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By decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip, a lip lift increases the size of the lips. LEARN MORE ›

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I never write any reviews but this website has helped me to make the decision. So finally my lip lift surgery was done today but an amazing and very professional doctor Turowski. Surgery was painless except the numbing shots that was the worst part of the procedure. Within 20 minutes to half an... READ MORE

I've only hated two things about my face - my nose tip (too bulbous) and thin upper lip. I had Aquamid and it did nothing plus one side has too much in it. I got a lip lift yesterday. It was almost painless but the anaesthetic bloody hurt when injected!! Its been less than 24 hours so I'll... READ MORE

I am interested in getting an alar base reduction but may also want to do a lip lift down the line and was wondering if it is ok to get both procedures done and if so how long should I wait to get each one done. Also with the lip lift, what is the recovery time and when should the incisions... READ MORE

Hello guys! I decided to share my story and experiences with you. This website helped me a lot and gave me a courage to chase my dream. :) I never liked my lips. Lip lift seems like a good choice as I am looking for a permanent and natural but noticeable results. I had my lips injected twice... READ MORE

I had always wanted to do something to make my upper lip have more surface area and to lessen the distance between my lip and my nose. However I'd only heard of lip injections and implants until I found out about a lip lift (perfect!). Had a consult and when I learned that it was relatively... READ MORE

I had no top lip, but a full bottom lip, I did not want fillers as I do not like the look of fillers. I wanted something more permanent anyway. Luckily I live in London and I am a local to Harley street and I did my research for a great professional qualified surgeon to enhance my lip. I had a... READ MORE

I became interested in the Lip Lift procedure because in my 40's I noticed my philtrum had grown much longer than it had been previously. The extra long distance from my nose to the top of my lips and the resulting problem that my top lip completely covered my upper teeth when my mouth was... READ MORE

I had an upper lip lift, corner lip lift, lower VY plasty, chin reduction, fat transfer and Artefill to the nose, neck lines and temples. It was soooo worth it...people card me all the time, even at casinos or when I just buy champagne...last weekend someone said I look like a mannequin lol... READ MORE

I have always had thin lips and a big gap between my nose and top lip. I got the perma lip done in November and although they did make my Lips a little fuller, they were still very thin. I had my lip lift on Monday and I'm on post procedure day 2 and I'm still very swollen and lopsided. Is this... READ MORE

Wanted conservative 3mm lip lift . Did not need tooth show. Dr was conservative did what I wanted. I'm fresh out post op but very concerned with my right nostril pulling down. Also my facial express ion looks as if I'm smelling something bad. I'm praying this goes away. Swelling and... READ MORE

Absolutley ecstatic with the results. Top lip was so long it looked like I had no top teeth. I've tried fillers to plump them up, did not work. I tried botox which only succeeded in hindering my speech. Another doctor informed me to get the results I desired from fillers, I would have to use... READ MORE

Over the years my long lip was getting longer. I have wanted to do it for years but chose other things to do with my money. It was time so I went to my trustworthy plastic surgeon and asked his opinion. He said it was time so I decided to go ahead with it. I went to him about 6 years ago for an... READ MORE

I had a mole located ditectlu under my nostril that was on my philantrum. I wanted that thing gone more than anything so my doctor suggested a lip lift to get best result without disturbing my cupids bow. I was skeptical at first after reading so many horror stories. I even almost went to the... READ MORE

Dr. Steven J, Smith did an upper lip lift on me April 6th. My right lip was higher "still is" than my left therefore I asked him to even it out along with the lip lift. Just so you know the type of person you'd be dealing with post op. It will be a constant his word against yours. I mentioned it... READ MORE

Cost: 3,000 Two Medication (with insurance): $16 (pain killer & antibiotic) Airplane Ticket: $500'ish One night of Hotel & other fees: $130 I wanted to give back to the community with this honest review. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories. Lip lift is something I've considered... READ MORE

Ok, I am typing this spur of the moment on my phone as I lay in bed. I was planning an in depth review once the results were final but looking in the mirror just now changed that, hopefully this will suffice for now. I am a 31 year old male who elected to have this procedure because I don't like... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my (ongoing) experience with this procedure. I'm a little more than a month into it, but I can already say without a doubt that Dr. Horndeski is a surgeon I would 100% recommend. Thank you to those of you who on this site who posted reviews, you helped me find and... READ MORE

Well for the past 2 years I have been doing research on lip lift since my perma lip implant didn't do the job I was hoping it would by lifting my upper lip outward and giving me some teeth show. YES I still have the perma lip implant in the upper lip and I just did the lip lift and got 4mm cut... READ MORE

My lips have always been small but, my upper lip was decreasing in size as I aged. I had used filler with good results but wanted a more permanent solution to my small upper lip. Dr. Timothy Janiga performed an In Office procedure under local anesthesia. I am very pleased. The result is a... READ MORE

I've researched lip lifts for the past 3 years and consulted with doctors in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, and Houston. Each surgeon I talked to felt confident they could do it, but several of the surgeons would modify the underlying muscle in some way, or suggest fillers (Juvederm, etc)... READ MORE

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