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26years Old 142lbs High Pre BA 34B Profile 425Cc/475cc Under the Muscle Smooth Round - Beverly Hills, CA

Hope my review will achieve with what your looking for.. Ive wanted big breast when i was younger but i never realy been lucky to be endowed. I was dating this guy at the time who hated fake breast and since dating a person like him BA was out of the question plus i saw too many obvious girls... READ MORE

Gummy Bear Rapid Recovery - Panama City, FL

I would like at least 300 cc's. I had a consultation a few months ago and finally decided to have the procedure done. I'm pretty excited n I'm glad that I found out about this app. I would like at least 300 cc's. I had a consultation a few months ago and finally decided to have the procedure... READ MORE

18 Years Old, Flat-chested, No Kids- 250cc HP - Tulsa, OK

Hey guys! All the females in my family are flat chested, with the exception of my sister who has a bit of breast tissue. Growing up, I always wanted to have boobs. I pretty much have been researching getting breast implants thoroughly since I was 14. If there is a medical research paper out... READ MORE

26 Year Old Having Breast Implants in Belgium

Can't wait to have my breast augmentation in April so excited, going from a 32A/B to a DD/E with Dr Plovier at BeClinic in Belgium anyone else gone form this size what size implants did you have? Looking for any advice and information? I have been for a consultation in Harley street with him and... READ MORE

5'1" 110 Lbs 11 BWD 450cc HP Silicone - Symmastia/Tenting at 3 months PO. Repair using strattice

Decided to start my review since I find that reviews here have been helping me tremendously. I thought I should try to help out others as well as get some guidance/support since I need all the help and info I can get. First some much needed stats :) Age: 37 Band/Cup Size : 30A (might update... READ MORE

32 ear-old Single Mom Who All Has Always Had my Boobs Could Probably Fit in a Training Bra Will Just Say That :( Winnipeg, MB

I hope that they look real I don't want to look like ground balls I want to have some nice cleavage and Raceside move but I do once about 450 to 500 mL I figure if you going to go for it go for my first thought was to go from my AA to big B. But then realize I'm going to pay $8000 I want them to... READ MORE

400cc HP Silicone

Very happy and wondering why I waited so long! Can not wait for my final results :) I finally feel that I look how I always wanted and thought I should look. If you have been researching or considering breast augmentation seriously for over a year do yourself a favor and don't wait 15 years... READ MORE

32 Yrs, 170lbs, Size A Tuberous Breast getting 445cc implants with Axillary Breast Tail Removal - Chicago, IL

This is my year! I'm sick of the breast I have and am starting my search for a surgeon. The information however, is overwhelming. I know for a fact the axillary breast tail has got to go! No matter how much weight I lose its always there causing pain. Which is why I rarely wear a bra. I have... READ MORE

375cc 32y/o 2 kids 5'1 / 115lbs

I am so excited to get my new boobies!! I will update more about it later after my pre-op with Dr. Baum on 4/25/17 My surgery was originally on 5/8/17 but I had to changed the date because i just started at my new job and they didn't approved my days off, I'm glad that when I called Dr.Baum's... READ MORE

28 Years Old, 1 Child

I'm currently a 34A/ B cup right now. I have pretty much always wanted a breast augmentation since high school. My surgery is scheduled for May 25th. I will be getting 400- 425 cc high profile silicone. I'm beyond terrified getting it.. really just going under scares me!! Can anyone give me some... READ MORE

745cc Over muscle post lumpectomy/biopsy

Dr Garrett Harper did my B.A. in Charlotte today. It was scheduled at 12:30pm and I'm already home, in bed and I ate some soup. Was told that I had minimum bleeding if any at all. I know they're still swollen, but I love them already. We had previously discussed about 550cc, which I worried... READ MORE

28 Yrs/ 5'7.5"/138lbs/415Left FP,450cc Right FP -Overland Park, KS

Wanted a boob job since age 14. I waited through puberty to see if they would grow. Waited through my twenties to see if they'd grow or of I'd feel differently about them with time. 14 years later, no change of feelings I graduated from college, got a good job a good company and decided it give... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Petite Frame, CC's? - Seattle, WA

Hello! I'm currently scheduled to have a breast augmentation on March 31st 2016. My pre op appointment is scheduled for March 4th and I'm a little nervous due to the fact that my plastic surgeon and I are going to be picking the size of my implants. I am 21 years old with a petite body. I am... READ MORE

So I've Finally Booked - 34B to 34DD 404CC 'Gummy bear' Moderate profile

So I've finally booked my BA! It's been a long journey but I've found the right Dr. The clinic looked great. And it wasn't hard to find. It's a bit of a distance if coming from the GTA but well worth it. I've booked my BA for early next year. Dr Andrade was very helpful and helped to clarify... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3 97 Lbs - Long Island City, NY

Hi girls, so I finally decided to make myself a page. The reason why is because I want to help other girls if they're considering a breast augmentation. I know I am very petite and is hard to find other girls I can relate to, but I'm sure Im not the only 'little' one and my posts will help them.... READ MORE

Great Results - Greensboro, NC

While Dr. Coley is very direct, he delivers on his promise. I'm still getting acclimated to all of the repercussions of implants but I'm very happy with his work! I would recommend to anyone in the triad area as he does not mince words or promise a fictitious result! Definitely worth a... READ MORE

Fantastic Experience! - Dominican Republic, DO

My experience with this doctor was a great one! He was very nice and kind, and I would recommend him to anyone out there. I love my results and I am more than pleased by his work! Fabulous job and doctor! READ MORE

Thanks to You Ladies - Getting This Sooner Rather Than Later! 640 CC Moderate Profile 27Y/O No Kids

Don't get my wrong - I LOVE my boobs. They're perky, symmetrical, I can ditch my bra and wear just about everything. But I've always had some serious boob envy! My natural weight is about 120-125 at 5'5" I've always had an athletic figure and felt the most body confident when I had a very low... READ MORE

BA- MPP Silicone For 12cm BWD 325cc

I'm about three weeks pre-op, and of course, this is all I can think about. So far I have settled on 325cc moderate plus profile silicone smooth round, with a 12cm BWD. I'm "pretty" sure this is what I'm wanting based on looking at countless before and afters, aiming to focus on those closest to... READ MORE

Will come back

My experience was great! The Doctor is very patient and perfectionist. Tania Pinero was the person in charge of all the procedure arrangements, I would recommend her too as she was very attentive and sweet. READ MORE

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