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While scars can never be completed erased, scar removal procedures are meant to minimize their appearance. There are many non-surgical methods used for scar removal, including injectable fillers to fill concave scars, light therapy and lasers, and dermabrasion and chemical peels. For deeper scarring, surgery is needed to remove the old scar. The incision may be closed with either skin grafts or tissue substitutes. In some cases, a tissue expander will be placed below the surface of the scar and slowly filled with a sterile solution. Once the skin has sufficiently been stretched, the expander and scar are removed. The remaining skin is then stretched to cover the open area.
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I had a small scar, he was suppose ti fix, he ask 3 times to let him thin my nose and pick it up.all three times i said NO.NO.NO i do not want that, well he put me to sleep ane done it anyway, as i woke up he said i went ahead and thined and picked it up, well what could i do i was under... READ MORE

Right after my punch excision my sutures were secured with steri-strip and lots of bandages. Except when I got home I vomited really badly. I guess the procedure upset my stomach. They just used numbing creme during my procedure. My question is could the sutures come undone? I bled a lot through... READ MORE

I had an old scar on my lip. Revision was out of the question. (see my picture). I was looking to camouflage it using tattoo makeup. Instead they offered me a non-surgical procedure. The results were pretty good for three hundred bucks(see my picture). READ MORE

My son was 8 when he got a small prick and some fluid was sitting on the prick, i removed it and put some antiseptic. It healed but he had itching sensation and i observed after 6 months he had elevated region there. I showed to the doctor in Nepal, a general surgeon said it is a kind of benign... READ MORE

When I was younger I had a mole by my nose and my mom told me to get rid of it by placing battery acid. It got rid of the brown color but I formed a scar. It makes me really self couscious about my face because I don't feel pretty. I went to a derma doctor when I was 15 years and he... READ MORE

Oneyear ago I went to see a skin/vein specialist to treat it and he performed 3 laser treatments which further left left red (and raised) scars all around the edges of it. 6 months later he injected Celestone Chronodose (Betamethasone Injection) into the scars on the edges, and I have been... READ MORE

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years ago and ever since I have a 3.5 inch visible scar on my neck. The unfortunate part about it beyond the scar itself is that the surgeon never found the abnormal gland after a seven hour surgery. You can imagine that I was devastated. I have... READ MORE

I was over 9 months pregnant with my second baby and despite having a positive and healthy pregnancy both times, I had developed a terrible hypertrophic scar after my first C-Section and was very anxious about what would happen after the second surgery. I'm very fair, with sensitive skin and I... READ MORE

I was considering a revision upper blepharoplasty but was more concerned about the temple lift scars (all done by a previous surgeon.) Dr. Cohen made it sound like it was no big deal to "revise" the brow lift scars and have hair growing through them. I was really emotional about these scars... READ MORE

My motivation is to help other people out there if they too have had severe scarring due to trauma. It can be debilitating and interfere with the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Dr. Lee has helped me get my life back. I met with Dr. Lee and his staff and had the procedure a month later... READ MORE

I was introduced to Dr. Hui in San Francisco through Dr. Welsh's practice. I learned that Dr. Hui had extensive experience treating keloids in Brooklyn and was working on a new and innovative treatment. I was very interested in learning more about this procedure as I have been battling numerous... READ MORE

Had two rounds of injections half a year ago, the dots are still there, some place rather more visible like the one near the top crack, some not so much ( i think it depends on the location and how much stretch it has there, rather than the skills or product injected) I saw a lot of the girls... READ MORE

Old abdominal scar looked wide, ugly, caused some tension. Was worth revising. The revised scar is thinner and less visible. It was worth doing it. It was done in outpatient setting with local anesthesia. Dr. Kaufman took time to explain the procedure and its outcome. It was a cool experience.... READ MORE

I had a steroid injection into my forhead where I had a lump from a spot that created a sphere of scar tissue I got told by my cosmetic surgeon that the steroid injection would flatten it out so I had the injection. He said the swelling wad just fluid, so I took his word for it but 1 week on my... READ MORE

Dr. Westreich is a professional, attentive and caring plastic surgeon. I met him for the first time on very short notice ( a few hours). He took a great deal of time with me and even did a drawing of two options I had and took the time to explain them in detail - he was patient and kind in doing... READ MORE

I, am hoping for success from one of your recommended treatments. Because of where it is located, it looks like a mustache. I, am a 65 yr. old black female. I, can't stand to look in mirror. I,was in an auto accident, the airbag deployed, sharp particles came out and caused what the... READ MORE

I had this old ugly scar from my appendectomy when I was 14 years old in Japan. The scar had been becoming uglier and uglier and as I aged it became more prominent as some fat accumulated around the scar making the section bulging up. I was feeling embarrassed in bikinis and also when I wore... READ MORE

In 2011 I was involved in a severe auto accident. I had a tracheostomy that was removed and left a severely sunken hole in my neck area, and scars to my face. I researched plastic surgeons myself, and found out that not only was Dr. Smith highly rated by the general public but also my many other... READ MORE

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Emer and his staff. From the moment I met him and his nurse Candice, I felt like I was in good hands. I had come in for a scar revision from another surgery - the previous surgeon had done a terrible job and also removed my stitches too early. This... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Antunes for a facial laceration. I was very concerned about scarring. He assured me that the scar would be minimal, and proceeded to clean the area and stitch up the wound. I went to see him the following week to have the stitches removed. It has now been 6 months and I can... READ MORE

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