When to Stop Shaving Before Laser Hair Removal?

How close to a Laser Hair Removal treatment should I shave? I am thinking about just letting them shave me right before the laser--will this affect the laser's efficacy?

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Right before session

It's better to shave right before your session, so before you come in would be a good time. However, some clinics do prefer that they shave you.

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You should shave the same day of your treatment.

Shaving the hair  a day or two before the treatment is not a good idea, because some of the hair might grow back and be visible on the surface if the skin. To prevent side effects, such as burning we recommend to shave the same day. In addition if there is hair on the surface of the skin that hair takes up some of the energy of the laser and the treatment is not very effective.

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Shaving before laser hair removal

Shave the night before or the morning of laser hair removal. If you cannot get all hair completely, like people sometimes experience when getting a full brazilian, laser hair removal around the thing line, etc. we can touch up areas. if people require a full shave, there is a small charge
It is important not to have hair on the surface of the skin, otherwise, that hair will absorb some of the laser energy. The objective is for the laser energy to go directly to the rot of the hair. This is a reason to select the ideal laser for your skin type. The alexandriite laser is best for light to medium toned skinned individuals. The long pulsed nd yag is best for dark skinned types

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Cleanly Shaved Before Laser Hair Removal

It is best to a have cleanly shaved area before treatment. The laser Light will follow down the hair follicle. If you don't shave you could have black dots that need to be exfoliated off. It could be Painful and Irritating. I would recommend shaving before treatments.

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Depends on Individual Hair Growth Cycle

In our office, we prefer that you shave the day of your treatment. This is because the less hair that is on the surface of the skin, the more energy that can be delievered into the source of the hair - the follicle. Shaving the day of will only increase the efficacy of the laser.

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Laser Hair Removal Prep

When having Laser Hair Removal, we want you to be as clean shaven as possible.  We recommend doing it in the morning before you come.  If you shave immediately prior to the laser, you can possibly have increased inflammation/redness after the treatment. 

Dr. Grant Stevens


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Shaving prior to laser

We use the Laserscope laser in my office. The technique is painless as long as the laser does not encounter hair above the skin. So, my patients are advised to shave or use depilatories just before the appt time. No later that the night before.

We don"t take the time to shave you. That is something that the patient is expected to do before their appt. Good luck!

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Just be sure to shave before laser hair removal

Laser hair removal relies on transmitting energy to the hair follicles to destroy them. It only works with dark hair because the laser targets the pigment in the follicle. If there is hair above the skin, the light energy will be absorbed by the hair and not the follicle and the treatment will not be effective. The best bet would be to let the physician shave the treatment area just before your treatment.

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Laser hair removal - less is more

With laser assisted hair removal, the hairs must be in the skin so the laser has a target to destroy. Usually I recommend patients shave either the day of treatment or the day before if they need to leave a little bit of stubble so it is easier for the laser operator to see all areas where hairs are located. I would not leave the hairs too long, however, as this may increase the risk of a burn as the relatively longer hair shaft may burn the surface of the skin as it is heated.

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Shave the day of LHR

I recommed shaving at home the day of your laser treatment.  However, if the area you are doing is patchy or difficult to see then you should leave it so that the laser technician can see the area that needs to be treated.

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