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While scars can never be completed erased, scar removal procedures are meant to minimize their appearance. There are many non-surgical methods used for scar removal, including injectable fillers to fill concave scars, light therapy and lasers, and dermabrasion and chemical peels. For deeper scarring, surgery is needed to remove the old scar. The incision may be closed with either skin grafts or tissue substitutes. In some cases, a tissue expander will be placed below the surface of the scar and slowly filled with a sterile solution. Once the skin has sufficiently been stretched, the expander and scar are removed. The remaining skin is then stretched to cover the open area.
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When I was 17, I had my lip pierced and took it out not long after and then had it re-peirced two years later. I am now 27 and left with an ugly hole underneath my bottom lip. Today, I had the scar excised. My Dermatologist used a 4mm punch and double stitched the wound. Those who get punch... READ MORE

When I was 6 days old, I had a surgery due to something called twisted intestines (in layman terms) and as long as I can remember I have always had a very deep depressed scar. Yesterday, I finally got a scar revision surgery done. The procedure was fairly quick (1.5hours). I woke up sore which... READ MORE

I have used many things to minimize the appearance of my scars.the scars are very dark and nothing has helped(see pics). i have used chemical peels like lactic and glycolic acid, a Co2 laser as well as many strong bleaching agents . i also have 2 old chicken pox scars and a scar that is the same... READ MORE

About 8 years ago I had a mole removed on my cheek. Over the years the scar began to sink and become depressed. Here is my first subcision progress. More than likely will have another treatment in 2 months but so far, good! If you have a deeper scar like I did, I would highly recommend this... READ MORE

I was in a car accident as a child and needed emergency surgery, which left me with quite a big scar that only got worse as I grew up. It caused a huge indent across my stomach which I hated- I'd be paranoid that people could see it through my clothes and it caused a lot of relationship problems... READ MORE

I have a 4 cm long hypertrophic scar on my neck from a chemical burn. It started out small and almost unnoticeable so I left it thinking it would just heal normally. As the weeks went by I noticed it started getting more raised and red. I tried silicone scar creams and scar tapes but all they... READ MORE

I was injured on a Wednesday and immediately went to the Emergency Room. For two days following I saw my general physician who instructed me to simply keep applying ointment and that with time the wound would heal. Thank goodness for Dr. Maguire, as his knowledge of the skin and experience has... READ MORE

I had a large depressed scar on my face from an old auto accident. It became worse and more of a deformity than a scar with time.It was also causing pain and a pulling sensation on my neck.NO other surgeon in New York was willing to work with my insurance to repAir the deformity. Dr. Glasberg... READ MORE

Hi! Since I was a child I have these horrible scars on my legs n hands due to mosquito bites. I visit several dermatology and no matter what they give me to use on my skin doesn't help in appearance. When I was in school kids used to tease me about the imperfection of my skin because of that I... READ MORE

How much would it cost? My insurance won't cover it since its cosmetic. I made an appointment for consultation but then I cancelled it because I couldn't afford it and figured I should just let it heal. It s been about 9 months now and it has show little improvement even with daily use of... READ MORE

I fell off of a moving car flat onto some concrete and busted open my chin, chipped my tooth, and sliced some skin on the lower part of my bottom lip. The slice of skin was too large to just remove from my face, but it was too thin to put stitches through, so the ER doctor used a type of glue to... READ MORE

Hated seeing these two indents on my forehead for 20yrs! Went in for a consult- wanted laser resurfacing, but opted for the excisions. Excising a scar is invasive. Involves cutting out the old scar tissue and using the heathy surround tissue to close the wound. Left with a small linear scar,... READ MORE

I had a small, 3 month old scar on my cheek after cyst excision. I wasn't happy with the scar as it was slightly depressed, and I was eager to get it corrected. I contacted different surgeons who told me to wait a year to have a revision. This doctor Hilinski however, said he was a Scar... READ MORE

Hi! I had a mommy makeover on 6 November 2012, and at that time, I was left with some very large puckering at each end of every incision. In addition, I spit a stitch in my belly button and it was right where the knot was, so I got a lump there. After nearly two years, these dog-ears are all... READ MORE

During my teens I got many piercings done and finally after 10 years I am having them removed. Anyone who has had a piercing knows that the holes close up internally but often you are left with what can often be a glaring hole. I had 6 on my face. 4 around the mouth and 2 on my bridge. All of... READ MORE

I have 4 scars I would like to get rid of. There is one on my nose from an a surgical incision to remove a sebaceous cyst, one under my right nipple from Gynocomnastia surgery, one on my arm from a brand when I was younger, and a keloid on my left elbow from a bicycling incident. Besides the... READ MORE

I am 40 years old, had 2 children and was left with saggy loose skin. I had my tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 months ago on 4/8/11. I am very happy with how my tummy looks. I was, however, left with a very thick scar and a dog ear (skin that sticks out at the end of the incision). Most of the... READ MORE

Hello. I had 10-12 years (dont remember exactly) ago surgery for my birthmarks which were located on my templar scalp. Birthmarks were big and the surgery left me large scar which dimensions were 2,5cm x 7cm. Photo attached to this review is after first scar revision which was rather... READ MORE

Face, neck and body total repair. From burn survivor to normal. I a ma burn survivor burned from the top of my head to my knees. Its hard to go out in bublic because of the mean looks and the scarey faces people mace. I was one pretty until my cooking accident Jun.3rd 2008. I will never be... READ MORE

Hi there! i recommended you to go to DR. RAFFY KARAMANOUKIAN clinic's for the keloids treatment. YES, I am so SERIOUS that he will help you.... before i went to Dr. Raffy, I've went to 4 clinics already and nothing change with the keloids. then, i've decided to go to Dr. Raffy... and i found my... READ MORE

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