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Got a scar you’d like gone? Treatments to remove them differ based on the particular scar’s size, texture, and location (that includes any marks left by acne). Plan to hear about laser resurfacing, injectable fillers, and microdermabrasionLEARN MORE ›
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I bought a cream from Protege called flawless after sending my scar picture to them (Customer service) to check if it will work and the answer (on the same day)was "Yes" plus we have 100% money back guarantee. After 6 weeks I saw no results so sent on their facebook page inbox message and... READ MORE

I'm 18 month post op from a full tummy tuck which turned out well but my scar detracts from the awesome results. Despite trying every scar treatment under the sun, it is still very pigmented and a bit spread out. I did my real self research and found THE DOC to go to for scar treatment and had... READ MORE

Dr. Schooler is one of the most knowledgeable, friendliest, and caring physicians you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I immediately felt comfortable and safe under his care. He saved my hand and the scar can barely be seen. I am very happy with my physician and my surgery. His office... READ MORE

I had subcision and micro needling done in one visit with Dr. Nelson Novick. Afterwards, I realized that he charged a lot for this. I later went to a top plastic surgeon who used a filler and didn't even charge me for the subcision that she performed. Dr. Novick did not use a filler but... READ MORE

She flatten my 2 large keloids in my back and upper arm. She won't promise you anything, but she does know what she's doing. Very professional doctor. We.are doing the injection once a month. She will do.pulse dye laser on sept. For $200/session. She recommended 3 sessions. She.also improve my... READ MORE

The pros, she was cheap, the cons - she is a low quality plastic surgeon. She made my scar look worse, she literally made jokes in my face about it, and charged me for the pleasure!! Now I'm even affraid to go into public. Do not trust this lady because her surgical skill set is crap and you... READ MORE

After living with keliods for most of my life and doctors not doing anything helpful I decided to research home cures for keliods. I've used creams and oils and pinching. Tea tree oil works on small soft newer keliods but I have two big ones. One is kumquat sized. I have pain in them daily... READ MORE

I have had male abdominoplasty and rear belt lipectomy surgeries one year apart. Of course the scars were an issue in my mind long before the procedures. The other day i was cleaning the bathroom and found 2 used SCARAWAY strips still in great condition and wanted to tell you about my experience... READ MORE

I received scarring 3 years ago at a local clinic when the practioner used a yag laser to relax an angry, protruding vein. It left scarring so deep the holes were nearly to the bone when it first happened (the first time he did it a couple yrs previous it turned out fine, no issues). Fast... READ MORE

I am 40 years old and I had a tummy tuck (TT) on December 11, 2013. The Palomar Icon Laser for scar treatment is being performed in my PS's office who also performed my TT. This laser is being used on my TT scar, which extends hip to hip as well as on my new belly button and old sewn up belly... READ MORE

I had a tt done 2 years ago. I am barley starting to take care of my scar. It use to be very dark purple. I been using scar xd I believe.... And it did lighten up my scar. My next opinion will getting a big stomach tattoo to cover my scarring... What can I do about it? Like I mention I just... READ MORE

I know that scrubbing and vitamin E helps but that takes years to lighten the scars. And yes, I know the main thing is not to pick/scratch them. I have tried mederma & CICA-CARE silicone gel results r great BUT they caused me itchy n dry patch. Bio Oil doesnt work for. Now I scrub them three... READ MORE

I recently read an article about the subcision/suction method. I took the study to a Doctor in Dallas and asked if we could try this. He agreed to it and on July 22nd I went in for the subcision. 3 weeks prior I bought a 4 in 1 Facial Machine (Pro 2023) off ebay from LCL/Beauty/Salon... READ MORE

I have 4 deep chickenpox scars on my face. They are black and my skin tone is brown . I have had punch excision wich made it even worse. Now when i got new scars instead of the old scars i want to bleach the scars so they become my own skin type . Is there a good cream wich actually works foor... READ MORE

I had a brain tumor removed over a year ago and had multiple complications with my scalp recovering and about 8 surgeries in the same area on my head. Dr Prichard helped with the last surgery and cleaned out a lot of scar tissue and reconstructed my scalp and I haven't had any complications... READ MORE

I was so blessed to have Dr Prichard on call the afternoon of September 2007. I was severely bite in the left side of my cheek/face/mouth where only my teeth were showing on the left side of my face, by a 170 lb Italian Mastiff .I was not lucky enough to have the large missing piece of my face... READ MORE

Hello, i would like to know if there is any cream or new treatment to reduce scars. I had a keloid in my shoulder due to an inyection that git infected when i was little. The scar was the size of a penny, but me unexperienced, i went to a doctor who did laser treatment on my scar and ended up... READ MORE

A few years ago i had dermabrasion performed for facial (acne/chickenpox) scarring. That seemed to not help very much and the aftercare was much to handle. Still deteremined to reduce my scars I had a series of four Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing procedures performed this past year. There was... READ MORE

I live in California but had to drive to WA to Dr.Philip Young's office after reviewed videos from Youtube. I had a scar surgery at his place and my skin is smoother now. It only been about 2 weeks but I already see good difference now. I heard it will get better as the time passes. I had deep... READ MORE

Dr young has done 3 procedures for me this being my fourth since 2000. Not only is he fantastic his entire office is amazing! I was looking for a fix to a horizontal appendix scar and an ovarian cyst removal scar! He recommended lipo with this. I'm 4 days post op and already LOVE my results... READ MORE

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