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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I've always been extremely flat (not even filling up an A cup) and it's been a great source of discomfort and embarrassment for me and my biggest insecurity. Ever since I was 16, I've been wanting an augmentation and have saved up for years to afford one. Once I turned 22, I was set on getting... READ MORE

Day two post op, still sore but happy to have boobs. Went from A cup to DD. The DR's were very nice and caring. My sweet boyfriend took me. We got there at 6Am. I was the first surgery of the day, so I was the first one out. After surgery I felt great, day two has been rough still sore and in... READ MORE

After losing a bit of weight i was considering getting a breast lift (was 34 DD-36DDD, but after losing weight was a C, but my skin was still DD). Dr. Garcia thoroughly went over all my options and discussed botg short snd long term effects of all proceedures (also considered fat transfer and... READ MORE

Hi I've been doing a lot of research about breast augmentation and I am finally taking the plunge! I'm scared and excited at thesame time...I'm scared coz I've read some reviews that they get sick after a while having saline implants. Should I be concerned? Has anybody here had ba with Dr.... READ MORE

Hi all! I am a 21 year old, African American girl. I'm Appx. 5"6 and my weight fluctuates between 120-130lbs. I have NO CHILDREN.My surgery is scheduled for April 19, 2016!!! I will be getting SILICONE breast implants. Originally my doctor and I decided on 425CCs in my LEFT, and 400CCs in my... READ MORE

I had a hard time finding reviews and photos for over the muscle augmentations so I thought I would post my experience. I did find a great gallery at The site states for each one whether it was over or under the muscle. I had originally planned to go under the muscle but because of... READ MORE

1 week to go! Excited and nervous at the same time! Finally doing something for me. When I was younger I said I'd never get implants even though I wanted bigger boobs. Well, never say never! They didn't grow during my pregnancies, one of which was a twin pregnancy, And grew only slightly bigger... READ MORE

Long story short, I have always thought about having a breast augmentation. I have 1 child and after breastfeeding I felt a little deflated...19 years later and seeing a few of my closest friends go through the process of breast augmentation and how beautiful their breast looked, I was sold!... READ MORE

I have gone back and forth on whether I wanted to actually do a review or not. I decided to go forth with it because I see how supportive and informational you ladies are. I have been looking at reviews on realself for at least 5 years now. My fiance' and I just moved to Denver and its getting... READ MORE

After years of dreaming finally I'm getting my BA. I'm so excited and nervous. I'm 30 years old mother of two amazing boys with no boobies so its about time to change that. I went to Dr. Szczerba last week for my first consultation and I'm in surgery is May 2 2015 in 2 weeks yupppiii....... READ MORE

Scheduled BA with Dr. Tholen! Super excited and went in for my second sizing! I started out wanting 375 but now I want 500cc mod plus or HP. We have another consult scheduled to see what my frame can take. I want mod plus but all the doctors on RS that look at my pics say I might have to go HP!... READ MORE

Day 1. I was nervous the dr would go bigger than I wanted. I really wanted a small change. I am a small person 5 ft / 98 lbs and have always been flat chested. I am very fit and active (run marathons) and I don't mind being small breasted BUT I was REALLY small and won't go anywhere without... READ MORE

Hi All! I am two weeks away from my breast augmentation with Dr. Larson at Buckhead plastic surgery in Atlanta. I have one child who is two years old. I only breast fed for a month but I still lost the firmness I once had. I am currently a 32b and we have agreed on 450cc high profile implants... READ MORE

So I'm having my BA in 4 days ! I'm freaking out but this site is helping me! I've wanted boobs for a long time I've got 5 children and have been pregnant or breastfeeding since I was 16! I'm now 29 I've lost a lot of weight over the last two years. I currently wear a 28AA daughters actually... READ MORE

Went from a deflated 30aa to 30dd or dddd. The nurses were great. Always answered my calls and responded as soon as they could made me feel so comfortable. They assured me I was in good hands. I was nervous but they joked with me and helped me feel at home. My surgery was a success I couldnt ask... READ MORE

Always had small perky breast, after lots of pumping for premature twins and separation from my husband I needed something to do that was for me to gain confidence again. I met with two different surgeons and went with the second person. Both were honest that due to my rib cage shape I would... READ MORE

I've wanted boobs ever since puberty screwed me over and halted me and an A cup. Technically, not even an A, more like an A 1/2 not yet B cup. My best friend has natural big breast and walking next to her made me feel like a little girl. For me, having bigger breast will make me feel... READ MORE

Hello all!! So here's my story!! I always wanted boobs and I finally had enough saved up last year and BOOM- got preggo had a baby.. So I have a 9 year old and a 9 month old. Fast forward to now.. I figured out who I wanted after interviewing about 4 or 5 surgeons! He was amazing, informative... READ MORE

Hey ladies! I'm finally beginning my journey of getting the big girl boobs I've always wanted and I'm so excited. Now my consultation isn't even until August 30th but I really want to start documenting everything for you just because I know your stories have helped me out so much so I wanted to... READ MORE

I used to have a size D cup growing up. Almost 10 years ago now I lost some weight, but the majority of weight lost came from my chest. I've always felt like my breasts were "deflated" looking at times. So the plan Dr. Volpe and I came up with was a 325 cc moderate plus profile silicone implant.... READ MORE

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