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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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23 Year Old, Very Physically Active, 385CC Below the Muscle - City Of Sydney, AU

I am currently less than a month away until the big day; this is going to be my journey before, during and after the breast aug. - 23 Year Old -385 cc, below the muscle - very physically active, I train 5-6 times a week, powerlifting but I want to get more into physique - lost 30kg as a... READ MORE

275cc Unders / Motiva LOW PROFILE Silicon / 27 / 34B-C / No Kids - United Kingdom

So i'm currently in the recuperation period for my breast augmentation with Mr James Murphy, In Manchester, UK. 275cc Motiva 'Mini' (Low Profile) Silicone Implants Under muscle / submuscular / dual plane / sub pectoral Crease incision Natural size - 34B/C BWD: 13.5cm My height: 5ft7 Dress... READ MORE

Mom of Two, Deflated Breasts from Pregnancy & Breastfeeding - Santa Rosa, CA

I met Dr. Canales in 2010, shortly after weaning my second child from breastfeeding. I was referred to Dr. Canales by a friend who had recently had a mommy makeover and was impressed with her results. Dr. Canales was very easy to talk to, listened to concerns, and my wants. I don't have a small... READ MORE

34a 5ft 6 157lbs 450cc Mod Plus

Been contemplating a review for many years but after completing our family with our 3rd child and breastfeeding for a Combined total of 1.5 yes it's times to regain my body confidence! Was aperky 34b prior but now barely a sad empty A. Had my consultation 6 weeks ago and knew straight away he... READ MORE

22 Yrs Old 32A Not Sure if 275cc or 300cc, 5'2 & Athletic w/ Booty, Not Wanting to Look Shorter or Too Kardashian - Tucson, AZ

I am so confused about the implant size and profile, also my surgery must be in june. Already went to two surgeons appointments and the first one recommended me to go between 275 and 300 cc (which he told me that 300cc would be great) and the other surgeon told me that 330cc and ultra high... READ MORE

32 Years Old Saline Under the Muscle Implants - Ann Arbor, MI

I am 32 years old and have a 32 A cup breasts. My breasts have filled out some over the years but as a adult with no children I have made the decision to take the leap and get breast implants. As a 5"6 125 lb female I am very active physically and in the past 5 years have done a lot to change... READ MORE

24 years old Dr. Ary Krau @ 350CC under the muscle

Alright guys..... I believe I found the doctor I want to do my surgery. His name is Dr. Ary Krau. He is the guy and I definitely want him to give me them boobs I want. Now the only thing that I'm having trouble with...... is deciding if I should go to Coral Gables (as he also works there) or... READ MORE

20 Yrs Old, 105lbs, 5' 7'' Breast Augmentation - Salem, OR

I just scheduled my boob job yay! I have always had extremely small boobs and its something I've wanted to change since I was in middle school. No matter if I weigh 95lbs, or 125lbs, my boobs will always stay the same size. I just want dream boobies that everyone wants! I am currently a 32A and... READ MORE

22 Years Old, 590ccs Silicone Implants - Savannah, GA

I am 22 and I have always felt self conscious about my breasts. They have always been very small except when I was breastfeeding my son, then they were a full C. They very quickly went back down and probably smaller when I stopped breastfeeding. I have been saving for this surgery for years and... READ MORE

On the Road to Boobies! - Santa Rosa, CA

Hi everyone! I have decided to start posting my review because this website is so helpful and helped me make the official decision that i do in fact want a breast augmentation and i love seeing all the help and support people offer on here. I just had my consultation today and really enjoy the... READ MORE

Sergio Here I Come - Miami, FL

On my way! To dr Sergio I booked and paid about a week ago I'm in love with him already his reviews are amazing this time I'm getting Lipo in my back whatever they can get fro My Lil belly and breast implants .............................implants ............................. Patiently waiting... READ MORE

35, BA on the 10th sept16 (under muscle) Allergan Inspira TRF 450g implants -United Kingdom, GB

Hey there, I am meeting with my PS later today to discuss things over. I am torn on an anatomical shape (tear drop/gummybear) or round?? any feedback or advise on peoples experiences would be great! good or bad, recommendations on implants would also be fab. I am currently an A Cup looking to be... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 34A/B Athletic and Petite, Excited to Have More Full Breasts - Saint Augustine, FL

I have always been self conscious of my smaller chest but since I had nicely shaped, perky breasts I just went with it while they were still cute. I have stayed thin and athletic all throughout my 20's, but over the past few years I feel like I have lost volume and perkiness. I always just wore... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, No Kids, 5'4" 32 A - San Diego, CA

I'm 5 weeks away from getting a BA and the closer I get to my operation, the more excited/nervous I get! I've been wanting to do this for myself since I was 17! Now that I'm done with college and a working adult, I decided it's time to treat myself! I went through 3 consultations (1 in Beverly... READ MORE

550cc Breast Augmentation - Mexico

I'm 27 and have wanted breast augmentation for over 10 years. After having 2 kids my breast were a saggy C. I did a virtual consultation with Dr. Suarez, secured my appointment and was able to be picked up by a staff member from my home in SD. I was 125lbs he said no lift needed and I trusted... READ MORE

32 Yrs, 170lbs, Size A Tuberous Breast getting 445cc implants with Axillary Breast Tail Removal - Chicago, IL

This is my year! I'm sick of the breast I have and am starting my search for a surgeon. The information however, is overwhelming. I know for a fact the axillary breast tail has got to go! No matter how much weight I lose its always there causing pain. Which is why I rarely wear a bra. I have... READ MORE

Getting 400/350 Cc over the Muscle to Even out Assymetry - Mississauga, ON

Well since I am on this site all the time reading reviews, I thought I should do one myself. I am 42 years old with 2 kids that are 5 and 7. My boobs have been different sizes my whole life. But after breastfeeding both kids and then losing a bunch of weight.. One is just so much bigger. The... READ MORE

24 Years Old . 36A to 36D I Love my New Boobies

I was contemplating on getting my boobs done for years . Finally I just made the choice to do what makes me happy . I wanted to feel more like a women . And now I feel more sexier than ever before . The first day I went for consultation I got to choose my size it was so fun trying on different... READ MORE

24 Year Old, 5'7'', 155lbs Tuberous Breast Deformity. 400cc moderate plus, dual-plane. - Albany, NY

When I was young, I perceived myself as hideous. I was fat, I had dark hair and dark eyes when all I wanted to be was blonde, I had crooked teeth, I had a big round head (inuit descent), and to top that all off, I had non-existent breasts with puffy, pink nipples. Everything that other girls... READ MORE

BA with Lipo in Back ,Abs and Flanks

I decided to Finally get the breast I have always wanted - I went for 445 cc"s over the muscle silicone breast implants. I had no lift involved and I wanted minimum scaring . I knew that over the muscle was the way for me and I am in love with the results and could not be happier! I kept going... READ MORE

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