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WORTH IT RATING based on 184 reviews
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This medical grade chemical peel claims to take your skin from blah to beautiful in a few treatments. LEARN MORE ›
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I have had hyperpigmentation on my cheeks for years. Everytime I develop a pimple it leaves a dark spot on my face. I tryed this peel because it is safe for all skin types. The first peel lightened the spots 50%, following a specific protocol for hyperpigmentation and melasma, which includes... READ MORE

I had started to develop sun spots around the periphery of my face and my dermatologist recommended the VI peel. It performed as advertised. I am a blonde blue eyed fair skinned type and afterwards all the brown spots were gone. It was pain free and peeled according to the directions. It also... READ MORE

Don't believe the hype! As a fair-skinned African-American female, I had blotchy, sun-damaged skin and wanted an even-toned, renewed complexion. After three Vi-peel treatments, I see no real visible difference. There was some peeling but not nearly enough to cause the results advertised.... READ MORE

I tried this as an alternative to Efudex treatments for actinic keratoses. Compared to Efudex, this is a less barbaric as the symptoms subside within one week. There is minor burning initially, but I had no trouble leaving the solution on overnight. The residual tightness is not comfortable, but... READ MORE

I had the peel following a micro derma brasion facial. My face got red and tight but I never peeled? Ok.. alittle flaking.. no results. Big waste of money. They office wanted to charge me an extra $200 to come in and re-do the peel? READ MORE

I'm 45 and am a sun lover. I have olive skin (korean/american). Been on everything you can think of to help my complextion. My appointment that day was for artefill and while I was there I asked if she could do anything for my break outs. My pores seemed clogged and I felt like I needed... READ MORE

Do Not Do this peel unless you have nothing to loose. I had a perfect skin and got complements on my porcelaine skin from everybody. But my friend did this peel and told me that it can actually reverse skin aging and stimulates the production of collagen and that she just loved it. So I did it.... READ MORE

For the most part my face peeled well got soomther skin, scars lighten up. First day, skin tigthen up and looked as if I tanned HOWEVER, my chin turned marooned. My chin blistered and peeled the next day after I washed. Now, my chin is burned and raw after reading and checking out photos of... READ MORE

I'm writing my review from my honest experience. I read so many horror stories on here I almost didn't get it done. I have very sensitive skin. I'm a fair skinned african american. I got the peel to reduce acne scars and uneven pigmentation.I just had the VI peel done yesterday at 4pm. They... READ MORE

I have always had great skin and receive compliments on it all the time, including by the nurse who gave me the peel, right before she applied it. I did this because I am going to be 50 this year and thought it might reduce some fine lines I'm beginning to see.Firstly, it is not a "go about... READ MORE

I'm not a big spa-type person and had thought facials, peels and other such treatments were basically bogus. However, during the process of getting consults for eyelid surgery, I spoke to an aesthetician at one of the doctor's offices and she really changed my thinking about skin treatments and... READ MORE

I had the ViPeel 10 days ago. Today my skin looks amazing.The four first days were not a picnic at all. I had to be at home all those days.I looked terrible,(but it was unpainful) but it worth it.I tried Fraxel and the Blue peel a year ago and nothing compares with the results of the Vipeel READ MORE

Day 1: Yesterday, Monday afternoon, had a Vi Peel for the first time. Was much easier than I expected. Slight burning when the solution was applied. On a scale from 1 to 10, it was maybe a 2. During the evening, my face was itchy, but applied some 1% Cortisone cream and it was fine. Woke up... READ MORE

Looking to look refreshed, help with some hyperpigmentation issues, light to medium breakouts, dullness etc.I am on day 7 after the vi peel and I havent seen an improvement in my skin fact it looks worse. The areas on my cheekbones, chin area and forehead are still peeling, raw and red.... READ MORE

I am still peeling after 9-days! I am 53 and it looked awful at first. There was some redness that looked almost burned, and the brown age spots intensified. But most everything is peeling off now and my skin looks smoother and age spots are much lighter. I think I will do it again in... READ MORE

I just got a VI peel 2 days ago and my skin looks normal but feels tight.I'mm a personal trainer and was askd not to exercise. Will exercise really affect the outcome of this procedure? READ MORE

I had VI Chemical Peel, after 16 days my face is look burn, I went to the doctor who perform the peel he checked and told me some part of my skin is burn. He gave bleaching cream 4% hydoclorine to apply.I did the peel for my skin to look younger and smooth. I am not satisfied with the result, my... READ MORE

Yesterday was day 4, and I had to go back to work. While at work, I starting peeling areas mostly around my nose/mouth that was obvious and embarrassing. I know I am not supposed to do that, so I did it very gently and tried not to peel too deep. This morning, that area is red and tight. Is it... READ MORE

I read that the Vi peel I had contained a % of phenol and retinoid (?). My results were minimal, I think the skin around my eyes looks older actually. I'm fair skinned & 38.What's the results of everyone else w/skin similar to mine? Anyone get good results w/addt'l Vi peels? READ MORE

I have to admit what drew me in was the research I did on the product's website. The before/after photos; even the instructional video; that made this peel look like no pain, lots of gain!The best price I found in my area was a package deal, $500 for two peels. I just didn't want to spend the... READ MORE

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