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Invisalign is a teeth-straightening alternative to braces that uses custom-fitted clear plastic trays called aligners. Invisalign can improve your smile by correcting many conditions including overbite, crossbite, spaced teeth, and overly crowded teeth.

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Invisalign with Elastics for Crowding, Midline Correction, and Overbite - New York, NY

I've wanted to straighten my teeth since high school but I didn't want to wear braces in college and then it always... READ MORE

Teeth Had Moved Drastically Since my First Set of Braces - Wanted to Realign Them - New York, NY

I found Dr. Steven Davidowitz online - his practice is in the top 4 for Invisaline in the country - I couldn't be... READ MORE

My Quick Invisalign Experience (Psst, It Does Not Hurt) - New York

I decided to wait until tray 10 to share my experience with Invisalign so far. The reason I am sharing this is to... READ MORE

My Very First Day of Invisalign

I never really thought about the little gap in the front of my teeth and one of my tooth was crooked and sticking... READ MORE

Final Tray, Unhappy with Results - Teeth Are Not Well Aligned in the Back

I have a little bit of a crossbite, and some crowding. I need to have 18 trays so about 36 weeks of treatment in... READ MORE

My Completed Case - East Setauket, NY

I finished Invisalign about 2 years ago.I am on the front lines at the cosmetic dental practice of Dr.I. Koeppel. He... READ MORE
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