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WORTH IT RATING based on 86 reviews
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While scars can never be completely erased, dermatologists and surgeons can often improve their appearance.
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Old scar is removed and a more precise cut is made by the surgeon and then closed with dissolveable sutures. This is the mainstay of scar revision. The scar is excised and the wound is closed carefully to achieve a nicer and finer scar. Many different techniques are used to achieve this and the... READ MORE

It took over 4 months after I tied a string around my keloid for it to finally come off . It was a painful and sometimes emotionally draining process that took waaay longer than expected. But the string method did work! It finally came off yesterday and I am so happy! If you're trying this... READ MORE

Aloha, I am a forty two year old patient of Dr. Schlesinger’s. I had surgery two months ago. The initial consultation was for scar reduction (I had several surgeries as a teenager. The scar adhered to my abdominal wall, which would tear when I coughed or sneezed – excruciating!) Dr. S came... READ MORE

Bad experience at this clinic! They promise everything and don't do it! I spend there $800 for my scar removal and after 3 sessions it's still exactly the same!! Wast of money and time!!! READ MORE

I knew within about a minute of talking with Jaime, the Patient Care Coordinator, that I had found the place to receive laser treatment for scar revision on my lip. I was doing initial research and had called several providers. Either they did not provide the service or I simply did not feel... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a 20 year old girl from London and I have been battling with keloids since the age of 16, and it has been absolute hell! It has completely stripped me of my confidence and I've spent years without ever tying my hair up. It's been such a misery being unable to keep up with many of the... READ MORE

I have suffered from keloids on my chest and back for over a decade and had every treatment possible for this condition. Lots of years of painful poking and prodding, with little or no positive outcome. I had the procedure in April of 2012 with Dr. Z Paul Lorenc in New York. He was very... READ MORE

I was considering a revision upper blepharoplasty but was more concerned about the temple lift scars (all done by a previous surgeon.) Dr. Cohen made it sound like it was no big deal to "revise" the brow lift scars and have hair growing through them. I was really emotional about these scars... READ MORE

I can't say enough as to how blessed I am to have found Dr. Ransom and his amazing patient coordinator, Dee Roby! I am two days along after my ear keloid surgery and I can't believe the amazing outcome so far. Not only did Dr. Ransom do an amazing job, but he has made me feel like a brand new,... READ MORE

I have had a knot on the base of my neck just at my hairline, since I was about 15 years old. Dr. Palmer looked at it when I was young and advised me never to have anyone lance it, but that it would evnetually have to be surgically excised. Years later, as I entered my professional life and... READ MORE

Dr. Lee performed a scar removal surgery for keloid scars which had developed post-op after a prior surgery. The procedure itself was painless. Even the shots administered for pain didn't hurt. Dr. Lee cut each keloid out with a scalpel and gave me stitches afterwards. My ears have been... READ MORE

Ok I just want to start of by saying that im a guy. As I can see by most of the post that Dr Rodgers sees alot of female patients for breast work.Well the reason I went to him is becouse I was asulted with a jaged pipe in 2010 by someone trying to rob me and I ended up with really nasty scar on... READ MORE

Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian is an amazing doctor!! I am so pleased with the results I have seen after just 3 months of treatments. A year ago, I had a scar revision done by a doctor in Newport Beach on my neck and I was not pleased with the results. My scar did not heal quite right. Instead it... READ MORE

I had a cyst from my face removed years ago by another dermatologist that left 2 small pitted marks at the site, which eventually morphed into one big hole about 1/4" in diameter. Dr. Hazeltine removed the scar tissue and restitched the hole/gap. The procedure took about 15-20 minutes total... READ MORE

I had to have six stitches on my face on a vertical gash about an inch in length. My Dr. recommended laser scar resurfacing or else chances were good if left untreated the wound would remain a red keloid scar. After the stitches were removed and weeks of daily vitamin e gel to help treat the... READ MORE

What I did need was very non-invasive-minimal pain at all. The scar revision was impeccable. You cannot even see a scarline at all. The smart lipo was amazing and I'm seeing the changes in the 3 weeks since I've had it. There is really no downtime. I had it done on a Friday, rested over the... READ MORE

Ive been with my keloid for about 5 years. I saw these people getting rid of their keloids with only a rubberband. So I decided to try this method. My whole experience lasted 11 days. Today was the eleventh day. The first couple of days were very painful. I iced my ear and that made it... READ MORE

I had gone to a local surgeon who was recommended as one of the better face surgeons in the area. I had a small (3mm diameter) round, depressed scar from a cyst that made me very self conscious as it was on the tip of my nose to the left slightly. The surgeon was friendly and positive. He drew a... READ MORE

I have truly had a wonderful experience with Dr. Iteld and the Geldner Center. I've had a large scar on my stomach since a PS surgery at birth. I've always hated it, as no matter how well I ate and how hard I worked out, it made my stomach appear fat and incongruent. Iteld is a true... READ MORE

I had a keloid removed two years ago from another doctor. The keloid grew back larger and became very painful.. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Raffy on a Thursday and the surgery was completed within two hours on the following Saturday.. The keliod is gone and I have no scar! He works miracles! READ MORE

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