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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Wish I would have done this in my 20's! Dr. Curtsinger was awesome! The whole experience was fast, thorough, and the results are perfect! I am so super pleased with how surgery went and the look I achieved! I went with 600 ccs, silicone, high profile. I have had one child and was a small B cup... READ MORE

I have been debating breast augmentation for 15 years going back and forth but the want has never fully left my mind so decided to take the plunge. I had a full b cup before kids and wanted my pre baby breasts back. After breast feeding two kids I barely had an A cup left. I went in for my Pre... READ MORE

I had implants in May of 2014. I didn't want to go through with the procedure about a week beforehand, but I was under the impression I could not get a refund, so rather than it be a waste, I went ahead with the procedure. I later found out that I could have changed my mind. Too little too... READ MORE

Hello Ladies...a couple of months ago i made the decision to want to get a BA. I am currently deployed so upon my return back to Las Vegas ill be seeing a couple of doctors. Those of you who have had surgery in Las Vegas, is there a PS you recommend? Im currently a 36B and wanting a D/DD size in... READ MORE

Im 24 5'3 123lbs 1 child.I am stuck between 325, 350, and 375 (silicone). Depending on the brand I can wear 32b or 32c. I am nervous because I don't want to do 375 and wake up with super big boobs(porn star). I also have stretch marks that I am scared with look worse afterwards. Of course like... READ MORE

Have had my consultation and scheduled surgery. Planning on getting 325 cc silicone mp unders to go from 34A to a full C. Sometimes I wonder if that's too small but I don't want a huge unnatural look. Looking somewhat natural is very important. Have confidence he's going to give me the... READ MORE

I decided to have breast implants whilst living in Prague as the procedure is so much cheaper than where I come from. I consulted a surgeon and expressed I was very nervous and didn't want to be any bigger just to be more fuller. I went back for another visit day prior to procedure as I was so... READ MORE

Well, I never thought I'd be writing about boobs. . . let alone MY boobs. But here we are. After having two kids (but only breastfeeding 1 long-term), my poor boobs are saggy and shrunken. I used to be a 34 D and although I haven't been "formally" resized, I'll bet I'm somewhere around a B.... READ MORE

Age: 35 Height: 5'4" Weight: 118 Reason for BA: breastfeeding 2 children resulting in deflated sagging My youngest is almost 18 months and I plan to nurse another 6 months. I contemplated breast augmentation after seeing how motherhood and breastfeeding changed my breasts with my first child. ... READ MORE

Had previous breast lift after my second child 5 years ago under IV sedation and local anesthetic. Since then I've had a third child (he's 2 now). My surgeon said he would perform breast augmentation under dame anesthetic. For some reason I'm very afraid of general anesthesia so any way to... READ MORE

Hi everyone so excited and nervous my surgery is only 12 days away! I am a mother of three children I breast feed 2 kids and the girls have been through it. I'm wanting to be a full c to small D ? I have room to stretch my breast went to a D cup with each pregnancy! I don't want to look fake... READ MORE

So I played with the idea of getting implants for years. I always knew even as a little girl that's what I wanted. I looked around at different plastic surgeons for 2 years and I found Dr Frank Lista. I went for my consultation (nervous as hell) but he was sooo calm and nice and took the time... READ MORE

I am so excited about my surgery. It's already scheduled for October 8th, 2015. Dr Urmen Desai made me feel very comfortable. He suggested 400 cc silicone. Im currently 34 B using push ups for help :( Hopefully this will give me the full C cup I have always wanted. Im really small. 4'10 and 115... READ MORE

I've wanted bigger breasts from as far back as I can remember. I was always very petite as a teen and even as I was approaching young adulthood I never really filled out in the typical areas that most women fill out in. I consider myself to be very fit and I lift weights on a regular basis to... READ MORE

Just scheduled my surgery for June 17th, 2016 with Dr. Jose Perez-Gurri. My consultantion went great. The office and facilities are modern, clean and beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the doctor is very knowledgeable. I went for a consultantion with another doctor here in Miami, and the... READ MORE

Post breast feeding my two children my breast became deflated and very small (A cup). Dr. Ferraro provided me with the quality implants that I could not find at other facilities and performed a high quality surgical procedure which gave my breast their fullness and firmness back. Great work,... READ MORE

I had my 3 children at a very early age all before i was 20 and i found my breasts were flat (like spaniels ears). I lacked confidence because of this and ended up wearing chicken fillets all the time. On holidays i hated wearing bikinis because its looked like i was flat chested and it made me... READ MORE

I've always been flat chested. I'm 5'8" 122lbs, no kids. Going for my BA 10/13/15, 455cc silicone under the muscle. I'm nervous, but super excited. It's like waiting for Christmas morning. I'm hoping they turn out exactly like I have imagined and there aren't any complications. Wish me luck.... READ MORE

I did my homework five yrs ago while living in Buffalo, NY with Dr Troung! It was worth waiting for. My husband eas not into the surgury But when I brought him to meet Dr Troung he was convonced and actually went bigger than i thought I wanted. 400 cc 34-D. I miss him he moved to Chicago, let me... READ MORE

I am 1 week post op from my surgery with Dr. Peck. So far I am pleased with my results. I am scheduled for my post op appointment with Dr. Peck next Wednesday and am looking forward to hearing his thoughts on my recovery. I did a bi-lateral sub-pecotoral saline implant. 330cc's in my left... READ MORE

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