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Botox is an injection that temporarily relaxes facial muscles to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prevent new lines from forming. Common injection sites includes the forehead, the area between the eyebrows, the corners of the eyes, and the sides of the chin. Botox can also be used for a wide variety of other conditions, including migraines, excessive sweating, psoriasis, and even depression. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $500

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I had Botox injected about a month ago to even out the space between my right eye and eyebrow and it didn't do anything it actually lifted my left eyebrow when I needed my right eyebrow lifted. When I would raise my eyebrows my left one raise and my right wouldn't move.I called the dr's office... READ MORE

I had Botox injected around my eyes, forehead and mouth 3 or 4 times and was very, very happy; however, four months ago I had it done again and experienced smile paralysis. My doctor never told me that was a possibility. I trusted him as I knew him on a business level and not just a patient.I am... READ MORE

I had botox treatment in my forhead, crowsfeet and in between eyebrows. suprise for husband in iraq and honeymoon.pros..wrinkles gonecons...right eye completely closed. totally paralizedhow long do you think this will last? and is it possible that my closed eye only got a little and that it... READ MORE

The only con is the droopy lid. I hate it that I spent so much money and can't enjoy any of the benefits of the botox because my eye looks so awful. How long does droopy eyelid last? I had a very small amount of Botox injected. I have read it a hundred times since I had my botox... READ MORE

I had a botox 2 weeks ago, my eye is small, I cant see the sun, get tired easy, like paralyzed, droopy. Im desperete, how long I have to be like this to get better, what happening after botox? what I should do? there is anything I can use? I did this to look better.is possible to get better just... READ MORE

I'm 28 years old and have had an increasingly deepening frown line between my eyebrows since I was 20 or 21. (My mother had a similar wrinkle in the same place at a young age.) Here is a video of my latest Botox injections, which was not painful at all because I requested the doctors use... READ MORE

Botox spread from the injection sites with horrifying results. Two months ago I had Botox injections in my 11’s, forehead, crows feet and upper lip. Shortly after the injections I had difficulty swallowing, throat & tongue swelling, hoarseness, racing heart beat, dry eye, throat and neck pain,... READ MORE

I am a 26 year old female and have been considering botox for a while. I do not have any wrinkles at rest but I frown so much. It got to a point people started asking me what's wrong with me because I frown and look mad when I don't even mean to. So I started searching doctors in Denver area and... READ MORE

My glabellar eyebrow frown line wasn't going away, even when I felt happy. I was nervous of where to go and what the cost would be. Lillian Overland was very good. It didn't hurt at all. People started telling me I looked good and "refreshed" immediately. Since then I've tried fillers and... READ MORE

I have been doing botox injections on my forehead and around my eyes for around 10 years with great results and except for the odd bruise have had no bad side effects. I continue to do them. I did one session about 11/2 years ago which left me with large bruises on the upper area of the cheeks.... READ MORE

I had Botox done for my forehead lines and crow's feet (around my eyes) about a week ago. It was incredibly quick and painless; He has a very 'light-touch'. Dr. Al Ghoul is A TRUE ARTIST. I explained briefly my concerns and he discussed with me what my options were. I had Botox done before,... READ MORE

I scheduled this appointment to get Botox in the usual places - crows feet and the "11" lines. I also talked to my doctor about bags under my eyes that bothered me, and she said she could just add a little Botox to make it look better. Since she's the chief of plastic surgery at a major... READ MORE

Had a horrible experience at the office on 01/19/2015 ... I was in the room getting ready to get Botox when Dr.Reddy opened bottle of botox and than proceeded to leave room and he said he had to go check something .. When he left the room I asked the nurse if he was doing to water down the... READ MORE

I thought i'd write a review as iv been a member on this site for a few yrs now.I had Botox for the very first time in july 2011. I dont know the correct medical terms for each individual muscle injected, so will tell you the areas instead. They were my forehead, inbetween my brows, and bunny... READ MORE

I have had Botox many times. It seems to me when the doctor does not ice the area prior to injections below the eyes, I bruise. I used to go to a plastic surgeon that consistently iced prior to injections and never any black eyes. It is hit or miss with this newer doctor. I will drive... READ MORE

Had initial 3 areas done on Dec. 13th, after 2 weeks nothing. Went back January 10th for a quote unquote touch up. Still nothing. Will give it a few more days. Anyone else have this happen? I have had botox on and off for 3 years and never had this happen. Went to a new place as I am living in... READ MORE

Totally worth it! No wrinkles! I'm addicted and will keep getting it. It lasts about 4 months. It doesn't hurt. I love it! There's not much else to say. There is no down time. No bruises. No one will ever know u got it. Price is $10 a unit. I usually get around 12 units. I'm not that wrinkly yet... READ MORE

At 33, I have always been self conscious about the 11's between my eyebrows. I have very strong frown muscles and I also didn't realize how much my eyebrows were uneven because of the muscles pulling. Jean at Age Management assessed me and did the injections that afternoon. I am so glad I had... READ MORE

I have been suffering from a reaction to Botox for the last three months...muscle weakness, rashes, swollen cuticles, itching scalp to say the least. Have been to regular doctor, rheumatologist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, etc. Called Allergen safety line & they can agree these things have... READ MORE

I have always had lip injections done... I will post about those in the subject area..and decided to get Botox in 6/2013. I have been getting it about 3 to 4 months. I love the way it gets rid of my crows feet, now it makes my eyebrows higher, I live the way I have no lines on my forehead. I... READ MORE

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