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While scars can never be completed erased, scar removal procedures are meant to minimize their appearance. There are many non-surgical methods used for scar removal, including injectable fillers to fill concave scars, light therapy and lasers, and dermabrasion and chemical peels. For deeper scarring, surgery is needed to remove the old scar. The incision may be closed with either skin grafts or tissue substitutes. In some cases, a tissue expander will be placed below the surface of the scar and slowly filled with a sterile solution. Once the skin has sufficiently been stretched, the expander and scar are removed. The remaining skin is then stretched to cover the open area.

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About 15 years ago I had my spleen removed through a 6 inch incision in my abdomen. The scar healed TERRIBLY! It became reddened and raised. Dr. Diehl did such a wonderful job revising the scar that now it is hardly noticeable. I have since had additional procedures and couldn't be happier... READ MORE

Dr. Adrian Lo did my Chest Lipo Surgery for Gynecomastia back in 2011, Total I paid was $5490.00 insurance would not cover it.. I'm so Happy today that I had this done. I was very scared and embarrassed as I entered his office, he and his staff made me feel so comfortable as soon as I... READ MORE

Dr. Janjua saved my face. I was terribly scared in an alarplasty gone wrong by another surgeon on NYC. My face was uneven, botched and scared so bad I had a hard time leaving my house. When I had an initial visit with Dr J we came up with a game plan that he also talked over with colleagues, I... READ MORE

Got an excellent result from Dr. Di Saia after another surgeon made these same scars look terrible. READ MORE

Don't like having red/wide scars READ MORE

I had a small scar, he was suppose ti fix, he ask 3 times to let him thin my nose and pick it up.all three times i said NO.NO.NO i do not want that, well he put me to sleep ane done it anyway, as i woke up he said i went ahead and thined and picked it up, well what could i do i was under... READ MORE

Right after my punch excision my sutures were secured with steri-strip and lots of bandages. Except when I got home I vomited really badly. I guess the procedure upset my stomach. They just used numbing creme during my procedure. My question is could the sutures come undone? I bled a lot through... READ MORE

I had an old scar on my lip. Revision was out of the question. (see my picture). I was looking to camouflage it using tattoo makeup. Instead they offered me a non-surgical procedure. The results were pretty good for three hundred bucks(see my picture). READ MORE

My son was 8 when he got a small prick and some fluid was sitting on the prick, i removed it and put some antiseptic. It healed but he had itching sensation and i observed after 6 months he had elevated region there. I showed to the doctor in Nepal, a general surgeon said it is a kind of benign... READ MORE

When I was younger I had a mole by my nose and my mom told me to get rid of it by placing battery acid. It got rid of the brown color but I formed a scar. It makes me really self couscious about my face because I don't feel pretty. I went to a derma doctor when I was 15 years and he... READ MORE

Oneyear ago I went to see a skin/vein specialist to treat it and he performed 3 laser treatments which further left left red (and raised) scars all around the edges of it. 6 months later he injected Celestone Chronodose (Betamethasone Injection) into the scars on the edges, and I have been... READ MORE

I had hyperparathyroid surgery over three years ago and ever since I have a 3.5 inch visible scar on my neck. The unfortunate part about it beyond the scar itself is that the surgeon never found the abnormal gland after a seven hour surgery. You can imagine that I was devastated. I have... READ MORE

I had a 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch scar along my right eye from having a birthmark removed as a child. The scar had stretched as my face grew over the years resulting in darkened skin with raised scar tissue that was visible without make up on. I had consulted with Dr.Zakhary and she gave me the... READ MORE

Dr. Richards and his staff are phenomenal! I had a large cyst on the back of my arm that was removed by a different doctor that ended up leaving a nasty scar. I was bugged by this for a couple years as everyone always asked "what happened"? After researching online I found Dr. Richards. I'm... READ MORE

I have had two appointments with Dr. Powers to assess several facial scars resulting intially from a motor vehical accident and discuss surgical scar revision. Dr. Powers was extremely compassionate, approachable, and knowlegeable with respect to offering surgical techniques. She has given me... READ MORE

Some doctors are in the business of medicine, while Dr. Sunder is in the medicine of healing and helping people look fabulous, which makes you feel better, thus serving a healing function. Her office is very professional and I really felt calm and cared for when I had a scar revised. She was... READ MORE

I had a scar on my forehead from an earlier accident. It was thick and puffy and just looked nasty. Dr. Archibald met with me to discuss removal of the scar and I was extremely impressed with him and his staff. I was really pleased with how friendly, caring and professional everyone was at their... READ MORE

Dr. Pak is a scar removal wizard and his team is nothing short of amazing. I would highly recommend him! I had a tricho scar and tight skin. Tried to treat this one time before, so I was nervous, but he put my concerns at ease and I was very happy with the results. Doctor Pak's staff is... READ MORE

Miss Jemec removed a myxoid cyst from the middle finger of my left hand. The nail was deformed, had turned green and was catching on everything, which was very irritating. During the procedure, Miss Jemec explained what she was doing and was very relaxed and often amusing. I experienced very... READ MORE

I had struggled with gynecomastia in my childhood and had a procedure I was happy with. But, as I got older, scars got very unsightly and I personally didn't feel good about them. So, I did some googling and learned about ARC Plastic Surgery. I booked an appointment with Dr. Richard Bloom and... READ MORE

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