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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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27yo 2 Yea Old Daughter, Breast Fed - Wanted Large, Full Breasts. Tulsa, OK

I chose 700cc silicone, above the muscle, fold incision. I am 210lbs, 5'7" large broad chest and long torso. I liked the larger size because my chest was so broad. I was worried because everything I read said not to go so large. However, I am extremely happy I went larger because if I had... READ MORE

25 Years Old 5'2 120lbs 425cc? - Houston, TX

I will be having my breast augmentation on Friday the 16th of December and I am nervous. I have wanted bigger breast since I was 16. I have 1 child and after breast feeding I'm barely a 32c. I have never felt like a woman when I go braless. I hate that I don't feel comfortable showing my... READ MORE

400cc silicone unders. Best Decision ever!

So I've been doing research on this site for the last couple of weeks; going through pictures, articles and reviews like a woman possessed. I've always thought about getting breast implants but never gave it too serious of a thought because I figured the timing (with either work or finances)... READ MORE

30yr Old Mum, 5ft 8, Size 10. 390cc or 420cc Mod Profile

Hi all, Just wrote a massive review and it didn't load! So now il keep it short and sweet incase it happens again! I've got 2 children and know I do not want anymore so now it's time for me to finally get some boobs! So excited and nervous at the same time. I feel like all I do at the... READ MORE

23 No Kids 400cc High Profile over the Muscle - Modesto, CA

Hi everyone! I decided to share my journey since reading so many others on here has helped me so much! So a little background, I am 23 and have been wanting an augmentation since I was 16. I waited it out hoping they would grow or that me wanting them was a phase but after 7 years I am deciding... READ MORE

Breast Decision Ever!!!! - Saint Peters, MO

I had been searching for a good surgeon for a year, had encountered some uptight and snotty doctors who had a poor beside manor When I found Dr. Boschert and I knew he was the one!!! I had met with other physicians who were cold and unfriendly, but Dr. Boschert and his staff were the complete... READ MORE

27yo, 170 lbs, 5'7, Breastfed x 2. 550-600cc HP Silicone Unders

Before kids I wore a size C. During breastfeeding I wore a size E (which I absolutely LOVED). Now I have deflated B's. I made a consultation appointment for June 17th! I am excited, but nervous! Trying to have an idea of what I want when I go in... Silicone or saline? How long do I have to go... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 32AA, 5'5", 100lbs, 275cc silicone under the muscle

After considering it for quite awhile now, I'm finally taking the leap and getting breast implants. I'm currently a 32AA with a very small frame, but I do have a pretty decent sized butt and have long legs, so after trying on several sizes, the nurse at Dr. Hankins' office recommended a 345cc... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old 32A Not Sure if 275cc or 300cc, 5'2 & Athletic w/ Booty, Not Wanting to Look Shorter or Too Kardashian - Tucson, AZ

I am so confused about the implant size and profile, also my surgery must be in june. Already went to two surgeons appointments and the first one recommended me to go between 275 and 300 cc (which he told me that 300cc would be great) and the other surgeon told me that 330cc and ultra high... READ MORE

37 Yrs 290cc Round Silicone Unders - Liverpool, GB

I have always had small boobs except when breastfeeding my 2 kids. I was an A cup then went upto a C cup during bf. My kids seemed to suck out what volume I had and my boobs were left sad and empty with stretched out nipples. I had considered Ba for years but only got the nerve recently! Am now... READ MORE

21 Y/o,5'3, 140lbs. Getting 400 Cc HP Silicone Gel - Atlanta, GA

Hey!! I cannot believe I'm finally posting on here much less actually having the surgery!! I'm getting 400cc HP silicone gel unders and I'm set to have my surgery on December 13th with Dr. Colgrove in Atlanta. I've wanted this surgery ever since I was a little girl and just can't believe it's... READ MORE

5'9" 116lbs Natrelle SRX 400cc post breastfeeding makeover

I met with two other surgeons before finally meeting "the one"! I was sold on another but she moved before I got around to scheduling. I have 2 children and breastfed each so dealing with a huge volume loss. I've known I wanted to have this done since I went from a full B (pre kids) to a DD... READ MORE

Flat As a Board, 36 Yrs, 1 Kid, Want Small Natural Motiva Ergonomix Through Armpit with Endoscope - Helsingborg, SE

Finally done it. Always been quite happy with my flat board, but after breastfeeding two years ago I discovered the boob joy. Went for Bellaklinikken in Helsingborg, Sweden as the doctor there has developed a new technique for BAs. He uses an endoscope so he can see where exactly the implant... READ MORE

Periareolar Scars - Grand Rapids, MI

I went into this maybe a little too soon; I had wanted them for years and finally, for my birthday my mother decided to give me this gift. I was so excited that I rushed into it and made an appointment to insert the implants (with this particular woman surgeon) only a week after my consultation.... READ MORE

29 Yrs, 58 Kg 158cm-breastfed 2 Children 6+mths AUGMENTATION & LIPO REVIEW - Cairns, AU

Recently underwent breast augmentation and lipo with Dr Robert Goldman from inspire Medispa Perth and had my surgery at the Cairns Central Private Hospital in Cairns FNQ. Pre-op 10B unsure of post op still to be fitted. Wanted big- but natural... Opted for larger implants 500cc on top of the... READ MORE

27 Years Old with Zero Kids - Henderson, NV

Went to Dr. Arthor Cambeiro for a my BA surgery and boy o boy do i have to say how in love i am with my results!! I picked 410 teardrops silicon implants in 375cc which were put in both breast and day two post surgery they look amazing!!! Can't wait for the next few weeks to come. My follow up... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3 97 Lbs - Long Island City, NY

Hi girls, so I finally decided to make myself a page. The reason why is because I want to help other girls if they're considering a breast augmentation. I know I am very petite and is hard to find other girls I can relate to, but I'm sure Im not the only 'little' one and my posts will help them.... READ MORE

28 Yo No Kids 34A on the Road to Hopefully a 34 Full C - Miami, FL

Ok everyone! First off I would like to thank you for your contributions to this site because it seems like I have been on it night and day for weeks now and seeing your journeys have helped tremendously. I have my BA scheduled for this Saturday 11/12/16 and feeling crazy excited and just crazy... READ MORE

22 Yr, 5'3" 375CC HP Mentor Smooth Silicone Unders - Miami, FL

Very excited to finally be writing my review! I'm attaching some pre-op photos including the ones I sent my PS Dr Ghersi in Miami. After much research I believe that Dr Ghersi is my preferred surgeon for my procedure. He specializes in facial cosmetic surgery (esp rhinoplasty I've heard... READ MORE

Mum of 2 Breastfed Babies, Very Deflated Acup. Getting 350cc and Hoping to Be a C-d Cup - Brisbane, AU

Since April this year I started doing my research into this surgery, what surgeons, did I need a lift, what part of Queensland would I get them done in, how many cc, over or unders, what profile etc, cost, recovery time. So many things went through my mind. I had a few internet consults and... READ MORE

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