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The mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, lipo, and lipoabdominoplasty. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $12,350

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Soo Im a married, 26 year old mother to three beautiful kids. My youngest is only 7 months old. I've wanted the tummy tuck since I had my first born (he was a whopping 10 pound 1 Ounce and stretched my muscle to oblivion). So here I am, finished having my children and ready to transform my body... READ MORE

Dra. Duran just responded for my quote and it only took 2 days....O by the way I'm 34 years old, 5'6 @140lbs with 4 daughters and I feel it's time for me to feel good about my body... I really appreciate all the information from the previous Duran patients and the ones on their way...I send my... READ MORE

I came across this site in my search for plastic surgeons and have found it to be such a great help! I swore that I would let others follow my journey so that I may help others as well. Just to give a brief background, I'm 24 years old and I have struggled with weight problems since I was in... READ MORE

Hello wonderful ladies and gentlemen, I am a mother of two wonderful children. I have been married for 7 years too my biggest supporter. I have been researching a mommy makeover after I had my second child;; she is 4 year old know.So this is way over due. My daughter put such a strain on my... READ MORE

Wow let me just start by saying like most of the ladies on this website, that i lovedddd this site! In hooked to it! Well a little about me I'm 29yrs old, have two boys aged 10 and 5, a wonderful husband, And the only thing stopping me from been completely happy is my body. This why i decided... READ MORE

I had my girl two years ago, and carried her for 42 weeks which left my stomach and breasts so saggy. I workout at least 3x a week but I'll lose inches, but it seems like the lose skin on my lower abdomen just keeps getting worse. I can't wear cute tops or summer dresses because my used to be... READ MORE

I am a 38 yr old who works out 5 days a week and i have tried to naturally get my body into shape and for the most part i am thrilled at where it is but it seems my belly sits out while I am at the gym. I can feel the muscles underneath there...way down there somewhere. I need to rid myself of... READ MORE

I am 42 and mother of 3 year old twin boys. Like the rest of you ladies this did a number on my body. I've been uncomfortable with the sagging skin and deflated breast for years now. So I decided to do something about it. I had 3 DR consults lined up and I loved my 1st Dr. He offers the No... READ MORE

A little bit about myself... I am 25 & have boys, ages 7 & 5. I was 16 and weighed 95 lbs when I became pregnant with my first. I ballooned to 160 lbs and have never been the same since. I have stretch marks galore, my boobs look like deflated balloons and lets not forget.. I have terrible... READ MORE

Ugh. Where to begin! I like many of you have been undecided about getting any procedure done, yet due to pregnancy I feel that my tummy won't got back regardless of all the excercise. I have started a countdown and God willing in December Right after graduation I will travel and meet Dr. Yily!... READ MORE

I am scheduled to undergo a TT with Lipo and breast augmentation with saline implants on 5-21-2014. I am 34 years old and have 3 children. My youngest is 11 years old. I have wanted to do this for so many years. I am so excited to finally get scheduled and make this dream a reality. I had a... READ MORE

3 weeks post op today! It has gone by so fast, and yet so slow... Today is a good day :0) my swelling is going down slowly, but I still feel "fat". I accomplished a couple loads of laundry (washing, drying, folding, and putting away)! Dishes are done, and counters are spotless. Now I'm taking a... READ MORE

I became a mommy at the age of 14 and I have never once enjoyed a bikini because I went from a child to a mommy. I've always dreamt about fixing my body and I figured, why not make this a reality? I graduated high school early and went on to graduate the nursing program. I'm ready to reward... READ MORE

I went in for my consultation yesterday and booked 2 surgery dates for a mommy makeover. For the 1st surgery in 2 weeks, I will be getting a breast lift and a tummy tuck. For my 2nd surgery, on August 15th I will be getting a butt lift and full body liposuction. I am nervous and excited at the... READ MORE

I'm 40 and I'm looking to have a mommy makeover done. I've been working out 6 days a week and although I have a thick athletic build, I can't get rid of this gut. As for my boobs, even with a crapload of pushups, they look sad. I've only recently started researching and I am leaning towards... READ MORE

I gained 85lb with my daughter I'm down to 125 but left with saggy skin and ugly stretch marks Everywhere!! Well on May15th I'm getting a TT BL and BA. I'm not nervous im really just anxious the only thing that bothers me is that I will still have stretch marks but I hoping I will like it and... READ MORE

What I've learned during this weight loss, self-esteem rising, and newfound reclamation of "me" process, is that I am a woman first. I absolutely love, adore, and cherish my family...but with pregnancy comes a cost to many women. I have lost that feeling of being sexy, desired by my husband, and... READ MORE

Tonight is the night before my surgery. I am really nervous. My friend and co-worker will be driving me to the hospital in the morning and then my husband will be heading over around noon. I have to be there at 8:45 AM - surgery is scheduled for 10:45 AM. I am having tummy tuck with lipo on... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for surgery on Feb 14, 2014. Yes, Valentine's Day! I'm 5'1", 177 lbs and have had 2 previous c-sections. During this surgery, I will also get rid of an incisional endometriosis from my last c-section that gives me pain each month. Scheduled to have lipo, TT, and Breast... READ MORE

I'm 25 and weigh 182lbs. I'm trying to lose weight. I hate how I look and I'm happy that I came across Dr. Medina! So far I love Dr. Tania Medina!!!! She responds quickly and answers when I call her. I've paid my deposit and will have surgery on August 4, 2014. I'm scared so please pray for me!... READ MORE

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