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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm nervous, but I have wanted this surgery done for so long. I had a lump removed when I was 16 and it was the scariest moment of my life. Now that I'm older, I still want the surgery done. I want fuller breasts with volume. Not sure about sizes yet. I have wanted to get my boobs done since I... READ MORE

My name is Jenna I'm 23 years old, I was a 32A and I hated being flat chested. I had such a great experience having this procedure, I was terrified of the pain I was going to have afterwards and Dr Maresky told me not to worry I should feel uncomfortable and that I should not have a lot of pain.... READ MORE

Ahh, the life of tuberous breasts. Everytime i have doubts, i take pictures of my breasts. I remember the first time i took pics of my breasts- i was stunned! When i lean forward, they turn into goat teats. :( This explains a lot. It has been rough having them. I remember in high school, boys... READ MORE

I've always wanted a breast augmentation when my breast stopped growing in junior high school. Being petite at 5"1 and flat chested really made me feel so self consious and insecure about the way my body looked. I also had to have padded bra and swimsuit season was dreadful. As I grew older, I... READ MORE

Hello I'm new here .. Scheduled to have surgery 5/12/16! Excited & nervous :0 If you are first time undecided of size, please listen to your doctor. I'm going for what he recommended me 440cc. Hope to get more info here regarding recovery. I will be posting more pics , final results ! Stay... READ MORE

I'm 31, 32 A/B currently. Pre pregnancy I was a 32B but got to a 32 DD/E while breast feeding! My BWD is 12 and I'm looking at the Mod+ or HP around 275-300 cc silicone gel, under muscle, periareolar incision. It's a tough decision choosing size and profile! I have been preferring the mod+ look... READ MORE

Hi looking for opinions been wanting breat implants for years now some people say no I'm a 34 full c but I wear victorica secert 34d 5"6 134lbs feed back please ,I don't want ti waste money if not needed would like to be awake for the surgery don't do well with anesthesia so if any ladies out... READ MORE

So the price tag is a rough estimate from what I can remember. Let me just say that I went into the office interested in only a tummy-tuck and I ended up getting the "mommy makeover". It was the snapshots of what I really looked like that made up my mind for me. I have no regrets. The doctor... READ MORE

Hello everyone! after i was wondering about BA and fat transfer to breasts. i decided to get breast implants. i'd been doing researching just a week before i've done it because i was so busy with last year of university and work. i suggest everyone who thinks they will get BA do a lot of... READ MORE

After years of t shirts on the beach and crying in changing rooms this was one of the best decisions I have made. At 26 and a size 6 I was keen to achieve a size that wasn't out of proportion. The recovery wasn't as painful as I thought but I am finding the sports bra very uncomfortable. The... READ MORE

Okay, because this cite helped me so much I am going to share my journey as well. I am 21 years old and I have always lacked in the boob department. I am so self conscious in bathing suits ect. I hate shopping for tops because nothing looks good on my tiny chest. I know it is time and I am... READ MORE

So I have been debating for a long time about getting BA done. And here I am 2 years later scheduling my appointment for my new boobies!! Two weeks can't go by soon enough! I have had my appointment with dr. Koch. Overall a great experience. He covered everything I needed to know about before... READ MORE

I wasn't sure I'd actually post a review on here, but I have found its pretty hard to find reviews for "smaller" implants so I thought I'd share my story. I've always been smal-chested, but breastfeeding my child for 15 months did me in. He is now 6 and I'm not having anymore children, so... READ MORE

I have decided to invest in myself. I've never been particularly unhappy with my boobs. But I've never thought of them as something to be proud of. They are just sort of... there. I've had BA on my mind for a year or so. I recently got married and the subject came up. After realizing how... READ MORE

I want to make sure i go big enough but not too big! right now we said 339cc silicone under muscle, moderate profile. im going back march 17th for another consultation and to set a date. i have always had B or smaller when i had my kids inwas a full C i miss that lol. but im having tough time... READ MORE

I have been very flat all my life and would like to do something for myself now that my kids are a little older and I'm turning 40. So I thought breast augmentation might not be a bad idea. It took me less than a month from the thought of doing it to the surgery date booking. I think a major... READ MORE

I'm 5'11 (180cm), 57kg (126lbs), 21 years old, no children, 32A/B (depending on amount of padding!). I have wanted to get implants for years, and originally told myself I would wait till i was at least 25 before getting them to make sure i was 100% i wanted them, but I'm 21 now and I don't... READ MORE

So I'm 22. I'm a mixed baby, a hybrid really.. I am a latina/asian/european mix living in Australia ($9700AU is about $7100US) Stats: 5'4, 117 pounds, somewhat an athletic/petite frame. Small bwd. Implant size decision: 385cc. Should make me look nice and full but not unnatural. (How I look... READ MORE

I've always had small breasts typically a 34B but after having 3 children, dieting and exercise I am now a embarrassing 34A. I dreamed of getting breast Implants to make me feel more like a woman and confident without wearing a bombshell bra. After months of research we found Dr. Hochstein in... READ MORE

After 14 years of being unhappy with my small breasts and never feeling like my figure has been balanced proportionately, on top of that I have fibrocystic breasts causing my right to be larger than my left(I despised my left breast) I was pretty self conscious about them. I was finally ready, I... READ MORE

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