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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider. LEARN MORE ›

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I only have two weeks until my surgery date. It is becoming a lot more real and making me quite nervous. I've wanted implants ever since I was in my middle school years, as my breasts never quite developed to what I had become to know as normal. I has always figured that as I grew, they would... READ MORE

Basically since high school started I've thought about getting breast implants. 7 years later, I have made up my mind and have decided to just go for it instead of waiting until I'm older. My mom got saline implants about 10 years ago and ever since then, the idea of having a BA hasn't been so... READ MORE

I'm pretty sure that whoever does the hiring for Dr. York Yates office only hires individuals that are nice, genuine and has a lot of patience. I thought maybe all these previous reviews were exaggerating a bit but there is no exaggeration at all. His staff has got it together. As for Dr. York... READ MORE

I'm 22 with two kids 150 lbs 5'3 I had my surgery done today I got cohesive gel smooth round high profile Armpit incision under the muscle 650 cc's in both breasts. Surgery went great only thing I didn't like was the wait times before surgery. It made me more anxious. Everything was great... READ MORE

So I'm a little late in writing this since my surgery is in 2 days, but I've found this site to be incredibly helpful as I've gone through this process and wanted to give back! First off, my stats-I'm 5'3, 105 lbs., and fit a 32a/32b. I'm getting silicone 325 cc's under the muscle...I... READ MORE

Tomorrow!!!! Hard to wrap my head around it! Been wanting this forever and it's finally here. I'm not nervous yet but I'm sure that will change tomorrow morning on the way to the surgery center. I currently wear a 34b and it's probably a tad too big. Doc suggested 350 hp which makes me nervous... READ MORE

I hope to achieve more cleavage and a bigger cup size. Growing up there had always been a lack of confidence in my breast area. As everyone was blossoming I felt like I was behind on my growth spert so as I waiting patiently to blossom nothing happened. Even after having my daughter my breasts... READ MORE

So my BA Is only 11 days away!! Ahhh i am so nervous but excited! I have recently been stressing alot because i still hadnt decided on a size, but after going back a second time and trying different sizes again i made my decision, it is a 290 allergan anatomical implant, this is what my surgeon... READ MORE

First of all, sorry if my english isn't perfect, I usually speak french because I live in Switzerland :) I've always felt very bad about my breasts, and I always felt like something was wrong about them. I discovered this malformation called "tuberous breasts" by searching it on google. I don't... READ MORE

Feeling vey unfeminine after having lost the very little size I had after breastfeeding & also having low body fat as I work towards my fitness goals (aspiring fitness model). I am not wanting huge boobs, or ones that look 'bolted on'. I'm more about booty & have been working hard on that, but... READ MORE

Having my surgery on February 9th! Excited and nervous and a little scared too. I'm a 32 a and I've breast fed 3 children. I have a bwd of 11cm quite small and have been recommended 270cc. Going over as I work out and lift weights. Want to be a full c cup. Should I go bigger? Having a sizing on... READ MORE

Called Dr. Eric Pugash the first week of 2016. Initially they told me that they were fully booked till the end of this year. I told them if they had any cancellations, to give me a call (I'm from Toronto, only here for a few months). Had my consultation on Jan. 18th, my Pre-Op and booked my... READ MORE

I am 5'10" with size A breasts, looking to add 350-400cc implants for a fuller, more proportionate look. I want my augmentation to look natural. I will be traveling from Richmond to Charleston for my surgery, because Dr. Widenhouse is highly recommended by a friend of mine who had her first set... READ MORE

Ive always wanted bigger boobs. And after 3 kids I feel like a deserve them! Iam scheduled on 2-11-2016 for surgery. Dr recommends lift and implants. I really dont want the lift talked to him about it and seems like I can get away with out one. But if I dont like the results I will consider... READ MORE

I lost 25 lbs 4.5 yrs ago and have kept it off. I have been unhappy with my breast for about the last 2 years, as I have continued to work out and eat right and they have gotten saggier. I never thought that I would want implants but as I've kept my weight off and stayed in good shape I've... READ MORE

I never grew breasts when I hit puberty. So 2 years ago I had a Breast Fat Transfer from my belly, back and legs. The good thing about that was it did give me 'some' volume. The fat disintegrated back into my body and I lost most of the volume after 6 months. I was under for 6hrs and he tried to... READ MORE

I've been researching on realself, Instagram and YouTube and im obsessed over listening and reading real life experiences! I'm excited and planning for Feb 2014. I have only completed two consultations thus far and have one more planned for November (that's this doctors next available). I'm... READ MORE

Allan Rezai is incredible! Words can't describe how amazing he is! I had a tubular correction and 350cc implants in both. To be honest I had mixed feelings going into the op as I wasn't unhappy with my boobs and it didn't really bother me. I had decided to do it because I thought why not, I... READ MORE

Hey Everyone! So I have been researching and reading all of your posts for months and I'm finally doing it! I'm 5'7", 120 lbs, size 36A (barely). Only breastfed my first child for about 3 days. My kids are 16, 13 and 12. I'm divorced. My boyfriend of 1.5 yrs is going to drive me there and... READ MORE

I have wanted breast implants for forever. I wanted to wait till after kids. 2 Boys later and Im finally doing it! I am so excited, but I am agonizing over my choice in size! I am going with silicone Moderate Plus. The sizes I would consider at 533cc, 560cc and 575cc. I currently have in my... READ MORE

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