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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.
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While Dr. Coley is very direct, he delivers on his promise. I'm still getting acclimated to all of the repercussions of implants but I'm very happy with his work! I would recommend to anyone in the triad area as he does not mince words or promise a fictitious result! Definitely worth a... READ MORE

First off let me say how incredibly satisfied and happy I am with my results! I feel like a new person and it's AMAZING. I have always been petite through my chest and hated it. I've never been confident in my body and decided a long time ago I wanted to get breast implants. I began my search... READ MORE

Hi girls, I'm going with anatomical polyurethane "furry Brazilians" under the muscle. Had 2 consultations and decided on Dr Mario Zambelli in Rijeka, Croatia. I have a slight asymmetry that he fill fix by making a small crescent incision above my right breast. My Dr recommends either 275cc or... READ MORE

I honestly am still in shock as I'm typing. I have no pain at all just a bit pressure. Got to the docs office at 11 and was done and out by 3:30. Everyone there was amazing!!! Esp the nurses. I felt like the doc was very caring and professional. I honestly couldn't ask for better treatment! I... READ MORE

So I've finally done it! I've paid the full amount for my boob job to be performed on 26 February with Dr Ullens and Clinic Beaucare in Belgium! After an absolutely horrific consultation with MYA, (for which I'm still getting DAILY sales calls AFTER I told them I don't want to proceed!!!!) I... READ MORE

I'm 26, wanted this surgery for about 5 years but wanted to wait until I was sure this is what I wanted. My rib cage measures 29 1/2 inches around, I barely fill an A cup. My surgery is in 2 days (March 21) and I keep swaying back and forth on the size. I'm thinking 485 ccs but not sure this... READ MORE

During my consultation with Dr.Karlinsky i felt 100% confident that she is the Doctor for me !!!! she is amazing ..... very understanding and extremely informative on all the pros and cons ... she was open and did not sugar coat anything !!! she is honest and will tell you how it is !!!!!!! she... READ MORE

So I'm booked in to BeClinic for my breast augmentation in the 3rd of March! I'm such a mixed bag of emotion.. Mainly excited but also fearing the Unknown!! I never really developed boobs and always said I'd book in as soon as money allowed. After breastfeeding my son my normal 32a bust filled... READ MORE

Got tired of putting on dresses and just not having anything to fill out. Struggled for years with super padded bras but it just doesn't seem to work. Wanted some fullness but nothing crazy. Haven't done the procedure yet but as part of the pre-op discussed silicon versus saline and what that... READ MORE

I had my first consultation for a breast augmentation on November 2015. I was nervous and had no idea what to expect, but Dr. Edelstein is very knowledgable and answered all my questions regarding sizing, surgery, recovery, pricing, etc. Then I came in a second time to pick a size and was... READ MORE

Hi Im finally ready to get a breast augmentation, my ps is recommending a periareolar lift with implant of 300cc hp silicone , is that necessary or can I achieve fullness and size im looking for without the lift. I'm looking to be a C cup, I'm 5'2 110lbs (petite) . I also want to know if... READ MORE

I have struggled with self esteem issues from having small breasts since middle school. I am pleased to say, I finally mustered up the courage to do something about it. I was a 32AA/ AAA and I went with 550cc high profile silicone, sub muscular implants. I started my journey into breast... READ MORE

Had previous breast lift after my second child 5 years ago under IV sedation and local anesthetic. Since then I've had a third child (he's 2 now). My surgeon said he would perform breast augmentation under dame anesthetic. For some reason I'm very afraid of general anesthesia so any way to... READ MORE

Hi all, I'm going to give a brief rundown of my history and motivation and then get further into my experience and review. I was always fairly flat-chested and since my mid-teens I had already decided that one day I would like to have breast augmentation. I had pectus excavatum so I had a bit... READ MORE

In 2011, after a few years of research for a much needed breast augmentation, I chose Dr. Christopher Craft. I explained to Dr. Craft that i wanted the most natural look possible, he knew exactly what to offer me and showed me pictures of exactly what i would look like afterwards, and together... READ MORE

Over the past couple months I have been attending multiple consultations across Toronto and I have finally picked the perfect place to go! I will be getting my breast augmentation at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic and I couldn't be anymore excited!! They were so professional when I had gone there for... READ MORE

I was very nervous and wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing. After I had my child my boobs became deflated and made me look very flat chested. I was a deflated 34B before breast aug. I haven't been sized yet, but I got 390cc of moderate profile inserted inframammry and submuscular! I will... READ MORE

My Preop apt is on Tuesday and that's when we're finalizing details like size and silicone vs. saline. I'm thinking anywhere from 340-425 cc based on what I've seen on this website. I will upload pics of my size now compared to my ideal size. Dr. Harrington said at my consult it doesn't matter... READ MORE

Very exctd yet lil nervous but so happy to finally get my twinsies! ???? my surgery next month so I'm trying to stay healthy for the big day!.. drinking lots of water trying to stay away from soda is veryyyy hard!!!... but yet in the outcome all of this is totally worth it!! I been wanting boobs... READ MORE

Im due to have my ba on the 27.03.16 iv met my surgeon absolutely lovely man I had a choice of 360cc unders or 440cc max overs I wanted as big as possible so I have chosen 440cc overs... been trying to get opinions on over the muscle implants and have read loads of pros and cons for both under... READ MORE

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How much do Breast Implants cost?

The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,446-$6,500 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 5,962 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more