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This medical grade chemical peel claims to take your skin from blah to beautiful in a few treatments. LEARN MORE ›
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I had a VI peel in December (in Florida)as a Christmas present. The peel cost about $250 but then I had to pay about $500 for OBAGI products to follow up with. Although I looked awful for several days I had decent results with the peel. That being said, I was just trying to get rid of some mild... READ MORE

I am 35 yrs and have some acne scars. i did some real search on the vi peel and decided to have a consult with the aesthetician at my dermatologist office. She totally made me feel comfortable and really made it sound like i was finally going to get and see the results i have been wishing for... READ MORE

Had a VI Peel on a Wednesday 2:00pm. Didn't have that brown tan look they said but more red and face hurt (not so much in pain but very very uncomfortable). I am blonde with fair skin but I do tan if I do gradually. Was told to mix the VI Moisturizer with Aquaphor. So on Friday, I... READ MORE

Got a living social coupon for a local well respected Doctor. Today is day 2. I notice the fine lines and tanned look alot more. I would advise that (if possible) you try and take a benadryl on the first night. It would have helped with the itchies and the slight discomfort of sleeping on... READ MORE

I love the results from the Vi Peel! My dark spots lightened, my pores appear smaller, my lines by my eyes seems less noticeable and the skin looks so much smoother! Before the peel I always used a liquid foundation but after the peel I use only a light mineral powder. I loved the whole peeling... READ MORE

NOTE: I am not recommending that you try this at home - especially if you have not had peels before. I have had mild (glycolic) to mid-level (salicylic) peels done professionally and now I do them myself at home. The result I was looking for was clearer, smoother skin. My goal is to not... READ MORE

Not Worth it AT ALL! It was extremely painful and my face looks the same. It supposed to treat Melasma but I did not see any change what so ever. They also said that minor discomfort is expected. but I will tell you this : There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING minor about the discomfort I... READ MORE

While I peeled like a snake on day 3 and 4, my skin looked great, reflected light. I didn't tell anyone I was having it done, but I got several compliments, one from my hair dresser. I'm 51. I didn't have any pain, other than the initial burning sensation. I did get a small cold... READ MORE

I am 28 year old male from india.. i have acne scarring on my face so i went to know my options with the doctor. He suggested fraxel laser and VI peel. Since vi peel was fast and less costly i went ahead with it ( although its not a substitute for Fraxel) i went ahead and got it done. I... READ MORE

I recieved a Vi peel a year ago its great I have never had peel that really renewed my complication and hyperpigmentation which I had ton of. The only draw back is that will have to hide for three days and fourth and fifth day you may still be peeling. Oh you may need to do two to three peels to... READ MORE

I had two Vi peels over 2 months. The first one was pretty uncomfortable,burning-I had the AC on my face in the car on the way home and it was winter! I am glad I had the next two days off b/c I could not sleep the first night due to the pain-- like someone was sticking needles in my face -... READ MORE

I have a dark Asian skin with acne scars, and Hyperpigmentation. Had this peel second time now, thinking it might show its effect. This is my second day of peel. I'm turned into slightly red, lil itchcy, however i apply moistures on it... but still its is not showing me desired results...... READ MORE

Bought on Ebid. I am 45 with a slightly uneven skin tone - mid size pores, old acne scars and wrinkles around the eyes. Day 1 - Thursday @ 3pm Did the peel at home my self. No pain - strong chemical smell. No discomfort. After 4 hours washed skin felt a little sensitive and used Retin A... READ MORE

I have indian skin and have slight natural pigmentation around my mouth and cheek. I wanted to clean my skin by removing my dead skin with a decent peel. I choose vi peel and started peeling on the fourth day. I noticed that I have light streaks across my cheeks from the peeling and it really... READ MORE

I usually do TCA peels but wanted to try something different. The vi-peel is not as deep and combined with light pulse laser it works great. My skin tone is even, smooth and the few dark spots are gone. I would do this peel again, quick recovery. READ MORE

I have read a lot of reviews about people experiencing pain after VI Peels and I have had no pain and no itching whatsoever. I am on Day 5 and I am still peeling, it looks like I will be peeling for a few more days, so the peel is much slower than advertised, but the new skin looks great. I am... READ MORE

December 17, 2010 had Vi peel done at a medical spa. As instructed, I left my Vi peel on over night, washed faced and patted it dry. That night I washed my face and used the 1st towelette. It is now day two. My face feels tight and what wrinkles I have under my face look even worse and more... READ MORE

It has been the only peeling that works for me I had done at least 12 peeling..... and VIpeel is the only one. IT IS WORTH IT The 2nd day you'll look scary, your skin will get really dark but in just few days you'll have a new skin READ MORE

I have always wanted to do some sort of chemical peel but was never sure where to go or which peel to get. I have always struggled with the clarity of my skin, often dealing with break outs and large pores. Since getting the ViPeel in the office of Dr. T, my skin is visibly brighter and smoother... READ MORE

Esthetician was very professional. burnt when she put it on ...2 layers like a varnish. burnt until 2nd day turned red... 3rd day morning started peeling around mouth ...4th day rest of the face. overall very happy will do it again in 3 months to stimulate collagen production and improve... READ MORE

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