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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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24yr Old Mum of 1, 34b Wanting DD - Tampa, FL

Hey ladies! I am 24 yrs old about 155lbs & 5'5". i am currently a flat 34b wanting more fullness, thinking about a DD. I have always wanted a BA. before I gave birth to my son I was a 32A, ballooned up to a 36D and back down to my current a few months after giving birth. a few weeks ago I had... READ MORE

25, 5'6", 118 Lbs, 1 Child; 415 Cc HP Round Smooth Silicone Implants

Hey there! :) I've waited so many years to fulfill this dream of mine and it's so close! Only 5 more days and I'll have boobies! So I've always had a very flat chest, nearly no breast tissue, currently 36 AA cup. My child was breastfed for about three months and mostly the left side, because... READ MORE

Wanting Breast for So Long the Time Has Finally Vome

Going to get breast augmentation by dr sommers in South Beach Florida he IU s old fashion but amazing work and a lot of people are talking great things about him I'm so nervous excited I did tummy tuck now breast still want to do lipo 360 to finish my journey wishe good luck I will not sleep... READ MORE

34 Yrs, 112 Lbs, 5"3. 375 Cc HP

I'm a mom to a wild three year old that sucked the life out of my already miniature boobs! I also have PCOS and low estrogen which doesn't help! Oh and an gym addict...which also doesn't help boobs lol I'm scheduled to get a BA in 5 days and freaking F out. So afraid of pain. Getting 375 HP... READ MORE

37, 2 Kids, 5'2", 110 Lbs, 330cc mod cohesive silicone

After breastfeeding and getting back into shape, I lost the little breast volume I had. I started as a perky 34B. Now I'm a tired 34AA. I never considered plastic surgery before because I loved how I looked naturally. I have had botox and fillers to slow my face aging, though. I love to work out... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 5 Kids, and Very Flat Chested

I wanted breast implants for a long time. My breasts were always small but after having my 5 children they were even more deflated. After seeing so many positive reviews for Dr. Fryer I scheduled a consultation and was impressed. I felt that he was just what I was looking for. A couple days... READ MORE

Height157cm/justUnder5.2ftDimensionsBeforeBAChest30in/76cmUnderBreast 27in/68.5cmWaist JustUnder25in/63cmHips33in. Melbourne, AU

Hi real selfers, I am a petite mother of 4 breastfed children between 16 and 3. I always say that I am still waiting for puberty and for boobs! I wear an A cup bra but it is just so I don't have a nip slip incident! I have always admired boobs. And have thought about implants in The past but... READ MORE

25 Years Old 2 Kids 600cc Under the Muscle

My first day was really rough I could barely use my arms and really couldn't do anything by myself the second day it wasn't as bad as the first it get a little bit better than the first day I could use my arms a little bit more like go to the restroom by myself and feed myself the third day I... READ MORE

26 Year Old Mom, Breastfed 2 Years 400cc HP - Atlanta, GA

I went in for my consult/pre-op July 20th. The nurses were all very friendly I was expecting to speak with the Doctor but he came in for 3 mins if that. He didn't ask any questions just poked in and walked out. Day of surgery was June 21st. On this day again nurses very friendly. I spoke with my... READ MORE

My Story 34. No Kids. 5'10". 145lbs. 34B Wanting a D - Vacaville, CA

First and only consultation was today. Going in to it I knew it would be. Based on all the reviews, I was already sold! Dr. Klink actually surpassed my expectations. He oozes experience, is very friendly and professional. I left his office feeling well informed and secure! Though, between all... READ MORE

29 and 3 Kids - Alabama

Really wanting breast implants but have a ton of questions. Silicone or saline? Why? How many cc's should I get to have a c cup? How is the pain? Recovery? Will I need another surgery in the future? I'm 5'4 110 lbs. also I can't get rid of stubborn poof on stomach from 3 csections. Is there a... READ MORE

26 Y/O Old, No Kids, 5'3" and 140 Lbs. Rec'd 415 Cc Natrelle Inspira- 1 Day Post-op - Newport Beach, CA

Hello All, I wanted to share my journey with all the Realself users as you all have helped/guided me through the breast implants journey by sharing your experiences. I really appreciate it because it comforts me when I'm in pain and it uplifts me when I see how amazing your results turned out.... READ MORE

20yo, 5'4", 130lbs, 425c Mentor Mod Plus Profile

Hello! I've decided to make a thread of my boob job journey because I figured it would help any ladies with my stats! It's been really hard finding women with similar stats who are also getting silicone implants in the 400cc range so I hope I can help whomever is in the same predicament as me. I... READ MORE

28yr Old, 5'1 105lbs 34A - 450cc - Beverly Hills, CA

So I'm 5'0-5'1" I'm currently a 34a and I'm going with 450cc hp silicone implants. I'm so nervous I feel like I might be going too big, but everyone reassures me I'll be fine and they won't be too big. My PS recommended 400-450cc at my initial consultation and at my pre op was with his... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old. 5'6" 138lbs. 2 Kids - Birmingham, AL

So, at first I thought I for SURE wanted the anatomical shaped saline implants with areola incision. However, after my consultation and more research/reviews, Ive decided to go with round silicone implants with the incision in the fold under the breast. My surgeon will probably decide on the... READ MORE

23 Years Old, No Kids, 95lbs, 5'3", 350cc Saline,high profile

I am a petite girl trying to archieve a mature/ sexy look. Ive always been upset about how young I look and having no boobs dont help at all. This is something i wanted for year and i finally made the decesion to go through it. I hope my experience will help other ladies with the same frame as... READ MORE

The best on island!

Two weeks ago I got a breast augmentation (silicone implants) done with Dr. Phan. Everything about the surgery was an absolute success! Dr. Phan carefully and meticulously explained and walked me through the process from start to finish. His excellent staff made me feel comfortable at every step... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Sientra 350cc Anatomical Silicone Gel Implants

I came across my Dr. through a YouTuber's Vlog. I then did my own research and was very impressed with what I found. He is double board certified specializing in natural results and is one of the best surgeons in the United States. I thought I'd share my experience on RealSelf, as it really... READ MORE

25 Year Old Implants 350 Cc

I have always wanted to get a breast aug. After I lost 40lbs I wanted it even more. I am 25yrs old I weight 130lbs and am 5'4. They procedure went smooth...so smooth I thought it was too good to be true! I ended up getting 350 cc but I was originally thinking it would be too big until I looked... READ MORE

31 Yo 1 Child... Super Deflated 36B... Always Wanted Them!!!

Well after months of humming and hawing I have decided to finally get the girls I have always dreamed of! I had a baby back in January and breast fed for 3 months and now I'm just super deflated. I have always wanted a BA. I met with 3 different surgeons and finally decided upon Dr. Matic in... READ MORE

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