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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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So u had gotten my surgery done today. I got 550 cc high profile silicon underneath the muscle. Right now I'm very sorry and it hurts to move around so I'm just trying to lay in bed as much as possible but my back hurts a lot from laying in the same position. I recived a compression belt from... READ MORE

I've always been a lean fit person but after doing PRO fitness competitions year after year , fluctuating in weight, and Breast feeding my son, I decided to get the cohesive gel breast implants . It was one of the best decisions of my life. There's nothing like looking in the mirror and being... READ MORE

OK so I decided to have my breasts done. I chose a Dr and immediately felt this was the right decision. Went in for preop and came out decided on 650cc Silicone unders. I am posting before and after. Today is day 1 post op. I am definitely sore with most of the pain accruing right after I woke... READ MORE

I'm overwhelmed because my Dr. Is not sure what size implant will fit! He will have 2 silicone sizes at the time of surgery. 350cc & 375cc! Both are smaller than what I had hoped for:( The surgery is already paid for, so my question is...what can I do besides go to another Dr.? Any... READ MORE

I went from a small 32B to a 32D and with great pleasure I can say that the results are exactly what I wanted. They still need to drop but I know once they do I will be very satisfied. I am a burlesque dancer, and with small breasts I always felt behind "developmentally." The costumes and other... READ MORE

I would love my boobs to be quite big but still suit my frame. I'm petite, athletic and healthy. Will 350cc's or more be ok for my frame. I want a look between natural (sloped top chest) and unnatural, round) full look. My breasts are sagged from breast feeding my son 11 years ago. Please help... READ MORE

My husband and I both wanted normal feel to my implants but to be on the larger side. I initially went with 400cc Biplaner then after Pre-Op visit decided on 400 cc, Silicone Allergen hp Subglandular, Inflammatory incision. I'm pretty small and thin and just felt the Biplaner would cause the... READ MORE

After having children and breastfeeding, I found myself hating my breasts. I did the surgery to get my tubes tied and decided that I needed to do something for me. I am so happy with my decision. I had a hard time picking the size I wanted and this site was so helpful for me. I was worried about... READ MORE

Hello my name is Porsche and I'm 32 years old...I'm getting a Brest augmentation from Dr. jimerson on December 21 I'm soooo scared and nervous at the same time . My pre opp is dec 7...I want to go bigger than what I thought before ...initially I picked out 500cc but now I want to go with 600 cc... READ MORE

Hi! I'm 38, 5'3", 123 lbs. I like to do sports (so I have to keep that In mind) I'm a 36A. I would like to have a breast augmentation that will give me volume but still have movement. I would like to have a nice cleavage without having to wear a push-up bra. I'm thinking of a D cup. I had 2... READ MORE

So tomorrow is the big day!!!! I'm calm but anxious ???????????? I didn't consider having an augmentation until I lost the weight I gained from pregnancy and with it my breast tissue. I got into fitness very consistently and as my chest got more toned the less fat in my boobs. I worked as a... READ MORE

APRIL 7th, i met with Dr. Bryson Richards for the first time. Doc did my chest measurement, and then he took a still video of me for the crisalix 3D visual of me before and after to give me an idea of how i would look with 4 different implant sizes. I was then given sizers to try on. I explained... READ MORE

I've wanted to do this for years and finally did it! I was unhappy with my breasts after having children and going through dramatic weight gain then weight loss. I told the doctor I just want to put them back where they go. The doctor and staff took the time to explain and show me the... READ MORE

I've always been small in weight but everytime my weight would fluctuate it would take its toll on my boobs they would go from size A to C then down to B and so on. They just couldn't make up their mind. I've been thinking about getting a BA for nearly a decade and finally just decided to go for... READ MORE

I lost 10-15lbs over the last 10 years and lost my nice 36C breasts. Want to get back some natural fullness so I don't look flat in sports bras. Debating between what seems to be a shot glass but the 304ccs feel matronly to me. I am also fearful of larger breasts making me look matronly or top... READ MORE

Okay so I'm going to vitenas... This Thursday... When I did a 304 cc vs the 339cc the 339cc were in my opinion too big!!! Even the assistant told me. However I'm looking at pictures on this website and the look I want are like 400cc??? I'm so confused.. I'm like a day away from surgery and I... READ MORE

I have read many other reviews and have found them to be helpful, so I thought I would take the time to document my own experience. Stats: 5"9 130 lbs B34 25" waist 36" hips I am tired of wearing padded bras and inserts to give myself some cleavage. No one has told me to do this. People's... READ MORE

I have been dreaming about implants since I was 12. My self confidence was still high but I was always self conscious about how small they were. I tried different creams, massages, a noogle, and natural pills to help enhance it. Nothing worked. Finally, my husband noticed how insecure I was... READ MORE

Have thought about doing a BA for FOREVER. Have always been in the A club & hated it. Finally got the hubby onboard and and going for it. 5'2" and 118 lbs. with my pre-op next month. Thinking maybe 300-350 CCs? Idk... scared to go too big but don't want to regret going too small. Here's the... READ MORE

Well tomorrow is the big day for me. A little background on me I am 5'1 maybe 5'2 on a good day, 117 lbs. 31 yrs. old with 2 children who were both breastfed. I am currently at a 34 A and I barely even fill that out. I am getting 375CC saline mod + implants under the muscle. (or at least I am... READ MORE

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