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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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Breast Augmentation Review - Beverly Hills, CA

Surgery is a big decision, one that is not without risks. As a physician myself, I know that better than anyone. So when I decided to pursue breast augmentation surgery, I knew exactly what type of surgeon I was looking for. After my 1 hour consultation with Dr. Rahban, I was sold! I think I... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids, 34A/B

I have been reading and researching on RealSelf for a year or so and once I made the decision to go ahead with my BA, I figured I should share my story as well. It will be a great way to keep track of my progress also! I am 25 years old, 5'7" and right about 150 pounds. I have always been a... READ MORE

No Kids, Petite, 105 lbs, Mentor Silicone Mod+ 275ccs, 32AA to 32D - Alpharetta, GA

I've wanted bigger breasts from as far back as I can remember. I was always very petite as a teen and even as I was approaching young adulthood I never really filled out in the typical areas that most women fill out in. I consider myself to be very fit and I lift weights on a regular basis to... READ MORE

29 Yo, 5'9 145 Lbs, 2 Kids, 500cc HP Round Mentor Silicone - San Antonio, TX

I have never had big boobs, and then what I did have... my kids sucked the life out of! In 17 days im going to have 500cc HP silicone implants under the muscle. Very excited, but I did a Q & A on this website, and of course talked to my dr... but i wanted side boob and high cleavage. But... READ MORE

33, 5 5" 110lb

I am a very small woman. But always have a a great shape. My breast had full great athletic shape. My third baby took my 32c down to just skin. I enjoyed my body shape most with 32d(pregnancy breast,not nursing) Hopping to go up to 385cc in my right breast and the best match on my left to even... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Silicone Breast Augmentation - Long Island City, NY

Hi all! I am a 21 year old, African American girl. I'm Appx. 5"6 and my weight fluctuates between 120-130lbs. I have NO CHILDREN.My surgery is scheduled for April 19, 2016!!! I will be getting SILICONE breast implants. Originally my doctor and I decided on 425CCs in my LEFT, and 400CCs in my... READ MORE

33 Years Old 4 Kids All Breast Feed for Nearly 2 Years Each

I've seen two surgeons I practically ran from the 1st guy. I decided to go somewhere else as everyone kept saying it's important to have a good rapport with your surgeon. Both surgeons said I needed a lift too ( I was told I could get away with it on the one boob but the others nipple is lower)... READ MORE

41yo, Breastfed 4 Kids, Now Flat Chested, Breast Augmentation 450cc, Virginia - Reston, VA

Finally made the decision to get my boobs done after breastfeeding 4 kids. A friend recommended Austin-Weston Center for cosmetic surgery. The staff is friendly and welcoming. I went a few times for my try-ons and pre-op. Didn't really shop around too much, I was content with them and decided... READ MORE

24 Years Old - No Kids - 5'2" - 120lbs - Small B Cup

I joined this site for research purposes... and found Dr. Feldman. I scheduled my consultation June 17th and loved how it went. Dr. Feldman asked me what I was hoping to get out of the consult and I said info - he gave me so much background info about implants - the history, the risk, the... READ MORE

31 yr old, mom of 2, breastfed both, 145lb, 5'8", ultra high profile silicone BA

I am a 31 yr old mother of 2, who breastfed both for a year. I was small chested and thin chest walled even before kids. I have a narrow chest size with 32A. I weigh 145lbs, 5'8". I knew I wanted breast implants ever since my younger sister got a bra before I did. I knew I wanted to wait until... READ MORE

Breast Implants , 350 Cc , High Profile , over Muscle - Oslo, NO

Im really looking forward to the operation as I have been thinking about it for 2 years , I went to my first consultation in 2014 and the surgeon told me I was qualified for having it covered by the government because of the tuberosity . I went on and went to the public hospital after being sent... READ MORE

26yr Old 5'10 155 32b - Medford, OR

Hello everyone, I have been wanting to get breast implants at since I was 18, but I was always to scared to do it. I am now 26 & am at a point now that I am determined to make it happen. I am still scared because I HATE making decisions, so picking a size & dr is FRIGHTENING!!!!! I... READ MORE

21 Yo, No Kids, AA Cup to B with 255CC - Bethesda, MD

I've always had an athletic build and along with that came being flat chested. I started as a 34AA and am hoping I will heal into a B cup. I had my operation yesterday and so far everything has gone smoothly, I felt the most pain in the afternoon after my surgery. I am so happy with my results,... READ MORE

28 Yrs old with two kids alwasys wanted Breast Miami, FL

I was looking for a full size just up one and a natural look 400cc HP silicone supposed to give me a full c cap since I had have my Breast I been looking in reading up on other people and there experience and trying to figure out if anybody going through the same thing I'm going through?... READ MORE

40 Years Old, 2 Kids, About to Get Perky

After its free consultations I've decided to go with Dr Mark jewel in Eugene Oregon. I chose a mark because he seemed a very knowledgeable, spent a great deal of time with his clients to ensure a favorable outcome, and was very good at explaining everything. I've gone in for my consultation and... READ MORE

36 years old, 4'11", 90lbs. Saline 320/360 HP Breast Augmentation

Hi Everyone! I'm a 36 year old mom to a 3 and 6 year old. I've always been petite and with fairl small boobs-but even ore babies they were a tight perky (very small) B and after breastfeeding and stretching to an F cup they are now a shriveled A cup. I'm thrilled with the surgeon I have chosen... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, 3 Kids Breastfed, 5'2" 158 Lbs 600cc Uhp - Peoria, IL

I was a deflated C from losing weight. Now I have cleavage even in a sports bra. I was originally going to go 700cc but chickened out. I went with 600cc but wish I would have gone with the 700cc instead. I am only 6 weeks post op so I hope they change for the better. Overall, I think just... READ MORE

33yr Old, 1 Child. 32aa Hopefully Going to B Cup - Worcester, GB

So due to get surgery in three weeks. 200cc teardrop overs as I do a lot of weight work. Been back and forth over decision and still have major worries like: will you feel the implant due to my lack of breast tissue (currently a AA cup) , worried about them not looking right and complications... READ MORE

330cc, Round, Moderate Profile, Under the Muscle, 24yo - Brisbane, AU

Decided to take the plunge and fill out all the low-cut dresses in my wardrobe that I've bought and never worn because of my lack of cleavage (large a/small b cup). The consult was pretty straightforward and after looking at my breasts my surgeon was able to make some suggestions on sizes which... READ MORE

22 Years Old 100 lbs 5 foot 250cc Mentor - Troy, MI

I am scheduled to have a consultation June 1st for my implants and I'm not 100% sure what I want. Originally I wanted saline teardrop but after being on here I'm not sure teardrop is right for my body type. Any suggestions from anyone? Also I do not want to go huge with my size I just want to... READ MORE

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