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Acne treatments refer to any method used to lessen acne, both non-inflammatory (blackheads, whiteheads, and milia), or inflammatory (pustules, papules, nodules and cysts). Treatments can include topicals that include retinoids, like Retin-A, or a prescription oral medication like Accutane. Other common treatments include: salicylic acid peels, laser and LED therapies, photodynamic therapy (Levulan), Fraxel laser, and intense pulsed light (IPL). LEARN MORE ›

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Premium Quality Derma Roller is Way Different!!

I don't usually leave a review but this derma roller that I bought from the ebay is definitely worth the try! I've been going to spa and facials often and I had numerous dermabrasions there and found out that they use the same rollers!! But they charged almost $60 per session. Using this one, I... READ MORE

Acne Scar Treatment (orange peel texture, crepey skin, pitted scars, redness)

If you suffer from these things ????????PLEASE READ! This may help you...I've suffered from all of these things for YEARS. I've tried derma rolling, chemical peels, TCA cross, and some things helped the scars but made the texture worse (and vice versa) BUT recently I tried a new combination that... READ MORE

Back Chemical Peel

I have had acne to my back and shoulders as long as I can remember with it getting worse or better over the years. I have been to Dermatologist before with minimal effectiveness. I was getting back facials 2x a month, googles an effective treatment. Using 10% benzo wash 2x, differin gel at... READ MORE

Skin Boosters for Acne Scars

I'll start by giving some background information. I had acne as a teenager and was left with numerous icepick scars on my cheeks . I then had cystic acne after the birth of my third child and had a further 3/4 boxcar type scars as I stupidly picked my spots !. Over the years I've had 11... READ MORE

Moderate Acne Scars After Years of Suffering from Acne! - Englewood Cliffs, NJ

I have had acne since I was in 5th grade. Now in college, the scarring it has left throughout the years is moderate (I believe and as advised by my doctor). I am currently on a journey to "fix" my skin or reach that point where I am comfortable with my skin. On the 9th I had 2 TCA peels,... READ MORE

Large Pores and Icepick Scarring

I have been working on my skin for a while now and I finally cleared up my skin but have been left with acne scarring. I have large pores and acne scarring. I have had several chemical peels for treatment but seems like over the last two years my pores and scars have gotten bigger. I am now... READ MORE

21 Year-old Female with Acne Scarring: Did 2 Treatments of FRACTORA

Hi, I have dealt with Acne and Acne scarring for all my teen life to my young adulthood.Now my face is left with old boxcar scars mostly on my cheeks. I wanted to invest in something that would take care of 75 to 90% of my acne scars. So I did four treatments of sublative (almost six months ago)... READ MORE

Tca Cross and Fraxel. Los Angeles, CA

Ice pick and box car scarring on cheeks only. In the past I had derma pen ( increased scars), pumpkin peel, microdermabrasion... And at last today tca cross with 50% tca and fraxel laser 2 times over on each side. Photos of my skin 1 month prior and today. Keep you posted as I heal as of now... READ MORE

47yo with Acne Scars Never Treated with Dermaroller

I suffered acnes @age 17 till 37. All I did was drink antibiotics, use acne cream cleanser, acne lotion, & oil toner. So now Im 47yo & decided to fight my wrinkles & acne scars. Dont know my acne scars type, dont know if its too late to treat my scars. Hope to see improvements. Time... READ MORE

Finally Acne Scar treatment that works - San Ramon, CA

Finally getting the results I want. I've spent over 15k on trying to fix my acne scars with ematrix lasers, peels, and micro derm. Nothing really helped much, I finally went on accutane last year and my face totally cleared up! Not one breakout! I wish I tried it earlier in life instead of in my... READ MORE

Chicken Pox Scars African American

As a child I had a severe case of chicken pox and it left two pox marks on my face I've always hated. After trying bleaching creams, chemical peels, fraxel lasers and not seeing any results; I saw a plastic surgeon to explore my results. He recommended excising them and so we did. He numbed the... READ MORE

40 years old I can explain as to why my cheeks let alone all over my face as well gotten this bad

I have a large very dark pigment on my left cheek really bad years of pinching pimples with large pores to small open pores please help I'm a shamed how bad it's gotten , I've also have lots of them all over my face I need help I'm so embarrassed on how my face looks not only that I have to... READ MORE

subcision, excision and auto fat grafting for acne scars/craters

SUBCISION AND FAT TRANSFER FOR ACNE SCARS/CRATERS: Dr. Sadove is truly an artist and i respect his technique. He made sure that the procedure was PAINLESS. It was PAINLESS! Even the area where he did lipo on the hip to take that fat and bring it under my facial scars. He recommended fat since... READ MORE


Doctor Wolinsky is truly amazing. From day one that I met her 2 years ago, she has been nothing but the best. She listens to your concerns and wants and does all she can to give you the best practice. READ MORE

Acne Scar Removal

OMG! I had acne scar subscision and bellafill done yesterday. Happy Valentines Day to me. Had a date with a hot doctor for some TLC -LMAO! I can't say enough great things about the doctor, the staff, the procedure and ESPECIALLY the results !!!! I've suffered for years from adult acne scaring.... READ MORE

Acne Scars.. What is the Best Treatment?

Since a young age I've always suffered from acne.. in 2012 it started to scar me! I now get bullied! Being called scarface and crater face! It's damaged my confidence in a bad way!! I've had a consultation for laser but I've been reading good and bad reviews on dermarolling! It's pretty pricy... READ MORE

Cortisone Shots for Hypertrophic Acne Scarring

I had/have some hypertrophic acne scars on my nose. As my skin colour grade is IV to V, most doctors I went to were afraid to do anything due to pigmentation risk so it ended up being a waste paying so many specialists without any thing. But Dr Jack Green - Western Dermatology undertook the... READ MORE

Erbium Laser for Acne Scars

So far so good! I have had other lasers but they didn't work. This one is supposed to work for scaring. I have a lot of acne scars that I want gone. After accutane I have decided to start working on the scaring. Dr.Cole says it will take a couple of times but it should all clear up along with... READ MORE

AMAZING Results for Rolling Acne Scars and Wrinkles, Nano Needling and DMK Enzyme Mask

So!!!!! I think my (future) mother-in-law just gifted me the perfect cocktail for finally conquering my acne scarring. I've fought with this depression-trigger for two decades now. It's the main culprit of my physical insecurities. One treatment of nano needling and a mind-blowing enzyme mask... READ MORE

Acne Scar Treatment

For many years I suffered severe acne resulting in prominent facial scars and depressions. After a comprehensive internet search I located Westside Dermatology at Taringa in Brisbane AU who specialise in treating these scars. A number of subcision and CO2 laser treatments were used with great... READ MORE

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