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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.
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I've wanted to do this for years and finally did it! I was unhappy with my breasts after having children and going through dramatic weight gain then weight loss. I told the doctor I just want to put them back where they go. The doctor and staff took the time to explain and show me the... READ MORE

I have always been very small chested and after having 4 kids in I now have basically nothing but nipples. I am planning on getting 450cc saline unders just hoping for it 2 be done already. I'm really hoping that in not going to being for my body size but I don't want to still be to small at the... READ MORE

Hello, I have scheduled my BA surgery for 3/11/2016 in Beverly Hills. I actually met the doctor through this site after he responded to many of my questions. I feel like I have overwhelmed myself with all the research. I have decided on 350cc, my doctor did not want to do anymore that that. But... READ MORE

I've always wanted a BA since high school. I was a late bloomer so I was always self-conscious about my breasts. Years later, I had my son and most moms can agree that pregnancy can take a toll on your body, especially your breasts. After I had my son, I was left with a deflated 36C (or 34D in... READ MORE

For the past 5 years of my life i've been considering BA for my 34 A breast size. I have been this breast size for the past 13 years of my life, It does not matter if I gain or loose weight my breast size seemed to stay the same. I have started going to consultations this summer and so far have... READ MORE

I wanted more round, full breast after nursing our little one for 18 months. After choosing my Doc we decided 440cc Moderate profile, Cohesive Gel was best for me. I was so scared this was going to be too big by other people's opinions but Dr. Wong assured me I wouldn't look out of proportion.... READ MORE

My doctor wa s Dt. Kerr in Austin at Synergy. He and Vlasta helped me make my decision on implant size. I ended up getting 600cc in my right breast and 650cc in the left breast. They both talked me through everything and answered all of my questions. I felt comfortable having my procedure done... READ MORE

I'm 28, 5'6" and 125-130 lbs. Before kids I was a full 34B. After breastfeeding the youngest for 16 months, I'm left with a full, but saggy 34A :( I'm looking for natural results... not an obvious or fake look. I'm thinking between 350-425 CC, Moderate Plus. Unfortunately, my doctor doesn't... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants for forever. I wanted to wait till after kids. 2 Boys later and Im finally doing it! I am so excited, but I am agonizing over my choice in size! I am going with silicone Moderate Plus. The sizes I would consider at 533cc, 560cc and 575cc. I currently have in my... READ MORE

I have always hoped that my breasts would grow and reach a size that I am 100% confident with but now at 25, I have accepted that my size is pretty much where it is going to be (I am a small 32B, I have been measured as a "true" 30C, but I definitely am skeptical). I love my body and am even... READ MORE

I have always had a petite frame so my small breasts fit my body. However, after having 2 kids and breastfeeding both, my small A breasts went to a negative A practically. I have wanted this my entire adult life but always put family and other financial things before myself. I finally made... READ MORE

So I'm going to start by saying this will be my first boob job. My goal is to eventually have 1500cc silicone implants. Which is currently not possible in the US due to FDA bureaucracy. But they are available in all of Latin America and Europe. I currently have DDD breasts. I personally just... READ MORE

Hi there well tomorrow 6/4/2016 is the big day I get my boob job with all the training I do getting ready for figure sculpting comps my girls have dropped a bit to far for my liking as I have dropped a lot of body fat, so just want them back to where they were, thankfully I don't need a lift... READ MORE

I have been dreaming about implants since I was 12. My self confidence was still high but I was always self conscious about how small they were. I tried different creams, massages, a noogle, and natural pills to help enhance it. Nothing worked. Finally, my husband noticed how insecure I was... READ MORE

Prior to surgery I was about a 34B with uneven breasts and lots of extra unwanted breast tissue under my armpit. I work at a sports bar so many of my coworkers had already had the procedure so I was lucky to have so many girls to get advice from. I ended up choosing the 380-450cc hp saline... READ MORE

So I decided to write a review. This site has helped so much from all the wonderful posts from all of you. I had my BA Jan. 5th. I have been really thinking about having one done for about 3 years now. I have 4 daughters and nursed them all. My boobs never bothered me intolerant about 3 years... READ MORE

Hi ladies !! I have been stalking this website for years. I have one child and she has sucked the life out of my breast,and I am ready for a new pair ! I have decided to go with Dr Ortega @ Spectrum! Why ?? .. He is board certified, affordable and his work looks amazing. My surgery date... READ MORE

Had my first consultation on Wednesday, March 16 2016. My pre op was today 3/21/16, and my surgery is set for Wednesday 3/23/16! I am excited and terrified at the same time! I am 41 years old with seven children that I breastfed. My doctor said that I don't need a lift, thankful for that. I am... READ MORE

Still currently going through the healing process, lots of swelling and discomfort. The procedure was so much easier then I thought It would be and Im very happy I did this, just cannot wait for them to settle into their normal position (: please feel free to ask any questions. I went with the... READ MORE

Went to Dr. Arthor Cambeiro for a my BA surgery and boy o boy do i have to say how in love i am with my results!! I picked 410 teardrops silicon implants in 375cc which were put in both breast and day two post surgery they look amazing!!! Can't wait for the next few weeks to come. My follow up... READ MORE

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The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,446-$6,500 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 5,952 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more