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With its needle-studded front, the Dermal Roller may look scary but it’s proven helpful in the treatment of shallow scars and facial lines. By creating tiny punctures on the skin’s top layer, this micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin creation, which helps rejuvenate the skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Dermapen for Pigmentation

I decided on this treatment to get rid of scarring and hyper-pigmentation from spots. The treatment took around 15-20 minutes and was MUCH more painful than I expected. Numbing cream was not applied beforehand and I didn't question this as I assumed it wasn't going to hurt that much! After... READ MORE

Derma Roller - Fort Worth, TX

This is my second time ever used my derma roller. Wow what a difference it makes I was skeptical at first but I'm very imPresses with the results so far I'm not finished I still have many more treatments to do but here is the start . I bought the roller off amazon using vitamin c & a... READ MORE

Microneedling for IPL Damage

*Please note: Original fat cells that have succumbed to necrosis/lipoatrophy because of laser, RF, and/or IPL treatments CANNOT regenerate or replace themselves. They have been destroyed permanently.* I have not (yet?) evidenced fat or volume loss from a botched IPL treatment done 9/21/15... READ MORE

Dermaroller Treatment - Nottingham, GB

I'm currently booked in for a consultation for Dermaroller treatment next week. I've got moderate acne scarring that basically makes my face look like an old leather purse. This is purely from messing about with my spots when I was younger. I still get the odd outbreak but nothing major and I... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Large Pores, Redness

DISCLAIMER: This post isn't a review of the results yet, it's only to keep track of how my skin reacts and eventually the results. Alright so I always had huge pores since a was a teenager and as I aged I started getting uneven skin tones and redness. I decided to try the derma roller (540... READ MORE

Derma Roller by Dr. Dermatologist/cosmetic Surgeon - Los Angeles CA

First of all let me say the entire office was stellar and friendly! Especially Beth!!! Didn't care for the 4hr round trip drive but I think I have found a new home. Loved the positive vibe and everyone was so friendly. Especially the Dr .... Anywho' I can't really find much around the web for... READ MORE

Peptide Derma Roller Scar Revision Treatments - Sarasota, FL

I feel like the peptides really worked fast to heal the scar, both at an early stage and to continue recovery. The derma rolling really help at the later part of the scar revision treatment to help penetration and to deal with skin healing. I really liked that the treatments for the spa, the... READ MORE

Stretch Mark Removal Dermaroller 1.5. Phoenix, AZ

I bought a dermaroller 1.5 & used it once on my breast. I have really bad stretch marks from my first pregnancy but it runs in my family also. I have old stretch marks that are white and red. I heard really good things about the derma roller so I'm taking my chances with it. I rolled last... READ MORE

40 Y/o Hopeful to Tighten the Skin

On Jan 6 I tried 2.0 dermaroller alng the jawline, chin, forehead, some cheek area, temples/crow's feet. I pressed rather than rolled on the chin, and forehead , and temples because of pain. I pressed and gently rolled over jaws, and some lower cheek area. It is where my skin is peeling off, and... READ MORE

21 Years Old, Stretch Marks in Hips and Thighs - Chicago

I just ordered a derma roller from Amazon yesterday and it will arrive tomorrow. From all of my research I ended up purchasing a 1.5 mm roller and a 2.0mm derma stamp. I will be using this to keep myself accountable for rolling, comparing my result, and hopefully helping other people with their... READ MORE

Home Derma Roller for Stretch Marks, Getting Dramatic Results! - Ohio

I am SO HAPPY! After 4 children I thought my only hope for a somewhat normal stomach was a tummy tuck. While I don't expect derma rolling to erase my marks, it is doing a good job of fading them and firming the skin! Neither Dermarolling or a tummy tuck can erase all the falls, so I figured I... READ MORE

Hopefully Will Help with Wrinkles and Skin Laxity Oh Yes and These Darn Age Spots - London, ON

Well I have to say I ready lots of reviews first and spoke with my plastic surgeon who strongly believes in derma rolling being the only thing that helps with skin laxity. So I decided to try some home treatments before I go in for anything major in his office. For home treatments I bought a kit... READ MORE

Derma Roller for Stretch Marks - London, GB

So I decided to try this Dermaroller to treat my 10 years old stretch marks. I'm 25, weight about 50kg, and 1,58 height, but I grew up very quick and always been very skinny since kid. My mom have stretch marks on be back of her legs but they are very small you can barely see. So yes, I was the... READ MORE

25 Years Old with Old Acne Scars on Chins - Denmark

I had been tired about my acnescars for years. I tried a Cosmelan mask but it didn't help at all, so I decided to try the professional dermastamp treatment with serum combined with 10 min in laser light. I got my first session the 30. of march, I peeled a little and I was a little red the first... READ MORE

Dermarolling Journey - Honolulu, HI

11/10/15 I have mild acne scars and have recently gotten my acne under control by using oral medicine (spironolactone) twice a day at 100mg. I've been looking into doing dermarolling for a while now and ordered a 0.5mm needle roller from Amazon for $10.00. The reviews for it online have been... READ MORE

Tired of Old Stretchmarks!

I joined a gym about 9 months ago and have lost around 50 lbs. Being 5'2 50 lbs is a big difference! But now my white stretchmarks are more visible because the skin isn't as stretched. Womp womp. These are stretchmarks because I was chubby and I've had them about 6 years. So I decided to try... READ MORE

Combination of Dermal Stamping and Radio Frequency (Max RF) to Treat Loose Abdomen Skin - Queensland, AU

Last week I got my first of 4 Max RF treatments on my abdomen. Max RF combines dermal stamping with radio frequency to both tighten the skin and treat stretch marks. I've included my before and afters from 1 treatment, the after was taking a couple of days later. I will post again after my... READ MORE

Post Partum Mom Using Home Derma Rolling for Stretched Skin

I am making this account for accountability purposes and to help other women in my shoes. I have two children and am 8 months post Partum. My son left my stomach with sagging skin and very subtle stretchmarks. I don't care about the stretchmarks Bc they are so tiny but the sagging skin bothers... READ MORE

23 Years Old. In Dire Need of Scar Removing Treatment. Philippines, PH

My face is always been full of cystic acne resulting to deep scars even though I don't pick on them. I went to a professional Dermatologist for 2 years (almost $1,200 cost), making my face clear of acne. But the scars are still visible. I've been seeing home use derma rolling for a time but... READ MORE

Derma roller experience (moderate acne scars on face)

10th Jan 2016: I have had moderate acne throughout my teens. It hasn't gotten better until I was about 21/22. Now I don't have active acne (except for some hormone/stress-induced breakouts every now and again). However, I am left with acne scars and enlarged pores. In my opinion, this dominates... READ MORE

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