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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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23 Years Old, 5'9 125lbs 400cc Silicone - Columbus, OH

I am so excited for my new boobies Friday! I am currently a full A looking to achieve a full C. Not really worried about surgery but more so how I will be feeling post op. I get married next year so I'm glad I will have these suckers for that :) I would love to hear from the September surgery... READ MORE

36B, No Kids, 135lbs, 26 yrs old - Breast Augmentation Coming Soon!

I've wanted to get my boobs done since I was in highschool. Now that I have the money to get them done, I have been doing my research. I've gone to two consultations to compare what the doctors opinion would be. I'm excited to see the outcome after the procedure! I am planning on getting the... READ MORE

27 YO Mother of 1 Breast Augmentation & Lip Injections - Tucson, AZ

After many weeks of gathering information and interviewing doctors for a breast augmentation, I decided last minute to go with Dr. Rao. I initially was going to travel to Mexico but that quickly changed, then I had an appointment in Scottsdale with a Dr who I won't say but had a horrible... READ MORE

Perfectionist!!! Professional!! First Class! - San Diego, CA

I am 8 days post op and are thrilled with the results! I recommend anyone considering a breast procedure to go to Dr. Poutsi's office! Everyone that works there is very professional and caring. I have always felt out of proportion with my pear shape. After years and years of dreaming and saying... READ MORE

34 Yr Old with 2 Kids and Sad Breasts - Canada

I'm currently a 34 a ( i barely fill an acup anymore)but lots of volume loss and a bit of sagging after having two kids. I did not breastfeed. I had a consultation I was told that I don't need a lift I'm just going to do full high profile implants over the muscle with a silicone (cohesive gel 2... READ MORE

Dr Kumar Clifton Lane Clinic - Rotherham, GB

Hi ladies I'm 5,5"8st 10 im firstday post op and so far cannot express how happy I am I was expecting them to look a lot dif haven just having them done I went to Rotherham to clinton lane clinic I read a a lot of mixed reviews and found it very hard to find an before and after piks of his... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 1 Child & Breastfed for 6months! - Rockville, MD

Hey everyone! I have been interested in getting a B.a since high school ended. Since I have breastfed my son who is now 5 years old I want them even more! I recently went to 3 consultations. The first Doctor suggested implants with a lift for $9300. The second only implants for $7900. The last... READ MORE

21, 125lbs and 5'9". 375cc Silicone - Portland, OR

Being tall and on the slender side I've always wanted to enhance my appearance by having a breast augmentation. After I turned 21 I finally made the decision to move forward and begin consulting to find my best fit with a surgeon and move forward. I scheduled at the end of may and set my surgery... READ MORE

27 Mom of 2 Boys (Flat Chested) - Peoria, IL

I had my consultation on July 1, 2016. I'm 115 lbs and my current bra size is a 32A. I have been wanting my breasts done since I was younger. However, I was told that after I had children they would come. Funny thing is they did and once I stopped producing milk they left lol. My doctor... READ MORE

31 Y/o Getting a Breast Augmentation - Virginia Beach, VA

Hi! I have been to several consultations over the last 10 years. When I went to Dr. Alspaugh I immediately knew he was the surgeon to do my BA surgery. He is kind and thorough. I didn't feel rushed when speaking with him. Also, his nursing staff is very helpful. Right after meeting with Dr... READ MORE

Tuberous 36B Large Areolas.. Help - Tampa, FL

I'm in Tampa in search of what I can do to improve the size, nipple size, space in between my breasts. I have been looking at so many reviews and I can't find anyone who has breasts like mine and I'm in need of some advice. I want 550 silicone high profile implants and I don't want a space in... READ MORE

27, No Kids, Lack Volume in Breasts and Want Better Shape! - Norway

Never considered getting a boob job until i started to lose weight, even though I didn't lose that much, it seems that the "girls" went away first! I went from a 34B to a 36A (EU 75C to 80B). My boobs are left deflated and it looks like I breastfed a couple of kids.. they are also a little... READ MORE

22 Year Old with Tuberous Breast Correction - Albany, NY

I am now 6 months post-op and finally writing my review of Dr. Deluca and his wonderful work. Prior to my surgery, I spent years contemplating whether I wanted to have this procedure done or not. I've always been a confident girl, but at the same time felt like I had something to hide. After... READ MORE

Small Implants 200cc

Hi everybody After thinking of a boob job for a long time, and doing lots of research, I finally made an appointment to see a professional surgeon! I am just waiting to complete consent forms etc and to definitely decide on a size, but I am pretty sure I want 200cc as I am a very small frame... READ MORE

130lbs Size 34a or Less, 5 Ft 8inches with 2 Children .

I am having my BA on the 13 th September 2016. I am very excited and nervous. I have never had boobs, I workout and can't wait to be in proportion! I always said I would never have an operation but for whatever reason I changed my mind. I can't wait to buy bras and bikinis and dresses that... READ MORE

5'9" 116lbs Natrelle SRX 400cc post breastfeeding makeover

I met with two other surgeons before finally meeting "the one"! I was sold on another but she moved before I got around to scheduling. I have 2 children and breastfed each so dealing with a huge volume loss. I've known I wanted to have this done since I went from a full B (pre kids) to a DD... READ MORE

32 Yo 5 Kids in Need of Breast Augmentation - Seattle, WA

5'2" weighing 100 lbs. Been flat chested all my life. Lack of confidence and always feeling embarrassed of not looking like a women. Just want to achieve a full C or small D with natural looks. I am getting 325cc on my left and 350cc on my right HP silicone under the muscle. I have my surgery on... READ MORE

BA in Thailand with Cosmeditour

I am now three days post op and over the moon with my results. I was a small B with down facing nipples. I am almost 6ft tall with broad shoulders and weighing 80kg. I wanted a more proportionate look and to feel more feminine wothout having to wear two padded bras. I ended up opting for 495cc... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Double a Breasts to Full C - Sydney, AU

I was always extremely self conscious of my small breasts and having a breast enlargement was always something I dreamt of. After extensive research, i chose dr Moradi to be my surgeon and I couldn't be happier with the results. I can now say I love my breasts. In the initial consult I explained... READ MORE

48 mother of 4 5'8 150 After Years of Waiting!! - Sugar Land, TX

So for years I have wanted a BA. I have 4 kids and after breastfeeding and age mine droop lol. I've been talking about it now for about six years. September 13th I went in for a consultation to just see how much it was going to cost. After speaking to the doctor and him showing me pictures of... READ MORE

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