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With its needle-studded front, the Dermal Roller may look scary but it’s proven helpful in the treatment of shallow scars and facial lines. By creating tiny punctures on the skin’s top layer, this micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin creation, which helps rejuvenate the skin. LEARN MORE ›

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Well I have to say I ready lots of reviews first and spoke with my plastic surgeon who strongly believes in derma rolling being the only thing that helps with skin laxity. So I decided to try some home treatments before I go in for anything major in his office. For home treatments I bought a kit... READ MORE

11/10/15 I have mild acne scars and have recently gotten my acne under control by using oral medicine (spironolactone) twice a day at 100mg. I've been looking into doing dermarolling for a while now and ordered a 0.5mm needle roller from Amazon for $10.00. The reviews for it online have been... READ MORE

I joined a gym about 9 months ago and have lost around 50 lbs. Being 5'2 50 lbs is a big difference! But now my white stretchmarks are more visible because the skin isn't as stretched. Womp womp. These are stretchmarks because I was chubby and I've had them about 6 years. So I decided to try... READ MORE

*Please note: Original fat cells that have succumbed to necrosis/lipoatrophy because of laser, RF, and/or IPL treatments CANNOT regenerate or replace themselves. They have been destroyed permanently.* I have not (yet?) evidenced fat or volume loss from a botched IPL treatment done 9/21/15... READ MORE

On Jan 6 I tried 2.0 dermaroller alng the jawline, chin, forehead, some cheek area, temples/crow's feet. I pressed rather than rolled on the chin, and forehead , and temples because of pain. I pressed and gently rolled over jaws, and some lower cheek area. It is where my skin is peeling off, and... READ MORE

Last week I got my first of 4 Max RF treatments on my abdomen. Max RF combines dermal stamping with radio frequency to both tighten the skin and treat stretch marks. I've included my before and afters from 1 treatment, the after was taking a couple of days later. I will post again after my... READ MORE

I am making this account for accountability purposes and to help other women in my shoes. I have two children and am 8 months post Partum. My son left my stomach with sagging skin and very subtle stretchmarks. I don't care about the stretchmarks Bc they are so tiny but the sagging skin bothers... READ MORE

My face is always been full of cystic acne resulting to deep scars even though I don't pick on them. I went to a professional Dermatologist for 2 years (almost $1,200 cost), making my face clear of acne. But the scars are still visible. I've been seeing home use derma rolling for a time but... READ MORE

10th Jan 2016: I have had moderate acne throughout my teens. It hasn't gotten better until I was about 21/22. Now I don't have active acne (except for some hormone/stress-induced breakouts every now and again). However, I am left with acne scars and enlarged pores. In my opinion, this dominates... READ MORE

I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. I've been using at-home chemical peels for years with very minimal results. As a grad student, I obviously can't afford expensive professional treatments so I bought this dermaroller on Amazon. I did my first treatment four weeks ago and its hard... READ MORE

I have heard about the derma roller years ago and actually used it for my face and it did remove the hyperpigment I had going on back in the day. I decided to post these pictures like another mom who helped me on Herr, to help postpartum moms out there so you can see real results and not hypes:)... READ MORE

Liked it. Only downfall is skin peeling a day or so after....clears up in 2-3 feel it tightening ....was it worth it??? Yes. I love how my skin feels and looks. Used it on a burn scar and it lightened it alot. I can see a huge difference in my jaw line tightening up. My 11's aren't... READ MORE

Despite using Retin-A regularly for about 27 years, I've developed my first wrinkle. I'm 52, so I'm not complaining about that. What bugs me is that it's a vertical lip wrinkle, located above my top lip, and it's become quite noticeable over the past year and I've decided to do something about... READ MORE

So I got pregnant at 19 and had a baby 6 months ago. Although I love my son, I hate my stretchmarks.... I don't have much money right now so I'm trying some home treatments to try and make them less noticeable. I bought a dermaroller 2.00mm off amazon and a few serums and creams. I have my... READ MORE

Dermaroller feature is very effective method for the repair of skin problems often combined with brain damage that the skin is nature 's miraculous recovery of 60-70% in a product that provides a way to work problems. Let's look closely at the products that benefit many people use the peace of... READ MORE

I have had laser sun spot removal but have always wanted to try dermapen rolling for both sun spots and its regenerative properties. Got a derma roller but that was too painful. My doctors recently suggested the pen because it effectively painless. It actually feels like aggressive... READ MORE

Acne has left my life different, and I believe that many who went through moderate to severe acne can understand. The trauma is not over afterwards however, they leave permanent deep scars which will potentially stay with you for life. Scars, unlike marks are permanent. Marks left by acne are... READ MORE

I am writing to review my experience with derma rolling at home.I have light olive skin, female, age 31.I don't have wrinkles, I have some very faint fine lines but these are not my main concern, I roll for acne scarring improvement. I have some moderate acne scarring that needs attention while... READ MORE

DERMA ROLLER 520 1.0 Titanium Hi, I just received my derma roller this morning! And I am wanting to do my first treatment for stretch marks (if this turns out as a success, I will move on to my face and other areas. I have been so excited with great confidence to do this! It's inexpensive, and... READ MORE

Well after reading a lot of promising results from the derma roller I have decided to give it a go! I have struggled my whole life with my scars on my cheeks and after many procedures and giving a lot of money to plastic surgeons (with no results) I am taking matters into my own hands. I have... READ MORE

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