Botox for Migraines

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Botox is FDA-approved for treating migraine headaches. Chronic migraines are those that regularly occur more than 14 days per month. Botox will not cure migraines, but may offer relief from pain.
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After 40 years of dealing with migraines thru different methods, and was finally worn out from drugs masking effects and putting me in a continual fog, went to see Dr. Khorsandi on cost of Botox, he introduced us to migraine decompression surgery. His experience had shown that there is no reason... READ MORE

I tried botox as a last result for chronic migraines. The day after the botox treatment I had a migraine for 2 days all day long, along with a stiff neck. The stiff neck continued for three days with no relief except for taking a muscle relaxant at night but then I would wake up still with a... READ MORE

I start Botox injections tomorrow morning. I am 49 years old, and have had migraines since I was 20 years old. I feel as if I've tried everything possible to alleviate these monsters. I get them 3 - 4 days per week. It is rare that a migraine lasts for just a few hours or even half a day. ... READ MORE

I had a great experience, lots of shots, wasn't very painful, but I disliked the sound of the needles puncturing the skin, but otherwise it went very quickly and I was fine after and went about my day normally. I am so happy, I am doing great, i've had a few Migraines but they were not as bad... READ MORE

I've suffered with chronic migraines for the past 35 years, and I've taken all of the following medicines: Divalproex ER 250MG, Oxycodone 5MG, Abilify, Topamax, Cafergot, Prozac, Depakote, Atenolol, Sumatriptan, Migranal Spray, and so many others that I can't even remember the names of them... READ MORE

This was the second time I received the botox TX for migraines. The first time was in 2009 when it wasn't approved yet. It was a better experience and seemed to help somewhat. I got a few less migraines and the majority of the botox was in my face and traps along my back. I decided to try... READ MORE

I was given approx 100 units of Botox for treatment of chronic migraines. I was not warned in advance about any potential long term side effects. Within 24 hours I had the worst headache of my life. I thought I was literally going to die. The headache decreased a small amount daily but in crept... READ MORE

I received Botox for Migraines almost 2 weeks ago. On the afternoon of day 2 I started experiencing pain in the base of my skull and back of neck. The neck pain continued to get worse and the pain in my skull turned into tons of pressure with a feeling of lightheadedness. I was so miserable... READ MORE

I had botox done for migraines on 6/16/14 then on 6./18/14 the side effects start to kick in. The beginning of the nightmare I had trouble breathing, talking, or swallowing; hoarse voice, unusual or severe muscle weakness (especially in a body area that was not injected with the medication);... READ MORE

I have suffered with migraines since I was 7 years old. I have tried various oral and infused medications for acute and chronic use. I even tried chiropractic therapy and acupuncture, but I still suffered with migraines twice a week for the last 30 years. Finally, I couldn't take it any... READ MORE

I exercise a lot and try to eat a healthy diet. I do not like to wear a lot of makeup and the Grand Canyon in my forehead has always bothered me. I actually started doing Botox for my migraines a few years ago and really liked the way it looked. I have kept it up because it makes me look... READ MORE

I have had migraines my entire life. Since I was a small baby, and so far nobody knows why. I tried Botox for migraines about 6 years ago. It was done by a neurologist. I remember sitting in the office before the first treatment and a woman was sitting there waiting for her husband to have... READ MORE

Yes there is help out there. I've had Botox every 90 days at the cleveland clinic for 2 years. I was getting more than 20 migraines a month now - maybe 1 every 83 days. The last week Botox does wear off though. It has changed my life. I'm happy a great mom and wife again. Thank you. Helped first... READ MORE

For 7 years I had nearly constant migraines. I tried every medication possible in that time. After two years of debating with myself I finally tried Botox for migraines a week and a half ago. There were a lot of injections and it was uncomfortable but my doc gave me (by request) something for... READ MORE

I have been suffering with headaches for many years. They escalated to chronic migraines 7 years ago. The migraines worsened with pregnancy and became constant with last child. I was referred to Dr.Shaw after trying many medications that did not work. I felt an immediate sense of relief just... READ MORE

I have suffered from migraines since I was 13 years old, I finally decided to try botox and I can't believe it took me this long. Not only do I look incredibly refreshed but my menstrual cycle is no longer as painful. Didn't wait long at all and the waiting room area was very relaxing and welcoming. READ MORE

I've had migraines for over 5 years and they have been frequent and worse last year. The pain gets to the point where I can't function and my left or right side goes numb. I've tried all the migraine meds out there but they would only work for a couple of hours.( I've even tried Percocet). I got... READ MORE

I received Botox injection at a local med spa. I explained to her exactly where my pain was central. she started injections at my main points of pain and completed my procedure on the other side of my face for ascetics and symmetry. She was not a neurological doctor, but understood as she is a... READ MORE

I am the CFO of a leading electronics company. I have a lot of stress at work, needless to say. I was suffering from major migraines and facial pain every day. It was so bad that I was hooked on pain medication and strong coffee that was causing serious side effects. I met Dr. Sid Solomon in... READ MORE

I tried SO MANY treatments available for migraines & nothing worked. Even when hospitalized, no medications were able to get my migraine pain under control. But, as much of an exaggeration as it sounds, Botox has saved my life & career! I was missing several days of work a month due to... READ MORE

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