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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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27 Years Old; Mom of 2; 5'7" and 135 Lbs - Layton, UT

Well, I never thought I'd be writing about boobs. . . let alone MY boobs. But here we are. After having two kids (but only breastfeeding 1 long-term), my poor boobs are saggy and shrunken. I used to be a 34 D and although I haven't been "formally" resized, I'll bet I'm somewhere around a B.... READ MORE

34 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Sad Breasts - Canada

I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup anymore)but lots of volume loss and a bit of sagging after having two kids. I did not breastfeed. I had a consultation I was told that I don't need a lift I'm just going to do full high profile implants over the muscle with a silicone (cohesive gel 2... READ MORE

25yo 5'7" 115lbs 32A - 32DD Silicone Round Textured Unders 325cc Bangkok W Dr Worapong (Cosmeditour)

BACKGROUND Growing up skinny and an A-cup and my mom being a B, I knew was never destined for the natural big-boobie life. I think i'd wanted a boob job since I was about, 8?! Unhealthy goals for an 10-year old, maybe.. best decision of my life? Absolutely. Id looked into it extensively about 4... READ MORE

38 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, 146lbs, 5'6" - Birmingham, AL

My 1st appointment went great . I feared I would need a lift but Dr. Van Hoy said I didn't . ???? During my 2nd, visit pre op, I tried on the sizes . I've decided on 480cc, currently I'm a 34B. I'm a little nervous overall but mostly scared of being put to sleep. Now it's less than 4 days to... READ MORE

Mommy's Makeover After Breastfeeding 3 Boys! - Toronto, ON

Well I'm less than a week away and the nerves are starting to kick in! I've been pouring over reviews and photos on this site and am so thankful I stumbled upon it! I've never had a large chest...36B but that's mostly because I'm wide across. Now after breastfeeding 3 baby boys I've got saggy... READ MORE

37 Yr Old, 3 Kids, Tuberous Deformity, 485cc Overs. Nuffield, GB

I've always disliked my breast as they never developed the way they should have, on having consultations with several surgeons, I found out I had underdeveloped breasts, known as tuberous/constricted breasts, I have wanted Breast implants since my teen years, but the needs of my children and... READ MORE

I Feel Like a Woman! - Fort Worth, TX

Dr Kelly Kunkel, in my strong opinion is the best plastic surgeon in the DFW area. He is extremely professional and informative. He is patient and will listen to any and all of your questions, and concerns. Not only is he wonderful, but all of his office staff are quite wonderful and... READ MORE

Always Dreamed of Having Big Boobs - San Diego, CA

Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with breasts. I prayed to God every day that I would have big boobs when I grew up. When I hit puberty, my mom (very conservative Christian with strict, to say the least, modesty rules) made me wear a bra all the time. Even at home. Eventually I was... READ MORE

Canadian 37 Yrs Old Two Daughters One Almost 20 the Other 13. Dominican Republic, DO

When I decided to get these procedures done all I know was I don't want to look fake when all is said and done. Dr Tactuk was great when I met him in person for the first time and he ask what as I looking for and my reply was I don't want to look fake just fix me I have been working out for 10... READ MORE

Broad chested, 2 kids 34A to D... Mentor Modorate Plus Profile Saline Implants

I just had my consultation yesterday with my PS. I have been thinking of getting a BA for over 7-8 years now. Lots of research and planning over the years and seeing a lot of my little booby committee friends get thier breast done, I finally decided to get mine done. I had made my own rice... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'8, 120lbs Breastfed 14 Months - London, GB

After breastfeeding my son, my breasts were very unproportioned and deflated. I was very self conscious and embarrassed about them so I decided to get breast implants. After lots of research I found Mr. Richards online. There Are many good reviews and videos and before/after of his work which I... READ MORE

5'11 197lbs 2 Kids BA of 605cc - Quincy, MA

So I can remember being 13 years old and wondering when I would develop and get nice large breasts like my older sisters. The thing was I did not. Move ahead a few years and I got married, had 2 children whom I breastfeed and lost the little volume I had. I underwent a BA 2 days ago and I am... READ MORE

Small Implants 200cc

Hi everybody After thinking of a boob job for a long time, and doing lots of research, I finally made an appointment to see a professional surgeon! I am just waiting to complete consent forms etc and to definitely decide on a size, but I am pretty sure I want 200cc as I am a very small frame... READ MORE

39yrs Old 5,5 9/1/2 Kids 34b - London, GB

Had my consultation with dr m belverdere..but not happy with I wanted i spk to him and ask him for 400cc instead..i dont want to be wishin later that i didnt..booked in for april 2017.. i would love some advice ladies..i have no complaints he was very proffesional... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mom of 4 Teenagers - Bloomfield Hills, MI

I had my ba surgery 11/9/16. I'm 5'7" 143lbs and wore a small 34B. I got 400cc Saline implants, behind muscle/ high profile. Dr Freedlands staff is very professional and makes you feel comfortable and informed. Lakes Surgery Center was also a great experience. The staff let me know everything... READ MORE

Breast Implant 400cc. 1 Child.

I live up north, so it was easier for me to consult with few surgeons in NY. My first consult was with Urmen Desai, with whom I thought was a really nice guy, the consult went really well and I thought he had some great options. But , I honestly didn't feel as though I should pay so my for my... READ MORE

Messed Up Surgery - Henderson, NV

I got my breast surgery on november 23/16( silicon high profile ) my doctor left me a very bad scars and ripple, which is pull my skin when I sleep or move my hand, feel very uncomfortable and tight, he told me the breast which is tight and pull skin need to be done again and because is under... READ MORE

32 Y.o. Mother Athletic Figure

I am scheduled for surgery. Not sure what size. Thinking between 275 and 300cc. I am muscular 5'6" and weigh 140. A little nervous too, am I selfish, will it look okay, etc. The usual things mom's think i imagine. Has anyone travelled to get their b.a.? I am as doctors in my area have mixed... READ MORE

Am I Having a Case of Boob Greed? - Scottsdale, AZ

I'm a mother of two who breastfed and ended up SUPER uneven and deflated in ONE just one boob ! I've always wanted fuller breasts. I'm 5'7 138 pounds and got 325cc in my right and 400cc in my left. I feel like they are too small!!! I've heard to wait but I just don't feel like these are big... READ MORE

34 with one child. 32c to 32E. Mentor 325 cc dual plane. Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Thailand

After 8 years of wanting this I have finally booked my surgery through Gorgeous Getaway. After watching "Beach Bodies" I decided that when I get married next year I want to fill my dress with a pair of boobs! Watching the show gave me confidence in the work they do in Thailand. I have a small... READ MORE

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