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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.  LEARN MORE ›

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I've wanted to get my boobs done since I was in highschool. Now that I have the money to get them done, I have been doing my research. I've gone to two consultations to compare what the doctors opinion would be. I'm excited to see the outcome after the procedure! I am planning on getting the... READ MORE

I have my consultation in two days with Dr. Daluvoy who my friend recently had her procedure with. She has rave reviews so I'm excited to meet with him and get started. I've never been measured but I wear a 34B bra yet don't really fill it out. The thing that has really had me self conscious... READ MORE

I am a mother of five children, all of whom were breastfed until they were toddlers. 46 years old 5'7" tall 135 lbs (lost 25 lbs over the last few months) Currently a 34C bra I was small breasted as a young woman 34A-B. As a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding my children, I got larger and... READ MORE

I have always been a small 34A, but they had a good shape. After my second baby they were an empty 34AA. I feel terrible for the first time in my life in bikini, and hate the fact that i have to shop bras in the childrens department :( I had 2 consultations. The first one advised me 300-350... READ MORE

I’ve been looking to get implants for a while now, after numerous consults I left surgeons leaving disappointed and frustrated. The few consults I had previously went to didn’t offer me teardrop because they weren’t experienced in it, or they didn’t offer Furry Brazilians - I kept trying differe... READ MORE

Like many women getting breasts implants, I waited all my teenage and young adult life for my breasts to grow. When my son was born 7 years ago I fell into postpartum depression because my breats didn't produce more than a couple of drops of milk. Even the lactation consultant though I was crazy... READ MORE

Well tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe this is really happening! I'm excited and a little nervous too. I know my PS will do an amazing job I'm just really not looking forward to the recovery part. My hubby took 2 weeks off so I hope that will be enough. I'll be curious how many cc's I end... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for Monday morning. June 6th at 6:30am. I'm nervous, but more relaxed today than yesterday. I'm getting 400cc Saline unders. Right now I'm lucky if I fill out a 34A. Good news is no sagging so no need for a lift. I'm nervous for a couple of different reasons, one is being put... READ MORE

I'm starting to hear Dr Baez can do a greater job and maybe changing my mind! I may be getting a quote soon I'm still doing my research before going to RD. I am planning in going next year in March to get my procedure done, I'm seeing what doctor has had patients with the best experience... READ MORE

I had always been insecure about my breasts until my recent breast augmentation by Dr. Hankins. My breasts were a small 32A with a constriction, making them slightly tubular in shape. I went in to my consultation thinking that I wanted teardrop shape implants under the breast. After... READ MORE

So up until now I have been a RS Lerker for a few months. I've read so many stories on here which I have found very helpful. After waiting a full month for my consultation, I finally wanted to share my experience. I've been browsing around for a couple months now after finally deciding it is... READ MORE

Well like many women in this community that want a breast enlargement, we want our itty bitties to be no longer so small. I can't believe I am finally going to do this. I wish I had the money when I was younger. I feel like my breasts are a good shape but they are just little. I'm finally... READ MORE

Still kind of sore but I absolutely love my boobs I'm so happy with the size I decide 560cc last min lol and it was a great pick for my size I also got a tummy tuck and Lipo my waist because of a lil loose skin I had from my bbl last year ... I choose Dr Luis Lima in DR and stayed at Janet... READ MORE

I had the most fabulous experience, from start to finish, with Dr. Sacha Obaid of North Texas Plastic Surgery. I came in with a 34B, and upsized to a 32DDD. Going into the procedure, I was extremely apprehensive about the size I was leaning towards, along with some anxiousness about the... READ MORE

It's the night before my breast implant surgery! I am 29 years old, 5'11 and about 168 pounds (depending on my gym habits and the time of the month that number on the scale fluctuates pretty greatly).. I have an almost 5 year old son that I adore and before him I was a natural D/DD.. I breast... READ MORE

I am 5'3" 103lbs. 32a. Doctor suggested 250cc but he recommended 300cc after I showed him my wish pics. His office is nice. Not everyone is 100% nice but I'm satisfied. The price was 7400$ but I got 200$ off discount because I paid everything cash. The office does call you a lot which is nice.... READ MORE

My research started over the corse of a year. I started by talking with friends and hearing their stories and Comparing their doctors. I had 3 consults lined up... Visited Dr. Joshua Halpern last week. The consultation was great. My husband and I were so very impressed with his surgical... READ MORE

I'm starting out at a 32B. I have always been very self conscious and unhappy with how small I am. I've been considering a BA since I was in high school. I have had my consultation with Dr. Singh at the Western Surgery Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I was referred to him from a family... READ MORE

Yesterday June21, 2016 surgery day. I arrived at the surgery center at 7am. I probably only waited 5 mins before they called me in to prep for surgery. The nurses were so nice. Then, Dr. Philpott. Came into mark me up. Then it was go time. I woke up from surgery in quite a bit of pain so they... READ MORE

Hey guys, I'm 31 yrs old 4'10 and 100lbs. I'm so excited to have my breast augmentation done. I've always wanted bigger breasts and never ever in a million years did I think I would actually have the procedure done. I've thought about it and I finally had the courage to bring it up to my husband... READ MORE

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How much do Breast Implants cost?

The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,600-$6,500 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 6,243 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more