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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I was overweight before I had my child. After a very difficult c-section and birth, I lost a lot of weight and got very fit, but could do nothing about the "love handles", extra skin or the stretch marks that remained. I have always been very subconscious about them. I have also always wanted... READ MORE

This doctor, he is skilled! i found him gentle, kind patient, as I'm not easy to deal with, when i want something i want it now, however doctor bar explained to me why i need to do my surgery in a 2 step, and he is so gentle he promised to look after me as he would his own wife, and he did, his... READ MORE

I've been on this site for four months. I have been beating myself up over a stomach that I can't burn off with jet or exercise. My stomach is the most visible thing that I see! I'm the fittest I've been in my 45 years of life, strength train twice a week and cardio 3-5 times a week. Mentally... READ MORE

So, I had my consultation with my PS today. At first I thought he'd recommend a body lift, but in the end, he said that it wouldn't make enough of a difference to go through the recovery, so just doing a tummy tuck. Apparently I really AM big boned and my hips are fairly wide structurally, so... READ MORE

Good evening all. First I would like to thank all the women that have shared their stories on this site. Not only have they been inspirational but have also provided me with much needed information, tips and questions to ask my PS. I had my daughter at a the tender age of 19. Being a first time... READ MORE

I'm two weeks out post surgery. I had umbilical hernia repair, abdominoplasty and breast argumentation. I'm already super happy with the result that Dr.Hankins did. A special thank you to Bambi, Sam and Anna who are such caring and very knowledgeable people! I'm more than pleased with the... READ MORE

So I already had a TT and BA here in the states that cost me about $17,000. As you can gather, I am very much still unhappy with the results. Last April a friend of mine went to DR to get a TT and BA with Dra. Robles and she came back happy as all hell. So of course, that set everything in... READ MORE

I've been reading reviews on this site for a while now. And been thinking about a mommy makeover for almost 2 years now. I gained a lot of weight carrying and delivering my kids via CS who were both 9 pounds at birth. Between the 2 of them, I breastfed for almost 6 years. My breast was a... READ MORE

After two pregnancies delivered via csection my body was never the same. Liposuction of abdomen, flanks, mini tummy tuck & breast reduction/lift done at the same time was totally bearable. Words cannot describe how HAPPY I am with my new body! I'm 15 days post op and I feel great! I'm still... READ MORE

Mother and wife. Gave birth in 2003 and 2007. Had Breast Augmentation and tummy tuck!!! I'm 5'0". 150lbs. However I'm very muscler. I had 400cc implants, just enough to regain my fullness. My tuck removed that Joey pouch (as I called it) My surgon was incredible. I love the flatness of stomach... READ MORE

I had a very good physique that I worked hard on for 25 years until 5 years ago when I quit working out. I gained about 20 lbs. After a very tragic loss 14 months ago, I gained another 15. Even if I worked out twice a day for a year I would still have a horrible stomach due to my age. My saline... READ MORE

My expectations have a lot to do with raising my self esteem and to reduce neck pains I've been having since well, they got big (about age 15), and to walk down the aisle next year September 2016 feeling like the true goddess that I am. **insert smiley face here** My goal is to make this dream... READ MORE

I am 25 with two kids, one is six and one is six months I have always been small even before them. After child one my stomach wasn't so bad BUT after baby number two OMG weighing in at 8.8 for me only being 110 she did damage to my body. I love my kids but I can't look at this ugly stomach and... READ MORE

Hi Mommies so afther 7 years of waiting I finally decided to do it before I go back to work in exactly 1 month (yes is Canada we are very lucky to have 1 year maternity leave ????). So my surgery is on Monday August 3rd with one of the best sugeon in Montreal Dr Karl Swarts, I am starting to... READ MORE

Ready for a tummy tuck revision, breast lift, BBL. I have contacted Dr Alwx Campbell waiting for estimates. So far communicatio been excellente and exactly what I am looking for. I want to feel safe in every way. I have made my decision based on all my reading on this site qnd doctors website... READ MORE

Ive been waiting years to be at the point that I was able to get plastic surgery. I finally lost all of the weight I gained with my kids, 50lbs this year. I am also a type one diabetic and had to get hemoglobin a1c test in control in order to get my primary and endocrinologist to approve of... READ MORE

Super excited !!! I had my breast done in July of 2013 by doctor Pousti and I was extremely happy with my results yet I knew that in the future I wanted to get a tummy tuck done. I am so ready for this procedure. Even though I love my boobies I think that once my tummy is flatter my boobies will... READ MORE

I have been waiting a long time to have this procedure, and have had several consultations in three states over the years. As much as I wanted and needed the procedure, my gut told me it wasn't the right time nor the right doctor. I addressed my desire and dissaponent with my primary care... READ MORE

I had both breast augmentation and abdominalplasty in the same procedure. Dr. Hardy is very compassionate and understanding person. He always greeted me with a smile and warm words. He actively listened to what I wanted as well as my concerns. Explained the procedures and addressed and all... READ MORE

After having 3 and nursing children, my body is not my own anymore. I've been talking about "putting everything back where it was" for years and now that I am at a stable weight loss (I now only ever fluctuate 10lbs), I am ready to have my Mommy Makeover! I have been reading so many experiences... READ MORE

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