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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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28YO, 2 Kids, 6ft Tall, 150lbs - Calgary, AB

I am so excited. I have wanted implants since having my first baby, but wanted to wait til I was done having kids. After my second baby literally sucked the life out of my boobies I figured now is a great time to get them done ! I saved and saved and my appointment is January 6 !! (I'll upload... READ MORE

Active 33 Year Old, Mom of 2 Kids (Both Nursed), 450cc Breast Augmentation - Asheville, NC

Had BA surgery with Dr. Stern. It was a wonderful experience, she is a great doctor. The staff was so helpful as well. Surgery day was not scary at all b/c of the staff, and really nice surgery center attached to their building. Post op did not have too much pain. Maybe only a couple of... READ MORE

400cc's Silicone HP - Miami, FL

I got 400ccs Silicone SubPectoral and I couldn't be happier. I initially chose 350 but when I looked in the mirror with the 350 sizer, I didn't really see a difference and if I was going to pay $3500 I wanted to be able to see a fuller chest. I had "deflated" B cup breasts (thanks to breast... READ MORE

24 Years Old - No Kids - 5.7 - 58kg - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

I am super nervous... And excited at the same time. I am meeting my surgeon on 7th of September hoping to get surgery end of September/beginning of October latest. I decided to meet Dr Mahadev from Harley Medical Group in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The surgery will most likely take place in Preston or... READ MORE

32 Y.o | Breastfed 2 Kids | Need Some Fullness Back in my Life! - United Kingdom, GB

I used to have nice, round, perky boobs. The kind I was proud of. 32DD. Then I had kids, and ballooned up to a F-cup at one point.... but once I stopped breastfeeding, I was left with much less boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still an 'ample bosom' but I feel like I have no fullness at the... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever! 400cc Low Profile, Under the Muscle.

Hi guys!! I'm a 30 Year old mother of 3, weight 58kg, height 161cm. Breast fed all 3 kids for 12 months each which resulted in me losing volume. I wanted a natural look to fill in my false droop and return volume as well as keep my natural cleavage. Had many consultations over a few months... READ MORE

5'6, 168, 650cc silicone over the Muscle - Miami, FL

Im a mother of 1 and was tired of my flat boobs. I breast fed for almost 2 years. I originally was going for 500cc under. Dr. Llorente suggest I go with 650cc overs for the best result. Happy I went with the bigger implant. Currently pod 2 and trying not to do to much sense I have no pain and... READ MORE

5'4, 106 Pounds, Petite, Large HP Silicone 580 Cc's

Was a small 34B, very nervous about going too big but wanted more than a C, maybe medium D? Debated and read probably way too much about, drove myself nuts! :) I'm one day post op, so far so good!! Afraid to take the bandage off and take a look, I know they look really high and weird... READ MORE

34a Pre-op, 360cc High Profile Round Silicone Partials. Dr Borghini, Bridgewater Hospital - Manchester, GB

I had my consultation and follow up until the operation with Nu Cosmetic Clinic. They're a great company and I found they were much more caring and bothered than MYA, so I'm so happy with my decision. They sometimes needed chasing to ensure everything was okay as they don't like to pest you, but... READ MORE

22 Years Old, No Kids, Currently a 36A

I've been wanting this procedure for so long!! I went to my consultation two weeks ago. We're going to do 485-500cc silicone. I'm still trying to figure out if I want the high profile, or just moderate +. I might go back before my procedure to get a 3D imaging done and talk more about if I... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 5'4, 120lbs, 34a getting 495cc's - Layton, UT

Met Dr Yates for a consultation and was very impressed! I look forward to scheduling my procedure with him in the very near future. I think I will go with 500 cc high profile silicone implants. Go big or go home right? I am currently an A cup 5'4 and 120lbs. So they will be very noticeable I'm... READ MORE

33 yr old mom of 4, almosy done saving for implants.

I have been waiting to grow boobs since I was twelvE and it never happened. Actually, it happened when i had my kids and I was bresatfeeding, but now I'm back to square one again. I have settled into a thin/petite shape and I still don't feel confident because I feel like a 12-yr old boy. People... READ MORE

Natrelle 410FF Full Height Full Projection 425CC -Teardrop,Anatomical

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even had a surgery booked last year and canceled a few days before due to uncertenty, but now I'm ready! And damn am I ever excited. I've noticed there isn't a lot of before and after photo online of the #TearDrop implants which made my decision extra... READ MORE

32 Year Old with Two Small Children. Started out 34a and Goal of a 34c. 325cc's - Granite Bay, CA

Since the age of puberty, I never really developed. I had small 34a's I tried to fit into a 34B bra to make me feel better. When I had children and as soon as my milk came in, I knew I wanted an augmentation when I was done breastfeeding. when my son was finally done nursing, I scheduled my... READ MORE

20, 2 Kids, I Finally Have my Youth Back! - Fort Worth, TX

After breastfeeding my kids for 3 years my breast were very droopy looking. They made me really depressed. Dr. Kurkjian wasn't judgmental of me like the other doctors I had previously went to. Him and his staff were very kind and welcoming! I got my surgery 3 weeks after my consultation. I felt... READ MORE

28 Mommy of Two - La Jolla, CA

I have always hated my boobs I was somewhat tuberous meaning I had pointy boobs and after two kids and 16 months of breast feeding they were even worse. I had bad credit so I had to save up the entire about to get them done. I was so excited! It was all I could think in my spare time. I knew the... READ MORE

Petite, 5'4", 295cc HP, Round, Smooth, Silicone, Under Muscle - Seattle, WA

Stats: 2 kids (breastfed) Weight: 115lbs Height: 5'4" Rib cage: 27" Waist: 25" Hip: 36" Hoping to go from a 32aa to a 32c!! I have had 2 consultations with plastic surgeons. The first I really didn't care for - felt very generic and got a weird vibe from him. The second dr I felt way more... READ MORE

BeClinic Dr Plovier Belgium - 550cc Unders

Hey! I've had my new boobies almost a week!! Finding it so hard to not analyse every single detail of them!! My support bra is only a 34c and I asked to be atleast a d/DD hoping for the size i wished for!! I'm almost a week post operative now and am resumed pretty much all activities I can... READ MORE

22 yrs old, Saline 350cc Moderate Profile!

I currently got my breast done 2 weeks ago. I'm 5'4 and weight 145lbs. I was 34A before. I want natual look so my surgeon recommended me to go with Saline 350cc Moderate Proflie. However, it looked much smaller than the measured size that I tried with my surgeon. It has nothing on the upper... READ MORE

Pre-op review

Bruce Landon's before-after gallery is great, the prices are reasonable, and the consultation was a wonderful experience. His staff is extremely knowledgeable and I feel fully prepared for the procedure. Excited for my surgery! READ MORE

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