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This medical grade chemical peel claims to take your skin from blah to beautiful in a few treatments. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi my name is Jamie and I work for Dr. Altman myself and another employee Lily had the Vi peel 5 days ago and our skin looks amazing! Can't wait to see the final results. We did it because we are interested in offering this treatment to his patients. READ MORE

Well I had the vi peel done a week ago today. The first night I couldn't sleep, felt like pins pricking my face, guess it was burning. Don't listen to anyone saying that there is no down time. During the peeling process who would want to go anywhere? It looks bad. It's only been... READ MORE

Pros: virtually painless, effective and far more cost efficient than shelling out nearly a thousand dollars for laser resurfacing. Cons: Some itchiness I went to a medical spa to inquire about laser resurfacing and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I my sun-damaged skin and... READ MORE

I had this peel done several times. I used it primarily for acne scarring. It took, literally, 2 minutes and was very effective; saw results after a week or so of peeling. I just wish that doctors would not be so greaey in charging exorbitant amounts of money for something that cost a... READ MORE

The reason why I got the Vi Peel was because I was told that it will significantly improve the texture and appearance of my face. Granted that initially made my face dry, then eventually peeled, there were some areas of my face where it improved. But it wasn't the drastic improvement I... READ MORE

I had mild (hormonal) cystic acne, but with olive toned skin I developed a lot of hyperpigmentation after break outs. I decided to have a VI peel done at the recommendation of an aesthetician. They really down played the down time and recovery period! I read reviews before having it done and... READ MORE

I had a vi peel five days ago. i expected to peel day 3... what i didn't expect was chapped, dry skin day 4, 5, and 6 ... i got took no doubt, the spa package i got to take home was hydrocoritisone cream and sun screen - NO MOISTURIZER... and everything i've tried to moisturize with has... READ MORE

I think it's important to understand that each result is different & unique to each person. I personally have had a great experience with each peel. I'm on my fourth & it is something that I will continue to do. The application of the chemical has become more tolerable to... READ MORE

I had a lot of sun damage and was a little sceptical about getting it... but the results were amazing! I peeled a lot on the 3-4th days , but it was managable. The esthetician was very profesional, listened to me and told me exactly what was going to happen! Cannot wait to do it again! READ MORE

I jumped into a Vi peel at the recommendation of a provider after I started going to her for laser hair removal. I am pretty unexperienced in beauty procedures. I had it applied 5/26/11 in the afternoon. I was instructed NOT to wash it off last night, and to only use the post-peel Vitamin C... READ MORE

I decided to do the Vi-Peel to help with my current acne issues and help get rid of hyper-pigmentation. It was soo easy and fast. It only took 30 minutes from start to finish. The burning sensation only lasted 30 seconds, which is amazing compared to other chemical peels I have tried in the past... READ MORE

I have always had a problem with VERY dry skin which resulted in constant flaking and fine lines. I have done all of the necessary things in hopes of curbing this dilema such as fish oil, walnuts, etc. I have also tried to keep my skin moisturized by applying several coats every morning,... READ MORE

I had a VI 7-day peel applied by a licensed provider and after 4 hours it really began to burn my skin, after following the directions after 7 days my skin has dark chemical burns (under my eye's & chin). I had beautiful flawless skin but now it's dry & feel's like sand... READ MORE

Had some acne and black spots on my face, if you have a sensitive skin do some research before you do it, 1st: it hurt so much specially after the 4th day, 2nd it left me with some large black spot around my mouth READ MORE

I have had 3 ViPeels in the last 3 months. I am african american female and I have had skin problems my entire life which has left me with acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. After spending THOUSANDS of dollars on different treatments to no avail i decided to try one last procedure. The Vi... READ MORE

I had a VI peel in December (in Florida)as a Christmas present. The peel cost about $250 but then I had to pay about $500 for OBAGI products to follow up with. Although I looked awful for several days I had decent results with the peel. That being said, I was just trying to get rid of some mild... READ MORE

I am 35 yrs and have some acne scars. i did some real search on the vi peel and decided to have a consult with the aesthetician at my dermatologist office. She totally made me feel comfortable and really made it sound like i was finally going to get and see the results i have been wishing for... READ MORE

Had a VI Peel on a Wednesday 2:00pm. Didn't have that brown tan look they said but more red and face hurt (not so much in pain but very very uncomfortable). I am blonde with fair skin but I do tan if I do gradually. Was told to mix the VI Moisturizer with Aquaphor. So on Friday, I... READ MORE

Got a living social coupon for a local well respected Doctor. Today is day 2. I notice the fine lines and tanned look alot more. I would advise that (if possible) you try and take a benadryl on the first night. It would have helped with the itchies and the slight discomfort of sleeping on... READ MORE

I love the results from the Vi Peel! My dark spots lightened, my pores appear smaller, my lines by my eyes seems less noticeable and the skin looks so much smoother! Before the peel I always used a liquid foundation but after the peel I use only a light mineral powder. I loved the whole peeling... READ MORE

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