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Can I Get Back on Track? I Went 2 Months Without Trays.

I was a GREAT INVISALIGN patient for the first 10 trays, I wore them as I was supposed to and kept up wih my appointments etc. My 11th tray was very difficult to put in/out (more so than the others) and painful so I started getting less diligent. I then left the state for 2 months, and forgot my trays at home. I'm back, I wanted to get back on track but #11 doesn't fit... I can't find Tray #10 but have all my others. I'm SO EMBARRASSED to call the doctor, it's mortifying. Advise please?

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Just go back the the tray that fits well and start over. If that works, the dentist will just have to reorder #10. That should work . If not, your dentist may have to do what is called a midcourse correction which means taking new impressions and having new aligners fabricated. There may be a cost for that.

Dr. Sue Wendling

Portland Cosmetic Dentist

Missed 2 months of invisalign tray


Don't be embarrassed to tell your Dr what happened. This kind of things happens all the time. Most likely you will losse a couple of months of treatment time and will have to back track with the rys.It sNOT a big deal.



Mojdah Akhavan, DDS
San Diego Orthodontist
5.0 out of 5 stars 1 review

Off track with invisalign, can I get moving in the right direction


Sorry to hear about your problem with Invisalign.  I have head patients disappear for a lot longer than 2 months without wearing their trays and they have been able to continue treatment successfully.  Do not feel embarrassed to call your dentist and explain to him/her your issues.  You should go back to the tray the fits and then continue moving along again.  The dentist may need to do what is called a mid course correction if you are unable to find a tray that works.  The worst thing to do is not call the dentist and inform him of the problem.  Should not be a big deal.  Good luck



Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Cosmetic Dentist
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