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Lip Lifting Surgery can increase the size of the lip by decreasing the space between the nose and upper lip. LEARN MORE ›
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After getting a previous rhinoplasty twice by a different well known Dr in Beverly Hills which I was extremely unhappy with I was looking to fix it but just didn't know where to go. A girlfriend of mine had gotten work done on herself with Dr Haworth. After I seen her results I knew this was the... READ MORE

I was going for my sinus revision surgery and was. Bothered by the long distance between my nose and lips and opted to have the italian lip lift where the columella isn't touched. My surgery was yesterday and I already feel great. I didn't take any pain medication. There was no pain at all. The... READ MORE

I am currently 11 days post op. This is a procedure I had considered having for many years but I wanted to feel confident in my choice of doctor and also to wait until the last vestiges of filler had disappeared in my lips. My main objective was to reduce the distance between my nose and upper... READ MORE

I had a lip lift done overseas in May 2013 and ended up with scar on my upper lip area. The top half of my upper lip turned rubbery and white lining scar developed on my vermellion border area. I was devastated. In August 2013, I saw a surgeon in San Francisco but this surgeon told me that not... READ MORE

After doing extensive research on lip lifts for over a year, and consulting with several doctors around the country who specialize in lip lifts, I selected Dr. Perenack in Baton Rouge and traveled from my home in Scottsdale, AZ to have it done. My main goal was to reduce the length of my long... READ MORE

I am extremely pleased with my lip lift. I had been thinking of a lip lift for a year because I was becoming increasingly insecure about my appearance, especially the space between my nose and mouth. I turned 50 and, through my researcher, read that this space gets longer as we age. I also have... READ MORE

I've been researching lip lifts for about a year. Age and a rhinoplasty had elongated the distance between my nose and mouth, which prior to surgery measured about 17mm. I was really impressed with Dr. HIlinski's before and after photos; some of his patients had narrow noses with lips that... READ MORE

Hi, I just received a lip lift yesterday. I have researched this procedure for months and interviewed 4 doctors. I choose Dr Epstein because of his reviews and his before and after photo's. Though he wasn't the cheapest, I'm so happy I went with him. When I arrived at his office, I felt like... READ MORE

I am 38 yrs old and decided to have this done because my upper lip covers my teeth and it is something I hate about myself because I don't laugh, I just smile because if I laugh, it seems I have no teeth. Needless to say I was teased alot. Had this done hoping my upper teeth will show enough... READ MORE

I tried to ignore it, but there it was: a too-long upper lip that made me not want to look in the mirror without pursing my lips to change the proportion. I'd had a long-scar facelift in my forties and a brow lift in my early fifties and was happy with my face at the age of 56 except for this... READ MORE

My full review will come next week. I'm traveling w no access to computer but wanted to respond to those who were waiting for outcome. Today is 2 days post, extremely pleased so far. Incision is so tight and barely noticeable (really important to me). Swelling is moderate, look like a Who from... READ MORE

The actual procedure lasted maybe 15 minutes. The worse part is the numbing shots. After that, no pain. I started to get achy on the way home so i took a pain pill and was fine. Eating is awkward and not blowing your nose is frustrating. Waiting for swelling to go down to see actual results. My... READ MORE

This procedure has giving me back my open youthful smile which I used to have. This is so worth it!!!! I would advise to do thorough research before choosing a provider as without the right expertise the outcome may be poor. The procedure itself is short, and recovery thus far seems to be fast.... READ MORE

The surgeon did not make the incision at the base of my nose. Now I have a very visable scar about one centimeter below my nose in a half circle shape. The scar is very noticable and I cannot conceal it with make up. I am very self conscious about it. I was told by other surgeons it will not... READ MORE

I decided to get an upper lip lift because of excessive amount of skin (20 mm) that caused my lip to drop and look like a thin, floppy line. I also wanted my upper lip to appear wider and fuller. My Doctor removed skin only (3,5 mm), no muscle hemming was involved. He used dissolvable stitches... READ MORE

I had contemplated for quite some time having a lip lift. I was very reluctant as it seemed as though there were very few doctors that had mastered this procedure. Either the scars were so bad afterward that it wasn't worth it or it didn't seem like there was much difference from the befores... READ MORE

My philtrum pulled down my face and made my nostrils look like two long slits. Before having my procedure, I had read about how some people would travel thousands of miles looking for the right doctor to perform a lip lift. I would never be able to afford that! Luckily, I found a local... READ MORE

I've researched lip lifts for the past 3 years and consulted with doctors in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, and Houston. Each surgeon I talked to felt confident they could do it, but several of the surgeons would modify the underlying muscle in some way, or suggest fillers (Juvederm, etc)... READ MORE

I had a lip lift 3 days ago, most of the swelling has gone. It's a little bit harm now to laugh because I had a buccal fat pad removal too. Both had done under local anesthesia. Cheeks are still swollen but the potato face look had gone :) I'll update my review. Please share your opinions, thanx :) READ MORE

I had an upper lip lift, corner lip lift, lower VY plasty, chin reduction, fat transfer and Artefill to the nose, neck lines and temples. It was soooo worth it...people card me all the time, even at casinos or when I just buy champagne...last weekend someone said I look like a mannequin lol... READ MORE

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