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Breast implant surgery uses one of two types of implants, silicone or saline, to supplement existing breast tissue. In addition to choosing what your implant is made of, there are a variety of placements, incision locations, and sizes, shapes, and textures to research and consider.
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I'm going to Dr.Della Bennett she as an awesome doctor and actually gives her opinion instead of letting you do something that might be a mistake she has 5 stars on her page and has taught plastic surgery at Loma Linda an awesome university she has many awards and all her work looks amazing she... READ MORE

I want to make sure i go big enough but not too big! right now we said 339cc silicone under muscle, moderate profile. im going back march 17th for another consultation and to set a date. i have always had B or smaller when i had my kids inwas a full C i miss that lol. but im having tough time... READ MORE

The last review is true, everyone in this office is very friendly, however it makes you question going anywhere else when you should get multiple consultations. Please don't go here because the staff is friendly. They constantly reschedule your appointments and then eventually forget who you are... READ MORE

So I'm seriously going through with this and getting it don't on Monday. I'm 5'9, 149lbs, currently 34AA (flat). I'm getting ultra high profile/extra high profile, Silicone, under muscle, crease incison. Either 400cc or 460cc. my BWD is 11 on one side and 11.5 on the other. my surgeon will... READ MORE

I'm 5'5", 115lbs, starting at a 34A (just barely) and I'm aiming for a large/full C cup. I've worn push up bras probably since I was 13yrs old and I've always been embarrassed by my breasts. I'm tired of my boyish figure and I want to look and feel like a real woman. I'm so happy and excited... READ MORE

I was always self conscious about my boobs as they never developed very well I was a 34 A/34B but always felt like a kid. I've been wanting a boob job since I was 18 and for many years I stood firm to my decision so I knew it was right for me after being able to afford them! I got them done 3... READ MORE

Tomorrow morning is my pre op and blood work day, at Buckhead Plastic Surgery with Dr. Larsen. Very little nervousness but most of all ready to get it all over with. I'm a 32 b and was thinking about the 375 cc saline over the muscle.. Now I'm set on the 450 cc after much research and everyone... READ MORE

I've considered BA for a very long time now. I was always concerned what others would think if I had it done though. Finally I have realized it didn't matter what others thought, it would be for me not others. I am making myself happier & more confident in myself it didn't matter what others... READ MORE

I never thought I would get implants. Some days I still can't believe it is happening! But it is... TOMORROW! I am really into being healthy and natural and grateful for what I've been given. It took me some time to feel that a BA was the right choice for me. I've always been athletic and... READ MORE

My research started over the corse of a year. I started by talking with friends and hearing their stories and Comparing their doctors. I had 3 consults lined up... Visited Dr. Joshua Halpern last week. The consultation was great. My husband and I were so very impressed with his surgical... READ MORE

So I've been creeping this website for years and in particular, the past two months, as I decided to just go for it and book my surgery for the 5th of May. Here I am writing from under the covers of my bed on day 2 post-op. I'm excited to share the followings days and weeks with you all! I have... READ MORE

Went from a deflated 30aa to 30dd or dddd. The nurses were great. Always answered my calls and responded as soon as they could made me feel so comfortable. They assured me I was in good hands. I was nervous but they joked with me and helped me feel at home. My surgery was a success I couldnt ask... READ MORE

Hey guys i originally signed up for this website just to look through pictures but since its helping me so much through out my journey i decided to write one on my experience. I am 21 years old and ive always been insecure about my breast size. I am a thick female and my fat gets distributed to... READ MORE

So I am scheduled for may 6th and i done a lot of research but seems there is still lots to figure out. Anyone who can share ideas on sizing for a smaller frame? I was thinking over the muscle 300cc. Only because i have a friend who is roughly the ame size as me and they look very nice. Shes... READ MORE

Excited for a long overdue breast augmentation- doing it for me and me alone! I'm going to be using Dr. Michael Ciaravino in Houston. I went to him on recommendation 4 years ago but decided to hold off. I've got a consultation for the 29th of September confirmed with my procedure to happen... READ MORE

I really hope I can get these types of looks accomplished ................... READ MORE

I have always had a small chest and always wanted implants but breastfeeding was important to me. So I waited till I had all three of my kids and made the decision to have a breast augmention. After careful research I made the decision that dr feng chong would be my surgeon. I am only 8 days... READ MORE

In around 7 months I had managed to lose 7 stone - with this I also lost my boobs! This resulted in me having a 36B bra size and boobs which felt empty and droopy. After a lot of thought I decided I would feel a lot more confident if I got my boobs back. I had 495cc round responsive gel, extra... READ MORE

Tomorrow!!!! Hard to wrap my head around it! Been wanting this forever and it's finally here. I'm not nervous yet but I'm sure that will change tomorrow morning on the way to the surgery center. I currently wear a 34b and it's probably a tad too big. Doc suggested 350 hp which makes me nervous... READ MORE

I actually won my breast Augmentation on the radio. I lost had my daughter 8 years ago held onto the baby weight for years finally decided to lose the weight and rock a bikini lost 30 lbs then had a fit pregnancy and now have a 3 month old. I won a boob job right before I got pregnant. After two... READ MORE

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How much do Breast Implants cost?

The typical cost for Breast Implants ranges from $2,446-$7,000 with an average cost of $6,325. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 5,974 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more