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What Happens if You Dont Wear Your Invisalign for About 2 Weeks?

I fell which resulted in a horrible cut lip. I could not put my invisalign on without my lip starting to bleed even though it was not deep enough for... READ MORE

What Happens if You Stop Invisalign Early?

This is out of complete curiosity. Nothing to do with refunds or anything like that. If someone was happy with their results mid-treatment and was... READ MORE

I Want to Stop Invisalign Treatment After 2 Days. Can I Recoup Any of the Expense?

I was fitted with my first set of Invisalign trays 2 days ago, I want to stop the treatment. My dentist didn't inform me that I would have... READ MORE

I Started Invisalign a Week Ago, I Want to Discontinue, Is that Possible?

I have already noticed a change and am having serious second thoughts about continuing the treatment. What can I expect from my dentist. I don't... READ MORE

Can I Get Back on Track? I Went 2 Months Without Trays.

I was a GREAT INVISALIGN patient for the first 10 trays, I wore them as I was supposed to and kept up wih my appointments etc. My 11th tray was very... READ MORE

My Husband Has Developed a TMJ Problem Since Starting Invisalign About 3 Months Ago, Should he Discontinue?

He cannot open his mouth very wide. It seems like his jaw is not allowing his mouth to open completely, but he does not have any pain or clicking... READ MORE

Vertigo Halfway Through Invisalign Treatment. What Do I Do?

Using invisalign to correct bite and TMJ. About halfway through and bottom teeth done. 2-3 weeks ago when started first aligner that was top only got... READ MORE

Stop Invisalign Early? Waiting for Trays But Doc Says It's For Spacing?

My dentist mentioned to me that she lost two of my trays, which are being re-ordered. After these two, I have three left before I finish my full set!... READ MORE

Braces - Can I Get Refund?

I am 10 months into my 18 month treatment plan and my orthodontist is moving away. So now what? He said I can have this other lady take over, but I do... READ MORE

Stopping Invisalign Treatment Because of TMJ

My ortho said invisalign could have been the root of my TMJ problem. His plan is 1.stop treatment and move me into retainers giving me back $1000 and... READ MORE

How to Get Invisalign Retainers?

I had invisalign treatment a few years ago. The office that I went to Vitaldent disbanded & my ortho moved to another state. I don't have my last... READ MORE

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