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Breast implants add volume to existing breast tissue to create a fuller chest. Implant options include silicone or saline, rounded or shaped, and textured or smooth, all of which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to choosing the style of implant you want, there are several options for incision locations to consider. LEARN MORE ›

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33yo, 163cm, 55kg, Symmetrical, Currently Unfilled B Cup - Adelaide, AU

Hey everyone! I'm currently obsessed with boobs. My partner said recently I've spent more time looking at breasts than a teenage boy. He is correct :-) I've wanted implants since as long as I can remember and I can't wait till I can fill out a bra, let alone a t-shirt. My current stats =... READ MORE

450cc High Profile Silicone Over the Muscle Boob Job - Nuffield, GB

I would like to share my experience with anyone who is considering a boob job! Today is my day one after surgery! I am absolutely fine, no pain, no regret! I was 32B and went for a 450cc high profile implant to get a full D cup! I'm not sure exactly what my size is yet but I'm pretty sure will... READ MORE

38 Y.o 1 Child with Hx of Significant Weight Lost - Wynnewood, PA

My body has experienced significant changes in weight with my heaviest weight of 300lbs at age 21. Since that time, I have drop to my lowest adult weight of 175 and went back up to 240. For the past several years my weight has remained between 215 and 225 consistently. I've always had rather... READ MORE

28 Y/o 5'4 142lbs 13.5 Diameter Weight Lifter

Im thinkin about 400-450cc mod plus profile under muscle. Of course im nervous. I know a lot of girls wish they would have went bigger but i dont want it to be the focal point. I want it to go with my body that i work hard for. A natural look. Im usually in gym clothes but when i wear normal... READ MORE

23 Years-old, 5'7', 130 Lbs Time to Get Some Boobies! - Beverly Hills, CA

I have been researching plastic surgeons for 2 years now. Finally decided to make that first consultation appointment with Dr. Kim and it was great. I expected to want to see more than one doctor before I make my decision, but after talking to him during the consultation combined with all the... READ MORE

27years Old, 5'10, 160lbs, Mother of Three - Summerville, SC

Going from a 36D while nursing to a sad 34B, desperately want that fullness back. Tomorrow (11/11) I'll be getting 750cc, silicone, HP, under the muscle. I originally wanted 500cc, but after trying the sizers I decided I needed to go bigger. 750cc seems to be my number. Praying all goes well and... READ MORE

25 Years Old 300cc Unders HP 34aa To..? - London, GB

I had 3 consultations so far, my op is in 2 weeks! Im so excited. I've only had fitting once (yesterday) and me and surgeon agreed we're gonna go for 300cc unders. But now I'm bit worried that it might be bit small. I really don't know what to do. I want very natural look and I'm hoping to... READ MORE

Breast augmentation Under Muscle 400cc - Birmingham, GB

Had breasts done Sat, 3 days on pain subsiding and less swelling. Also had tummy tuck review which included lipo suction. So far very bruised and sore in flank area. But generally as the days go on it's becoming easier. Day 1 and 2 were the worst. But bear with it and keep on top of pain relief.... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts with 280 Cc Overs - FR

I'm 40, 5f6, 135lbs and recently just got implants on tuberous breasts: 280cc anatomical overs. I am thrilled with the shape and the choice of going over the muscle (I am very active). I am so happy with my surgeon's work, so happy to have finally gotten this done! The pain has been minimal... READ MORE

35 Yr Old with 4 Kids All BF 560cc Ultra High Profile Under the Muscle - Valencia, CA

I have 4 kids , 3 of them in the last 6 years ,all BF for 15+ months . After working out the deflation got worse . I was recommended to a wonderful doctor went ahead and had a consultation . He said I had deflation and sagging but not bad enough to need a lift . I asked for a D to DD . I was a... READ MORE

5'5'', 124lbs, BWD 13.4, 500cc Saline Unders - Illinois

I have always been probably a 32AA, wearing an A cup and always wanted a BA since as long as I can remember. After having 2 kids and breast feeding them for a new months, I ended up with small, even more deflated looking chest. Finally, I decided that enough was enough and I was getting my BA.... READ MORE

35, Two Breastfed, 400cc motiva , over muscle

I don't say much as I am Thai. I feel a bit silly if I say things wrong here. Anyway, I'm going to get my boobies done in 2 days and I am so worry how it is gonna turn out. I've been reading loads of stories and that doesn't really put my mind at peace. I'm going to have 400cc by the hospital... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Breast Fed 2 Kids, 34 B Cup in Most Bras - Lethbridge, AB

Just made my consultation apt! I know it's not much of a review but I'm super excited :) I've always had small boobs and never really noticed but after children they are flat and gross looking. I have a hard time being intimate with my hubby or in bathing suits around friends. Excited to see... READ MORE

35 Years Old. 5'4 120 Pounds. 6 Children. AA Cup to Full C - Portland, OR

Tomorrow is the big day! I've birthed and nursed 6 children...I'm so excited to finally do something for myself!! I've been wanting to do this for a very long time. Now that I know I'm done having children, I figured now is the perfect time:) I really got on the ball. I had my free... READ MORE

Breastfed 5 Kiddos, Fit Mom, Wanting to Restore Breast - Raleigh, NC

I'm so excited and nervous to begin this journey. I have wanted breast since I can remember. I have always had a petite frame with small breasts, except while pregnant. I am nervous about going under, as this is my first ever surgery. I have the mom guilt of "what if" I leave 5 kids behind, or... READ MORE

39 Y/o 5'6" 110 32A/B Planning for 400-450 Round Silicone Under - Northwest, IN

My PS comes highly recommended and I think he's pretty conservative. I showed him my wish pics and he kinda shook his head and said he could get close. So, I'm hoping for good size natural looking breasts that aren't too big for my frame. I've lived in padded bras my who life and I'm so excited... READ MORE

Asian with 1 Kid, 30A 5'1" 110 Lbs Looking to Get Full D or Small E Cup - Chicago, IL

Decided to start my review since I find that reviews here have been helping me tremendously. I thought I should try to help out others as well as get some guidance/support since I need all the help and info I can get. First some much needed stats :) Age: 37 Band/Cup Size : 30A (might update... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation After Children - Toronto, ON

I haven't had my procedure done yet, so this may not be of any help to anyone yet. I'm scheduled for my breast augmentation on December 1st, and it can't soon enough! Im nervous, but excited at the same time. I've deckddd to go with 465cc overfilled to 485cc, saline, under the muscle. I am... READ MORE

One Week to Go. Really Scared - Manchester, GB

One week to go till my boob job. Currently 30 a/b. 47 years old size 8. Having 365cc teardrop under muscle negra implants to be an approx D cup. Really scared about everything the anaesthetic, the after pain everything. Presume everyone goes through this. I just want it over and done with now ..... READ MORE

37 Yrs 290cc Round Silicone Unders - Liverpool, GB

I have always had small boobs except when breastfeeding my 2 kids. I was an A cup then went upto a C cup during bf. My kids seemed to suck out what volume I had and my boobs were left sad and empty with stretched out nipples. I had considered Ba for years but only got the nerve recently! Am now... READ MORE

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