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Acne treatments refer to any method used to lessen acne, both non-inflammatory (blackheads, whiteheads, and milia), or inflammatory (pustules, papules, nodules and cysts). Treatments can include topicals that include retinoids, like Retin-A, or a prescription oral medication like Accutane. Other common treatments include: salicylic acid peels, laser and LED therapies, photodynamic therapy (Levulan), Fraxel laser, and intense pulsed light (IPL). LEARN MORE ›

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If you have acne scars you will understand my story. If you don't you never will. There is a certain psyche to people who suffer from acne scarring, and for outsiders they will never understand how it can affect your confidence and impact your life- friends, family and work. Removing them was... READ MORE

I paid $2,500 for the Fraxel treatments that I received last year. I came in to see Mari, a Physician Assistant who works part time there to remove minor to moderate acne scars. The treatments were spaced out between 3-4 weeks apart. By the 3rd treatment I was not seeing ANY results and I had... READ MORE

Hi everyone. I am a 23 Years Old white girl currently living in Japan. My story: I have never had real acne issues, but when I was 18 I got big pimples on my right cheek caused by stress (I suppose), pimples which became scars when I turned 19. It has been a huge complex for me since then, even... READ MORE

I found Dr.Emer from RS. My friend who is also dermatologist in Korea recommended me to do PRP. So I researched for Drs who would perform this procedure. I found Dr.Emer through RS reviews. Dr. Emer performed Viva, PRP, Microneedling and tca cross on my face. Now everyone tells me my skin looks... READ MORE

Seeing my face makes me so upset. my skin is terrible. my doctor told me my skin is great but she sees the scarring im talking about. I'm so insecure. I hate when people stare at me. I feel like they aren't looking AT ME but at my SCARRING. I always have to spend $50 in makeup just to cover this... READ MORE

Hi guys, I have this scarring from Acne a while ago and it has not changed at all. I feel so embarrassed and ashamed of myself that I don't get outside of the house or hardly talk to my friends face to face. I don't know what to do and I feel bad. Is there any treatment for Indian/Pakistani... READ MORE

I really need some advice on getting the right treatment for my acne scars, these dents/holes have ruined my self esteem so so bad since I got them in late teens (I'm now 31) and I'd do almost anything to get rid of them so I can feel normal again. Problem is I have no idea what procedure is... READ MORE

I look to improve my scarring by at least 40%. I live in Toronto, Canada. I am unsure what procedures to have or who to inquire about these procedures. My acne is now under control using a combination of being pro active in my cleansing routine(washing my face less with more natural cleansers... READ MORE

Had very bad looking acne scars on my face..I undergone for the treatment RecoSMA by Dra. Elmira Aigunova and I am totally satisfied with my treatment. Really excellent doctor. Very good experience. definitely will recommend to everybody.. I had my first RecoSMA treatment for acne scars done... READ MORE

I got 100% tca cross done to one cheek today. I did half my face so I would heal faster in the target area and see how it goes. It stung alot and frosted very fast. I'm hoping the results are good, I will post the progression. Still no scabbing. I wasn't sure when I would scab but I assumed I... READ MORE

Underwent two rounds of subcision: first procedure in February, second in April. I think the smaller scars are virtually unnoticeable but I'm not quite sure about a significant improvement in the large clustering of the larger boxcar (?) scars on my cheek. Friends/family indicate a 30-60%... READ MORE

***Long Read, but very informative I assure you!*** I've had acne since I was twelve and just found out I also have rosacea. After years and years of finally figuring it out (hormones, genes, and not the best diet) I have finally rid myself of the acne, but have been left with mild to moderate... READ MORE

So here is my story I have suffered from Sever Acne since my early 20's I am now 37 In my 20"s I took Acutane and had 90 Excision done for my ice pick scars followed by a full CO2 lazer. I was very disappointed and was left with excisions scars that were worse than the original Ice Pick... READ MORE

I had cystic acne in high school and occasionally still have break outs. Unfortanetly it left my right check with indented "ice pick" scars and I have a few on my chin from some breakouts in college. Please help me find the best treatment. I need professional and experienced advice if you have... READ MORE

I started a treatment plan to help in the reduction of my acne scars. I am 42 years old and suffered adult acne in my thirties after i decided to get off of birth control to get pregnant. During this time my hormones were all over the place causing me to break out in Cystic type of acne that... READ MORE

I had moderate acne on my face from age 15-22. We were not fortunate enough to afford Accutane so I had to live with it/cover it up with make up. In college, Proactiv came out and I eagerly tried it. No changes. Around age 23, my acne was gone but I was left with scars on both of my cheeks... READ MORE

25 year old Caucasian female with very light skin. I'm looking to get something done to even out my skin tone the best I can. I was looking into phenol peels, but wasn't sure if that or a laser would be my best bet in bettering my skin. I only have the scarring on my cheeks but I also want to... READ MORE

It was a pretty long procedure. First he did a CO2 laser then I believe he lifted my skin and put fat underneath to lift the scars. Then he sanded the scars down and lasered and sanded again! My face looked really bad but it's exactly 1 month now and I'm finally able to go out. I still need to... READ MORE

I suffered 4 years with acne and it had left me holes and scars with uneven skin tone. I was embarrased to look at someone in the eyes I felt as if all the attention was where my scars were. I am glad I came across gulf coast plastic surgery center and met Marilyn wow amazing staff and smooth... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have severe acne scars from my adult hood and they need correction. I had an excision of several scars done on my left cheek few years back by Dr. Edward Seaton in London, but that also left an indented scar of surgery and therefore, I wouldn't recommend excision for acne scars.... READ MORE

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