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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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275cc Unders / Motiva LOW PROFILE Silicon / 27 / 34B-C / No Kids - United Kingdom

So i'm currently in the recuperation period for my breast augmentation with Mr James Murphy, In Manchester, UK. 275cc Motiva 'Mini' (Low Profile) Silicone Implants Under muscle / submuscular / dual plane / sub pectoral Crease incision Natural size - 34B/C BWD: 13.5cm My height: 5ft7 Dress... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 5'4, 130 Lbs and Wanting Some Boobs! - Edmonton, AB

So I chose Dr. Feng Chong from Edmonton, Alberta to do my breast augmentation!! My initial consult was short, he reviewed the process of the surgery itself and took a quick look at my breasts. My stats are 5'4 130 lbs 34A (barely) I had my sizing appointment today and decided on 325cc's... READ MORE

BA Tomorrow ... Freaking Out, Having 2nd and 3rd Thoughts - Palo Alto, CA

I'm a 41 year old divorced mother of 2 kids (9&8). Breastfed both. My issue has always been not so much the fact that I'm small chested but that my breast are very asymmetrical ... I understand in every body part one side is always bigger than the other but for me it's a bid difference... READ MORE

Breastfed 5 Kiddos, Fit Mom, Wanting to Restore Breast - Raleigh, NC

I'm so excited and nervous to begin this journey. I have wanted breast since I can remember. I have always had a petite frame with small breasts, except while pregnant. I am nervous about going under, as this is my first ever surgery. I have the mom guilt of "what if" I leave 5 kids behind, or... READ MORE

29 Yrs ,no Kids , 5'4 - Bellevue, WA

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow Nov. 17 . I am going with silicone HP, but haven't decided on size - either 400, 435, or 455cc. Plan to go under the muscle and incision under the breast. I have been debating over and over in my mind whether to go with Saline or Silicone but I have made my mind... READ MORE

Amazing Beclinic Breast Implants

I cant talk highly enough about the Beclinic, The staff, Dr Plovier. I felt like royalty they are so kind warm and friendly and make sure you have everything you need. My results are amazing and I had heard of Dr Plovier through friends who had already been to him to procedures and I would... READ MORE

425cc Gummy Bear Breast Implants on 9/29/2016 - Wellesley, MA

I'm a 26 year old mom of 4 so as you can imagine my breasts are pretty deflated and pretty uneven as well. At my consult I decided on 325cc and 315cc gummy bear implants but have since decided to go with 425cc and 415cc's. My surgeon told me I could maybe use a lift on the left side but I've... READ MORE

37 Years Old; 2 Bio Kids...been Thinking About This for 21 Years!!! - Medford

I'm excited and scared. I've been researching for months (this time around) and am thinking I want something between 425cc's and 500cc's. Originally, I wanted only 375cc's...but there are so many great boobie pics out there! I'm posting my wish pics. Feel free to comment! Actually, I would... READ MORE

Exposed Implant - Mexico

I wanted a boob job so bad so I went to Mexico and got it done I live in Texas the stitches opened and my implant became exposed. I'm getting my 3rd breast surgery in January. Even though everything went to crap I see my before and after pictures and I don't regret getting them done I just wish... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 340cc - Dublin, Ireland

Weight loss around 10 years ago and 2 children to follow made my decision to have a breast augmentation a very easy one! 24 hours after surgery still not needed a single painkiller, perfection! My stats are 5'2 and very petite in general, I weigh 46.8 kg and my previous bra size was non... READ MORE

22 Year Old Always Wanted Boobs Finally Getting Them! - Coral Gables, FL

Hi! I'm finally getting saline implants! I am going to Dr.Jacob Freiman! My coordinator is Blanca she is now nice! This is my first time having surgery at coral gables. The reviews I read on my doctor and the pictures I seen made me comfortable going there. My surgery is next Tuesday my pre op... READ MORE

Breast Implants

Had to have a second surgery. Very sloppy work done the first time. Terrible! You get what you pay for. I shouldve known when I walked into his office and he ever so casually just told me to take off my top right in his office right in front of him. You can see that he CLEARLY left one... READ MORE

Early 30s, 5'4 110 Lbs, Donut Lift, 400 ML Smooth HP Silicone-disaster!

I think this letter, the second one I have written to my doctor, describes my experience best: Dear Dr. *****, I have passed the one-year-anniversary of my surgery and I have been composing this letter for about 10 months. The physical pain and the emotional distress I have been through since... READ MORE

27y/o, No Kids, Always Wanted a Fuller Bust - Coral Gables, FL

I expect a fuller bust, natural looking, eventually I do want children so I'm hoping I could breast feed. I met with Dr. Ary Krau today, with the secretary I discussed cc's between 200-450cc's. She brought a 50cc, 250cc and 350cc I tried on the combo 250cc + 50cc, 350cc, 350cc +50cc determined... READ MORE

AA to C with 275cc silicone round smooth mentor over muscle

I have been wanting a breast augmentation since a teenager. I remember my grandmother telling me to be patient and that my boobs would fill out when I had kids. Well I had 2 kids and breast fed for a year on each and then afterwards boobies went back to nothing. I am very active and do... READ MORE

35, BA on the 10th sept16 (under muscle) Allergan Inspira TRF 450g implants -United Kingdom, GB

Hey there, I am meeting with my PS later today to discuss things over. I am torn on an anatomical shape (tear drop/gummybear) or round?? any feedback or advise on peoples experiences would be great! good or bad, recommendations on implants would also be fab. I am currently an A Cup looking to be... READ MORE

425 Silicone Gels Under the Muscle - WORTH EVERY PENNY!! - Pittsburgh, PA

I've always been a little fuller at the bottom of my breasts and didn't really have much cleavage. I always wanted to get a breast augmentation but I was so afraid of all the "what ifs". What if I pick the wrong size? What if it hurts? What if I don't like them? WHAT IF? I did some research and... READ MORE

From No Bra, to 300cc Breasts!

A bit about myself: Height 5'6 (168 cm) Weight 123 lbs (56 kg) No kids. The only surgery I've ever had is having my tonsils removed. Even though I've always been flat as a board, I've learned to feel confortable with my own body. Ladies, it doesn't matter what you look like SEXY IS AN... READ MORE

22 Yrs Young, No Kids, 5'6", 125 lbs. 350cc MemoryGel Smooth Round High Profile - Oak Lawn, IL

I'm a 32C (Victoria Secret measurement) and I know they measure bigger or whatever. I want my body to feel and look more proportional. I have always wanted bigger boobs as also every female with smaller boobs has said. I want them to look natural, be proportional, have cleavage without having to... READ MORE

39 Y/o 5'6" 110 32A/B Planning for 400-450 Round Silicone Under - Northwest, IN

My PS comes highly recommended and I think he's pretty conservative. I showed him my wish pics and he kinda shook his head and said he could get close. So, I'm hoping for good size natural looking breasts that aren't too big for my frame. I've lived in padded bras my who life and I'm so excited... READ MORE

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