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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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24 years old and have always had a small figure (5'4, 100lbs) with little to no breasts. In the past few years of my life I have seriously considered getting breast implants. I looked at the average cost, what the risks were, and did some in depth research on different types of implants(silicone... READ MORE

Hello, The realself site has been invaluable to me to help me make the decision to go ahead and have implants. It is something I have a thought of but never thought I would do. I breast fed my boys and really enjoyed the feeling of larger breasts at that time and also felt my most confident. I... READ MORE

Still saving money before getting my first appointment with Dr Têtu and Dr Houle. I havé always been happy with my body... In total deny... but I finally admit it: I have always wanted big breasts! Now that my career on on track, I found the man of my life, I'm content with my Life; I can now... READ MORE

I recently turned 28 in December. Had my son at 19 and my daughter at 23. Breast fed both and they just sucked the life out of them! I've had 3 different consultations in Denver. 2 told me I NEEDED a breast the other said I could do without but my breast would look really low. So I finally went... READ MORE

Hello my beautiful woman, the woman that cares about themselves... I feel you already like part of my family (my boobs sisters) I read so much information that I feel I know you guys already. I have decided to do this because it's not fair that your transitions helped me so much and I don't... READ MORE

I called Dr. Hasell's office last week, and was extremely lucky to book a consultation on October 19, 2015. My hands were shaking when I dialled the number! I'm looking forward to my consultation. Right now I'm a 36A, and hoping to go up to a D or DD! I have wanted implants since I can remember,... READ MORE

I've always wanted boobs. When I was younger, I thought they would eventually grow, but that never happened. In my early twenties I was a bit heavier, and that was the only time I could ever fill an A cup. I was not happy with my body then, and even at my highest body fat I was only ever a 34A... READ MORE

I've wanted breast augmentation as long as I can remember. We always needed the money for "other important things" so it went on the back burner. My husband tried to convince me that I was beautiful the way I was and didn't need bigger boobs. It did work for a while but then we came into some... READ MORE

Ever since I was about 17 I've always dreamt of the day my breasts would grow big and voluptuous...but that day never came. I used to chat to my cousin about it and we both said we'd have boob jobs when we were older...then hers grew and mine didn't! At about 18 I started saving up...think I... READ MORE

Having my surgery on February 9th! Excited and nervous and a little scared too. I'm a 32 a and I've breast fed 3 children. I have a bwd of 11cm quite small and have been recommended 270cc. Going over as I work out and lift weights. Want to be a full c cup. Should I go bigger? Having a sizing on... READ MORE

I always wanted bigger breast. Since I realized I am not going to develop any more. I was always shy about my 34A size. So now I was in position to have them done. First night after surgery was so much pain I wanted to rep them out of my chest. Now I feel better but after 3 weeks still have some... READ MORE

Hello, lovelies! I've had my first consultation with Dr.Beber and have officially booked March 10th for my surgery. I had a consultation with another doctor about a year ago and it went horribly, his office was gross and he made me feel super uncomfortable, and it put me off of the whole idea... READ MORE

Hey all! I'm 21 (almost 22), 5'4.5", and between 120-124 lbs and have been considering a BA on & off for about 4-5 years. When I was in HS I actually had huge boobs... 32DDD-34DD was my avg size. These babies were a leeeetle too big for me, but they matched my athletic but curvy body type... READ MORE

After a very long time of juggling back and forth, I finally decided to have a breast augmentation consultation done. Picking a doctor was a no brainer for myself, Dr. Reza Momeni had done my mothers Breast augmentation back in 2005, he did a fantastic job and she swears she had the best... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants since I was very young. But they are actually smaller now and less pretty since I had my first baby. After I stopped breastfeeding , every ounce of breast tissue I had, completely dissolved. I would definitely feel more confident in my clothes and bathing suites if... READ MORE

Hi! I'm finally writing a review after reading so many! I have been thinking of doing this procedure for about 5 years now and finally decided to just do it. After extensive reading and watching endless videos and documentaries I feel like I'm ready to deal with all that comes with getting... READ MORE

Ann Arbor plastic Surgery is the biggest mistake in my life i am so disappointed. - I cannot have more question with my doctor about my scar division after i got breast implants from them and its not even more then 2 year plus they're going to send me to another plastic surgeon. - As I am... READ MORE

Hi guys. Since I used realself as one of the sources before I got my BA. I think it's time for me to review, so I can share with everyone. I just got my bad boys this morning with Dr. Mel Ortega! We agreed on putting in 325cc Round HP silicone. I usually wore 32C but boobs they were full at the... READ MORE

I am so thrilled to be getting this done. I have a small frame with cup size A breasts. I have had 4 kids, and breastfed all 4 of them for about a year each. The largest I became while breastfeeding was a full C. My breasts are basically empty A's now, and the nipples are a bit droopy.... READ MORE

Dr. Millard was aware that I could scar badly having darker skin and could keloid. He said he did a "special" suture which would help with scarring. As you can see it was very thick and overlapped which made the scarring much worse than a normal suture. I really wish he hadn't experimented on... READ MORE

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