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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I have been reviewing doctors in the Dominican Republic for about 3 weeks now. I have received quotes from 2 out of my top 4 doctors and I am currently waiting for my other 2 quotes before I make my final decision. I am so excited to start this journey and begin my quest for the new me. I am so... READ MORE

I have read several bad reviews of the Dr's of Perfection Cosmetic Surgery Cancun and felt I needed to write my review to hopefully assure anyone who is having second thoughts on choosing this clinic. Let me say DON'T THINK TWICE!! This clinic, it's staff and Dr's are PHENOMENAL!! I just got... READ MORE

I never recovered after having kids. Some of it was my fault (poor diet) some of it heredity (very fair, thin skin). I always wanted to have a tummy tuck and breast lift but was never brave enough to electively go under anesthetic to do so. Fast forward to 49 years old and needing to have a... READ MORE

I am 5'5" and weigh 175 lbs. I have had pain in my neck and upper back for about 8 years. It got worse about 2 years ago. My previous weight was 140 lbs. I was running and lifting weights 5 days a week and had run a half marathon and had completed a Tough Mudder competition and was going to... READ MORE

Well I felt compelled to start my review process on here because I like so many others have surfed many reviews and it truly helped prepare me mentally and physically for my upcoming procedures this week. I am so appreciative for everyone's stories and pics so in turn hopefully I can do the... READ MORE

So I finally decided to go ahead and proceed with a full tt. I will be consulting with lenox hill hospital so right now i'm weighing out my options and pushing for surgery for the end of February. any pointer will help and any questions i should ask other than the ones i have will help as well.... READ MORE

I had a my Mommy Makeover back on September 4th. I am a little late creating a profile but I would like to share some of my experiences and pics…. Twenty two years ago I knew I will have a TT at some point in my life……. after looking at myself in the mirror for the first time, two months... READ MORE

Hi dolls!! Hey!! and soon to be dolls. I have been thinking about this for many years. My co-worker is from the DR and had work done. she told me about Dra Almonte ...was bragging how good she is. by the Grace of God I hope she can snatch every inch off this fat belly. I need some curves!... READ MORE

I went back and forth for about a solid 7 months before I made my surgery date. I researched like crazy and came across dr Marion and found only positive reviews. I was freaking out about the scar and Marion and his staff were very understanding and reassuring that I would be happy with my... READ MORE

I had my first child when I was 18. I was left with stretched skin and saggy boobs that plummeted my self confidence which has plagued me for the last 35 years. I have wanted this since then. After having the opportunity to work my butt off and save like crazy...... I am finally able to see it... READ MORE

I've been on this site since 2013. I struggle back and forth on getting surgery or working out. I've done the best I could to get my results and I'm not satisfied. So surgery it will be, I was scared in the beginning. I'm so ready now. I've researched plenty of surgeons and reviews. Dr. Fisher... READ MORE

Hello RealSelfers, I am currently 5'8 and 198lbs. 240lbs at my heaviest with both pregnancies and 195lbs pre pregnancy with both children. I find that even though i managed to get to my pre pregnancy weight (gym and mindful of what i ate, but not too extreme) i appear heavier and more "blob"... READ MORE

I've wanted the breast reduction since I was 16. I am currently a 36 HH and I've suffered 2 slipped disks in in the last 5 years (one in the lumbar region and one in the neck). I had it approved by United Healthcare in 2007 but opted not to do it then because I wanted to do a tummy tuck at the... READ MORE

I am getting my procedure done in "Dominican Republic" and the Doctor I chose is "Agustina Hilario Duran" The reason why I chose her before any other doctor is because of her fine history. Dr. Duran has no deaths under her belt, everyone she comes across has outstanding results and talk about... READ MORE

Hello, i'm new to this but I have been stalking real self, ig and fb for about a year + now and I am finally ready to take the plundge!! I am having surgery 10/06/2015, flying into dr on the 5th. I am having a mommy make over with bbl. (lipo of the full back, tummy, sides, flanks, arms and inner... READ MORE

I have decided to write a second review because I can't change the doctor on my original review and want to make sure, the Dolls are clear alon who is my surgeon. Just to recap a bit on my journey to plastic surgery I started researching and saving almost two years ago, it has been quite a... READ MORE

All my life I struggled with my weight. Finally I have been maintaining with a diet I enjoy following and my weight is the most consistent it's ever been. No more binging, no cravings, no scale obsessions. Unfortunately the excess skin that was once stretched an excess 100 lbs will not... READ MORE

I've been exercising for years and no amount of weight loss will ever get my stomach flat again. I'm also getting a scar revision on my breast from a previous breast lift surgery and I'm adding implants. I'm hoping to fit better in my clothes and feel better about myself. This site has been... READ MORE

I had weightless surgery on 12-15-12. My heavy weight was 263. Surgery weight was 216. Currently 160. I have 4 teenagers. 3 of which I gave birth and nursed. I was a widow for 4 years and recently remarried! Hitting 40 this year and can't wait to look amazing on our Harley. I am having a mommy... READ MORE

I finally got in touch with Duran via email and she gave me a quote! I contacted her office, sent the deposit and picked a date! Its pretty soon (1month away) but Im off for the summer and I want to take advantage of her availability! I hope she can transform me! She is charging me $6,900 for a... READ MORE

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