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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Perth Breast Augmentation | Diary - Perth, AU

After two pregnancies in two years and breastfeeding both children, my size 10C breasts ended up being nothing more than empty skin bags. I referred to my them as 'Figs in Socks' for a good two years while trying all the non-surgical ways to plump them up again- taking the contraceptive pill,... READ MORE

24 Years Old, Textured Round High Profile Implants, 250Cc Under Muscle - France

I was 34A and just hated my breasts.. I was always hiding them when swimming and never wore low necked clothes. I always wanted to have boobs, just boobs! Not something big but something that looks like breasts. Since I am petite and not a fan of big breasts I chose pretty small implants. My... READ MORE

Ready for Cleavage! - Edmond, OK

I have wanted big boobs forever! My behind is pretty large so I want my breast to be more proportionate. I also want them to help my confidence also, yes i will admit. When you have the same size boobs as a kid, you feel like a kid sometimes! I had my consultation with Dr. Jones yesterday and... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Sydney, AU

Hi, I’m a 27 Year old mum wanting more youthful fuller breasts. 6 Years ago I had perky full natural breasts. I never had a problem bra shopping and no matter what weight I was even at my smallest I had great breasts. During pregnancy I gained 25 kgs and my breasts changed from a 10C to a 1... READ MORE

20 Yrs Old, 5'1, 120lbs, No Kids - Miami, FL

I am over the moon excited for my breast augmentation but am also extremely nervous about going under anesthesia! I am currently a SMALL B and deciding whether to do 300ccs or 350ccs. I'm leaning toward 350ccs because everything I've heard and read says go bigger!! Also unsure if Id prefer my ps... READ MORE

34A/AA Hoping for 34D, 12.5 Cm BWD, Fit 5'5 and 125lbs, 425cc HP - Vancouver, BC

Hi All! I've seriously been procrastinating with writing this review but here goes nothing. All you ladies have been so helpful so I thought I'd post something to help others as well! I am a young female who's quite happy with my body. You see, I'm very active and fit so I'm constantly seeing... READ MORE

25 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5ft with Narrow Frame ALLEGRAN 485CC HP Sub-muscular - Toronto, ON

After a tough decision whether to go with 2 different size implants, I decided to stick with the same size because of going much bigger than I was. Very pleased with the results, I know when the swelling goes down they will be slightly different in size but I'm happy and glad the healing process... READ MORE

36 Year Old Mother of Two.. Finally Decided to Do Something I've Wanted Since I Was a Freshman in High School. - San Antonio, TX

After careful consideration and a lot of mixed emotions I have decided to get a BA. Right now I'm hoping to schedule it for the first week of December 2015 bit I am waiting to meet with one more doctor on the 28th of this month here in San Antonio. I have been wanting to get a BA ever since I... READ MORE

39, 3 Kids, Time for Some Ds - Williamsville, NY

Went for consultation finally, had 3D imaging done. Neat to see what I will look like with enhanced breasts, looking to go up from an almost full B cup to a beginning D cup. I'm 5'2, 122 pounds. Looked nice on me, in poportion with my frame. 400cc left breast and 385cc right breast I do believe.... READ MORE

31 Year Old with Two Kids - Can Decide on How Many Cc for Breast Augmentation - Toronto, ON

Hey! I went to my first consult today, got measured, paid for my procedure and met my surgeon. My surgeon gave me the range of 385-415 (he said he would refuse to do more than that) and I am having difficulty deciding on which size I want. I tried on many implants in my bra but I am concerned... READ MORE

27yrs Old, No Kids, 5'4, 143lbs, 34A - Australia

I've wanted and joked about having a boob job since i was about 17. I have never been 'unhappy' but would never turn down the opportunity to upgrade haha. My husband and I often joke about how small my boobs are, and how a lot of men have bigger boobs than me. To have a BA in New Zealand would... READ MORE

. 100% Worth It

Hi everyone! I finally brought myself to write on here (will post before and after pictures). I am looking for advice, tips, etc from others in my shoes. I am a 24 year old mother of two and after breast feeding both of them, I feel I need something to get my boobs back. I was a 34 c prior to... READ MORE

Anatomical Under 315cc Microthane - Romania

After extensive research I have found a plastic surgeon! Yay I am from London but having done in Romania as the price difference is crazy, I chose the polytech microthane as they have less risks for everything and are much lighter, i wanted the most natural look that would make me in proportion... READ MORE

Finally I Have Boobs! Motiva Ergonomix 320cc Silicone Implants, Subfascial - Finland, FI

Hello everyone and greetings from Finland! I had my breast augmentation nine days ago and wanted to share my experience with you. I am 31 years old for a few days still and I weigh 53 kilos (116 lbs) and measure 156 cm (5'1") in height. I have breastfed one child for two years, but my breasts... READ MORE

BA Only 3 Days Away and I'm FREAKING OUT! - Miami, FL

I am 5'7 160lbs mother of 2 and my BA is 3 days away, I am SOOOOO nervous!! I've never had surgery before or anything like this so I am very unsure of what to expect. I have many friends who have done it and all of them say it's a piece of cake and blah blah but I am freaking out and like... READ MORE

Active Marine A-Cup. San Diego, CA

Being so active I've always been super thin, making my chest super flat. Also being in the Marine Corps it makes you feel pretty manly. I decided to get breast implant to balance my body out. I have very muscular legs and butt so with the exception off my chest I am pretty curvy. I traveled to... READ MORE

Boobs, Butt, Tummy, Oh Wow! - Thailand

Hi ladies, I've been a fan of RS for so long. I never thought I would be in a place in my life where I would be able to write about my own journey. I'm almost 40 and have only recently realized it's okay to do things for yourself and that every women should feel sexy and beautiful. I'm a newly... READ MORE

SOOOO NERVOUS! 5'3, 116 Lbs, 32A, Under Muscle, 500cc - Honolulu, HI

I an scheduled to have my surgery in just 2 days and a wake up. SOOO scary! I've been obsessed and reading reviews on this site nonstop about the procedures and everyone's experience. I'm getting more and more nervous but I truly feel that I'm in good hands and everything will work out great.... READ MORE

30 Years Old Breast Implants After 2 Kids - San Diego, CA

I absolutely feel that every woman that has had children and breastfed their children should get breast implants, just to get the perk back, and rid themselves of the infamous "Goo Boob" look and feel our breasts take on after children. My plastic surgeon, Dr. Pousti in San Diego was very... READ MORE

36yrs, 5'6", 133lbs, 34B Hoping for D - San Diego, CA

Hello ladies. I am scheduled for BA on 8/10. Preop 8/2. I'm debating between 400-475 silicone, sub muscular, periareolar incision. Currently a 34B hoping for a small/full 34D. I will update my preop tomorrow. Appreciate any tips on things you wish you knew BEFORE BA (meds/activity/returning to... READ MORE

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