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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE

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33 Yr Old, 2 Kids, 295cc Round Smooth, under muscle - Seattle, WA

Just had a consult with Dr Salemy for a breast augmentation. I'm 33 yrs old, 5'6" & 140lbs. I breast fed 2 kids (total of 4 years breastfeeding) and my boobs have lost their perkiness :(. Currently a 34B, was in a D cup when I was at the peak of breastfeeding. Would like to be a full C. PS... READ MORE

40, Athletic, 5'11", 146lbs, No Kids, Size A Hoping for C - Bay Area, CA

I want boobies. Gave myself to 40 to love my body. Now I want boobies, to fill up t shirts, swimsuits, bodysuit tops, lingerie, etc. Met with Dr Behmand and I knew he was the one. Ashley was pretty amazing as well as she helped me try on sizers - it was like hanging out with a fun and... READ MORE

400cc Moderate Breast Implants, Mom of 3, 30yr, 5'6, 125lbs - Tukwila, WA

I teach yoga and crossfit at a high school and want boobs that look great while not getting in the way. I've breastfed three babies/toddlers. Debating between 350/400cc and moderate and high profile implants. Most likely silicone implants. Current stats: Small 32A cup. 14 breast width. Hoping to... READ MORE

Ready to Get my Boobies Back

I've been to Dr Klink in the past for my tummy tuck and loved him. So I went a few months ago for a consult. He totally got that I wanted to look natural and he and I both decided that anything about a mid C would be too much for my small stature. I went in with a list of questions and he... READ MORE

34 Yr Old, No Kids, 560cc, Silicone, Mod + — Cleveland, OH

Started off as a 36 small c. Now a 36dd. Very happy with results so far! My stats are 5'8 and 170 pounds. First few days post-op were uncomfortable but not unbearable. Mainly a lot of pressure and sharp pains when sitting up. Returned to work after a week with limited activity. I have a desk job... READ MORE

34yrs. 5'7" 145 Lbs. 2 Kids. PreOp 36B/C. Getting 550CC or More

So excited for my surgery, which is August 18th. I'm 34, have 2 kids that are 9 and 10 years old. I've wanted bigger breasts as long as I can remember. As I approached 35 I realized just how much I wanted it, I feel like all I do is look at before and after pictures. Left the consultation... READ MORE

Bwd 11.9 5"6" 125 Lbs Currently 34a

I am Super nervous about my upcoming breast augmentation. I would like them to look as natural as possible, but not small. I was wondering if anyone has similar stats to mine. My PS suggested natrelle 304. Does anyone have experience with how big they will be after? I am hoping to achieve a... READ MORE

39 Yo, 5'3" 113lb; Ideal Implant Submuscular 325cc and 350cc

I've been lurking for a while and finally decided to document my experience. I chose my PS based on others reviews and how comfortable I was in his office. My experience has been quite different I think than others I've read about. I went in knowing that I wanted the Ideal implant, submuscular... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Mother of 1, 34A, Athlete- Flat Chested and Going with 295cc Smooth Round Silicone - Reston, VA

So, I am finally doing it. I have always been very flat chested, but after having my daughter, I find it bothers me a little more than before. Maybe it is because I actually had a little bit of a chest while I was pregnant and breastfeeding (still small but it was more) and then found myself... READ MORE

A Cup Going to 480cc Ultra High Profile over the muscle

Hello there I have just found this site. I am in the uk I am 5"6 I weigh 9 stone 10 pounds I am an A cup going to a DD or E cup ultra high profile One child who is 19 months I have always been unhappy with my breasts and sinice having my son it's gotten worse they sag and just gives me less... READ MORE

29 Yrs, 3 Kids, 5ft1 150 Pounds - Belgium

So I've decided to travel to clinic beaucare in Brussels from the UK after hearing nothing but good reviews. It's a lot cheaper than in the U.K. My surgeon is Dr Wim Danau whom I specifically asked for because of girls on here and their surgery he has done! His work Looks amazing . I'm hoping... READ MORE

5'8" 135lbs 415cc HP Silicone Round, Under Muscle, Inframammary

The best decision I have ever made, and I could not be happier with my results. I was 32A before, and now 32 DD. It doesn't look as big as it sounds, and very proportional to my body size. I had no idea about what size or how much cc I would want. Dr. Kim said not to worry about it, and bring... READ MORE

27 year old 5'4 128 ** L 375 cc / R 400 cc** JULY 13th Palo Alto, CA

Hello ladies! So I have a upcoming breast augmentation in July and my pre op is july 7th!!! I am 5'4 130 pounds, 36 B and athletic build. I want a full C small D. I am having trouble picking a size!! My PS recommended 300 cc's possibly 330 cc's moderate profile. Will 330 cc's these help me... READ MORE

295 Cc HP, Petite, 105 Lbs, 30A, No Kids - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hi ladies! So because everyone's reviews have been very helpful, I will also be sharing my story. I'm 105 lbs, 30A, no kids, 10.5-11 breast diameter, 27 years old. I have selected 295 hp and my surgery is just a couple hours away. June 14, 2017 @ 8:30AM. I was told to place a patch behind my... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 34B, 340cc and 360cc Motiva Demi Partially Under Muscle Round Silicone Implants

I have been thinking about breast augmentation for years. So today I went to consultation. I have B cup but I have also quite noticable asymmetry so the implants will be in different sizes. Doctor was very nice and offered me 2 options: 315cc and 355cc or 335cc and 375cc. I still haven't... READ MORE

Natrelle 410FF Full Height Full Projection 425CC -Teardrop,Anatomical

Hey, so ive been waiting years for this.. I even had a surgery booked last year and canceled a few days before due to uncertenty, but now I'm ready! And damn am I ever excited. I've noticed there isn't a lot of before and after photo online of the #TearDrop implants which made my decision extra... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mumma of 3 - AA Cup and Seeking a Full B. Motiva Ergonomix 185-205cc

Hello out there - and especially to any fellow NZers. Not many on this site, so I thought I'd be brave and log my journey of aspirations to have a pert, full wee boosum, as supplied by Dr Julian Lofts with implants. :-) I have been too-ing and fro-ing over the thought of implants for years! I am... READ MORE

Wanting bigger boobs

I have been wanting this surgery forever now it seems and i am finally the age where i am able to get silicone. I am wanting to go from this small A cup to a full C or small D. The problem is I have white silverish stretch marks from my pregnancy. I have a small frame and a flatish stomach but... READ MORE

32 Years Old Breastfed 425cc and 445cc mentor classic moderate profile (textured)

Height: 4'11 Weight: 116 Age: 32 Kids: 3 Surgery date is 6/14/2016 I am super excited and scared!! Mostly scared because my PS suggested I should get 500cc due to my measurements and tissue. I feel like 500cc might be too big, but I was told to awkward go by what your doctor suggests.. scared!!... READ MORE

34 D!!!

Hi guys I am very excited to get my breast implants BUT I still didn't choose between saline or silicone. Either one would be placed under the muscle. Saline is great for patients with decent amount of breast tissue and saline are 2k cheaper!!! I am a size 34 a and tried on 350 cc silicone. I... READ MORE

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