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Does Laser Hair Removal Induce Hair Growth in Surrounding Areas?

I am North Indian (not very fair but not dark either), and have fine dark hair growing on my neck (more towards the jawline). Is it possible to get rid of this hair by laser hair removal? Which laser would be the best ? Is it true that lasers induce hair growth in the surrounding areas, such that if I get my jawline treated, hair will start growing in other areas of my neck?

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Laser can make it cometh and taketh away


This paradox, that laser can both grow and remove hair was first noted in Spain. Physicians there noticed that some women, seeking laser hair removal, returned to physician's offices complaining that, while hair was diminished in the targeted area, hair in the surrounding skin had grown thicker and darker.

It seems that the Spanish physicians, with darker skin types in mind, were using lower fluence (energy) levels. These lower levels of energy paradoxically grew hair.

This discovery has been grabbed by the industry, and now we have low energy light emitting diodes that can stimulate hair growth such as the laser hairmax comb and other similar devices.

To prevent this problem be sure that you see a physician with the appropriate laser; and one experienced with the use of that laser. The darker the skin, the longer the wavelength. Hair removal lasers are designed to be absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. You want the wavelength to bypass the surface melanin. Melanin will still absorb the longer wavelength decently, even at the very long wavelengths.

For laser hair removal there are three acceptable lasers: the Alexandrite, the Diode, and the nd: Yag. They emit wavelngths at 755 nm, 810 nm, and 1064 respectively. It is very important to see a physician who has the appropriate laser for your type of skin. Do not let a physician or so called medi-spa merely crank up the energy on a laser which is not meant for your skin.

Good luck.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist
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That would be something! laser hair removal induced hair growth


Doctors and companies are doing research "TRYING" to cause hair growth using a laser. There are some devices that are out there but the results are not at the level of expectations of most patients regarding new hair growth.

So, if you get hair growth, that would be reportable and the company would eventually be very happy. Usually, with a reduction in hair growth in the treatment area, the surrounding zone looks like it has more hair growth - most likely.

Many devices are available to treat unwanted hair - 4 or 5. Make sure the device has the settings available to treat darker skin types - different companies use different methods.

San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Lasers and surrounding hair growth


I have not experienced patients developing hair growth in areas surrounding laser treated areas. There are different lasers for different types of hair and skin colors so you should be evaluated to see which is best for you. A diode laser may be the best, but your physician should have different lasers available and suggest which is best for your skin color and hair texture and color and explain why. Always ask questions. Be sure that a doctor sees you first if you are being seen or treated by an aesthetician or a nurse.

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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