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A body lift combines various procedures—frequently a butt lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck—to lift and remove excessive skin. The procedure is typically performed following massive weight loss that has left skin stretched and saggy. LEARN MORE ›

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36 Years Old Lost 150 Lbs with Diet and Exercise. Hattiesburg, MS

I had a good friend that recommended Dr Talbot to me after loosing 150 lbs with diet and exercise. Dr Talbot was always professional and did a great job. Dr Talbot is very upfront and tells you what you can expect. This is what I look for in a Dr. Dr Talbot never came into the room and acted... READ MORE

Massive Weight Loss and 2 Babies.. Now It's Mommy Time! - Tucson, AZ

I'm sort of nervous writing this, but here it goes. At my heaviest, I was 264lbs. and my smallest was 150lbs. I'm currently 160lbs, up from 155lbs due to weight training. I'm looking to get a lower body lift with fat transfer to the buttocks to get rid of the excess skin due to being obese... READ MORE

Access Skin After Gastric Sleeve. Kansas City, KS

I have a lot of access skin. I weighed 337# when I first seen the doctor, the day of surgery, I weighed 310#, today, I weight 205#, my goal was simply below 200#!!! However, the inches I have lost, it's phenomenal! I went from size 28 jeans to size 14! I wore size 52 Triple D bra size, now, 38 D... READ MORE

20 Year Old Male 85lb Weight Loss - Nashville, TN

I am now 5'9" and 140lbs. When I was a child, I gained a lot of weight from ages 10-14. At my heaviest, I was 233lbs and 14 years old. Both of my parents were attractive athletes, and while they never degraded me, they did encourage me to lose weight, buying me exercise machines, personal... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift After Losing 60kg - Parramatta, AU

Lost weight in 2011 and was finding excess skin was making it difficult to run and fit into skinny boats (I love kayaking). The scar is very feint and very neat. The result is amazing (I don't have to tuck my excess skin anymore) and I can't wait to go back for a breast reduction and upper body... READ MORE

Body Lift- 52 Years Old, Two Kids. Houston, TX

I've had a "mother's apron" since my first child was born 25 years ago. My middle is also, unfortunately, where I seem to store my fat. I always wanted to get rid of the flab around the middle and was finally in a position to get it. I had a facelift with Dr. Vitenas a year ago, and was very... READ MORE

Very Satisfied - Austin, TX

Dr. Bekanich did a wonderful job in my circumferential body lift, chest contouring, back and arm lifts. She was the perfect example of professionalism and her patient care is second to none. She was able to answer all of my questions in an understandable manner and her follow up care was... READ MORE

Bye Bye Extra Skin After Massive Weight Loss - Chicago, IL

After losing close to 200 pounds I suffered from loose skin. I lived in shape wear and really didn't enjoy looking at myself naked. After losing all of that weight I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin! I really enjoy fitness and my stomach would cause me problems during workouts. I felt I... READ MORE

27 Year Old, ETT, Lipo & Fat Transfer - Tijuana, Mexico

So far so good. Communication has been a little complicated and drawn out because most has been via email, but Fatimeh and Dr. Cardenas have both been very courteous and professional. My procedure will include the following: -Extended tummy tuck with muscle repair -Liposuction to waist, upper... READ MORE

Hismasterpiece by Design 360 Body Lift with Auto Glute Augmentation by Shifrin - Chicago, IL

I'm actually writing a review! Yippee!!! 12 years post gastric bypass beauty! 415 lbs at 23 years old. Now 163 lbs. My journey has been extremely challenging. The perfect ingredient for pressing forward! Early 2013, I was fed up with my geriatric looking body. The wrinkled, elephant looking,... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 240 Pounds Lost, 33 Inches of Skin to Lose!

After losing 240 pounds through diet and exercise over 2 years, and completely changing my life to insure my weight loss was permanent by becoming a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I had done all I could with exercise to tighten and tone the skin left hanging around when I went from a 61... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Lower Body Lift After 100 Lb Weight Loss. Wichita, KS

Getting a lower body lift was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I'd lost a lot of weight after having gastric bypass, had 2 children, but still had self confidence issues because of the excess I was carrying around on my body. Being able to get the hanging fat and skin off has changed... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift - Orlando, FL

I have waited 15 years to get the nerve up and go through with this surgery. I am on day 5 of recovery and feel great. I have some pain but that is managed with pain medication and cannot believe how amazing I look on day 5. Dr. Soto is an amazing person who I felt completely comfortable with... READ MORE

Upper Back lift - Bra Line Back lift - Liposuction - NYC

My experience with Dr. Schulman was nothing less than exceptional. This includes the initial exam through my post surgery. There was absolutely no time during my pre or post surgery that I had any doubts that I had picked the very best doctor. I found Dr Schulman through the website Realself,... READ MORE

34 Y/o Mom of 3 (A Set of Twins) Much Needed Spiral Body Lift and Breast Augmentation. New Orleans, LA

I finally found the time , so here it is! Hi everyone! I know I'm not the only one who has battled with their weight for a long time. Between my pregnancies (2 in total->a single & twin) and in life in general my weight has made me very self conscious. I wanted to feel great about myself. I'm... READ MORE

180lb Weight Loss Post Sleeve Gastrectomy, Skin Removal, Body Lift - Tijuana, Mexico

Heading to the Ariel Center tomorrow to have a belt lipectomy (LBL) with Dr Medina Sanchez. Not nervous but definitely excited and looking forward to this portion of my journey. I had my Vertical Gastric Sleeve done on 10/07/13 at the same place with Dr Ortiz and Dr Martizez and had an amazing... READ MORE

Multiple Lifts After Losing 120+ Lbs - Mexico, MX

I am a 32 year old Canadian woman, 5'10. Have lost over 120 lbs with diet and exercise over the last 2 years. In 12 weeks I will be going to Mexico to have surgery with Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey. I will be having a breast reduction, arm lift, upper body lift, tummy tuck and possibly thigh lift. I... READ MORE

35 Years Old Lower Body Lift, Mastopexy & 275 cc BA Melbourne, AU

Hi there! I had my first appointment yesterday with Howard Webster at Arc in Hawthorn & OMG what an amazingly beautiful man! 3× kids, 3× c-section, 3× 30kg weight gain & losses. After multiple excessive weight gain and losses I am left with a lot of sagging excess skin which needs re... READ MORE

30 Year Old Male, 10 Years After Weight Loss and Years of Exercise, Finally I Get to See What It Really Looks Like - Houston, TX

My story is a little different, but it might be common. At age 16 I was diagnosed as bi-polar mixed. I went through a series of medications to try and find the right ones that worked for me. The medication weight gain side effects, compounded with the depression and food as a crutch, lead to a... READ MORE

33 Year Old Black Male - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've been working out like a crazy man for the last 10 months trying to achieve a New Years resolution I made for myself. Well, I was able to lose 85+ lbs. and drop down 11 pant sizes. Although, I did this great feat I was presented with another issue of extra loose skin. I hated the way I... READ MORE

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