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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I have researched, and met with several different plastic surgeons in the ALBUQUERQUE New Mexico area for over a year now. I was a 36 D at one time in high school but I'm now a 36 C due to 4 pregnancies and breastfeeding. I wanted a lift with an implant size to get me back to a size D. I had... READ MORE

Very anxious as it gets near my procedure will be march 12 I will post pics soon I have to be at the the hospital at 6 30 am . I am 28 years old and have a 9 year old and 2 year old to be on march 29 . I have a wonderful husband who helps a lot but was kind of against me having this procedure... READ MORE

I had my MMO (circular tummy tuck, breast lift with augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift and lipo) with Dr. Cervantes on Monday, 8/3/15. I am 34 years and also a weight loss surgery patient (gastric sleeve 8/2013). I met Dr. Cervantes in May of this year and was very impressed. I had already... READ MORE

I am still in the beginning stages of trying to find a doctor. After having my second child 3 1/2 years ago and being the heaviest I have ever been...I decided that maybe I needed to do something. So I started watching what I ate (counting every calorie and then using Nutrisystem) and started... READ MORE

I am 26 years old with two young children. I am 5'5 and 116lbs. Though I am very healthy and maintain a good diet and exercise routine, the effect of two pregnancies and nursing both of my kids for almost two years each really took a toll on my body. I have debated having plastic surgery for a... READ MORE

My expectations are to have the kangaroo pouch removed, the breast size decreased down from a 38 DD sometimes DDD to a small C cup or big B, remove bra roll, and finally the flab right at the top of the medial thigh. I am expecting to be in pain and miserable for a few days but a girl just has... READ MORE

Okay title says it all. Im not lazy, i work myself half to death 4 days a week at my day job making everyone else look and feel there best and 3 days,and hollidays with my husband on our full time cattle ranch. My kids are growing up and leaving home now and im getting this... READ MORE

I'm nearly 6 weeks since my surgery and just now deciding that I would write a review. I went to Cancun Mexico for my surgery . At the moment I'm just needing input as to one of my implants and whether I'm going to see any improvement and it's positioning. I have Great Britain made Impleo... READ MORE

To begin with, I had gastric sleeve surgery in 2009 in Md. I went from 346 to 140; losing 200 pounds over the course of 5 years which left me with a whole lot of sagging skin. Because I spent the vast majority of my adulthood as a plus size women I was an expert at camouflaging the negatives and... READ MORE

I have wanted a TT and breast lift for years. I'm am only day 3 post op but so far it's worth it! Pros for me were no more loose skin! Hoping to wear a bikini a few months from now with no shame! Cons of course we're going under the knife. As far as the augmentation, I was unsure if I wanted... READ MORE

I've been body dysmorphic much of my adult life and was happily cured of my self-destructive behaviors by the birth of my two wonderful children, one who is in kindergarten and the other who is in preschool. I've never had any cosmetic surgery of any kind, nor any major surgeries, but I always... READ MORE

I was very pleased with all the information that was provided to me at my consultation. The DR. And staff were very friendly and helpful! First I watched a movie about the procedure. It was very informative. The doctor came in and talked to my husband and I about different options. then I... READ MORE

I'm having a tummy tuck, mastoplexy and changing to smaller silicone gel implants, and thigh liposuction August 7th. I had saline implants 12 years ago done by Dr. Robert Young in San Antonio, TX. I loved my implants for many years. Now my breast have become saggy and they have a thin and... READ MORE

Hello realself ladies. I am new here and need lots of advice. I am considering doing a full tummy tuck, a bbl a bl and lipo of the armpits, full back inner thighs and arms. I received a quote form Dr. Alejandro Hernandez for 5,000 and yily was 4550. Dr. Hernandez was only Ty,bbl and full back... READ MORE

I have been wanting this done for as long as I can remember. I just turned 40 and have had 5 children. I'm 5'3 and my current weight is 123lbs. I have recently lost around 22lbs working out (Beachbody) and eating healthier. For the most part, I am pretty healthy and fit..everywhere but my tummy... READ MORE

School year is over, kids are in summer school, and I'm cleaning the house and prepping for a mm 8/4/14... send advice, tips, supply lists, expectations, b&a photos... Interviewed 3 doctors, friends with experience, and read a lot of online material. Feeling very anxious, excited, nervous, and... READ MORE

I am 41 yrs old & have trusted Dr. Martin with implant replacement (to larger size), donut breast lift, mild lipo & a tummy tuck. ALL have been the best choices I've made with the best plastic surgeon in TN!! Pics are 3 & 4 yrs post-op with lots of physical fitness & eating clean. He removed... READ MORE

Hello all, I have just started researching about mommy makeovers. I weighed 125 with 38dd all through highschool then when I graduated I got pregnant and went up to 180 with 44hhh. After I had my first kid I never lost weight and immediately got pregnant again going up to 230. I have worked hard... READ MORE

Well, ladies, I'm here. I have been reading all about you, so here I am sharing about me. I have two grown children (27 and 20), breastfed, gained and lost lots of weight and am finally at a good weight for me. I am a runner, a career woman, college-educated, an artist, and a friend. I have been... READ MORE

I am a mother of three. Work hard and do everything for my family. I have been frustrated because no matter what I do body cant be what its supposed to be because no exercise can ever take away the extra skin I have on my stomach or bring back the volume to my breast. One day I decided let me... READ MORE

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