old, 2 Kids, 5'2 , 400/425 HP

I've been on RS for maybe 6+ months now and finally creating my profile since my BA is in 11 days. I'm both excited and a bit scared at the same time. As much as I feel I know what to expect from reading so many reviews I know that each women is different and recovery will not be the same. I'm... READ MORE

23 Years Young, No Kids. 5'4 155lbs and Ready to Look Better and Feel Better ! 500ccs HP Silicone - Houston, TX

Hello wonderful people, so I was contemplating on whether or not to post my review here because I wasn't sure anyone would read it but I know how much it helped me to read so many reviews before making a decision. So here we go :) I'm 5'4 155 and 23 years young, with no kids yet. I'm a small... READ MORE

Smooth round HP gel cohesive 350cc- Manila, PH

Hi every one, i went to my surgeon yesterday and got my surgery scheduled on 20th of this month for ba. I'm a petite grl 5'1 in height and weigh 47kg. Im having under muscle and getting the smooth surface round gel breast implants. But cant really decide which size to get 350 or 375 cc. My... READ MORE

35 Y.o. Mum, 5'3" 108 Lbs, 34B with 325cc Mentor - Subiaco, AU

35 year old mother of one who breastfed. When younger always weighed a bit more and had nice C cups. Then weight loss, age and childbirth reduced them to a barely B cup. I wore 34B but measurements said I should really be an A. They were droopy and like ski slopes, so I've been thinking about... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation La belle Forme

I have been researching whether to get my breasts done here in the UK or travel to Thailand. Of course Thailand comes out on top and it's nearly half the price. I've requested a quote and sent my pictures to both destination beauty and medi makeover. I have been given a quote from destination... READ MORE

19 Yr 5'5" 100lbs 371cc Natrelle Silicone Moderate Plus- Houston, TX

I was really nervous, but I found Dr. Vitenas on here and signed up for a consultation and I couldn't be happier that I did it! The staff was really sweet, Lindsey was so amazing, she works with you. I came in a second time to re-try on implants and she helped me feel good about the size I want-... READ MORE

34 Years Old Mother of One , 5'1 115 Lbs - Laval, QC

Hi girls , I have a consultation date for the 15 of August can't wait !!! I'm a 34B and sometimes C , I would love to be a 34DD after surgery , Im thinking a 400cc to 450 cc dual plan silicone , I'm not sure of the profile , moderate or hight . I want to have the natural look ;-) with a nice... READ MORE

29 Yrs ,no Kids , 5'4 - Bellevue, WA

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow Nov. 17 . I am going with silicone HP, but haven't decided on size - either 400, 435, or 455cc. Plan to go under the muscle and incision under the breast. I have been debating over and over in my mind whether to go with Saline or Silicone but I have made my mind... READ MORE

36, 2 Young Kids, 5,2" 132 Lbs, 320cc & 340cc - Mississauga, ON

I had my surgery this morning. I was very nervous and waiting for them to prep me was torture. All in all it went great, the nurse was impressed on how well I doing. I came home with a pain pump so I'm sure tomorrow will be a different story. I took a painkiller at 5 and will take another... READ MORE

300 Cc, Cohesive Silicone, Small B to Full B - Loma Linda, CA

When I was younger, I thought BAs were for vain, shallow women. (It's easy to be pious about body images when you have pert, shapely breasts.) Then two things happened: 1) Two years of breast-feeding; 2) My best friend (who wore a 32AA) had a BA. I realized that I shouldn't look down on anyone... READ MORE

32 Y/o Mum of 2 - Time for Boobs! - Cheltenham, GB

I wasn't sure about posting on here but as I'd struggled to find many examples of women who'd had such small breasts and chosen small implants when I was doing my research, I thought it might help others like me. So here we go! I decided I wanted a breast enlargement when I was about 18 and was... READ MORE

25 Years Old. Height: 5'5 Weight:130 2 Kids - Texas

My bra size is a 34b. I'm more of an A cup. Wanting a full c.. Small d. Already set up my surgery date to August 1,2016. Went ahead and decided on 475 cc silicone memory gel modern profile. I have 2 kids. 2 year old and 7 year old. I have really wide hips. I want a natural look. Nothing too big.... READ MORE

(Breastfeed A LOT) - Asymmetrical and Deflated

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the last 5 years after breastfeeding my youngest daughter for 14 months and then seeing how awful my breasts looked. Every year we said we would use our tax return for it, but other things have always took precedence. I wavered back and forth for a... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After Breastfeeding 2 kids

Before kids I had great boobs-I was a nice C cup and overall I was pretty happy with my boobs. After breastfeeding 2 kids I went from a C to an A or a very small B. I haven't had a chance to go shopping for bras yet so I'm not exactly sure what size I am but my 32C bra is definitely big on me...... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'0" 112lbs with 320cc Silicone - Towson, MD

The idea of breast augmention has come in and out of my mind probably since I was a teenager. I was always talked out of it by friends and family. I started considering it more seriously within the past year. I live for the gym and have recently become a group fitness instructor for fun, so I'm... READ MORE

29 Year Old, 2 Kids, 5ft 8", Size 8, Currently 32a, 295cc Overs, Empty After Breastfeeding - United Kingdom, GB

Hi. I'm 29, 5ft 8", size 8, currently a 32a and have very empty breasts and ruined nipples after breastfeeding 2 babies. Feeling very apprehensive about my upcoming procedure. I don't want huge boobs I just want to fix what breastfeeding has done to my boobs. I want to remain on the small side... READ MORE

So I've Finally Booked - Newmarket, ON

So I've finally booked my BA! It's been a long journey but I've found the right Dr. The clinic looked great. And it wasn't hard to find. It's a bit of a distance if coming from the GTA but well worth it. I've booked my BA for early next year. Dr Andrade was very helpful and helped to clarify... READ MORE

Awesomeness! - Bryn Mawr, PA

I've been sooo busy I'm just getting around to pics!! Busy RN, mother of 5, truckers wife. Recent BA w/ 400 cc silicone high profile implants and lower abdominal liposuction.Boobs looking great! I was able to go back to work overnight as a RN supervisor on day 2. Narcotic pain meds only on day 0... READ MORE

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