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A body lift combines various procedures—frequently a butt lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck—to lift and remove excessive skin. The procedure is typically performed following massive weight loss that has left skin stretched and saggy. LEARN MORE ›

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After Having 4 Babies and Losing over 100 Lbs, I'm Doing Something for Me!

I started off as weighing almost 270 lbs. I opted to have gastric bypass and have lost 120 lbs. Being 35 my skin has not bounced back as I expected it would. I am left with hanging skin on my arms, belly, breasts, and thighs. I feel it is time to reward myself and have some improvements done. My... READ MORE

Results beyond my initial expectations

I'm a very picky person, I wanted a full body lift after natural weight loss. Dr Leedy and his staff made me feel like family. I was accurately informed of what to expect and the doctor delivered. My surgeries were not your everyday nose job or a breast augmentation, my body needed and received... READ MORE

Master Artist & All around great man

Dr Fisher is just amazing. I knew he was the surgeon I wanted and could trust from the 1st 2 mins into our consultation. He was very honest with me throughout. He answered all of of my questions anytime I had them. Now as far as his work, what can I say, he's amazing, takes the time he needs... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift w/ Fleur de Lis

I have finally scheduled the first step towards ending my weight loss journey. I'm excited and terrified at the same time, but this is something I have been wanting for a long time. I'm 39 Y.O. with 1 child and I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. My highest weight was 265lbs... READ MORE

Full body lift after 150 weight loss. Mom of 2, almost 50, overweight for 15 plus years. Weight loss surgery 6 1/2 years ago.

Took me over six years to decide to do this surgery, was not covered by my insurance and was not something to be taken lightly. It took me over a year shopping around for doctors and weighing out my options, in the end I had to go with the doctor I was most comfortable with and put my trust and... READ MORE

Lower Body Lift and Part 2 of Breast Lift/implants After Weightloss

I lost 125lb almost 4 years ago. With that I lost my breasts and gained lots of ugly skin and fat pockets. A year ago I got my breasts lifted by Dr. Alan Lim but they said I could not do implants at the same time because the lift was so extensive. I hate how the upper poles of my breasts are... READ MORE

Ready, Set, Almost On My Wy

Having a lower body/ thigh lifts on Sept 7, 2017 in Puerto Vallarta, MX by Dr. Guerrero. Losted over 80 pounds from the assistance of the lapband. Had it removed in 2016, after it slipped. Had it for 13 yrs. Had the sleeve done immediately after he removed the lapband but had no luck with losing... READ MORE

Body Lift Time!

After having an RNY in August of 2014, I lost 150 pounds from a high weight of 310. I'm 34 and 5'8" and have never had (and am not going to have) children. I have a very typical "apple" shape, with extremely thin arms and legs and all of my weight (and now, skin) in my trunk. This means buying... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Lower Body Lift.

Hi! Little info about me. I am 5'3", weight varies between 120 and 125 lbs. I have 4 kids. Gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies so now I am left with loose skin on my stomach, legs and butt. My kids were all breast fed and my breasts are very deflated now. For the Breast augmentation, I... READ MORE

Best life changing experience

After a significant weight loss, having seen the results from other procedures preformed by Dr Richard Bloom on other patients made my decision to proceed easier. I can not stress enough the professionalism of Dr Bloom and staff that made the whole process less stressful and bearable. This... READ MORE

Belt Lipectomy

Upcoming surgery... I really starting to think about it. My labs came back low so surgery was touch and go. Severely Anemic starting iron infusions next week. We will see how this goes. Hematologist feels the surgery is not really needed. After 160lb weight loss I am like speak for yourself...... READ MORE

46 Yrs Old, Much Needed Bod Body Lift After 110 Weight Loss

After many hours spent on this site I finally made the decision to go with Dr. Peter Fisher. A decision I will never regret. I had a lower body lift along with a brachioplasty surgery was over 8 hours. I stayed 2 days the hospital in San Antonio. I wish I could remember more but, I was on pain... READ MORE

52 Yo, 115 Lb Weight Loss with a Lot of Sag

I have been contemplating the surgery for than a year. I originally investigated a tummy tuck and thigh lift but now will add a lower body lift. I am five days before the surgery and starting to get both parts nervous and excited. I am in he health care field and am trying to get everything in... READ MORE

34, 2Kids and Final Step of Weight Loss Journey!

I'm having a full Body lift (belt lipectomy) - tomorrow..eek! I've lost 28kg and maintained it over 6 years and am finally takIng the last step in my weight loss journey. I'm excited and anxious but I know I have prepped all that I can... wearing the binder/compression to prep has been... READ MORE

TRANSFORMATION - Surgery #1 - Lower Body Lift – 150 Lb Loss – 62 young

Let the Fun Begin :) Surgery #1: Lower Body Lift … 9/28/17 Surgery #2: Breast Lift and Under Arm Skin Removal ... 12/07/17 Phases #3 & #4: Arm and Leg Skin Removal ... ? Got my pre-surgery approval – I am good to go. Surgery #1: Lower Body Lift After much research and 4 PS app... READ MORE

63 Y/o. Excess Skin Removal After Loosing 54 Kilos

After a gastric sleeve 3 years earlier and a loss of 54 kilos it was time to remove the excess skin. Dr. Mark Edinburgh removed 9.4 kilos of excess skin and I'm feeling amazing. Still in the healing process but well worth it. From day one Dr. Edinburgh informed me of every aspect of the... READ MORE

Canadian 42 Yo, 5"2, 123 Lbs. Looking for a Perky Firm Butt, and Bodysculpture - Dominican Republic

Hello RS family, I'm a Canadian 42 yo, 5"2, 124 lbs. I Had already a TT 6 months ago but I'm not totally satisfied. My lower belly needs more lipo. Also, I'm looking for a perky and firm butt, and a great bodysculpture. In my opinion I Have already had a "not bad at all body", but would like... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, 160 Pound Weight Loss - Dominican Republic, DO

Removal of the fat-skin excess from the lower back and use it to improve the buttock area shape (lower body lift). LipoSculpture so we can reshape the body and transfer the fat to buttock and hip area BBL. Also a cruroplasty and Lipo to the legs to remove the saggy skin and get a better... READ MORE

He is a master

He is a magician literally has magic hands. He explained everything is great detail beforehand, seen me first thing every morning I was in hospital. Is always a phone call or email away if had any questions post op! READ MORE

29 Yrs Old 5’5 180lbs Going to Dr. Alvarez Mia Anesthetics 2017!!!! –Miami, FL

Hello, and well we all have a story, Here is mine, my WLJ started in 2012. I was 420lbs, at 21years old that’s good enough reason to have surgery. Well would you believe me if I said my life has been hell. Having gastric bypass and losing over 200 lbs has truly taken a toll on me in every way p... READ MORE

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