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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $12,275

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Hello. I am 24 years old and I am looking to get a mommy makeover. I have been through 2 pregnancies that resulted in 3 beautiful children; 1 pregnancy I had twins. I have wanted to get a mommy makeover for quite some time and I am highly interested in getting a tummy tuck, a breast lift and a... READ MORE

I had been thinking about doing this for about 8 months. I read a lot of reviews but since I didn't know very many people in the area I decided to get 5 consultations. I'm glad I did, the first doctor I saw was Dr. Donaldson in Columbus. I felt comfortable with him but the cost was over $17000... READ MORE

After almost 30 years of despising my body, I decided to do something about it with the full support of an amazing husband. I had a breast lift with 700cc moderate profile silicone and a tummy tuck with 4 inch muscle repair. I was prepared for incredible pain; however, it just wasn't as awful... READ MORE

I had written one other review on real self for B.A but I'm also interested in a tummy tuck, and who knows maybe I'll find more support over here. I hope so because not getting a whole lot from the fam bam. My husband however is being very supportive. I have my first consultation in October. But... READ MORE

I can't get that Cee Cee Penningston song out of my head "Finally" because it's exactly how I feel. I've been talking about this for a little over five years, thinking it about for even longer. I finally decided what better birthday gift to myself was to gain pieces of me I was tired if... READ MORE

So I had my consultation last week and my pa say 525 will be good I would like to be 32 D or DD so what you think I am 5'4 - 140 small frame getting moderate plus would it be too big??? I am getting done 4/17/14 so excited plus I am do a tummy tuck too. But hopefully I came out ok. So by... READ MORE

I'm a single mom of a great kid, and I have an amazing boyfriend. I used to be in the military, and kept up my body, but since having a kid my body is out of sorts. I love Scarlett Johansson's body, which is why she's my profile photo. I'm wanting to get a breast lift, tummy tuck, and a butt... READ MORE

Built small, ok with size, but way too floppy from getting preclampsia during pregnancy with cause extreme weight gain (about 25 pounds) in just a few hours, causing skin to stretch severely. I was 130 but had to quit smoking to in order to have surgery safely, during the process of quiting I... READ MORE

So these are just some wish pics...I really don't want to look like anybody else but myself just a better version but if I had to pick a few here they are Rosa Acosta is perfection!!! (Hitting the gym already) don't want to loose too much weight because I need some fat but I want to definitely... READ MORE

So I just booked a consult with Dr Andrade in Newmarket,ON for Jan 9th, 2015. This is a big step as I have been lurking on here for a while looking at before and afters. I am considering a TT and BA. I will post the results of my consult when it is done. Here is a before pic-weight approx... READ MORE

I am 35 years old, 5'6, mother of 2, and loving wife. For as long as I can remember I have never been satisfied with the breasts I was born with. I've gone through many padded, push up, and lined bras over the years. I was never confident to even undress in front of my girlfriends. I would... READ MORE

I hope to finally be comfortable in my own skin and not restrict myself of the things I want to do and be because of my mommy bits. I am a performer and I'm constantly self conscious of my gut jiggling when ever i dance which makes me not dance to my full potential. My boobs has also lost a... READ MORE

I'll be 65 in 2 months and I'm an African American woman. When I told the board certified plastic surgeon at my first consultation that I wanted a "mommy makeover", his nurse/assistant (whatever!) who was in the examination room with us audibly snorted. If you knew me you'd inevitably, at some... READ MORE

Hi ladies, I recently found out about this site from YouTube. I have 4 kids and I'm ready to have an awesome body lol I've been doing my research for a few months now and I've decided to go with Dr Ortega at CGCC. I have no support at home, my hubby thinks its all unnatural but I don't care. I'm... READ MORE

I am a 28 year old with one child. I am 5'7" and currently weigh 140lb. I have wanted this procedure since my son was born 8 years ago. Having lost 4 stone I felt now was the time to go for it! So 2 weeks ago on the 10th Nov I had my mommy makeover. My surgeon used a method with glue so I didn't... READ MORE

I been researching for about a ur and a half now I was going to go for Dr.salama but doing a little more research I've decided on Dr.Ortega. I sent my pictures in and Karla imeadiatly contacted me with Dr. Ortega's reviews on my photos. I'm getting a breast lift with saline implants and a... READ MORE

I received a tummy tuck and breast lift. On the front end everyone was nice. However, the day of the surgery I remember feeling like I was pushed out the back door. One year later my stomach is bigger than before I got the surgery and still numb. I've gone to bi-monthly follow up apps with Dr.... READ MORE

I'm a 21 year old mom of 1. After lurking for a while I decided to just bite the bullet and post about my own plastic surgery journey. I'm hoping to help someone like the many post on here and makemeheal have helped me. I am scheduled to get my surgery done on Jan 12 2015. My family/boyfriend... READ MORE

I have wanted and needed a tummy tuck for years.I have two children 7 & 2. I needed it after the first child but I thought I better wait to make sure I was done having children but now i have one of each Im DONE.!Now its mommy time.I have lots of back pain and shoulder pain and even under my... READ MORE

Next Friday is the day. I'm beginning to feel hesitant. I don't know if it's because of the money, the fear of the surgery, the dr or what. I've been researching and planning this for years. I have the worst diastasis recti and so much skin from my pregnancys. I'm 5'7 and about 125 lbs but I... READ MORE

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