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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I am just looking to remove some of extra belly skin and lift my breast. I am currently interviewing doctors. I have hypertrophic scars and I am so nervous about my incisions looking horrible after the mommy makeover. Anyone here has that scar issue? I can't wait to hear about other before... READ MORE

It all started in a bathroom during happy hour when my friend showed me her beautiful flat tucked tummy. I looked down at my belly, which kind of resembles my husbands balls, and in that moment I made my decision. I run. I run a lot. I know that no amount of diet and exercise is ever going... READ MORE

I would to get ride of excess skin tighten abdominal muscles with a TT. I want a breast reduction/ lift with some small silicone implants to keep that upper fullness. I would be happy at a large B to a small C.. lastly I want liposuction for contouring over flanks, hips and maybe inner thighs.... READ MORE

I did more damage to my body having a baby at 40, than the 3 I had before 30, did ! Dr Gordon was amazing! Didn't make me feel self conscious but rather very comfortable!!! He is so nice and encouraging about the procedure as well!! I was very nervous and he made me feel very safe and ready when... READ MORE

I just want my 18 years old body back hehe, well I had my first child at 18, I have had stretch marks all my life!i breastfed both my kids for a year so imagine! I'm fit and I just want to be able to rock a bikini again :D I've been on my journey trying to find the perfect doctor for my... READ MORE

I had 3 C-Sections with the heaviest child weighing at 10 lbs when born. I am 4'10" and 120 lds... petite, so you can imagine the size of bellies I had. I had diastasis recti and my boobs, well, I had no boobs after child bearing. I realized I seriously needed a tummy tuck and a breast... READ MORE

Well it's so surreal but in just a few days I will be getting my mommy make over.... I'm a 34AA that nursed or was pregnant a totally of ten years. My cheast got up too a 36 D at the biggest while nursing... So to say they are sad empty breast would be a under statement lol. I am very active and... READ MORE

This has been rough for me having kids at a young age not liking myself and guys not talking to me anymore because of my body if I could afford it id have surgery today!!!! But I'm looking for a doctor who is good and excepts payment plans I'm ready to feel better about myself I am hoping to... READ MORE

So nervous about my TT and breast implant exchange. I'm just freaking out about the TT potential pain....trying to find comfort here. I'd love advice for the first week of post op care expectations etc. I think I'm prepared but just need to remind myself it will be worse before better. I'm... READ MORE

So after stalking this site for years I finally decided to make this dream of mine happen!! I'm going with dr. Pantoja :) I will be getting a tt Lipo and bA with bl in September 23th. I weigh 160 ( hoping to loose 15 lbs before surgery) , 65 in tall. Only thing is I'm not sure if I should stay... READ MORE

So my supplies are purchased, deposits paid, bags are packed, flight booked and cash ready. I fly out on 12/21.....It's all very surreal. Is that me or am I watching some other insane women get ready to have surgery in the DR? Mommy makeover here I come. My surgery date 12/22 with Dr. Miguel... READ MORE

I am looking for the right surgeon in Tijuana, Mx. Can anyone tell me if Dr. Castillo or Dr. Manuel Gutierrez do a good job. I have talked to Dr. Gutierrez and seems very nice and helpful he also is certified but I haven't found enough before and after pics and I also saw some negative reports... READ MORE

I too have stalked this site reading review after review taking notes and tips from the vets and now I'm finally ready to share my story. I have wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift for a long time now but whenever i had the money to get it done I would come down with a severe case of mommy... READ MORE

I am 29 with 2 kids and looked like I belonged in national geographic. I went to 3 different drs for conults and I am so glad I chose dr. bruno. I did extensive research and after seeing 5 star rating all everywhere and falling in love with his b4 and afters I went to see Dr. Bruno. He made me... READ MORE

After changing my body as much as I possibly could on my own, I finally worked up the courage to consider getting a breast lift and a tummy tuck. I have a super awesome husband who is encouraging me in every way. My consultation isn't until June 3rd, but I'm super excited. I love this site.... READ MORE

Excited to get a figure back. 2 pregnancies. Will be getting full tummy tuck, breast implants and liposuction on outer thighs. Gained lots during pregnancy so skin laxity on abdomen and very small a cup boobies. Getting 305 cc gel implants under muscle. Surgery date is set for June 1st 2015.... READ MORE

Having my kids so close together has left me stretched and deflated. I was always small pre-baby, and although I love my life, my body is a different story. It's a love/hate relationship. :) I have my consultation in January. I have already booked my surgery date (yes, without seeing a single... READ MORE

Well, I have been checking this site out for months now, and first of all I want to thank all of you who have had the courage to share your experiences. I say "courage," because I am a very private person and I have never, ever posted on something like this--especially about my body! I am... READ MORE

Excited to tone down my breasts. I am 4'11 126lbs with 36DD; As I age my body is boxy, I am ready for curves again! My surgery date is April 6, 2015. Please let me know if anyone is going down that week. Also what is the average length of time that you have to stay in the country. I want to... READ MORE

***this is not a review as it is more of a bog of my journey I've wanted to get something done about this body of mine for some time...I'm done having children and would like to get something of a body back! My last baby put 220lbs on my 5'2 frame...after dropping a ton...I'm ready to help... READ MORE

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